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Logic of Ideology
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










                                                            Ayn Rand

For those self-actuated believers in Ayn Rand's philosophical musings about creativity by perceived superior men, ... we dare to note that her male model men of imagined great minds like Alan Greenspan have no history of themselves or their ancestors having ever worn a uniform of the United States including:  cub scouts, boy-scouts, little league, varsity sports, marching bands, firemen, police or military services. 

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In fact, her thinking is about men reasoned to be superior because of  their minds, ... not virtues of courage, faith, hope and love that most Christians claim to value.  She skips over realties of 20th century wars that literally slaughtered over 100 million human beings, including 6 million Jews and Gypsies plus a lot more Africans, Americans and Asians.  The killings were generated in large part by Ayn Rand's favorite 19th century pre-fascist philosopher minds  like:           


Ayn Rand's make-believe creative men with great wealth were loners, selfish and seldom if ever defenders, procreators or sustainers in the generation of eternal life we believe in.  Like her, few had a history of putting their bodies to use in defending or helping others.  Like gods on Mount Olympus, many imagined their perceived creative minds to be superior over mortal bodies of men born of women. 

We think new generations who are required as students to read Ayn Rand in their course work to do so; ... but hold onto to their faith and not let make-believe reactionary stories turn them around to travel backwards into a bad news past without the moral philosophy of Jesus available or known among "the least of us."

It is, or ought to be, clearly illogical for any enlightened and educated person of African heritage to believe Africans in America, the Caribbean or even Mother Africa are now or have ever been monolithic in cause or culture, and certainly not color and religion by which the unenlightened commons generally define each other.  Before, during and after the American Civil War, there were those people of various colors who sought to conserve the confederate cause and way of life, ... in the face of change urged by liberal thinkers like Douglass and Lincoln.  There were many (including the otherwise admirable Booker T. Washington) who put forth arguments as to why change should not occur as urged by men like Drs. Dubois and Trotter.  

                                                   Black Conservatism

In our lifetimes, we have seen color and kind predecessors to Clarence Thomas in every leadership decade beginning with World War II.  There were many who condemned A. Philip Randolph for demanding equality in war industries and the armed forces, Martin Luther King for demonstrating to end segregation and even Jesse Jackson for meddling in struggles to free Nelson Mandella.   Yet, we want new generations to know that barriers and obstacles were overcome by learning about the various public and private policies that affect "the least of us," .... and subsequent organizing of gifted and talented young minds to overcome by embracing a superior philosophy of life and avoiding ideology entrapments that redefine core beliefs  more often than not inherited from one's ancestors.                               


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