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Casting Stones Matters
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Do beliefs matter?  Does faith matter?  Does spirituality matter?  Do philosophies matter?  Who propagates what to new born generations and how? What do youth generations digest and believe about their ancestry, and why do some/many not want to know who they are?   

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How is it that among "the least of us" who have little or no education or material well-being, there is still a tendency to cast stones at Africans they neither know or care about?

We were stunned back into reality recently following interview of a high school track star from New Kensington, Pennsylvania.  Amon Morris, son of a single mother born and nurtured in the urban welfare culture that, like her mother of 30 years ago, afforded her five children and no husbands. Amon is an African-American who recently participated in a College sponsored tournament that also invited a secondary school team from West Africa to participate.  Returning home to New Kensington, Amon hung his head in disbelief and shame that "Africans" had won the competitive sprint and relay events he participated in. 

Tall and black with a runner's physique, Amon could not relate to "Africans" who looked and ran similar to himself. His shame was having to face and confess to an utterly fatherless clan of mothers and numerous cousins that he had allowed "Africans to beat him."  He had made no attempt to even know their names or countries of origin.  The son, mother, grand-mother and others of their color and kind not up from the era of slavery, most likely were indoctrinated to believe and cast mind numbing stones that "Africans" were inferior to themselves. 

So, who is at fault and why?       

                        john lennon imagine - Bing video

"Let those without sin cast the first stone" [Jesus]. His philosophy of life not held by everyone everywhere, even among many who profess to believe in HIM but apply situational reasoning not joined to the faith they publicly profess to have. One of the greatest known sins of 19th and 20th century mass media was its persistent casting and directing stones at people of African heritage as unworthy of citizenship, fellowship, or even Christ so many obviously believed was impossible. 

Believer descendents of the Akan, Fon, Kru, Mande, Yoruba and other powerful slave capture and sell kingdoms such as those in the Congo Basin should not throw stones at American, Asian and European sinners who came, saw and conquered; but rather rejoice that functional believers in spirit of Christ (and no other belief systems) the evil slave trade was was overcome. 

Millions of functional believers (Black and White) now routinely flock to Africa, Asia and Europe as a spiritual sojourn to help them enjoy HIS victory in them.  Whether we believe it or not, many who lived thorough times of horror and terror such as world wars still believe that "if not for Him, they would have fallen and not gotten up." 

Not all people born and raised in the same timelines are in pursuit of philosophical goodness categorized and classified to be in the spirit of  the Living Christ.  Many ancestors had distinctively different views from the classical biblical view Bible as Literature given via organized religion, and many scholarly time-lords for propagated knowledge.  Ancestral generations of both Black, Native American and White believers viewed their bibles as a favorite home owned tool for inspiring children with the desire to read; and motivation to learn words in doing so. 

Indeed, the best bible studies are at home via "mother wit" before children trot off to a school house. Children are disadvantaged if mother cannot read well enough to coach (and thus neglects) her child in the formation of words that matter.  Bible study classes for elderly church members is not a substitute for failed generations in the functional faith that begins with enlightenment and education of mother and child are all about them, not men who reason great thoughts and bear witness to human tragedies. Inspired learning matters more than great preaching-teaching.

Our hopes are in the new generation of writers. We hope some will be interested enough to explore that not all people up from slavery or even most people of any color or religious faith held such attitudes and values in common, certainly not courage since relatively few people ever are.  Here again, it was Jesus who propagated that such was not necessary for everyone, excepting his disciples like Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. our generation saw and heard. 

We think there are many stories that writers ignore.  Why?  We think too many seek to imitate what is presented as a model, such as August Wilson:  who knew not that functional faith differs from entertainment center rituals he saw and avoided in aftermath of Pittsburgh's "Urban Removal Lower Hill District." His generation did not see what was removed, even historic Bethel AME Church that was renown as the Headquarters for the western abolitionist movement.

We are fascinated and amazed that [Richard Allen, 59th Generation] image on left apparently embraced psychology of  the obviously courageous young [John Mark, 2nd Generation] who went into Roman enslaved Alexandria. And Roman soldiers dragged him to death because he dared to preach "We have the victory, Christ is risen." 

Allen and others told followers they should not fear slavery but labor to overcome it and many did so, even sending their sons off to enlistment in the Union Army and Navy.  Allen and many others of his generation of believers believed they had the promised victory over Romans (slave-owners).  Amazing stories that need to be reviewed and told by new generation writers who believe.

                                                                            Battle Hymn of the Republic

Here again not everyman did as my ancestor [Madison Hemings Jefferson, born 1805, 61st Generation] living and working free in Ohio with two freeborn sons that enlisted as White men and one freeborn enlisting in the U.S. Army Colored Troops.  Were they believers or not depends on who writes what story?  We refuse to believe that such young men were not inspired by something much more important to them than money ($13 per month) to do so. Patriotism, yes but something more than non-believers, even now, see and hear as trumpet calls in functional faith.  Facts are that most young Black or White men did not hear/heed the call.

In fact "Living Christ" emerged as a belief and functional faith among many folks who had no faith in any person or thing such as slave owners, overseers, churches, priests, the political powerful, and other matters in authorized religious faith and government.  The AME Church [AME Church History] was banned in slave-holding states.  We imagine that it required at least two generations for this phenomena to generate the Second American Revolution rarely reviewed or understood by writers and artists.  Mothers mattered in teaming with fathers in the human processes of giving birth and nurturing baby boys and girls that could be inspired, motivated and educated to care about and even love others.   Such are the source DNA codes of inherited moral worth (not defined exclusively by color, class, economic poverty)

                          The Art of Michael Anthony Brown

We believe artists and writers are necessary to characterize inherited moral worth in the Philosophy of Life first propagated by Jesus and generated via past generations of enlightened believers.  Our topical interests are those documented believers "up from a degenerate heritage of three centuries of chattel slavery, overcome for goodness sake, especially personal liberty that many men fought and died to make possible."  The authors do not glorify war, nor dare to dishonor and ignore our ancestral fathers and mothers who "saw and heard goodness." 

They should not be color-coded as less than enlightened believers of any color.  We are alarmed that so many writers and actors directed by Hollywood minded story-tellers too often remove the essence of a great movement's story such as the Christian Leadership Movement led by Dr. King, misunderstood by non-believers who somehow have reasoned his movement was for civil rights, not joined to faith among believers.

                                                     Emancipation Patriots

We are anxious that functional believers bother to research and tell youthful seekers of knowledge how the spirit of goodness was embedded among some of "the least of us." Those documented families generated the "talented tenth" that Edward B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington and others like [Mary Church Terrell, 63rd Generation] perceived necessary to inspire functional community environments including churches, clubs, retail establishments and schools. 

Wherein retail establishments (other than women's entertainment/praise centers) are thus able to provide goods and services without fear of degenerate and mostly illiterate neighborhood young men and women that rob and steal in pursuit of something that nets neighbors in degenerated "nothingness." 

We suggest the cause of "community/goodness" cannot exist without educated and enterprising generations ... in pursuit.  And, sustainable generations cannot come into existence without believer partners, not make-believers disconnected from past or future lives pursuing goodness.  Actors, artists, and writers matter far more than priests and preachers in basic matter of beliefs and attitudes such as educating children to know and value young men such as Frederick Douglass's son [Lewis H. Douglass, 62nd Generation] (picture on left) generated and enlisted in the cause of goodness:  personal liberty for self and others per his earthly father's indoctrination. 

He was among the early enlistees in the famed 54th Massachusetts Regiment that Hollywood re-characterized with Denzel Washington as a ghetto enraged type-casted run-away slave in pursuit of Glory.  The reality is that most, if not all, the 54th and 55th regiments' enlistees were free-born volunteers and sons of believers that believed their cause was just, and serving was to help themselves and others. 

They believed the Civil War was a struggle for personal liberty defined by Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists like Lloyd Garrison via thousands of press releases, sermons and speeches, and even music to help inspire young men to enlist.  Over 50 percent of the thousand enlisted could indeed read and write, and not as portrayed in the movie. 

Members of the 54th Massachusetts were not necessarily from Massachusetts Examiner.com

From its very earliest days of 19th century immigrant and native born movie-makers, Hollywood screen-writers, producers, directors and actors have adamantly refused to include any measure of truths with African-American soldiers and law men in their money-making movies about the wild west. 

Their racism and the generations that followed like Director John Ford were not born racists, but made so to make money regardless of the harm caused in race relations.  In fact, one of John Ford's best friends was Woody Strode; but, he always cast John Wayne for courageous hero's of the wild, wild west even in stories about feats performed by African-American military regiments.

10th Cavalry Regiment (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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