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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

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We have shortened and revised our More Mary Matters home-page to include discussion topics in menu on the left of this page; and listed on forum topics for participation at                         http:///bradyenterpriseassociation.org

 We begin with the Book of Matthew to make certain our understanding that any partners we may ever gain or have matter. And partnering for cures of what matters, as with medical research, is about generating better generations in the spirit of what matters past, present and future that is unknown, but hoped for in time.  Thus, institutionalized values as to what is perceived as good, and vice-versa what is bad are not subject to time-lines but can be defined for human understanding via observing generations, and relative carriers of it.

Time is mysteriously not matter excepting in a Hollywood movie; but it matters to scientists that our earth is at least two billion years old, and inhabited by many life-forms before our human origins, including the dinosaurs that died out over 100 million years ago likely destroyed by devouring one another and climate change.  Whatever the truth, it is a mystery in our faith that we as human beings exist at all.

Homo-sapiens have only existed on earth for at least a couple million years birthed by mothers for certain; and in pursuit of survival and even growth by many different means whether in the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe or other geographic locations.  So, motherhoods still matters most for goodness sake.

And, gifted minds only of the past hundred years have been able to research and define human functional histories more or less for the past hundred thousand years that evolved into thousands of power based empires and kingdoms covering the earth; all overcome by empowerment of who, when, where and why? 

For believers both Christmas and Easter are about functional beginnings in the generation and pursuit of goodness. Who says "just get over it?" Certainly not functional believers we know.

Easter is for certain the longest lasting and most sustainable spring offensive movement in human history.  It is the source of the Evangelism Movement initiated by believers like Francis Asbury, the Anti-Slave Trade Movement initiated by believers like Granville Sharp, the Second American Revolution initiated by believers like Richard Allen, the Abolitionist Moverment initiated by believers like Frederick Douglass, the Up From Slavery Movement initiated by believers like Booker T. Washington, the Colored Women's Club Movement initiated by believers like Mary Church Terrell, the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement initiated by believers like Rosa Parks and the Southern Christian Leadership Movement initiated by believers like Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Legislation Movement initiated by believers like John F. Kennedy.   Functional believers we believe in walked the walk of doing, ... (not simply being saved) by the courage of others like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  In our lifetimes, the movement King initiated, as did his predecessor functional believers, helped inspire spring offensives among Africans, Arabs, Asians and Europeans in pursuit of human liberty and happiness.  Most imagined revolutionary movements for success, sex, love and power are fueled with hot-air from imitators of life like Cornel West born in 1953 generation #66.  Our problem with him is that he is another of many talented preacher/teachers (ordained and not ordained) with the linguistic abilities to entertain audiences without teaching them to be helpful or useful to anyone.  To be sure, West is precisely the proof that gifted and talented babies of African heritage are born every day but the cultural weakness is that too many use their gifts to entertain rather than help.

For gifted and talented readers and writers, the Bible as Literature is very important literature to comprehend, not due to its historical accuracy; but because it demonstrates scholarly approaches in Mesopotamian cultural dynamics that evolved during at least a thousand years seeking knowledge and understanding.  The successor Hebrew writers and scholars were part of this dynamic cultural evolution as discussed below about divine intervention; and ultimately Hebrew writings about old testament beliefs, integrated while the Jews were held captive in Babylon. 

        Epic of Gilgamesh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bad attitudes and behaviors embraced much if not all the people and places known to exist inside kingdoms evolved into empires by conquests and enslavements of millions, including Hebrews that evolved as offspring of Syrian Prince Abram living in Egyptian Empire during its era of conquests some five thousand years ago. 

A Libyan, a Nubian, a Syrian, and an Egyptian, drawing by an unknown artist after a mural of the tomb of Seti I. 

And, in our view most of it was extremely degenerating prior to Christmas Day that began generations in pursuit of ever-lasting life for human kind that Harry Belafonte sang about.  The mystery in our functional faith is that empowerment is derived from functional power of GOD that no one can see because such is not matter that can be seen and measured even in the context of time itself. 

We think beliefs are critical to faith that history is all about connections to believe in, (such as Virginia Normal & Industrial Institute in 19th century image on right) not necessarily organized religion; but youth need to believe in something of value that afford a functional philosophy of life such as offered by Jesus of Nazareth.  Otherwise what matters to them or their mothers as to what came before or after, such as knowledge and understanding of pursuits of empowerment versus pursuits of power?  What came or comes first?  Goodness?  Knowledge?  Understanding?

It has always been the challenge of generations in pursuit of knowledge and understanding epitomized by Booker T. Washington and Andrew Carnegie in picture below taken with Tuskegee faculty (including George Washington Carver) to help cure millions of people only three decades up from slavery and dependent upon the gifted and talented believers in the functional faith.  Booker T. was successful in recruiting many gifted and talented disciples who espoused and built institutions that trained tens of thousands adherents during his life-time.  Such institutions were very much churches in the functional faith, evidenced by Presbyterian style chapel attendance at least twice a week including Thanksgiving Sunday mornings.

Believe it or not, there were also some gifted and talented African-Americans born in the same generation as Booker T. who simply could not bring themselves to believe training young men and women to possess marketable skills mattered as much, if not more, than admission, attendance and graduation from a prestigious university like Harvard or Yale.  The one to two percent gifted births such as Dr. DuBois rejected beliefs that fates of the few should be inter-dependent and determined by existence of needy multitudes of brothers and sisters in Christ not up from cultural dynamics of chattel slavery.

Up From Slavery

Their stories matter including Andrew Carnegie who was the first world industrialist to pay equal/standard wages to laboring men of African heritage.  It was affirmative action, and opponents called them scabs and damned Carnegie for daring to imagine racial equality.

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