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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

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We think it matters very much that gifted and talented scholars, writers and others up from the past centuries turned into generations in pursuit of goodness: never forget that it occurred in the beliefs, faith and functions of a Living Christ/Savior known to many by many different names, not for glory but a revolutionary life pursuant goodness.  Any scholar who thinks Jesus was not such is a fool.

                                    Generation Tables

Within this context of philosophical victories, we are satisfied to believe that spiritual matters pursuant goodness has been less about organized religion; but much more about enlightened beliefs about persons and pursuits we can document such as those listed on our generation tables above.  Make a copy for yourself and add your heritage in the pursuit of goodness believed by you.

Young John Mark in the 2nd generation was perhaps the first to proclaim to others that "we have the victory, Christ is risen" but not the last, repeated over again and again by many gifted and talented such as Nelson Mandela:


Nina Simone&Miriam Makeba Thulasizwe-I Shall Be Released- YouTube

When Nelson Mandela passed over, American commentator Bill O'Reilly who views himself to be a Christian acknowledged that he was news worthy by stating "the guy was a communist" not a African, Christian or traditional believer; but the most negative remark he could make without calling Mandela a heathen savage.  Privately, he likely did so as his father and father's fathers may have said.  Bigotry is inherited.   

Most American and many African-Caribbean-European scholars have never understood or appreciated the "calling" spiritualized by "the least of us" up from slavery to go back into their roots and proclaim the victory promised. 

And, since at least the eras of Paul Kofi and even Lott Carey many have been called many negative names by both Black and White Americans who otherwise, like Clarence Thomas, viewed themselves as Christians ie "My ancestors never captured or owned any slaves."   

Below university links are not about encouraging scholar believers to spread religious beliefs, but certainly the good news of faith, hope and love by knowing one another exist.  As John Mark said:

                                'We have the victory."


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