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Braddock's Grave
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Our focus on this story about the 1754-1758 French and Indian War against the British Empire in North America prompted us to make note that not only was a young George Washington likely fighting alongside men like John Lee (father of William Lee, born 1756) but so were a number of Black and White men of historical significance to our stories about our Hemings ancestors at Monticello.  Notably Betty Brown who was the enslaved daughter of Elizabeth Hemings and married to a man named "Billy Brown."  And Mary Hemings another enslaved daughter who just happened to name her dynamic son Joe "Fawcett/Fossette."  Indeed, after the French and Indian War, Thomas Jefferson and other aristocrats employed some talented veterans, including men such as Billy Brown and Billy Fawcett who was according to data gathered, the brother of Alexander Hamilton's mother.  Whatever the case may be all the men cited in the story below did live, love and die in a time-line of events that we ought not forget.   



The French and Indian War (1754-1763) concluded a global series of wars (1689-1763) between Britain and France. In the French and Indian War, the two European powers teamed with their respective Native American allies in a quest for domination of North America. The conflict ended in complete victory for the British, culminating with the division of the French territories in North America between Britain and Spain. The removal of a French threat to colonial security helped bring about the American Revolution. © Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. "French and Indian War," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 99.

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