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Honoring Thy Mother and Father Matters
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










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How do functional believers honor their mothers and fathers?  For the uncertain, the obvious first step is determining truths now possible for offspring and descendents who want to know. Which ones really matter?  How many generations do we dare review? Or, do we ignore commandments by Jesus to honor mothers and fathers; and simply hop-skip to dancing and singing praise to GOD (often in reality a lot of  folks seeking earthly attention)

Is the Philosophy of Life afforded by Jesus too heavy a burden to understand: Love GOD, honor mothers and fathers, and do (goodness) unto others?  Why not?  Who has a better philosophy and what is it?  Love of money as a generator source for productive lives or destructive living such as many writers and artists embellish as enterprising goodness? 

Does Russell Simmons (image on left) born in [66th Generation] matter more or less than our memories of young Mahalia Jackson [64th Generation] (image on right) whose music helped keep hope alive in a young Morehouse College student named Martin Luther King, Jr. [65th Generation]

Hip hop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many voices in the so-called "Hip-Hop" [67th generation] have for several years proclaimed that they want to "keep it real" by embracing simplified philosophical hip shaking views that hop over the functional realities such as labor, learning and teaming with others for new and better generations shaping community living. 

Can or has any community come into existence without a common sense/beliefs in a spirituality spanning generations in fellowship values such as commemorations and libations?   Does music inspire transitions of attitudes and behaviors from one generation to another? If so, did different music genres inspire differing types of community?  What impact on motherhood matters?

   mahalia jackson go tell it on the mountain - Bing video           

We have a smorgasbord of menu topics and links highlighted for review by believer brothers and sisters in Christ who believe contents of character matter much more than cause or color albeit the color bar certainly does and has existed in American society.  We believe that it is not honoring our mothers and fathers by not seeking to know who they were in the faith (not necessarily organized religion) they lived and died, regardless of their color. 

Our site is about generations getting up inspired by some or all parts of philosophy attributed to Jesus as the Living Christ accountable in generations that can be documented by reasonable research and story-telling such as that of: [William Lee, born abt 1756, 59th Generation].

One of my favorite ancestors.  His story is all about America seen and heard by a lot of journalist like William Lloyd Garrison [61st Generation].  They  both believed goodness is generated into existence on earth by both faith and deeds, not simply prayer and praise.  William Lee also suffered Valley Forge.

Scholars, writers and artists can see and interpret what they will from various methods and means of categorization and classifications. But, believers who know their own functional heritage will quickly surmise solutions have always been about motherhood/fatherhood generations overcoming evident degenerations of offspring via dysfunctional mother and fatherhoods. 

Human beings are born by their mothers, not self-made until born again in the rituals of organized religion that affords gospel music that matters very much in the inspiration of children.  Enlightened mothers like Nancy Lee Banister had the personal liberties to hear, sing and expose their offspring to gospel music such as that of her generation's:

                   Fanny Crosby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Though blind since childhood, she wrote the kind of gospel music that inspired millions of believer mothers (and others) in the faith and functions of Goodness in America.  Motherless, she was a champion in the mothering of Goodness attitudes necessary for the Second American Revolution.  Other writers like novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe and journalist [William Lloyd Garrison, [61st Generation] (image on right) helped Americans see and hear the adversaries against Goodness

They were helpful and useful in the cause of Goodness still dependent on writers to tell stories that inspire believers.  Births matter, and thus fathers and mothers must matter; even those many otherwise deceitful, dishonest and promiscuous ones entitled as lawyers, politicians, preachers, priests and others who disdain "the least of us" by embracing schemes that further degenerate them.  Affirmative actions for who?  By who?

It is self-evident that families, not households, are absolute prerequisites to generating goodness. Destabilized motherhoods produced by uninspired, under-educated mothers pursuant public welfare benefit opportunities produced tens of thousands of fatherless hip-hop degenerates without functional family ties, birth certificates, notary assistance or driver licenses to establish identities for schools or employment:  prior to juvenile crime sentencing to jails/prisons with case, block and cell numbers. 

Realities are Black nor White lives do not matter minus affirmative action pre-motherhoods ie. Sunday Schools, Head-starts, Ball-Teams, etc. for girls and boys cued and coached into functional  faith:


African Tribal Kings and independent bandits (who were often offspring of slave castle whores) raided defenseless coastal fishing villages and selling their victims (including client men and women) in West Africa captured and sold out most of their neighboring kingdoms, especially the vulnerable coastal fishing villages such as Krumen people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia gifted births and potentials, north to south and east to west. 

Many scholars have estimated that upwards of 100 million Africans perished in the horrors.  It included untold millions during three centuries in the Arab conquest of North and West Africa Kingdoms such as Ghana, followed by two centuries of condemning and exporting millions of men, women and children to Moslem Kingdoms in Asia and Europe (including the Moors entrenched in Southern Europe).

The expulsion of Moors from Spain and Portugal was followed by Latin liberties to explore sea-going trade routes that Motivated Christopher Columbus in discovering the Americas.  Thus followed between years 1500 to 1861 C.E. [Twelve Generations] during which an estimated 10 million souls landed in the new worlds in the Atlantic slave trade.  It was about more than free labor pursuant economic greed.

We believe it matters that new generations of potential believers try to research and understand how many of their ancestors [61st, 62nd Generations] without the power of personal liberty or money:  sought to embrace Jesus as their primary source of salvation. 

Facts are that personal liberty received by [63rd Generation] was generated by prior generations of births that functionally joined reasoning to faith in a resurrected Living Christ.  We believe it is both ignorant and immoral for believer scholars to deny how millions of people believed Goodness came into existence generating Douglass-Lincoln.

In several degenerations of glory (after birth and death of Christ) much of Africa (including north, south, east and west) was denigrated to hapless hulks of pretentious kingdoms.  In several more degenerations fueled by the Arab and European slave trade that carried away millions of healthy youth bodies and minds including the gifted and talented; and said evil left most of Africa helplessly opened to colonization for mineral wealth that helped fuel an arms race leading to the horrors of World War I and II that killed over 100 million believers and non-believers.  It was about more than economic greed.

No ethnic group was spared the pain and remorse seen and heard by [64th and 65th Generations] of believers.  The good news for new writers to remember is that many of their generations' believers included souls like John F. Kennedy (whose reasoning in 1961 prevented starting nuclear war) and Martin Luther King (whose reasoning prevented starting racial war.)  Facts matter.  If President Kennedy had been killed during World War II, it is quite possible most viewers of this site would likely never have been born nor likely received benefits from endeavors by men like Dr. King.

                        Special Note:  The Cuban Missile Crisis at 50

And all youth can ponder that their legacy is alive and well while that of men who disdained and hated them has been exposed as functional evil.  Can enlightened and educated gifted and talented new writers join their functional reasoning to functional faith?  Perhaps imagine the seen and heard functional ways of empowerment versus imagined power by claimants with little or none such as Fidel Castro and Malcolm X ideologies?  Whose ideology/imagination mattered most, if at all, in other lives that mattered?  Who are the beneficiaries?

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