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James River to Missus Jane
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Aristocratic desires and pretentions by the earliest colonial settlers, in Virginia in particular, seeking to emulate their known land lords in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, ... made culturally and physically attractive White women very scarce and desirable by ambitious White men, old and young, and literal goddesses to thousands of toiling Black female slaves. 

Long before there were any Scarlet O'Hara's living rich and well, ... there were thousands of women chosen in London and beyond with promises of a good life in the colonies or in some cases chosen by authorities because of their unwanted behaviors in the countries of birth.  It is no mystery or surprise that in all societies, ... women ultimately shape the life and culture of it.  Nothing has changed in human history excepting that men often forget or never learn the "hands that rock the cradles rule the world."

Below excerpt article extracted from a book by Carol Hymowitz and Michaele Weissman offer some insight into the world of women addressed on this sight along with the men birthed, inspired, motivated, and even educated because of them.




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