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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Too many writers perceive all or most of "the least of us" exclusively as beneficiaries with no Y-chromosome heritage worthy of considering as to how goodness comes into existence; but yet profess as Christians to believe that people are conceived by a father and mother?  If so, who matters?  

Yes, Thomas Randolph Jefferson was an honorable man, as were all the pre-Christian era Roman minded aristocrats who wanted no royalty over them.  They all valued their beloved republic and beautiful palaces/mansions they lived in mostly built and cared for by obedient servants best remembered as slaves. 

But, Jefferson was an honorable man and we can not tell our story without telling his keeping in mind that he alone wrote those immortal Christian words that "all men are born equal in the eyes of their creator."  No one since Jesus lived and walked on earth had dared cite such doctrine to begin a revolution, and like revolutionary Brutus, Jefferson was a honorable man.                         

We thus began our paternal and maternal heritage journey in the body of Christ we believe they believed in. 

We dual tracked our heritage to include the stories about ancestral: Mary Elizabeth Hemings Butler, born 1863 a daughter of Harriette Hemings, born 1839 who was a daughter of Madison Hemings Jefferson, born 1805 whose mother was Sarah (Sally) Hemings Wayles, born 1773 the daughter of Elizabeth (Betty) Hemings, born 1735 whose revolutionary war services included risking her life and that of her children to save Thomas Jefferson, born 1743  when British soldiers raided Monticello to arrest him for treason.  Another key event historians ignore as to why?  Duties of a slave or functional family matters?   It matters to us that we should heed teachings of Jesus to: 

... love GOD and honor all of our known mothers and fathers, enslaved or free, all colors, in the body and spirit of goodness that affords us the capabilities to view others as we would have them (even talk radio and TV commentators) view "the least of us" believers as fellow Christians.  Telling what we have seen and heard includes documentations and oral histories acceptable to believers that the spirit of Christ also functioned among "the least of us." 

                                                                                                                                                                        Harriette Hemings Jefferson, b.1839 is pictured in below right image and one of the Jefferson Generations of believers albeit denied and rejected as hearsay by many non-believers in the function Christianity that I believe in. I am most proud of Harriette, not because she was the grand-daughter of Thomas Jefferson; but rather because her functional beliefs called her to join in the cause of personal liberty for "the least of us."  She was indeed a abolitionist volunteer in the Second American Revolution born of the First American Revolution initiated by her grandfather Thomas Jefferson, born 1743 who was a Shakespearean honorable man but not a Messianic Christian

Like many great men of his era, Thomas Jefferson admired Jesus of Nazareth as world's greatest philosopher. He believed Jesus was of normal birth, unlike most believers.                           

Sojourner Truth always stood tall, and was a story teller extraordinary.  We still thank her for enlightening believers as to what she had seen and heard about enslavements. 

Telling stories about useful and helpful lives is not easy and seldom glorious in a culture that seeks and values glory as if a virtue.  The site vents many truths about 18th, 19th and 20th century stories yet to be written by new generations of gifted and talented writers: 

... not the self-made Hollywood make-believers about beliefs, virtues and values in pursuit of glorious nothingness in the 21st century.  The internet now makes possible the emergence of new and more fruitful writers.  And, the technology now affords abilities to apply sounds and images that can reach audiences long neglected and ignored, not only in America but a world beyond nationalism, racism and sexism. 

The challenge to media makers is goodness.                                                 

We believe that failures to care and understand past generations in pursuit of goodness are now self-evident with too many unenlightened young men in new generations categorized and classified useless (often by punitive minded parents, teachers, police and judges).  Millions of lives and souls in old generations were lost to the cause of goodness under conditions of adversity degenerated via infamous slave breeding studs like heathen Juba Carter witnessed by: Frank Lee, born abt 1758.  And, the possessive terminology is still heard "father of my babies" in environments wherein the term "their father" depicting fatherhood truly does not matter.  Nothing from nothing certainly generates nothing but grunts and groans to feel good. We honor our ancestors and dignify our sense of being from and part of something that matters more than feeling good.

The site is perhaps useful in helping scholars calculate statistical standard deviations in courage, faith, hope and love in the revolutionary Emancipation Movements championed by believers like Frederick Douglass, and Southern Christian Leadership Movements organized and led by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Add on the Africa-Caribbean anti-colonialism movements led by believers like Kwame N'Krumah, and one perceives pursuit of goodness is not now or ever has been simply about religion/ideology.  And, never easy to explain.  Who has courage?  Most people of faith are not courageous, but do subscribe to virtues of hope and love.

                                         Emancipation Patriots

We hope our site encompasses Philosophy of Life (versus religious rituals) given to humanity by Jesus who was born a Jew via the lineages of King David and Prophet Nathan.  Some ancestors believed that he was crucified, resurrected from the dead and lived on call among them?   Documentation of such beliefs is best found among many spirituals composed by former slaves.  Before he was the well known scholarly Dr. Dubois, ... young Edward Dubois (who was a functional believer and scholar his entire life) fostered one of his earliest achievements by organizing the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1882 (image above right) to help sons and daughters of emancipated slaves spread the good news of their jubilation over slavery plus raise money to help Fisk University survive.  DuBois was always a pragmatist, even more so than Presbyterians.

This page is an update on Previous Editions and persons of possible historical interest, such as (picture on left) English Queen Charlotte (wife of King George III) for gifted and talented youth seeking topics to discuss and perhaps someday write their own stories:  beyond Hollywood mindsets and characterizations about mulattoes, coloreds, off-whites, negroes, blacks, etc., etc. Even today, most American writers and commentators with ancestors not born in the Anglo-African-American past cannot conceive African heritage as other than inferior human beings. 

This website is not about Pauline Christianity but some aspects of it that consistently categorizes and classifies believers in Christ on the basis of color, not the contents of their character.  It is not for ante-bellum and urban fiction writers, Hollywood make-believers or old testament pundits in the cause of entertaining in the rituals of nothingness.

It is  designed to be a smorgasbord of insightful topics for youthful scholars in pursuit of goodness (born on Christmas Day) and interested in what certain people of older generations "have seen and heard."  Perhaps what we perceive to have been revolutionary journeys in the functional faith, not simply organized religion manifested in gatherings to worship, sing, pray and pay.  So, what did past folks see and hear that ought to matter to even the so-called modern "conservative thinkers?"  Some gals and guys of the neo-conservative variety have read a few or several books about slavery; and thus reasoned that slaves were well-treated because they were valuable property owned by capitalists.  By such circular reasoning they have imagined the revolutionary war was in pursuit of equal liberties, not equal freedoms or land grants.       

Our documented knowledge (not simply oral histories by non-scholars) is that over five thousand  men of African heritage like Henry Hill and William Lee served in harms way during America's revolutionary war.  And, we are determined to recall documented encounters wherein Elizabeth Hemings and her adult offspring at Monticello facing a voiced threat of death by British soldiers seeking to arrest Thomas Jefferson: .... refused to divulge his escape route and plans.  Who can imagine why in a war during which many thousands escaped captivity?

The question is both raised and answered as to whether the Hemings as dutiful slaves, like William Lee, functioned in fear:  or Christian love for the health and welfare of Washington and Jefferson.  And, that is the spirit of what still matters.  If not for their courage, faith, hope and love under conditions of severe adversity there would be no:  Mary Hemings Jefferson, from the lineage of Eston Hemings nor Mary Hemings Butler Lee via the lineage Madison Hemings.  Picture on right taken at the Jefferson Memorial with retired army  officer RM. Atkins (who also has a dog in the long hard fight for acceptance and recognition of ancestral patriots).                                                   


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