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Jackson Generations
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Jackson, born abt 1835
Thomas Jackson, born abt 1836
Lewis Jackson, born abt.1844
Nannie R Jackson, born abt 1850
Samuel Jackson, born abt 1852
Annie R Jackson, born abt 1861
Ella R Jackson, born abt 1863
William R Jackson, born abt 1864
James R Jackson, born abt 1868
Wm R Jackson, born abt 1869
Flora R Jackson, born abt 1870
Samuel R Jackson, born abt 1871
John R Jackson, born abt 1876
Charles R Jackson, born abt 1877
Clifton R Jackson, born abt 1878
Oscar R Jackson, born abt 1879
Milton R Jackson, born abt 1881
John R Jackson, born abt 1883
Stephen R Jackson, born abt 1884
Daniel R Jackson, born abt 1885
Thomas R Jackson, born abt 1885









Generations of African-Americans using surname of Jackson, so far as we can determine, likely began in the 18th century era after year 1730 when the British government barred colonists from importing slaves via the their colonies in the Caribbean, ... thereby forcing them to import more slaves directly from royal licensed slave castles, traders and shippers on the west coast of Africa.

Prior to mid 18th century when gentle English women from places like London began moving to the colonies for lives with landed planter husbands, ... many and likely most births occurring among English colonists in Virginia were results of sexual intercourse between Englishmen, indentured women, native women, deported convict women and enslaved women. 

Husband's Name
Born: Abt. 1734Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>
Died: Bef 14 1821 AugPlace: , Loudoun, Virginia


 1. Sex Name 
  MStiles JACKSON (AFN:1VCL-H52)
  Born: Abt. 1762 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>
  Died: Bef 4 1810 Apr Place: , Loudoun, Virginia

 2. Sex Name 
  FMartha JACKSON (AFN:1VCL-H68)
  Born: Abt. 1764 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 3. Sex Name 
  FElizabeth JACKSON (AFN:1VCL-H7G)
  Born: Abt. 1766 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 4. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1768 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 5. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1775 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 6. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1779 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 7. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1781 Place: <, Loudoun, Virginia>

 8. Sex Name 
  Born: 1760 Place: , Loudoun, Virginia
  Died: 18 Jan 1847 Place: , Muskingum, Ohio
  Buried:  Place: Bethel Cemetery, Highland Twp, Muskingum, Ohio

 9. Sex Name 
  Born: 1777 Place: , Loudoun, Virginia
  Died: Bef 7 1834 Jan Place: Brush Creek Vall, Bedford, Pennsylvania
  Buried:  Place: Akersville, Bedford, Pennsylvania

 10. Sex Name 
  Born: 25 Dec 1773 Place: , Loudoun, Virginia
  Died: 1831 Place: , Pickaway, Ohio

Husband's Name
Matthew JACKSON (AFN:10QR-JG4)
Born: Abt 1745Place: , Amelia, Va

Wife's Name
Born: Abt. 1749Place: , Of Amelia, Va


 1. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt 1771 Place: , Amelia, Va

 2. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt 1773 Place: , Amelia, Va
  Died: 18 May 1795 Place: , Prince Edward, Va

 3. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1775 Place: , Amelia, Va

 4. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt 1775 Place: , Amelia, Va

 5. Sex Name 
  MWilliam Penick JACKSON (AFN:10QR-JNC)
  Born: Abt 1779 Place: , Amelia, Va

 6. Sex Name 
  MNathaniel JACKSON (AFN:10QR-JVL)
  Born: Abt 1780 Place: , Amelia, Va

 7. Sex Name 
  MThomas JACKSON (AFN:10QR-JR0)
  Born: Abt 1784 Place: , Amelia

 8. Sex Name 
  FJudith Pate JACKSON (AFN:10QR-JZ7)
  Born: 1782 Place: , Amelia, Va

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