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Humanity Revolutions Matter
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










All enlightened humanity matters and begins with a concept more often than not inherited via ancestral beliefs even revolutions such as (First American Revolution). 

Jesus inherited his ancestral tribal Hebrew conceptualization of God, not withstanding the fact that most people in Africa, Asia and Europe believed in existence of one or more divine powers but also lived in fear of it; especially the self proclaimed God Caesar Augustus (image on right)

Most people in Judea (especially the Sadducee and Pharisee Jews) were terrified at thought of doing or saying anything that encouraged rebellion  against Rome and their gods.  They privately admired the courage of John the Baptist and Jesus, but publicly feared them both as trouble-makers/rabble rousers.

Jesus was indeed a rebel who embellished Hebrew beliefs with a new doctrine that generated a strategy (Gospel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)  spanning two millenniums of functional planning (organizing), programming (parenting) and long-term  projects (movements) that generated inter-connected generations in pursuit of goodness such as the (Second American Revolution). 

Image on left entitled "Done Got Baptized" was painted by artist Ted Ellis depicting the realities of ritual functions that a majority (not all) of adult believers born (62nd to 64th generations)  up from the horrors of chattel slavery exercised their free will to congregate and claim baptism in the spirit of Jesus. 

Artists and writers with knowledge and understanding of ancestral experiences may be aware that many (perhaps most) slave owners consenting  to allow their slaves to be baptized warned them baptism did not mean they would be free, contrary to what many slaves hoped and prayed for.

When freedom came, it was universally proclaimed by most baptized believers as the workings of the Living Christ. Many former slave preachers endeared themselves with "I told you so" fanciful tales of "how they prayed, when and where."

The painting depicts inherited values that for at least 50 years (two generations) after emancipation: many believed their personal liberty was a benefit gained in Christ, not by power of any churches of any colors or causes, certainly not purple imagined by writer Alice Walker's characterizations of early 20th century minus the characters of fathers such as: 

                                                William Lee, born abt 1876

Her concluding chapter summarized her personal values that fatherhood did not matter in generating pursuit of goodness.  Facts are the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission originated in Richmond Virginia during the 1820s was the only source of documented missionaries to Liberia for more than a hundred-fifty years. But, Angry Alice in the wonderland of fiction neither knew or wondered about men who mattered outside her world view of "no-count, no-good" Black men she characterized for rest of the world to perceive.

It is naive for new writers to hip-hop over functional review knowledge of the past in order to imagine movements as single generation events glorified  by individual leaders.  Jesus deserves the glory for personal liberty gained in all the generations enlightened by natural born gifted children. 

It was this movement for personal liberty that generated functions for which so many millions owe so much: to a relatively few gifted children like Asbury, Douglass, Garrison, Kennedy, King and Lincoln still being born in each of 68 believer generations to date. 

All are inter-connected:  less we forget blessings of personal liberty have included gifted children joined with talented and ordinary laboring for new and better generations.  Believe it or not, their spiritual beliefs matter more than any other matters of functional leadership (excluding aspirants) that benefited new generations. Jesus matters.  

Jesus generated spiritual doctrine/virtues of faith, hope and love that inspired believer young mothers to nourish/nurture their children with cited indoctrinations. His doctrine was revolutionary and reason Roman Empire crucified HIM.  Is it unrealistic for mothers to not tell children HIS story; but seek community with mothers who do so in a society wherein Mary Matters?  Are generations colored by Caesar's law or beliefs in something greater?  Do mothers and others seek empowerment of "the least of us" or lust for power over them.  Are children vessels for generating futures in pursuit of goodness or mere pawns for survival benefits?  The real Jesus is a good source to begin examining functional philosophies undistorted by organized religious ideology and outright bigotry. 

                 The Sermon on the Mount

Image on left is sunset in Nazareth where Jesus is still historically and functionally new to much of humanity.  He was brand new to a lot of ancestors who chose to be functional believers in places and times most humans were not.  It is unrealistic of those who would have youth embellish the bible but ignore their own history of mothers and fathers who by faith and functions generated documented goodness.  Youth are born and empty except by faith in someone/something that nourishes/nurtures their spirit. 

It matters as to what children see and hear via mothers:  including generated expressions of love, rage and even reading or not.  Such was many African-American generational stories up from degenerate existence, faith, hopes and loves outlined by writer Alex Haley who did no harm to that of others.  Story-telling in the liberal arts (including graphic images and music) matters more than the story-teller. If not uplifting, it is degenerate regardless of fame and claim of the originator.  There are many untold stories for new generation of writers.  Like it or not children are inspired by father/mother songs/stories, as a functional head-start.

                                     Jeffersonian Overview

We think it matters a lot that father and mother be literate enough to nurture youth about functional pursuit of Goodness in their own heritage of believers that believed "if not for HIM we were fallen and unable to get up." [Rev. Chester H. Byars, 64th Generation].  Born, baptized and raised in Birmingham where he learned to team-up and love baseball, his brothers in Christ included Jack Pope (father of MLB professional Dave Pope) and Cat Mays (father of MLB professional Willie Mays).  

Birmingham matters to many functional believers, not simply because of Booker T. Washington and Dr. King but the fact that so many thousands of brothers and sisters born in places like Richmond were shipped as slaves when the confederacy relocated it's major war industries to avoid Union Army-Navy bombardments.

It is a story yet to be told about how generations in different locations came to seek, know and love one another after the Civil War.  Another part of the story, heard but not written, is that after war ended there were hundreds of thousands ex-slaves seeking return to former known locations of mothers and siblings. Tales told is some preachers counseled that GOD would reveal mothers and siblings to believers with faith to travel and seek.   It matters.

                                           willie mays - Bing video

The good reverend Chester Byars was a laboring man with his hands, the son of a laboring man and grandfather to NFL professional [Keith Byars, 66th Generation] image on right whose father Reverend Reginald Byars loved teaming up for baseball and Jesus. Chester mattered long before his grandchildren honored him and their musically talented grandmother [Beulah Briscoe Byars, 64th Generation] who sang, played the piano and taught gospel music for over 50 years]. 

She trained and teamed both junior and senior choirs with her husbands pulpit initiatives to trumpet in a new generation of believers in turning a coal camp patch of laboring strangers into a community in Christ.  Virginia Union University honored Chester H. Byars with a doctorate for many reasons including 50 years actively supporting African missions.

Indeed, inspirational tales around Pittsburgh were that when Jackie Robinson came to play in 1947-1949 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a hundred preachers like him and a thousand deacons like Jack Pope would stand in reverence until Jackie took the field.  

Most African-American baseball loving believers wore their Sunday best clothes; and Jackie knew it was not to glorify him but Christ in whom he, his wife Rachael and so many believed. The future was vested in his character and abilities to display that Black men were intelligent enough to master major league baseball.  It mattered.

Indeed, professional athlete sons of gospel ministers/deacons: like Keith Byars, Magic Johnson and so many others such as the late Reggie White were born of at least two or three generations of  motherhoods we can document as seeking goodness.  But, it requires research believers to confirm.  Non-believers will not seek or find Living Christ beliefs by which so many believed they got up.  We believe the given doctrine of faith, hope and love was inseparable in generation of many mothers and fathers that writers cannot characterize without knowledge and understanding of functional believers not generalized as organized religion.  Mighty men and women were inspired by their families, not institutions.

       keith byars - Bing video                magic johnson - Bing video

In the first instance of birth of Jesus, believers are compelled to reason that birth is generated by a coupling of female (mother matters) and male (father matters) joined in faith, hope and love of God their spiritual father wherein all mothers, fathers and births matter, even baby boys before they are categorized and classified as gifted or talented. 

Story tellers have many tales to tell.  Thus, believer curiosity about DNA science that scholars like Dr. Gates at Harvard have confirmed to be relevant.  As tens and hundreds of thousands of seekers generate millions of tourists and visitors to places like Alabama, England, Scotland, Wales and African nations such as Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa: they functionally honor their mothers and fathers known and unknown.  And, by faith alone (not color) are empowered to visualize residents as brothers and sisters in spirit of Christ that so many folks believed to matter. 

And, so Dr. King sojourned in Ghana during year 1957 to see and hear Kwame N'Krumah open and welcome African-Americans like Robert Edward Lee, born abt 1920 into challenges of the functional faith in the salvation of Africa.  There have always been in America, since at least days of the American revolution, men of various means like Alex Haley who cared about Africans, whether known by name, place or spirit of goodness.                                 



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