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Slavery and the Negro
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Slavery and the Negro is a topic that includes many artists, writers and others with opinions about the legacies of it, not the least of which are otherwise innocent Judeo-Christians who simply cannot grasp the nature of a horror, first-class holocaust, that raged from 1441 to 1865 seen and heard by hundreds of millions of human beings.  Scholars like Professor deGraft-Johnson, born and raised among African royalty with knowledge and wealth enabled him to gain a Ph.D. from Oxford University and access to greater knowledge that fostered his understanding.  


Below is a relative topic in his book of 17 chapters.  You can buy the book at Black Classic Press of Baltimore.

Ten generations of functional believers existed between year 1441 when Europe's Latin world powers began the profitable slave trade at El Mina in modern day Ghana; but it was the last three generations (abt. 1770-1860) opened their hearts and minds to the existence of a Living Christ among "the least of us."  To these, like William and Frank Lee, we honor today.

African-Americans like the Lee descendents tended to believe it was GOD via a Living Christ that ended slavery, folks like Abraham Lincoln walking among jubilant free men and women assured them that it was so.

There is no evidence that slavery was reasoned out of existence or would have been so via reasonable men and women, like Robert E. Lee who fought like hell to keep it, would have eventually reasoned that it should be ended.


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