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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










When Hurricane Katrina in 2005 enveloped New Orleans many mass media pundits and others including policemen perceived seeing what?  Reporters like NBC newsman Tucker Carlson openly denigrated mothers and children in fear and despair.  Carlson did not perceive a 12 year old Black boy running an errand for his mother and siblings but rather he thought that of a looter, hoodlum and thug.  Worse, he could not perceive any victims as fellow Christians!

 during hurricane katrina who was boy depicted as looter - Bing video

The flood was proceeded by approximately 30 years of demagoguery that imaged and imagined Black men as even worse; not unlike what Hollywood (with well paid Black writers and actors) has denigrated since at least year 1970 portraying people of "nothingness" not in pursuit of Goodness.  Indeed, the educated and enlightened African-Americans can no longer comfort themselves that negative impressions are solely produced by White bigotry.  

Not surprising, some make-believers (Black and White) perceived the flood was an act of GOD against a city famed for it's pursuits of pleasure imagined by mass media and portrayed to movie-television audiences around the world.                                                 

African Americans, including young men during and after slavery, have never been monolithic in beliefs or behaviors though most often viewed as such.

A historic example was the teenage hordes of non-believers before, during and after the life and movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Burning and looting by non-believer angry young men after Dr. King's death evoked counter-movements against faith-based empowerment movements of [Generations 64] that motivated [Generation 65] made functional via an estimated 100 Colleges/Universities (with leaders like Benjamin Mayes in Atlanta), 10,000 Believer Congregations (with leaders like E.L. Franklin in Detroit) and 100,000 neighborhood based Colored Women's Clubs (with leaders like Rosa Parks in Montgomery)

                      reverend e l franklin, detroit - Bing video

J. Edgar Hoover afforded no evidence that he held Christian beliefs, virtues and values and viewed them all above as Dr. King's duped pawns.  Few, if any scholars and news pundits ever acknowledged that rioters were the color but not the kind of characteristics espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King and generations of believers before him.  New generation writers are challenged to reconsider use of terms such as community.

Indeed, functional families, churches and clubs (not bars) are the essence of community.  And, neighborhoods lacking these essentials should not be mistaken as communities (as pundits like Tavis Smiley love to do, even perceiving existence of a Black America).  It was and is all about disconnections and connections with generations in the functional faith. 

Indeed, neighborhoods are where existing and potential young mothers are; and the spirit or absence of Christ perhaps matters more than it did when [Generation 63] believers like Mary Church Terrell (image on right) joined reasoning to their inherited faith to not abandon/forsake Christ indoctrinating mothers-children neighborhood relationships. 

She perceived local women's clubs as functional generators for building communities in Christ. She and many others thought that by social organizing, young mothers could help harness the energy of their adolescent sons and daughters. And, they certainly sponsored most boys and girls baseball teams, along with music lessons and play acting for Christmas and Easter performances.  They wanted children, especially rough neck boys to "love ye one another."  The aftermath of emancipation gave ample evidence that such organizing was critical to peace-progress.

But, the [66th Generation] reasoned differently about many matters like housing to be had by relocating  mother and child away from inspiration and motivation sources. 

And, reality was that many children were born in the same potential/lost generation as their mothers thus qualified to have her own apartment and public welfare benefits as a independent family in the name of law, not parents or grand-parents. 

Notions that school teachers and case workers could or would have the ability, desire and time to supplant natural relationships quickly proved to be not functional.  

We perceive the [67th potential Generation] in the spirit of Christ has declined in raw numbers (even with increased births) due to degenerate youth lives lost and wasted in cause of Goodness. No one is counting or discussing what matters in the faith up from enslaved adolescent girls breeding "pups."  The assimilation of new bodies into the spirit of beliefs and values to motivate them in being educated as functional human beings always before required prerequisite conditions, family connections to prior generations.   

                                         Worst Housing Projects - Bing images

We have to wonder why so many dare to say "Black Lives Matter."  So, what really matters?  Is human life more than color which is indeed matter; but what about spirituality which cannot be scientifically defined as energy, light or matter.  Is spirituality a mystery or more Acts of singing and preaching to entertain older generations at heaven's gate? 

Or is it functional matters like neighborhood civic clubs to salvage new motherhoods?  We have to wonder who and how any preacher or teacher can care or know the names and addresses of young women pregnant, babies born and fathers to sustain them. It is up to new generations of writers and artists to tell stories that matter in the faith;  otherwise  groundhog day 1993 - Bing video ...

......all over again as with the late great Aksum Empire.  Their stories matter:  past, present and future.

                          What Africa will look like in 100 years

My daughter Laura was born a Christmas season baby. 

And, my husband's father William Thomas Frog Kyle Atkins, born 17 Dec 1906 and beloved cousin Harold Martin, Sr., born 28 Dec 1930 were Christmas season babies, both also were offspring of hard working coal miners; and, nourished and nurtured by mother, father, grandparents and older siblings in something of far greater value to them both than many millions of dollars Harold earned in his lifetime. 

Both loved children and exemplified generations in pursuit of goodness.  William said "the church is down in those coal mines" and Harold said "it's all about connections." 

We agree: past, present and future writers and artists ignorant of past functions are unlikely to connect mind/mine labor/learning matters to current and future functional challenges in faith, hope and love.  We suggest that any culture anywhere is arts dependent to inspire/motivate goodness. 

                                                Burrell Memorial Hospital                     

Site was researched and designed as a education tool to help and encourage a new generation of scholars, writers, and others embellish their inherited moral philosophy of life "up from slavery and denigrations that generated it."  It is for literate believers who SEEK better and more inclusive functional descriptions of attitudes and behaviors that existed during African, American, Asian and European slave raids, wars, trading, financing, shipping, utilizations, enforcements, breeding and sales. 

It is not logical to skip jump over generations of knowledge and then profess understanding.  Greed by powerful men like King Alphonso of the once great 15th-16th century Kongo Empire matters that enlightened youth understand that pass era connections to persistent bad attitudes and behaviors near and far.  It matters that new generations understand what still must be overcome. Reverend Jesse Jackson some years ago reminded believers that all slaves were employed but not getting paid.

        Texas couple charged with forcing nanny to work for no pay

Chattel slavery and related indentured servitude almost degenerated everyone involved, profiteers and victims everywhere for nearly two millennium after Jesus was born.  Gifted and talented of African heritage have a lot of inspirational stories to be told in and out of Africa. Modern technology now affords telling stories that matter inspiring and uplifting young mothers and their offspring onward in Goodness

Search as we might and certainly have tried to do:  the great mystery remains in the propagation of faith itself. How did Goodness come into existence among people who had nothing that really mattered excepting faith in Jesus as their Living Christ

                                                        gospel this is my story - Bing video

Overcoming was/is about functional believer generations integrated in the faith (not embraced by everybody of any color and cause).  New writers are encouraged to research and HONOR both mothers and fathers as functional generators in their own lives and the generation in which they are born. 

An excellent example to research and understand is the generation of Maurice (image on right) and his fellow African legionnaires from the Thebes region in the south of Egypt during third century of Roman rule. 

Hollywood is addicted to falsely portraying even documented Black men and women. We believe that it matters very much/much as to how youth perceive their ancestry in the so-called Christian era.

Born in the 9th Generation, Maurice and related stories linked to faith began in the first generation before being executed by degenerate Roman non-believers.  New writers of newer testaments should include mothers and fathers among others: like Aksumites and their "Queen Mothers."  And, if them, why not motherhood matters in the great Ghana Empire existing before fall of Rome and subsequent conquests by new kingdoms and empires; but what else has changed? 

We believe our moral worth is inherited via functions in the faith by men and women of various ancestries who believed in teachings of Jesus. 

Those who say "just get over it" are ignorant of generations and degenerations of human births. Jesus certainly saw and heard about cultural enslavements and killings of not only Jews but millions of other souls far and wide who lived and died without faith, hope or love. 

It was and is about more than economic greed and need or security.  It still matters that babies are born with a known or unknown moral heritage, and when functionally inspired, motivated and educated as new generations "keep the faith."  It was not to long ago in Pittsburgh that a young woman playwright from Savannah, Georgia presented a play featuring a gay young man in Harlem during the 1920s struggling to be a fashion designer with hopes of gaining attention of Josephine Baker, a exciting woman dancer in Paris.   

                                     josephine baker - Bing video

A good script to the point wherein  the actor blurted out his rage against gay bashing in Harlem and Adam Clayton Powell, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church.  Confronted after the show, it was admitted by writer that she did not know Harlem and Abyssinian Baptist were renown for being places of both tolerance and welcome to gay men.  Especially  musicians that filled the clubs and church choirs.  Gospel music by gay believers was loved by men and women in Harlem and elsewhere. 

Black colleges welcomed gay faculty; and so new writers may challenge 66th generation urban fiction writers (and their ancestral lineage) who fostered literary propaganda that Black men of [65th generation] in Harlem bashed gay men.  What facts?  James Baldwin never made that claim?  In fact, Harlem's pride and joy neighborhood (Sugar Hill) loved gay men who helped foster it into existence, a church without walls and not blocking out "the least of us depicted below."               

                             Sugar Hill Harlem                                

harlem parade in 1920s - Bing images            

                    adam clayton powell - Bing video 

Harlem was well known for its annual gay men's ball, and perhaps the first place in the world to host an annual Gay Men's parade and long before any other place in America.  Albeit, the best and brightest "unmarried" men were certainly welcome in thousands of churches on Sunday mornings; not simply because of their musical talents but also as sons of congregation members who had birthed and loved them for who they were. 

Abyssinia Baptist Church surely was a place wherein generations recently up from slavery valued personal liberty and understood:  uneducated preachers imitating evangelical beliefs that held their grandparents in slavery was not pursuit of goodness.  And, gospel music mattered most to literate congregants in philosophy of Jesus differing from "rabble babble" ie "the bible says."        

A quiet campaign is placing gay people and their rights struggle in U.S. history

It is and was culturally stupid for writers to adapt the bias of past disdain by men like Hooverites against Paul Robeson and other Harlem based goodness pursuits that ought matter to new generations?  Urban fiction or the story of Saul/Paul who wrote that on road to Damascus he was confronted by the spirit of Christ saying "why do you persecute me."  

It is apparent that many entertainers and writers captivated by intoxicating substances were/are not Sunday School graduates: quite unlike Paul Robeson, a enlightened athlete-scholar-actor who cared about what mattered in his heritage.  He was courageous like Jackie Robinson who heard the gospel as a continuous song etched in his soul even when hundred miles per hour baseballs were being thrown at his head.  Men marveled at his courage demonstrated to "the least of us".

              Song of Freedom (1936) - Paul Robeson Film - YouTube

All youth need heroic images in their dreams fostered by inspirational artists, not Grace Jones type casting of heathen attitudes and behaviors.  Artists matter and the roles they accept and characterize are indoctrinations for millions of viewers spanning multi-generations. 

Though there was an abundance of gifted and talented persons of African heritage born in the 1950s-1960s-1970s, too many are not considered to be of the [66th Generation] in Christ.

We have seen and heard superior reasoning, such as propagated by Clarence Thomas: apparently not knowledgeable enough to be joined to functional faith in Second American Revolution a dynamic movement in spirit of Christ that spanned last quarter of the 18th century, all of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries (including aspects led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela and many other believers seen and heard even in Africa and the Caribbean.)                 

  Wings Over Jordan Choir - Amen, Amen, Amen (1953) - YouTube

Indeed, some degenerates in characteristic are beneficiaries of reasoning by predecessor generations they now mock. Degenerate attitudes and behaviors may produce wealth and career success; but do not generate pursuits of goodness requiring faith, hope and love of others when and where needed such as battlefields of life like Hurricane Katrina lost generations of non-available young men to be helpful and useful. 

                    aaron neville songs on youtube - Bing video

Many were born, but not available when and where needed for many reasons including heathenism, selfishness and cowardice.  The culture itself suffered consequences:  Matthew 724-27 NIV - The Wise and Foolish Builders









The degenerating lies by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent Eddie Compass propagated by Oprah Winfrey and others during Hurricane Katrina was devastating.  It occurred  at a time and place when hundreds of thousands of people were crying out for mercy; but instead received mostly harsh judgments that originated with victims claims and incompetent public officials. 

New Orleans police chief resigns - US news - Katrina, The Long Road Back - Hurricanes Archive NBC News

Too many unknowledgeable men and women reasoned wrongly, because they lacked knowledge and understanding ie U.S. Army did not blow up the levees as often cited by non-engineers hearing electric power generators exploding.. In fact, even before Katrina storms came, the historic 9th Ward of pending doom was drowning in unsustainable beliefs based on a industrial canal that defied "mother nature."  

                Lower Ninth Ward - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Who and how was/is faith in any matter generated? Broadway writers like melvin van peebles - BingHollywood acclaimed novelists like Sapphire (author) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?  No educated and enlightened believer can any longer doubt that images and music matter more and more. 

The garbage in and garbage out smells by writers and actors past have generated vast cultural perceptions worldwide that a new generation will have burden to change societal dynamics that cast "the least of us" as unworthy in many matters, like hyped diversity jobs and self worth among worthy people. 

Helen Mirren Defends Oscars Over Lack of Diversity 'It's Unfair to Attack the Academy'

The whiplash effect of artists and others who have read urban fiction works and seen their performances is a glaring reaction to them and all the people they profess to represent.  The kinds of films that have made many millionaires literally categorized and reclassified most young Black men as threats and enemies to civil society; to be hunted down and incarcerated or destroyed as necessary by the police in the name of law. 

As a comparison to Hollywood, new generation scholars ought review the film making industry of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Halle Berry Breaks Silence About Oscar Diversity Controversy 'It's Heartbreaking'

Stage and screen acclamations and awards may inspire recipients but damn generations yet to be born in pursuit goodness that overcame evil by ruthless kings and non-mothers (depicted image) in the infamous mid-19th century Dahomey Kingdom not long ago. 

We should not skip over the facts that a lot of unmarried women with aggressive tendencies were coerced and encouraged into living as men inclusive of killing and slave raiding wars against other kingdoms during which some likely were captured and sold-shipped to ports like Charleston, Mobile and New Orleans. 

       Clotilde (slave ship) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Their tragic ending included unwritten stories about cultural changes for the generation of Goodness now seen and heard in the Republic of Benin, and even New Orleans with history in the illegal African slave trade after year 1807;  mitigated and rewritten by Hollywood in year 1957 staring Clark Gable and Sidney Poiter (the first Black Academy Award winner, but infamous for refusal to assist Dr. King in the faith.) 

                   clark gable and sidney poitier movie - Bing video

We recall and rejoice that 400 years of bad attitudes and behaviors was overcome by a spiritual revolution that functionally ended the African slave trade functions that ought not be skipped over in the casting of blame about who did what to who, when and where. 

We perceive that new writers can find and tell heretofore unwritten stories about triumphs over evil, if they view events in the context of generations in functional faith, not defined by priestly and preacher rituals and rants in pursuit of nothingness for "the least of us." 

 Georgetown Faces Its Role in the Slave Trade and the Task of Making Amends

And, that leads us to suggest the movement by Jesus cannot be reasoned into existence or extinction by scholarly pursuits to define self-worth or Supreme Being to self and only.  People of African heritage in America had in Africa; and adapted and tried numerous paths out of bondage. 

It was at least two hundred years out of Africa before their gifted births (not unlike the stories about Joseph and Moses) turned masses to Jesus as functional faith movement (that included believers of European heritage) up and out of slavery.  It matters new writers try to learn and hold onto their inherited functional faith, and not let others reason it away.

                                       mahalia jackson - Bing video

The scientology and many other movements embracing Hollywood celebrities like Jada & Will Smith are based on perceived superior reasoning: not joined to functional faith that overcame evil seen and heard by prior generations in their places of origin such as the  heads of households with surname of Smith  listed in the 1810 Virginia Census listing of free colored residents. 

We think it matters if and how many were [60th Generation] believers freed due to service in the American Revolutionary War, and which ones like Henry Hill of Ohio, born 1753 remained in Virginia or moved to places like Ohio and Philadelphia where White Quakers opposed slavery and kidnapping [61st Generation] free colored boys and girls for re-enslavement. It mattered very much.

We believe it matters that artists and athletes with great wealth and liberty do not make investments in artists and writers portraying and telling stories about how inherited characteristics allowed for beliefs that evolved a very historic and unique faith that generated what still matters in lifting up "the least of us." 

Believe it or not beliefs in a awesome all-powerful GOD and faith in Jesus Christ existed among a lot of men like Prince Hall and Paul Cuffee (Kofi) before there were many buildings congregating functional believers as churches  (not to be confused as modern entertainment centers).

New generation writers now have the benefits to acquire knowledge about who and what power of any color was overcome by empowerment functions of faith, hope and love activated by a courageous few believers of many colors in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and even the Pacific Islands where "the good news" was actualized. 

We do not dismiss the importance of functional missionaries and their rituals; but evidence is clear that changes in attitudes and behaviors among young mothers and their offspring was about a lot more than organized religion.

Historians may differ as to who was first, second or last in propagating the philosophy of life espoused by Jesus; but it was/is of little or no matter to beneficiaries who saw President Lincoln propagate it as a courageous believer fighting evil.  Indeed, evil has always existed.  What people do about it also matters that youth understand generations versus individual make-believe. 

Pentecostal fervor singing and sitting in ignorance is not how victory was won by generations of functional believers.  It is ignorant not to care about functional faith won.     

    King of Dahomey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia       

                            dahomey amazons - Bing images

In the final decades before the international African slave trade was dead and done in the early 1890s, Dahomey slave raiders and traders fought like hell to continue their ruthless endeavors by men and women; some of whom were captured by competitors and themselves sold into bondage. 

Even before beginning of the Civil War, President Lincoln had ordered U.S. Navy to enforce 1807 law against importing slaves.  One King of Dahomey had told a British envoy pressuring him to stop raids for slaves that he wanted to do so, but needed them for religious sacrifices.  Romanized logic?

Africa/America slave raiders/traders were enraged against Lincoln. Though illegal, no President between Jefferson-Lincoln attempted to stop slave trade contributing to War of 1812 and further decades of terror in Africa.  Yet, that too was overcome by spirit of goodness reasoning joined to functional faith by a relatively few men and women in America and Britain. 

We believe they believed, inspired by their faith: the slave trade was not simply illegal but sinful against Christ in which a silent majority claimed to believe: at least at 11 o'clock Sunday mornings.                                                      

We hope our site will help others encourage new writers dare to imagine their own ancestry differing from the "dysfunctional" beliefs by many American writers ie property, mockingbird, color purple, etc. that deny, mock and reject functional movements that generated inherited moral worth. 

Any person (including JESUS HIMSELF) viewing themselves without a moral heritage is essentially worthless to future others.  My great-grandmother Nancy Lee Bannister, born abt 1825 (image on above right) bequeathed a inspirational moral heritage that has afforded me knowledge to help tell what she saw and heard that matters in understanding how generations of goodness came into 18th-19th century existence, and not "gone with wind." 

In fact, the mysteries yet to be told, sang or written by new gifted and talented is all about how personal liberty was gained by functional faith beyond color, hair, images, locations, money and property. Was there a color in the living spirit that ancestral believers imagined to exist?  Did artistic representations matter?

richard neave image of jesus                                                       

Mary Matters is not simply a matter of historical or religious name-sakes and rituals.  Mary was a girl born of a documented lineage of believers spanning a extensive timeline of old testament literature that scholarly artists and writers often review.  Mary became a teenage mother betrothed to earthly father Joseph in the lineage of King David; and together in love they brought forth and nurtured a son [Jesus of Nazareth,1st generation] in pursuit of goodness including the "the least of us." 

And, like all nurturing mothers, Mary only had about 12 years functioning/marriage/teaming with Joseph, to indoctrinate and inspire Jesus with their beliefs and stories (inclusive of apprenticeship labor and  reading scriptures).  Believe it or not, generations of motherhood pursuant goodness has always mattered more in the functional faith than a father or mother's pursuit of happiness.  New generation researchers ought to functionally review motherhood attitude and behavior matters. 

Thereafter, manhood began to emerge and dominate HIS life and thoughts as the "greatest philosopher in human history." [Thomas Jefferson, born 1743, 59th Generation]  Philosophy matters, and each adult has one generated by his/her functional beliefs: bad or good, inherited or not.  Learning to labor and read began in home as exemplary function of HER motherhood that has inspired many generations of functional mothers in her namesake like:  

Miriam Makeba The Lion Sleeps Tonight    [65th Generation]

Her songs helped keep hope alive for many millions of believers (including Nelson Mandela) in the functional faith.  Enlightened  believer writers will recall reading that Disciple Peter and Dr. King were also freed from jail (when so many of us alive today feared that MLK would not be released alive) to pursue functional Goodness as a mystery in the faith that overcame fear functioning as laws by men opposed to Goodness

We  believe it matters as to how, when, where and why functional believers in the spirit of Jesus were generated; if new writers are curious about their own moral heritage disconnected from and/or connected to HIS philosophy of life. 

We further believe that through scholarship (not pretentious make-believe) both knowledge and understanding "the least of us" can be achieved by reviewing historically documented generations into which human beings were born, such as published by the gifted Ghana Methodist believer J.C. DeGraft-Johnson [65th Generation]. 

He helped our understanding many experiences that still matter to believers in the pursuit of goodness by our [68th Generation] scholars in waiting for  69th Generation yet to be born. (Question: Does Ghana culture still view new born children as ancestral rebirths?) 

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