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When Music Matters
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










When and where words matter, reading matters and learning words that inspire and motivate the pursuit of goodness is the "given word" in sounds that functional readers learn to read for others to hear.  Reading music is not easy and always a matter of functional attitudes and behaviors.  

Cora Lee Frog Finney Hill, born 1907  was a believer and as a child probably loved to play and sing this hymn by an unknown writer that helped define for her what her own parents and grandparents saw and heard in Virginia, the land of various functional beliefs and  faiths, but believers beyond rituals.

College educated in  Virginia, she proudly looked down from her historic campus,  in wonder at the ever flowing Appomattox River to somewhere.  No functionalist on her campus ever mistakenly saw and perceived their flowing river as the Mississippi River song made famous by singer Paul Robeson: written and presented on Broadway by writers who never knew Virginia.

Their showboat songs could not reminisce about pain and suffering began in Jamestown in year 1619, and by functional faith of believers like Lincoln and Douglass: it was ended at Appomattox Court House in April 1865.  Indeed, river songs and tales also matter to people who have seen and heard songs about Jubilee aspirations.  To graduate as a teacher and future mother to raise up a new and better generation,

Professor John Gandy required young women like Cora, and men too, to write a near word perfect composition about their philosophy of life, essentially in Christ.  Cora recalled the first 50 years after slavery was ended, with the fall of Richmond, a Jubilee Celebration in Christ occurred  in year 1915 at Tuskegee and most other thankful Black Colleges.

It is and was  sort of like the mystery in her faith as to how goodness comes into existence to be seen and heard?  Even then, back in the 1920s, it was not easy to join higher education reasoning to a faith few people knew or cared about.  The world was about power and glory to the conquerors, not empowerment for goodness sake.  She had lived through World War I that killed 50 million people and would live to see World War II kill another 50 million before propagation of racism was perceived and  proclaimed by Hollywood as evil. Movie-makers did not condemn the money-making movie "Birth of a Nation" reportedly a early American inspiration to Adolph Hitler who reasoned evil as akin to goodness, enslaving and killing.  

                                 youtube birth of a nation - Bing video

Millions of early 19th century immigrants to America from Europe saw and believed the cited screen production of life in America: disrupted by existence of African-Americans evangelized and treated as White Christians.

And, in Cora's functional faith centered in Christ, it was three generations spanning over 100 years between her ancestral young men marching into the liberation of Richmond; and their faithful cousins with Dr. King crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Birmingham wherein lived tens of thousands of descendents of enslaved laborers (including coal miners) during the Civil War had been shipped from the rebel war industries in Richmond. 

Generations in pursuit of goodness to overcome, not glory.  It is amazing indeed that so many thousands of laborers in the mills and mines of mine and mill places like Birmingham, Pittsburgh and Richmond had family ties beyond knowledge of most scholars.

                                 african-american coal miners - Bing images

Old degenerations in sands of time or new generations rooted in observable foundations?  Colors and Causes?  Mothers and Fathers?  Boys and Girls?  Categories and Classifications?  Training and Education?  We think that it matters a lot as to world views and visions expressed by artists and writers. Hip-hoping from nothing to nowhere with music minus love, hope or faith to inspire or motivate who, when and where?

We decided to republish this site (taken down in year 2010) that our musing matters might be helpful and useful to writers who wish to validate their own inherited faith as Americans, without denigrating that of others such as offspring of 20th century immigrants having acquired some knowledge but: ... lacking understanding of "minorities functional histories" before immigrant family comings via Ellis Island. The Civil War and Civil Rights should not be viewed a trivia pursuits by artists and writers to make folks laugh.

Researching and publishing stories about clans such as the Robinson linkages of gifted and talented offspring like Bill (Bojangles) Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Robinson (Jackson), and Michele Robinson matters:  that new generations should also wonder about profound mysteries in the generation of goodness among "the least of us."  Which functions mattered?  X-Chromosomes?  Y-Chromosomes? Who generates it?  And, for what purpose?  Our big bang theory question is whether or not functional families are possibly generated by a single generation of X +/- Y = ?   Minds + sex = generations matter.  

Yet, faith matters in new generation writers (unlike August Wilson who was not nurtured in historic spiritual matters up from slavery) understanding why faithfulness are not one and the same as organized religion and rituals seen and heard by some playwrights.  We do not believe non-believers understand vast differences between functional faith and organized religion; albeit faith helped generate congregations of believers who joined DNA and generated churchmen like Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King. 

             Martin Luther King Jr. - Acceptance Speech                          

How did spirit of goodness in HIM pass through generations into WHO/YOU?  Are characteristics inherited?  Who joined reasoning to whose faith? Is there a spiritual connection between mother and birthed child?  If so, does African origin matrilineal heritage traditions matter in connecting new minds to old matters like "Queen of the South" cited by Matthew and depicted in below left image.  So, what mattered to the gifted and talented born in prior generations? 

                                                    Dreams of Africa in Alabama

Where do functional stories begin.  Do writers write only about bodies or do they include spirits that matter such as dreams seen and heard?  Many believers who saw Dr. King visibly inspired in final moments of his famed 1963 speech delivered in Washington, D.C. were convinced the "I Have A Dream" sermon was superior reasoning joined to his functional faith.  Dreams matter, and it is amazing indeed as to who interprets a dream. 

            A keeper of Martin Luther King’s legacy                                                                  

We are concerned that without functional inspiration from successful mothers, so many of "the least of us" are/have abandoned functional faith that not only rescued Disciple Peter from jail, but also Dr. King and Nelson Mandela seen and heard. What is history anyway other than stories told and passed on from one generation to another by gifted and talented men and women.  Every mother has a history but not functional faith.

It matters that new generations understand the psychological armor internalized by many mothers like Nancy Lee type past believers. Not all mothers can read and write, but it is a certainty in the journeys up from slavery the functional and real gospel music by artists like Mahalia Jackson when heard was very helpful and inspirational to mothers and others.

If indeed, music is the universal language then it is understandable that she was instrumental in conveying Dr. Kings essential elements in his sermons about faith, hope and love we digest in Stevie Wonder songs.  So, what dare we think about degenerate blues and raps?  Has any goodness been generated by music minus the human virtues that believers seek? 

Since Mahalia was born, composing and singing before ever meeting the young drummer in Christ, many African-American believers would later believe they both were the instruments/hidden hands of the Living Christ long ago embraced by ancestors gone but not forgotten. 

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