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"Go and tell John what you have seen and heard." [Matthew 11]  Matthew as an accountant/tax-collector begins the story of Jesus via reference to generations rather than eras of Prophets, Kings, or Roman calendar citing millenium, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  Indeed, our generation born during the years 1920 -1949 saw and heard a lot that might be useful and helpful to newer generations of life in pursuit of goodness born on Christmas Day about 12 B.C. when bad perceived as good, ... prevailed in the hearts and minds of most millions on earth including: Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.  Philosophically, our website is about goodness seen and heard by people we love: for propagating the virtues of courage, faith, hope and love; and, functioning within the moral values of self-worth inherited via matrilineal and patrilineal generations evidenced by DNA tracks and historical documentation such as Census and Civil War enlistment records plus labors of the many Mormon missioniaries who tried to capture and record names and data from millions of denigrated souls lost but then found by believers for new generations to know.

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                        Generations and Degenerations Matter (Greater Challenge Than Family Trees) 

Welcome to our re-published website (first uploaded in 2010) about the pursuit of "Goodness, born on Christmas Day that lighted a enduring empowerment movement/revolution/strategy."  We believe, because Mary and Joseph (by any other names) joined in the context of philosophical teaming.  A good (godly) woman and man for goodness sake.

We define it as birthing, nurturing, inspiration, motivation, education, and enterprising functions spanning lifetimes. Our definition is inclusive of functional marriage by men and women who propagate new and better generations spanning multiple timelines, lives and places.  Such beliefs are indeed mysteries in the faith many hold near and dear not just pursuant generations, but useful and helpful in here and now comprehending degenerations seen and heard. Not all persons born in same timeframe are of same generation in functional faith.  Many choose not to be born again.


Our site and those we research and link are information sources for new generation artists and writers.  Our hopes are that some if not all will discontinue using color as the least common denominator to define citizens of African heritage.  Human beings are of many colors and shades.

Better we think to use terms up from slavery such as "mother, father, brother and sister" significant in the spirit, not matter, but that of Christ who we hold dear.

Color varies so widely as to be irrational identification even in Africa, Asia, and Europe where such reasoning apparently emerged for artistic religious artifacts/priests.  What matters most is how new generations perceive themselves to be:  matter or more?

Site is neither historical fiction nor urban fiction. But rather as generation #65 believers, it is our attempt to foster more thoughts about generations in pursuant Goodness we believe  emerged/was born on Christmas Day.  Songs reciting/propagating good news differ from those that do not.  Many minstrels minister goodness.

The miraculous event, we are told, occurred during years when Herod was King over the Roman Province of Judea.  Augustus Caesar was Emperor legally worshipped as a living god.  Event was famously hailed to us by fellow believers like Harry Belafonte and Roy Hamilton with good news songs.  Their music spiritually helped comfort our own generation #65.   With little or nothing they came out of the Caribbean Islands in pursuit of goodness, and found many of us.

We understand enough human history about Africa, the Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific Islands to stand firm in our belief.  Philosophy of life (unchained) given by Jesus of Nazareth is why believers, including our documented ancestors such as my grandparents (image on right), believed him to be a new beginning. 


They perceived him as the Living Christ (Savior) for humanity's sake, not by color, race or sex:  subject to freewill by believers.  Not all humans past or present believed in the spirit of Christmas or functions thereto and therein.  So, the birth of Jesus by any name or color matters.  Famed story tellers like Charles Dickens addressed functions that honor him as the Christ.

                                                       Charles Dickens:  A Christmas Carol (Original Screenplay)

Some like Thomas Jefferson, born 1743 perceived him as the 1st generation of expandable goodness in mankind's documented history on earth.  We honor Jefferson as a father of modern America because he wrote and propagated:   We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

From those thirty-five words came forth generations of believers like Douglass, Lincoln and millions more functional believers that included our ancestors once owned as slaves by men like Jefferson.   He was imperfect but better than most slave-owners/lawyers.

We and they perceived the international trade in African slaves and slavery itself was form of evil but many believers in philosophy of Jesus propagated: hate the sin, not the sinners.  In facts for us to remember, it was Jefferson who urged that Ohio territory be admitted to the Union as a state in 1803-1804 not allowing slavery.  That single action generated a functional sanctuary for ex-slaves and helped pave the way for a home and spreading of abolitionist movements westward, and up and down the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys.  The function of escaping slavery required having somewhere to go.

It was also Jefferson who in 1806 made illegal the new importation of African slaves. The functions of enforcing the ban required naval enforcement and marines by a navy inadequate of ships for such functions. As a result the British Empire navy patrolling African coast and high seas often boarded and searched suspect American slaver ships. 

British naval captains removed suspected English born seamen as conscripts for the royal navy, and unshackled and freed on-board captives (image on right) as illegal contraband.  Directly as a result, warfare erupted in year 1812 and generated the famed American national anthem.  By time of its ending in year 1815, it was a lawyer negotiated ending by men like James Madison and Francis Scott Key who saw and heard the lightning and thunder.         


Key was a friend and associate of Bushrod Washington, George and Martha Washington's heir.  Bushrod Washington and Francis Scott Key wanted legally free colored populations encouraged by government to self deport back to Africa. After the 1812 war, he helped establish the American colony of Liberia and relationships with Richmond free colored populations such as embraced by the American Colonization Society. They subsequently sponsored sending Reverend Lott Carey, a free colored Baptist minister in Richmond to newly established Liberia colony. Most free colored opposed but agreed that Africa mattered in missionary good news because Jesus said do so.                                                  

Treaty_of_Ghent#Agreement that ended the war of 1812-1815 is remembered because it ended captivity/impress of American sailors by British sea-captains to serve aboard British warships.  It evoked a promise by President James Madison for Americans to stop seeking return of ex-slaves from Canada, Nova Scotia, England and Sierra Leone.  Britain and America both agreed to do more at sea in fighting the evils of international slave trade. 

Britain promised compensation to American slave owners and their heirs who lost slaves evacuated by the British during American Revolution for liberty.  Britain ended the claims by paying approximately two million dollars to honorable claimants like Bushrod Washington, an heir to evacuated slaves from Mount Vernon.  About 25,000 escaped slaves joined British army as loyalist and were evacuated by British after the war's ending in 1783.

                                                                    The Loyal Blacks:  White Historian Ellen Gibson Wilson

Functional believer historians like Ellen Gibson Wilson offer facts that ought not be ignored by new generation writers about acts of evil that have blind sided make-believers like Clarence Thomas. He miraculously imagines there are no records of the 18th century slave trade that personified evil.  The realities of it are well documented by historians. 

We also believe evil exists by many counter philosophies of life in all lands where humans existed/exist. Our focus is not about evil but known ancestors who functioned to overcome what destroyed millions of bodies and souls, good, bad and indifferent.

James Lafayette

Jefferson's proclamation of man in the eyes of God still matters to believers, and as a preamble to the U.S. Constitution is the founding doctrine for it coming into existence. Ignored by Madison, Monroe and other framers of the constitution, many patriots did not extinguish longings and thoughts about personal liberty for all Americans including those of African heritage.  Personal liberty was especially pertinent to those thousands of men who fought and died in pursuit of it. 

Yes, approximately 5,000 uniformed combatants were of African heritage, along with many thousands more enslaved manual laborers and teamsters. James Lafayette was one of many trusted slaves recruited and deployed behind British lines to observe and report their findings to Washington's staff.  When the war was won in 1783, General Lafayette was outraged and protested to George Washington, after returning from France and learning that his trusted spy had been returned to slavery.  James Lafayette was freed.

We can imagine that none were ancestors to Clarence Thomas whose views about African-American heritage are functionally ante-bellum reasoned hype.  Most was overcome by the American Civil War in which President Lincoln invoked the doctrine set forth by 1776 American founders.  They, not Congress of the constitution writers 11 years later, put their lives at great risks pursuant goodness.  By his reasoning and that of Scalia, the declaration was not binding on Congress.  Thus, the constitution was an instrument to govern, not for social considerations other than as allowed by constitution founders/prince. Machiavelli.

Jefferson's declaration is disdained by so-called originalists proclaiming U.S. constitution is not/was not bound to revolutionary declaration of independence faith adopted in 1776.  With that reasoning, neither is the revolution itself pursuant personal liberty patriots in uniforms, White and non-White.  Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas had no American revolutionary ancestral generations with tales told as to why. 

Their views about original intentions by original nation building lawyers are amply reflected in many Supreme Court decisions about constitutional government and the rights of states to define or restrict any or all human rights not specified by constitutional founders.  But, we believe it a mystery in our faith that towering in stone for all to see and hear stands:  Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.  Words spoken and written by Scalia and Thomas have not shaken them from their honor in American faith.

They reason as though American Revolution never occurred, but rather lawyers in wigs sat and reasoned together not joined to faith in God.  That joining to faith would thus lead them back to the Declaration, which in turn to its Dogma.

                                                                Sermon on the Mount by Jesus

Thomas excepted, few educated and enlightened lawyers of African heritage have ever agreed that Jefferson's Declaration is not the stated doctrine for U.S. Constitution and its 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. Agreeing to such reasoning is akin to propagating Christianity minus the bedrock doctrine set forth in Sermon on the Mount by Jesus.  We believe Thomas Jefferson was inspired by his philosophical beliefs to write the immortal first line in 1776 Declaration of Independence.  For this we honor him as a believer above all else he ever said, wrote and did.

We think that Little By Little many people (not all) of African heritage enslaved and persecuted in Africa, the Americas and Caribbean developed functional belief and behaviors for survival and sustainment of offspring generations. Many embraced Christ. Many have not, and many lived and perished in the spirit of what we classify as:

                                                                 Nothingness in Living Color

Generations numbers 66, 67 and 68 have to live their own lives, learn or not learn about yesterdays. However, our generation #65 have the free will as believers to tell their gifted and talented artists and writers what we have seen and heard. 

We have experienced eras of both volunteers for military services advancing personal liberties; and those young men conscripted to serve during national emergencies.  It is the challenge of newer generations to research, learn, see and hear. 

We hope they act and write about what mattered to those souls seen and heard.  Write about the best of times and worst that also came, and was overcome by functional faith. 

                                                           All We Are Saying Is Give Goodness a Chance

ImagineJohn_Lennon born in 1940 in the same timeline we assigned to our own generation #65 was not a believer in the functional faith about Goodness we inherited.  Apparently a gifted and talented child, he suffered the consequences of a mother and father Alfred Lennon, a merchant seaman born in the timeline of generation #64.  They were not teamed up in his nurturing, inspiration, motivation and education pursuant goodness.  Yet in his song writing, we perceive he had a yearning  for Christmas as we do.                                           

And, there were many others, millions of mothers and fathers born during years 1890 and 1919 that brought forth not only World War II that killed over 50 million human lives; .... but also gave birth to gifted lives like John Lennon, not nurtured and inspired in functional faith generations pursuant goodness on earth versus evil also seen and heard.  His life mattered to music lovers.       


Who but him could imagine the world Lennon might have seen and heard had his father not gone away in the 1940s pursuant the great struggle waged by Great Britain and the United States navies.  Those great power nations included men like Belafonte and Paul Lawrence Reeves Wilson Brady, born 1927 (image on right).  Like Lennon's father, they both saw and heard their nation in peril of evil both domestic and abroad.  Not easy to describe, we suffice to say evil always existed in all nations and lands with reasoning not joined to our faith.

                                                               Foundations/Founders of Fascism

Believe it or not, after Japan (blue) ravaged much of China and Italy slaughtered hundreds of thousand human lives in Africa; .....

..... believers of all colors in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Caribbean and Europe (blue) believed the world was in peril to totalitarian evil. But, functional believers were inactive until Germany's devastating blitz attacks in Europe.  It renewed what never ended with World War I in the 20th century nor Napoleon in 19th century.  The beast of evil pursuits was stabbed but had not died.

                                                                youtube music hotel california eagles

Even then there was a certain blindness among certain kinds of believers of all creeds and colors. We dare not classify as functional generations in pursuit of goodness led by British Empire (dark green) and United States (light green) that forged an alliance against clear manifestations of evil.  The desire to commit being of service helping an entire nation of others is certainly not something that exist among all or most well educated men.  It was even so during times of dire threats such as World War II witnessed by my generation #65. 

Be clear to understand functional believers perceived it as good versus evil; and were not willing to sit and wait for a evangelical predicted second coming to overcome.  As with other wars experienced by believers there existed different opinions about who, how, when, where and what based on beliefs and values by creeds, claims and indifference propagated by ignorance about the functional facts unknown. 

It will remain so unless scholars seek to search, learn and tell others who care to know.  Many media producers still do not imagine that men of color during Christmas past were honorable men and functional believers before World War II.  So, regular news prefix pre-Civil Rights Era?  In what American era did men not seek civil rights to be and do goodness?

           Functional Goodness Defined in War

The Axis Alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan as foreign threats caused the best and brightest military service volunteers, from America's best known families like the Kennedy, Bush, and Roosevelt clans. 

And many millions of young men were motivated by those examples in the pursuit of goodness to overcome clearly perceived manifestations of evil. 

Doris (Dorie) Miller, born in 1919 (image above right) was a hero during and after World War II among "the least of us" born in his generation #64 and our generation #65.  The functional good news is that hundreds of thousands of fathers and mothers in our generation affirmatively told offspring believer generation #66 that Dorie Miller aspired to be the best that he could be in service to God, home and country.

And, the post World War I military leaders like General George C. Marshall understood that citizenship mattered in the nation's human resources during both war and peace.                                                         

Born in Uniontown, PA. not far from Pittsburgh, George Marshall saw African-American young men integrated in the mills and coal mines; and heard his father and grandfather tell stories about their ancestral patriotic services in the Civil War. He also saw men die for America.

                                                            Youtube: African-American Soldiers in Italy

In year 1948, a product of his heritage seeing Black men matter, he endorsed President Truman's racial integration executive order of U.S. Armed Forces. Those years were all about societal connections in pursuit of goodness overcoming functional obstacles including major league baseball.  America was newly embarked on a long cold war against the Soviet Union and dependent upon youth manpower potentials.  We later learned that Lucian_Truscott was one of a few general officers who endorsed that historic moral heritage parameter to the 1954     

Brown versus Topeka Board of Education decision by U.S. Supreme Court

                                                                        Racial Desegregation of the Armed Forces

Who were the numbered generational benefactors and do we dare imagine generation #66 beneficiaries as unknowing?  We are very concerned that so many African-American gifted and talented including artists and athletes seemingly have no sense of connections to generation #65 or earlier ones.  We think the result is poor reasoning joined to a faith in only themselves or the newest mindsets not connected to the past that included many tens of thousand patriots. 

The most recent example is hype about not standing for the national anthem.  We were horrified watching and hearing a ghetto born comedian use the N Word in addressing President Obama at an affair watched around the world.  The anthem is a free-will salute denied by a professional athlete oblivious to the relatively recent past when Jackie Robinson and his other best benefactors in professional sports did stand.  Our thoughts have to be who do they think they are?  Do they not feel connections with goodness in men like Jackie who bore the burden and scars of standing tall for them?

                                                        Ulysees Lee: Employment of Negro Troops

Dr. Ulysees Lee (image on right) not only served as a military officer during WWII but devoted his scholarship years as a History Professor to make certain that some new generation minds did not forget their benefactors.  Surely his service is linked and a testament to the Mount Vernon Lee offspring everywhere.  World War II and Korean War men and women in uniform mattered in changing the morality climate in America.  Both Truman and Truscott had seen and heard about patriots of color who died in both World War I and II. 

We believe they joined superior reasoning to their faith.  Our hopes are that new generation writers try to understand it was not easy for them or "the least of us."                                                      

And some men volunteer in uniformed services under rule of law to move against evil; but often at a loss of family and community relationships. We perceive that beneficiaries of such men and women  try to understand emotional compacts men have to make with themselves in order to effectively  concentrate on 24/7 missions without visible ends.

Dorie Miller did not know about the evil manifestations coming his way but obviously prepared himself to face it.  New generation writers must not allow Hollywood to look at his color and stereotype him with ghetto characterizations born in Harlem and South Central Los Angeles mindsets (called keeping it real).

It is and was not realistic for Hollywood artists and writers to consistently mischaracterize toughness as hoodlum traits commonly found in ghetto lifestyles, and scripted in the language of those values., not voices like former President Ronald Reagan in Army documentary about best of us.

                                  Tuskegee Airmen

When not doing what they are responsible to do in combat zones, their free-time concentration still has to always be their mission, not family ties. Yet, even the best and brightest toughest of marines like The Late Senator John Glen even away on solitary missions needed emotional ties to God, home and country. As it was understood during World War II, the government has a unique responsibility to encourage but hold harmless mass media from denigrating African-American men and women (including volunteers like Milton Olive and Colin Powell) who served in wars such as Vietnam or anywhere else.  Existing public prejudices against African-American veterans are difficult to kill.

Let us not forget that young Milton Olive, one of the best and brightest in one of the Army's best and toughest paratrooper brigades was buried in the national cemetery at Biloxi Mississippi near his ancestral roots.  His fellow paratrooper and friend the future artist Frank Frazier of Dallas, born in Harlem, said Milton's aspirations were studies to become a minister of the gospels in his hometown of Chicago.  Military service was his resource pathway.

Prior to the American military buildup in Vietnam during the summer of 1965, men like Milton and Frank were all volunteers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, high school and college graduates with above average aptitude test scores and functional training.  African-American officers and enlisted were both exceptional and average.

There were few if any conscripts in Vietnam before the buildup offensives that cost thousands of lives.  America generated a storm of avoidance and rejection among potential conscripts like Mohammed Ali.  Government sought to placate critics by education based deferment policies and student loans.  Mass media deferment beneficiary hawks like David Horowitz even attacked men like Milton and Frank as being uneducated pawns and victims of racism for their military services. 

A few talking heads, like Ed Rollins of CBS, also a draft dodger, sought to add flavor to such stories.  He was rewarded by anti-Vietnam bosses who made him an evening news start. They sent him to Vietnam wherein he was marketed to Americans public viewers as an expert on African-American troops in the war.  Mothers and sisters were terrified, and the music moguls felt their pain. 

Marvin Gaye: What's Going On?

 Worse of the worse were perhaps thousands of ex-felons released from American jails and prisons deceitfully proclaiming their incarcerated years as back to back tours in Vietnam.  Gullible media and listeners seldom, if ever, saw military DD214 discharge records.  Documentaries and movies mocked Black men as degenerate war pawns.  Television networks and artists became sole sources of knowledge by most Americans.

                                                                        The Bloods of Vietnam

Family linkage matters, and too many are disconnected from systems that generate the needs for men who become veterans of overseas services.  Vietnam haunts them also.

Most, if not all, lack visibility even in the government itself when tours of duty are completed.  It is costly for government bureaucrats to exclude proven patriots to its existence.  Civil government requires a functional ground game that inter-connects and spans generations of Americans.

The ability to have a ground game is more than exams and interview processes that miraculously exclude too many men that matter.  National conflicts and wars are not definable by sports analogies/academic game theories. Winners and losers in America or its wars should not be judged by body counts or skin colors.  The best and brightest veterans have to be viewed as more than a new job application number.

The attributes of courage are not given all men, so it matters whether men and women with power believe such differences exist in deciding who to recruit, hire and send into harms way such as Benghazi.  Essay exams and the Peace Corps are not the best way to find men with the right stuff.  Academia has no means to predict courage or faith born out of societies experiences.  Something is amiss when government does not have right stuff to recruit courage. Not even the best and brightest in churches or government entities can predict when or where it will be needed.

                                                          Frank Frazier, artist, former member, 173 Airborne Brigade

Fellow patriots with Paul Lawrence Lee Brady, Jr. born 1959 (left center) are examples as to what America still sends abroad to protect it's foreign interests but as individual employees, not functional team capabilities. But America needs functional squads of instantly deployable men who can team with each other 24/7 as needed where needed for temporary duty until relieved by other elements of government.  They are government employees not in uniform but we can easily see they once were, and still valuable in societal security services, support, training and administration among many other growing domestic and foreign manpower needs in future decades.  Documented failures in many scenarios raise questions as to why.  Who did we hire?  Who sent what to who?  New Orleans Super Dome? Benghazi?

Departmental stove-pipes throughout the civil service system make impossible the lateral movement of trained and experienced veterans from one department to another. Especially if service tours are out of country or away from Washington D.C. with family, friends and associates who know how to navigate government stovepipe personnel systems.  Career veterans still have aspirations to provide useful service to God, home and country.  They love America.

                                              Billie Holiday - God Bless the Child Who's Got His Own  

King George VI and Franklin Roosevelt among other leaders during World War II helped shape the inheritance of John Lennon.  From the time of his birth, he began life and lived without functional family environment that included the spiritual nurturing and fleshly warmth of parents and grandparents.                                  

Though baptized in the Anglican faith, John Lennon's attitudes and beliefs in the spirit of Christ were very much founded on what he did not see and hear from generations that came before him; such as grandparent nurturers. 

Yet many grandparents believed the spirit of goodness in God, home and king/queen/country spans generations even after they are gone. And  it is mystery in the faith that such could exist, especially for a child who never had an opportunity to see and hear creditable believers, not simply about Santa Claus.  

However, as an Englishman during the era of European Reconstruction he grasped understanding that:


And so it is with Americans who do not understand the above comment by Winston Churchill about Britain's homeland security.  Their faith and functions required the best and brightest men and women in their empire and America to overcome evil by any other name. The war was a wakeup call to aristocracy and bureaucrats to overcome stovepipes easy to see and talk about in Parliament and Congress.  Like it or not, its time to wake up.

Wake up U.S. Senator Sam Nunn.  It's time to break through the type uniform color stove pipes that once existed in the military services before emergence of men who now matter like General John Kelly (USMC) ret. (image on right)During the coming years and decades of emergencies at home and abroad, he will need to grab onto a lot of tried and true men like Paul Brady, Jr. to function as retired airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines. 

Homeland Security Department seemingly is the ideal functional home for recruiting and sourcing deployable teams, squads, and platoons for temporary security services to other departments like State, Energy, and Interior preset with bureau budgetary constraints.  All have patriotic Americans on their staffing charts but a problem exists when such persons lack the right stuff needed: like courage and availability until planned and programmed solutions are in place, and in the budget. 

Kelly's challenge and those  in his charge will be to recruit and package some men and women who have the right stuff.  There seemingly are requirements to help secure America and its allies in emergency threats spanning generations of patriot careers.  We think there is a requirement for lateral movement capabilities of civil and military validated human resources such as my son Paul Brady.  He is still a determined marine in his aspirations to be useful to God, home and country, Semper Fidelis.  His career experiences have given him ample opportunity to think about Murphy's law.

Lateral movements of the best and brightest military and civilians to where needed and qualified is now routine for the Defense Department.  Such programming has not cracked the ice in places like State Department where an Ambassador's budget considerations likely outweighed personal security considerations about places like Benghazi.  Who could he call for?  Ghost Busters or the Marine Corps that would have sent a budget busting company for at least 30 days?  The army would have sent a battalion costing even more.  

Ambassador Christopher Stevens (image left) was one of best and brightest in the State Department but lacked a personal staff capability to move smartly in insecure areas. His diary makes our point that he needed a better TDY alternative.  Borrowing two men from the C.I.A. was not equivalent to a temporary rifle squad or platoon on hand in the event of worst case scenarios: Murphy's Law always applies. 

State Department Report on Benghazi.pdf

 Like many other Americans, our concern is that American diplomatic activities abroad ought not be dependent upon impromptu Peace Corps type reasoning and foreign national militia to provide temporary physical security.  Homeland Security Department should be considered by Congress for maintaining temporary deployable assets for lateral movements to impromptu situations, and in emergencies, domestic and foreign.  Give them the TDY funding for domestic and offshore support requests by federal agencies anywhere.  Program for reimbursements at a later date.

America has emerging requirements for temporary duty mission capabilities to secure U.S. lives and property with validated faces, not simply very costly budgeted spaces in Defense and State Departments.  Their permanent missions dictate Congressional pre-funding approvals. More action is needed, functional review processes to at least think and plan mid-term and long-term resourcing of mission needs.  It appears those needs include temporary and/or permanent functional emergency manpower to protect and sure up the American flag; until other security forces arrive by air, land or sea.  Depending on host nation militias or private security firms of unknown persons is a no-brainer. 

Not all requirements in government need ex-marines, but some places do and they are admired because of near instinctive abilities to team up and move against an adversary in best or worst of circumstances like Benghazi and Hurricane Katrina failures. From bottoms up to mass media talking heads, inaction prevailed about matters not seen or heard beforehand.  Emergencies seldom are.

That is not an instinct gained by a master's degree, law or doctorate and civil service exams:  albeit many career veterans like Paul Brady, Jr. have pursued both. Many acquire skills and abilities in both crisis and routine processes in jumping and clearing administrative hurdles while other cultures choose to watch and wait. 

The American civil service system designed for civil society is a hurdlers nightmare for a lot of young men and women inspired, motivated, educated, trained and validated as overcoming hurdles to serve America. 

                                                        Overseas Veterans Also Rejoice In Christmas

So, grand-parents in the functional faith matter very much in propagating the aspirations and beliefs of their offspring generations. If they will, the sights and sounds of grandparents reinforce those of parents near and far away which is another mystery in the functional faith passed over from generation to generation of believers.  

Though born in the City of Pittsburgh, I was an adult before realization that my inclination and love of garden was very much hereditary and reinforced by my extensive exposure and time communicating with grandparents Mary Hemings Butler Lee and Thomas Findley Lee. (Image on right)

For example, is it a mere coincidence that my son Paul's aspirations about adventurous travel originated with William Lee, born abt 1756 and possibly generated thoughts inspired by his grandfather Marion Thomas Lee, born 1903 who for 50 years distributed the famed Gulf Oil Corporation. 

His adventurous employment paid my tuition and fees to the University of Pittsburgh and Smith College where I learned a lot about why generations matter a lot more than make believe chatter made very popular in the 1960s-1970s:  way back when non-believers verbalized power and empowerment to be one and same. 

Even before becoming a mother and a psychologist, I understood that children embraced to love each other were instinctively empowered to be so and outreach to one another as adult believers.  Otherwise, there is no logic as to why Jesus HIMSELF would have said so to believers, believe it or not.

Many believers born in our generation #65, have lived long enough to see and hear generation #66 believers like Paul Lawrence Lee Brady, Jr. born 1959 affronted and confronted by hordes of non-believers, by many colors, faces and names:  urging rejection of inherited functions generated in the pursuit of goodness born on Christmas Day.   Our approach was to arm him with truths about his own heritage.

Millions of American and European gifted and talented youth in the 1960s-1970s were functional rebels as John_Lennon born in 1940 had grown to be in the 1940s-1950s, arrogant and spiteful against authority of families, churches or official states of being like the military services during the Vietnam War era. 

It has been many years now since my son Paul Lawrence Lee Brady, Jr. born 1959 left Tuskegee University studies of veterinarian sciences  behind to join the Marine Corps.

That day generated other days that included me as a mother joining hundreds of others at Camp Lejeune witnessing his Marine Corps graduation from basic training, a grueling challenge to the graduates.  But for me and the other fathers and mothers present it was also an affirmation of our functional faith seeing boys to men knowing we did not neglect or leave them behind in their own aspirations.

Military volunteers are special and unique in American history and their aspirations cannot be generalized or taken for granted by beneficiary generations who do not care to know that such men existed or still exist.

Why did or do they aspire to serve in both foreign and domestic services?  Military men integrated America long before churches or free-will governments and industries.

So, my husband Robert Martin Hill Atkins, LTC (USA) ret. and I travelled from Pennsylvania to Kansas this past September, ... not for glory, but family remembrances of flesh and blood that gave up the ghost in dismantling the Spanish Empire; and allowing nation-hood for Cuba.

So far as known to-date Fitz Lee, born 1866 (Generation #63 in the spirit of Jesus Christ) was the only relative we believe to have died from wounds

It was a very short but bloody war fought in the Caribbean and far away Philippine Islands at sea and on land.  Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders are well remembered.

But we dare not forget the Buffalo Soldier Regiments that included  Fitz Lee and our known relatives such as: William Beverly Hemings Jefferson, born 1847, Robert Wilkes Frog Kyle, born abt 1875, Robert M. Woody, born abt 1879 and other brothers in Christ like William Lee who was lynched in Hinton, West Virginia.

Men like Fitz Lee, the offspring of slaves like William and Frank Lee were legally entitled to burial in haloed grounds such as Arlington National Cemetery.  It is a humbling experience to go there and other national cemeteries but rejoice us in understanding what we see.  No one is glorified but all are honored for their service to God, home and country.

I also visited the well-kept gravesite of William Hemings, 73rd Ohio Infantry, organized 1861 and is documentation that many men of African heritage living free as White men in the  in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts:  were among the many Americans who responded to President Lincoln's call for volunteers.  William did as his older brothers did and their color and racial identify did not stop them. 

William was the youngest son of my great grandmother Mary Hughes McCoy, born abt 1812.  We believe the fact that he is buried at Fort Leavenworth with a tombstone acknowledging his service in the 73rd Ohio Infantry disbanded in 1865:  indicates he had a deep emotional memory of the men who served therein with him.  And, as a Buffalo soldier he certainly was known and enlisted as a soldier of African-American heritage.

                                         McCoy Generations


 So, how much do we know about the real McCoys.

We are of the opinion that men like George Washington and other slave owners, such as the Carters, allowed the gospels to be heard among slave populations in the pre-revolutionary war era Westmoreland County Virginia, rather than fearing it.  Slave owners therein were completely Anglican and their church bishops and priests did not allow slaves in their congregations.

And there were no known evangelical type paid pretentious preachers licensed therein to build churches among the slaves; yet apparently the ministries of Francis Asbury were allowed and effective without buildings or shrines.

The Living Christ beliefs embraced by many gifted and talented distinguishes Jesus as more than a organized religion deity. We think to understand this difference, that scholars including ministers of the gospels need to seek into all the known generations of believers, including their own ancestors. What goodness is served by silence about past truths seen and heard.  It is a matter of concern.

Hopefully, in appraising their heritage in goodness, they will look back to original intents (parables) voiced by Jesus.  Men and women are products of their own cultures that brought them forth, and cling to their beliefs. Not every person born is a believer in every or any faith. It is impractical to assume that every person enslaved was for same purpose and circumstances of skin color.  Many were enslaved by birth, regardless of their sex and color or status of the fathers on earth or in heaven.

The challenging questions raised by Dr. Martin Luther King for new generations like Paul L. Brady, Jr. as a Los Angeles police officer (image on left) is/was about joining reasoning to their functional faith.  Police officers like Paul were never anything like Denzel Washington portrayed in his academy award winning movie: Training Day. 

It appears that Denzel in many roles is Hollywood's greatest poster boy for portraying men of African heritage as functional heathens and degenerates. 

Paul had to digest much more than color codes and other realities on the degenerate side of Christianity portrayed and applauded by Hollywood.  Many in Hollywood and urban policed population areas disdained officers like him and the Christ in which he believed to have existed when Jefferson wrote "All men are born equal in the eyes of God."  By those ten words, we applaud Paul as a functional believers in the philosophy of life espoused by Jesus of Nazareth.  Without such believers, America lacks public pursuits of goodness.

                                                                          Jeffersonian Overview                                                 

It is an offence against Jesus as the Christ HIMSELF for scholars and otherwise philosophers to pick, choose and delete human beings from the functional generation of victories initiated in 1776 and celebrated in HIS name.  

The new United States Congress of 1786-1787 did just that by functional deletion of originating doctrine that "all men are created equal in the eyes of GOD;" and then superseding with original intent of lawyers and liars who embraced reasoning of the Caesars. Hearing the spoken word "liberty," many subjects of color wanted it also but so-called founding fathers found new wording to exclude, not include.

These founders of a new slave owning Republic excluded citizenship for persons born among "the least of us" before and after Christ resided in Africa or elsewhere.  Yes, and many like Thomas Jefferson were beneficiaries of slave ownerships and their labors as sons and daughters of the American Revolution.

                                                                    Second American Revolution

But, a generation was born that rebelled in the pursuit of goodness born on Christmas Day. Jesus was certainly a rebel, but not all people born in the timelines of the beastly Caesars (still existing) are of same generations of rebels in Christ reflected on this website.  Our theme is that pursuits of goodness are birthed and born of mothers and fathers honoring Joseph and Mary as models in overcoming immeasurable challenges in life as functional believers.  Boys and girls have to be nurtured, indoctrinated, educated and motivated to be and do the best they can in their given lives such as Jefferson's offspring generations below.

Thomas Jefferson was also a founding father rebel that generated some gifted and talented rebels we know very well.  One founding father rebel for us was Madison Hemings Jefferson, born 1805 (Generation #61). He generated three sons and a daughter who served for goodness sake during the Second American Revolution that began during the generation of William Lee, born abt 1756.

Seeking for many years, we have found a spiritual bond as brothers and sisters in Christ for those who value such connections to hundreds of dispersed grave locations of deceased generations.  Their connection to living generations have to matter less their functional faith was all in vain; and their lives of little or no matter to us excepting sperms and eggs or images without functional life stories.


We do not seek the living among the dead but like my first cousin James Robert Lee, born 1927 (image on right) we share the Hemings and Lee lineage in their pursuits of goodness joined in marriage with others in the doctrinal faith.

One is our beloved cousin Gail Lee Jones Wilkerson via Clara Rose Lee, born abt 1883 also an offspring of Thomas Findley Lee, born 1859 and Mary Elizabeth Hemings Jefferson Butler, born 1863.

Gail (image below) joined me in celebrating the 55 years of marriage between cousin Robert and wife Patricia Clayter born of a lineage that also included emancipation patriots and medical care-givers in the pursuit of goodness. 

                            Clayter/Claytor Patriots

Gail's marriage to a probable offspring of Emma Lowry, born abt 1814 has much encouraged us to tell offspring we believe as brothers and sisters in Christ not simply by the flesh but by our freewill faith.

We do not go out into grave yards seeking this faith but among the living like Gail we have seen and heard. in a life pursuant goodness.

Mothers like her, and there are probable millions in every generation inspired by faith alone to not neglect providing functional motherhood to new generations.  And, we think about such when visiting the cemeteries and/or slave graveyards with ancestral remains, some dishonored in the now paved over Freedmen's Cemetery like Rose Lee (Carter), born 1788

Valerie Lee  below is another functional  daughter of the American revolution via my cousin Robert and Patricia above and as wife to a career military officer (West Pointer) we know William Lee would love to show them Mount Vernon where he is buried not far from George Washington.

Yet, there are others that African-Americans, in particular the gifted and talented should know and understand: are buried in unmarked graves and some honored in national cemeteries like:

Vicksburg National Cemetery the Leavenworth National Cemetery and Arlington National Cemetery

Not having an ancestor buried in America's hallowed grounds:  does not make any American an inferior species but it certainly confirms they are no better than those who do.  For most Americans, it is a humbling experience to comprehend we are not far removed from the lives we choose to honor, such as  known ancestors. 

Yet, the   tragedy confronting burial location choices such as Arlington National Cemetery more often than not are dependent upon immediate family member affirmative actions by themselves and government.  It appears to be that siblings of Fitz Lee in or around Dinwiddie County as his place of birth did not know he was dead or simply lacked the ability to perhaps bring him home to Virginia. 

No we dare not forget about him, but yet try to honor his fathers and mothers such as William and Frank Lee (Generation # 59) that we love to acclaim and adore in the generation of our own sense of being Americans even in national beginnings of the United States. 







                                                            Buffalo Soldiers At San Juan Hill

The war that took down Spain as a great power made the United States an acknowledged Greater Power.  Our web-site is not intended to foster novel ideas about empires, kingdoms, tribes, or clans. But rather that our ancestry is as American as anyone else of any color or cause pursuant goodness in Christ that many regiments such as above and Emancipation Patriots generated during the Second American Revolution

As functional believers in what our own known ancestors more or less saw, heard and believed, we honor them as founding fathers of the personal liberties gained by blood, sweat and tears shed before our own generation #65 came into being by faith they existed. In fact, we are far less interested in identifying ancestral flesh, color and wealth than we are in acknowledging the spirit they believed in. 

In fact evangelized young men in uniform called him JESUS and CHRIST among a few others like "The Big Man and The Man Upstairs." And, they were always the spiritually inclined functional least of us integrating America including baseball and regimentation of young men like Fitz Lee to be the best they could be. None enlisted were like Hollywood cast hoodlums cursing, swearing and swaggering to be seen and heard.

Hollywood actors, coaches, trainers and directors appear to be stuck on a belief system about men of color in functional history of the United States.  Most seem unable to imagine functional characterizations of the Buffalo soldiers and lawmen of color in post-civil war America covering vast distances and population growth.  Their names and records exist in the archives alongside the files on General Custor and Marshall Wyatt Earp.  They were no better or worse.  The difference is not being known by writers.

Keeping our eyes on the prize as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so brilliantly urged reiterated a philosophy that encourages us to not turn around to living as non-believers. Such existed in the Roman Empire that crucified Jesus Christ (regardless of His actual  birth name, color and various remembrances').  Same attitudes existed in other slave empires before the Americas and international slave trade ended by bloodshed. 

The existence of Jesus as a Living Christ gave African-Americans a lot to hope for from where they were.  Take that away as many slave owners tried to do, and they existed in a plight of nothingness. Many enslaved minds did in fact perish per documentation in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census data. Carl Schurz Report to President Andrew Johnson.  

Carl Schurz, Report on Conditions in the South (1865) is a report that offers some insight as to what many functional believers saw and heard about ex-slaves liberated by the Civil War.  All liberated slaves did not survive their personal liberty. Our report to new generations of artists and writers in summary urges them to to consider the functional faith of those who did survive to generate new and better lives.  Not simply moan perished faithless.

Over four million bodies were afforded personal liberty ends, by laws enforced by the Union Army and Navy; but not the minds for most of "the least of us" formerly dependent upon conditions of servitude.  The newly emancipated dependent upon their own birthed "talented tenth" .... as it was with the  children of Israel liberated by Moses.  Old testament biblical stories written during captivity suggest they wandered for 40 years on a journey that should not have taken more than 40 days.

There were of course vast differences but all reasonably dependent upon their own gifted and talented leadership potentials in young men born to them like Joshua. And enemies pursued them where they roamed in pursuit of goodness not yet born until Christmas Day some 1500 years later, and came again to Sheppard many, many, many millions of daughters and mothers like my great great grandmother.  With a brother's Union Army mustering out pay and other young men by her side, she and they planted and grew gardens that have fed generations in the pursuit of goodness. 

                                                                        Nancy Lee Bannister, born abt 1825

Enemies to personal liberties have never ceased to exist, and the surrender of Lee in April 1865 did not end the struggles to live in liberty. The Army did as it was told by General Orders to have commissioned officers make certain that all slaves knew they were free per the Emancipation Proclamation of 1 January 1863.

They did so  routinely by requiring slave owners in the surrendered rebel areas, plantation by plantation, farms, factories and mines to appear in presence of a designated officer and the slaves.  Owners were made to announce their emancipation of slaves whether wanted or not: men, women and children, blind, cripple or crazy needing a home.  But, the new free were not equal to each other

It is important to understand there were no suggestions that all freedmen and women would be awarded 40 acres and a mule. Abraham Lincoln had raised the question during his visit to Richmond regarding traditional bonus payments to the 200,000 young men in U.S. Colored Troop regiments. Neither Lincoln or Douglass ever contemplated giving what amounted  to more than military service bonus payments to:  4,000,000 emancipated slaves of mostly women, children and fewer husbands and fathers to toil. 

Yet, there was compassion to be helpful but how?  General William Tecumseh Sherman was the first Union official to consider giving some captured private lands to freed slaves.  He sought advice from liberated preachers, not youthful soldiers who liberated them.  Cultural dynamics mattered. The questions not asked were ones that most mattered. Did freed slaves seek  ideal material aspirations by an elderly preacher or functional capabilities by young men and women, hitched and harnessed to each other. 

Hopes for 40 acres of land and a mule was functionally insignificant in generation of goodness such as: census, marriage, birthing, nurturing, inspiration, motivation, education and opportunities for new and better generations. 

                                                                                Historian: Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

(Image on right is by artist Kevin Williams).

The 40 acres and a mule sentiments by mostly preachers who had not served in the great liberation struggle was rejected outright by Frederick Douglass who proclaimed that personal liberty was an end in itself.  But, the mass media fictional notions, among others, have survived the realties of the war that killed over 650,000 men. 

It is functional fiction by urbanized writers to dare imagine there were any adult enslaved men and women in the rebel states during that very bloody wartime era of 1861-1865 who did not know why. It is ridiculous to suggest slaves lacked understanding of their own enslavement in places like Texas wherein so many were moved there by slave-owners to avoid Union emancipations in lost-cause states.   Lee surrendered, and Texas slave-owners waited until June.

Even worse, there are talking heads who had no ancestral fathers among the thousands of U.S. Army Colored Troops who knew their roots and spared no efforts to make certain their kinfolks rejoiced in liberation.  When the war ended they received sufficient mustering out pay from the government to travel and make certain, even among people who had no kin in the struggles.  Some veterans like Charles Kyle, born 1840 embraced and loved believer beneficiaries like Adaline Frog Finney, born abt 1849 in pursuit of goodness. They married and pro-created new and better generations.


Even in Texas that had been spared any bloody battlefields and suffering, slaves knew they were free or soon to be by grace of the Union Army.  Yet, we know by documentation the needy and uninformed were within 10 years abandoned by the Union Army which freed and advised them they were free; but also by their talented tenth that included former U.S. Colored Troops like Ellis Kile/Kyle, born abt 1845 known and perhaps targeted by ex-confederate troops organized by Nathan Bedford Forrest. Ellis was not a coward, but married a White woman in Cleveland and owned a grocery store. He remained in Ohio until early 20th century for safety of family in Salem, Virginia where he was born.  

                                                                    African American Salemites Have

Reportedly Ellis Kyle was able to read, write and speak various immigrant languages  such as Italian, Slovak and Yiddish. It is not known when he permanently returned home to Salem where he apparently exerted influence on nephews Robert Wilkes Kyle and Robert Woody to join the Buffalo Soldiers.   

Their tales of travel and sights seen in the western states were told to nephews Edgar Kyle Atkins and the William Thomas Atkins Story worth believing. He passed on to generation #65 sons what was remembered hearing.  Other than the old musket and pistol belonging to Robert Wilkes Frog Kyle, born abt 1875:  William cited his uncle Robert's tales about the vast corn fields in Kansas and the rocky mountains beyond. He vividly described the Army as mainly having to fight the terrain so that settlers and wagon trains could find their way to where they wanted to go.                                                                

Our hopes are to add more understanding of the victories gained and lost in the course of documented blood-letting between years 1754 to-date:  by young men that ought not be forgotten as our brothers and sisters in the spirit of Christ that so many believed. We suggest that it dishonors one's known ancestry to not seek knowing and understanding, rather than judging them.  It is a tedious challenge to learn and know our own past mothers and fathers.  So, we think that blessed is the gifted and talented child who has stories received from his own parental and grand-parental pursuits of goodness including man-made wonders to see and hear.

                                                  Functional Faith Raised Them Up

Colin Powell, GEN (USA) ret. remembered that he and at least two million other soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of African heritage living during generations #64 and 65 had a moral duty to remember the Buffalo Soldiers and regiments of faithful that served America in its pursuit of goodness. My husband (also with Buffalo soldier ancestors) and I remembered to visit the Buffalo Soldier Memorial (image on right) that General Powell encouraged the army to build.

Forces Command US Army crest.pngBeginning in 1866, Congress initiated four regiments of young men (about 6,000) who had served honorably in the U.S. Colored Troop regiments (about 200,000) during the Civil War that raged during years 1861-1865.  In both processes of regimentation, such young men had the self-discipline, stamina and skills needed beyond 20th century Hollywood characterizations of inept and unworthy Black men in both civil and military lifestyles.  Mass media stereotyped them.


Leaving Jesus and/or Fitz and other Buffalo Soldiers behind in our memories would be akin to ignoring basic beliefs about our own offspring's service to God, home and country that so many claim to believe but are conspicuously absent from knowledge and understanding how and why they want to be. Perhaps regretfully, too many radio and TV talking heads have no ancestral heritage of anyone that has ever served any interest other than their own self-interest. And they reason differently about past generations of service men and women. We are concerned about societal misunderstanding of career military veterans, and yearnings to still honorably serve.                       

We think going, seeing and hearing why lives in service to others should not be denigrated or trivialized.  My son Paul Lawrence Brady, Jr. born 1959 helped enlighten me by his yearning to be of service to GOD, home and country as was his father, a WWII sailor, who researched and published a very informative history about blindness in understanding that men in service to the nation are first and foremost Americans, not career and mercenary minded whether others believe it or not. Paul obtained his university degree after joining the Marine Corps in adventures that exposed him to his aspirations.

                                                        Serving Just Cause In Pursuit of Goodness

Most men who did serve in functional capabilities were conscripted, but many were volunteers with yearnings to serve their nation, like Paul Brady, Jr. when as a Marine policeman in Panama, he served in the President George H. Bush capture and imprisonment of narcotics crime lord Emanuel Noriega who declared himself "the maximum power."  Paul also served in the Pentagon's Command Operations Center; and later as a Los Angeles police officer he observed the same degenerate thought processes of Noriega infecting and inspiring drug lords in places like South Central Los Angeles. 

After September 9-11, he labored as a security professional for the U.S. State Department in Iraq and Afghanistan, and retained his yearning to be of service to GOD, home and country. The State Department does not issue purple hearts but still a marine he earned one via a wound received in a terrorist attack overcome. He has a inherited empowerment in functional faith of his own ancestors that helped make America a light shining atop the mountain.  Marshalling that faith is his on-going challenge of being "once a marine, always a marine."                                                  

                                                Paul Lawrence Reeves Wilson Brady, born 1927

My focus on understanding the generation of my son's interest in functional living other than simply getting his academic degrees led me to better comprehend his father's generation and their father's generation in the pursuit of goodness traceable to men like his great uncle famed Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves (image on right) who helped tame the southwestern United States badlands.

I believe Paul Brady, Jr. inherited it and their/his interests in American security, is/was akin to being a lifetime good marine even in challenging security work for State Department overseas responsibilities.  And, he could or would be equally effective as a U.S. Marshall or a functional in our Homeland Security Department where veterans are not left behind.

                                                                            Deputy U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves

My son's life story in the functional world of  opportunities and oppositions, cannot be segregated from his generation or generations that preceded his father and mine. He has the body, heart and mind made in America, but unknown unless his story is told to people who want to see, hear and interview him, not stereo typically clerically processes leading to down: rather than up to greater responsibilities. Indeed, a lot of healthy vigorous military retired men like John Glenn in their forties and fifties likely still have another fifty years of life to live.

                                                                            Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Too many mothers like me, of aspiring sons do not understand that job interviewers/employers more often than not look for reasons to exclude ex-military, not include them onward and upward.  Their cultural inheritance values (including movies and comedy) dictate what they see and hear about men like my son during processing, not well intended fairness laws too often set aside in faceless processes to hire preferred others on the basis of a civil service scoring criteria.

But, when the rains came in with Hurricane Katrina too many ran away from the battles at hand, and jobs needed to be done such as having men to enter the Super-Dome for observations and explanations to terrorized residents.  So, who was hired or fired. Mass media instigators and dishonest policemen?  More federal emergency management programming, and subsequent federal officials not afraid to enter disaster areas.  The Army was sent in.

As a retired psychologist, I have come to understand that far too many mothers, daughters and sons know little or nothing about prior generations of functional men that mattered in their inherited salvation. It is a cultural deficiency propagated by dysfunctional values about functional men and women of African heritage in and of the Americas stereotyped by many minds.

A good example are ancestral soldiers employed in America's westward expansion moving Indians to and from reservations  There are thousands of stories yet to be written outside the scriptural doctrine by 20th century Hollywood writers/directors and producers.  Great movies are not enough to tell stories that matter in pursuit of goodness.

Abandoning generational searches for knowledge of family members that brought Fitz Lee forth disrupts our functional faith about generations at Mount Vernon and other sources via William and Frank Lee (Generation # 59). We dare not try to generalize their offspring and staunchly opposed to feminism, sexism, racism or any doctrines that seek to hinder their aspirations and growth from boys to men or girls to women in pursuit of goodness born on Christmas Day. 

The brothers generated eight (8) generations of believers to-date who labored and sacrificed for the faith, hope and love in Africa and America. We have tried to trace their many female and male offspring in both their flesh and spiritual traits, easier said than done.  But, the spirit of goodness is much easier to find than laying hands on the flesh.  An excellent example is Dr. Robert Edward Lee, 1920-2010, Republic of Ghana

Finding him in Ghana did not require DNA searches or documentation by sources of professed knowledge about African heritages; but rather inherited dynamics that we should honor all our ancestral kinsmen in seeking to find traits of goodness seen and heard such as the gospel in Africa.

                                                       Gospels Are Alive in Africa

                                   Nelson_Mandela - Gifted Child and Functional Believer                         

But, if the gifted and talented believers of African heritage do not know their own ancestral family stories seen and heard; then they are indeed victims of meta-physical rapes of their heritage replaced by novel nothingness among "the least of them that are born, live and function with dysfunctional beliefs." 

New generation writers will find a wealth of thoughts that influenced past generations of African-American writers like Richard Wright, (image on right)

So many Urban Fiction Writers and others born during generations #65-66 conceptualized ghetto mind-sets for all past generations of men who should matter in what new generations see and hear. Many enriched themselves via movie royalties and book sales, but propagated images and values among historical heritage bandits comforted in thoughts "that is the way it always was and is supposed to be." 

                                                                            States Rights Controversy

Many still believe so. Such reasoning is still found among fascist minded scholars, often citing former Supreme Court Justice Antoine Scalia whose degenerate arguments were reactions against our generation's pursuits of goodness in Christ. But, Scalia was an honorable man believing the Second American Revolution affirmatively in pursuit of human rights was a violation of constitutionally enacted original intents for states rights enshrined in the original constitution.  And his degenerate reasoning was always joined by "me too" declarations of Clarence Thomas who imagined the generation of his own birth was unrelated and insignificant liberalism.

William Lee, born abt 1756 was a believer among believers (Generation #59) and was the first in my lineage known to me as having served in military services to America.  He was not the last. 

Many offspring from him and his brother Frank responded to the trumpet calls to (Generation #62) during the Emancipation struggle that freed the bodies of more than 4.5 million people of African heritage. Patriots to the United States, but publicly scorned as traitors in their ancestral native State of Virginia.

Many died as believers that others might have personal liberty in the pursuit of Goodness. Some Lee relatives like Nancy Lee Bannister, born abt 1825 called upon and labored for the Living Christ to also free minds and bodies of degenerated souls.   

Reasoning joined to our inherited faith is that far too many souls seen and heard in our generation do not value, and thus not propagate labor skills for new generations helpful and useful to others in many fields of endeavor including military services for which so many Americans profess to honor; but lack knowledge and understanding of who, how, when, where and why.

Too many scholars degenerate such realties as labor intensive pursuits like carpentry, brick masonry, welding and other functional skills; by ignoring it as historical sources of indoctrination, training and employment for far more above minimum wage opportunities available to certain young men than otherwise found elsewhere in America. 

                                                                     Generation Tables

We have finally ventured to update missing data about Robert Lee Vann by seeking his motherhood lineage among documented Lee Generations including Lucy Lee, wife of Frank Lee who was the brother of our direct ancestor William Lee, born abt 1756. We are inclined to believe the great man born in generation #63 and founder of the Pittsburgh Courier adored by our own parental generation #64 was an offspring descendent of Frank and Lucy Lee (Generation #59. 

                                                    Descendents Remembered Mount Vernon

Lucy was enslaved at Mount Vernon as George Washington's cook (born abt.1755); but classified as a dower slave to Martha Washington's inherited estate.  Virginia Free Colored Census - 1810 confirms Lucy Lee as a free but indentured servant resident in nearby Fredericksburg, Virginia. Lucy Lee, born abt 1744 gave birth to her beloved daughter Grace, born abt. 1790 (Generation #60) who gave birth in Virginia to Helen Lee (generation #61) and subsequently indentured in North Carolina. Their story is that what George Washington feared would happen after his death: did happen, with degenerations still to be overcome.  Degenerate men used enslaved women as breeding stock to breed more slaves for profits, not goodness sake. 

                                                         Mount Vernon, Frank and Lucy Lee

North Carolina Census Data 1820 confirms Helen Lee as a free indentured servant resident in Hertford County North Carolina where Robert Lee Vann (Generation #63) was born in 1879 to an unwed mother named Lucy Peoples (Generation#62) we believe was a likely daughter of Helen Lee (Generation #61).  explorepahistory: Robert Lee Vann.  So, which generations mattered most, least or not at all?  Who do we believe? Most importantly, which generations found and kept the faith to overcome adversities seen and heard?  

In the 1950s, Cora Lee Frog Finney Hill, born 1907 was active in the Western Pennsylvania Women's Club network and Allegheny Union Baptist Association.  A informal conversation with Mrs. Robert L. Vann satisfied her understanding about the ancestry of Robert Lee Vann, and that he was likely a distant cousin to her Lee linage as told by grandmother Gilly Frog Finney Lee Hill, born abt 1845.

Mrs. Robert L. Vann, Publisher of the Pittsburgh Courier, Presents a Gold Medal and NAACP Life Membership to Indian Prime Minister Jawarhalal Nehru, as NAACP Roy Wilkins Looks On, 1949, New York City © Bettmann/Corbis           

                                                                    Battle Hymn of the Republic

Use menu on left and bottom of page to explore site. Family Generations listed on menu confirm and explore some American born offspring of African, European and Native American heritage known to have existed in the pursuit of goodness during 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Believe it or not there were many who believed in a Living Christ that divinely intervened in their lives, not as miracles but functional salvation.  It matters that scholars be able and willing to distinguish the functional faith from the sing and shout hand-raising praise generations that emerged from essential nothingness in the 20th century.

Intentions are to encourage offspring descendents to care, research and tell their own inherited stories via modern functional means and methods that matter. 

Examples are such as the Harrison High School Val Victoria graduation of Cora Lee Hill in 1924 via State of Virginia standardized testing  and certifications for Black and White students pioneered by Principal Lucy Addison.

Lucy Addison was first and foremost a believer recruiter in the faith up from slavery she held dear even before becoming a classroom teacher and successful school principal. We are recruiting functional believers, (including screenwriters, producers and directors) to join with us in pursuit, for goodness sake to generation #68 and hopefully their offspring generations functionally integrated in a better world of faith, hope and love.  

They mattered very much in the academic struggle to gain official accreditation as a high school; as so with institutions like Hampton, Tuskegee and Virginia State gaining college and university accreditations. 


It did not happen easily. It required generations of faculty and students in pursuit of something of functional empowerment, not 1960s type rhetoric by students with a short-list of semester reading topics; and reasoning not joined to or in pursuit to philosophy of life championed by prior generations in the functional faith that generated functional personal liberty. 

We think new generation writers can find a wealth of topics to address by looking at the places, times and persons of men like Henry Garnett, more so than a Malcolm X who liberated no one.

Functional ministers of the gospels, like him, motivated Mercer Langston (image above) and others like Booker T. Washington as the vanguard of new generations born up from slavery.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in the functional vanguard that came up and understood the functional faith of those climbing before him.  He believed the past struggles in overcoming adversity was rooted in a firm doctrinal belief joined to Jesus as the Living Christ in overcoming chattel slavery; and warned Malcolm X and others to not let anyone turn them around. 

King knew, as did many before him, including Frederick Douglas, that functional opponents to empowerment of "the least of us" were masters of violence.  As it was in the 18th century, such bigots must be defeated and held harmless. It was always done by invocation and congregating of prevailing Christian doctrine in the dominant society.  That society included believers like Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter debunking history  of coded fascist/racist words like non-assimilated minorities in lieu of N-Words. 

                                                                            Henry Highland Garnett

It matters to understand that many African-Americans though the same color and sex were not all the same kind before, during or after the Civil War that ended chattel slavery.  African and American geography had very different cultural dynamics of slaves, escaped slaves, indentured free colored and slave-owners-overseers-regulators-jailors-bounty hunters. They all fostered different religious beliefs and/or absence thereto before, during and after the Civil War. Most ex-slaves, not just a few, who believed in God did not subscribe to the Living Christ doctrine such as espoused by men like Reverend Garnett and others of his generation who struggled and fought for empowerment of others. They did not seek power over them and/or those who held them in bondage.  His lifelong ministry was the pursuit of empowerment for others.  He was a functional believer for sure, and even feared and hated by enemies of Christ long before his ordination.

                                                                  The Christian General, Oliver Howard

Garnett was greatly influenced by existence of family connections and the Presbyterian thoughts of men like Oliver Howard, a bible in one-hand; and if necessary an axe in the other to be helpful and useful.  We are inclined to believe that as with so many others touched upon in menu on this site, the young boy to man was greatly influenced by teachings of a determined mother we assume was a functional believer. He attended schools focused on recruiting him as a brother in the spirit, if not the body of Jesus Christ. 

He believed integration with White believers pursuant goodness in the abolition of slavery.  It is and was a mystery in functional faith. Those beliefs very much existed in many parts of the eastern United States and northeast of the Mississippi River where cotton was not king.  But, there were far more believers and non-believers suffering wounds and pain generated by centuries of evil in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Caribbean.


We think their histories matter if descendents have minds to comprehend victories in Christ versus degenerations of men who have, pretend and pursue power to prove they are greater. Power versus empowerment is a historic reality.  It is many Christmas stories still to be written by new generation writers who care that their own generation should believe and find happiness in being helpful and useful to other believers. 

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." [Napoleon Bonaparte]  Is or does history matter?  Believe it or not, my enslaved ancestor Sarah (Sally) Hemings Wayles, born 1773 in the 60th generation in Christ was only five generations before my generation #65. Sarah was called the Black Mariah because she looked so much alike to her half-sister Martha Wayles who became the wife of Thomas Jefferson. She was one of my generational mothers, and Jesus taught that we should honor them; but how unless we seek to find and know them all leading to his philosophy of life about what is/was seen and heard, such as Napoleon.

My ancestral Granma lived in France for awhile, heard revolutionary trumpeting but returned to the United States before emergence to power by the boastful Napoleon who enticed many men and women to love him. The man crowned himself emperor and promised to make the French Empire great again.

The great dictator was not so much bound by racism as he reasoned  like a born again Roman emperor that slavery was good for economic benefits fostering the empire he wanted. And there were many professed Christians and Jews in France who reasoned that such was more good than bad, and thus acceptable/profitable.


Napoleon captured and imprisoned the great Haitian liberator but failed to restore Haiti as a French slave colony. Haitians defeated his great plan to make the French Empire great again including conquest of Spain and Portugal inclusive of their American slave colonies that included:  Mexico that engulfed modern day Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and of course California. Frustrated that his army and navy had failed to re-conquer the Dominican jewels in world-wide slave and sugar industry, he abandoned thoughts about sailing an army up the Mississippi River to defeat the British Empire and retake Canada. And, he thus sold French claims and holdings in the famed Louisiana Purchase by President Thomas Jefferson. Haiti matters for believers seeking to understand generational empowerment versus power by men who would be great. 

Liberal education matters. Especially now so via Face book, Youtube and the Web for new generation writers who learn to begin somewhere near like their own inherent generations of believers that got them to here and now. Add, not subtract events in pursuit of goodness overcoming evil and uselessness seen and heard.  Faces in places matter, so shine their light that believers might see.                                

We think that we can do well by beginning with stories for new writers to consider about beginnings that matter beyond color causes (perhaps least of matter that matters in spirit of Christ, that is not physical matter but pursuits and sources of empowerment)We choose to remember history in context of empowerment overcoming powers we ought never forget.  Blessed is the child who inherits a functional parental lineage in pursuit of Goodness/Christ. Learning the parables of Jesus before his resurrection is an amazing learning curve to inherit.

Herod the Great   - Topical reminder about heritage mindsets of many minds who dare seek power to be great versus those like our gifted sisters in Christ such as Shirley Chisholm, Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Elizabeth Warren who have devoted their lives seeking empowerment in the pursuit of goodness we have seen and heard.  Such mothers seen in the functional faith afford new generation writers with tales to be told about many ways and means overcome for goodness sake. In short-term, mid-term and long-term, motherhood still matters.

But, youth must seek goodness in many places (Jesus in image on above right) to find and understand it is all about generations that are born, not self-made pretentions about being great or glorious proponents of a nationalism and inter-nationalism that yielded over 100 million dead bodies as military and civilian casualties in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe  during the 1914 to 1945 holocaust; because men like Trump and Putin labored to make their countries great again!  Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the greedy aristocrats they overthrew and succeeded did it the old-fashioned way, espousing fears against movements by the needy in need of goodness.

                                                            Mexican Heritage in America Matters

Meeting Jesus in Las Vegas was preceded by a chance meeting at a rest-stop restaurant in Kansas of another Mexican born young man with his wife, daughter and new born two week old son.  He was impoverished and in route west to join existing family members for help gaining a residence and employment income to fulfill his family responsibilities to God, home and country to which he desperately wanted to be part of.  His situation reminded us of one of the brilliant parables by Jesus Christ about strangers who avoided care to a man obviously in need of help; but it was a Good_Samaritan who pursued goodness, not glory, in the functional faith indoctrinated in our upbringing.

Abraham Lincoln had warned the French and other European government that pursuant the Monroe Doctrine, the United States would not allow them to re-colonize Mexico and reinstitute slavery.  Within months of ending the American Civil War, American troops including George Washington Williams (image below left) and thousands of other former U.S. Colored Troops were welcomed into Mexico to help Mexicans regain their independence by ousting Emperor Maximilian of the so-called Holy Roman Empire with thousands of aristocrats born of power, not functional faith.  Williams was definitely the Jesse Jackson of his generation.  Amazingly about the Living Christ we choose to imagine possible, he was also Inspector-General in the liberating Mexican Army of peasant believers who shared his beliefs, not comings of men like Cary Cooper and Burt Lancaster in the 1954 movie: 

                                                                                    Vera Cruz

              George Washington Williams

Opening America's functional faith after the horrors that engulfed first half of 20th century was intended to harvest not only American agricultural blessings but goodwill in the new born like Jesus. The strategy developed between 1945 and to-date generated personal liberty and mobility stretching from Central America to Canada, not wars.

Our generation saw and heard about much of what men like Andrew Carnegie feared would and did happen if the needy billions of souls expected steel and iron wills to make their lives better, minus goodness. Mussolini and Hitler both served in World Wars I and II, and loved both; but neither Trump (who professes to love war) or fabled ancestors ever served any military engaged in the hell on earth that constitutes it.  American great men like Eisenhower disdained it.  Even the victorious George Washington and Abraham Lincoln never sought to glorify it. Who does?  School yard bullies? Introverts? Extroverts?

Freedom is all about personal liberty, "an end in itself." [Frederick Douglass] It has never been free, and those who have it often take for granted the on-going struggles between what is good; and what is evil even when sugar-coated and spiced to sound and look good such as ante-bellum ideology seen and heard by past generations.  The notion of returning America to a past so vividly seen and heard by billions of souls around the world, and in America, borders on insanity by make-believers who imagine and outright lie that building more armies, weapon systems, walls and prisons will enhance freedom?   Or that free enterprises/jobs can be forced to move anywhere by who under what kind of governments for who, by who, and of who?  Only dictators could have/want such power over free empowerments.

Our generation #65 heard and read the tales by our own parents and grand-parents about men like Englishmen John Wesley who helped build those spiritual bridges that Prince Hall and ancestors of Hillary Clinton crossed over in multi generations of believers.

                                                    Videos of youtube bridge over troubled water

Our generation also saw and can still see the ruthless pursuits of power and wealth by fascist minded men such as Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Pieter Wilhelm Botha and many others in many nations who would close bridges and build walls to be great: as when Rome was an empire, enslaved, ruled the world and called it good.  Such men viewed themselves as creative, not progressive in spiritual beliefs that generated doctrinal empowerment beliefs "all men are created equal in the eyes of God."   But, power yields to nothing but greater power, pursued by men and women who would be greater than what was seen and heard in Jefferson's formulation of such doctrine.

We have also seen the silly Sally beliefs that power simply drops down from heaven onto to them when assembled in joyful noise to the Lord, something Jesus never said in the philosophy of life espoused.  Certainly, we believe it unacceptable that so many 20th and 21st century mothers, and some fathers, should be bound to pay homage to pretentions about empowerments that never were and cannot be without functional attitudes and behaviors, for goodness sake.  It is little wonder that so many, now millions of young men and women, have not received the gospels as taught by Jesus himself, and continue to languish in the ignorance of their ancestral degenerations; surviving but existing without functional faith such as learning and laboring as Jesus did.                                                        

                                    Believe It or Not:  Degenerations Also Live On

Their fascist mindsets were against progressive movements pursuant goodness such as born again Jesus (above right) who was born in Mexico. He is laboring in Las Vegas to eventually marry and raise up a new and better generation of human beings. Our counsel from Jesus of Nazareth, "Indoctrinate your generation to not despair, Keep the Faith." Mexicans were born in Americas as fellow brethren in Christ with many bridges, not walls.  Pawns perhaps, used by Roman mindsets in fear of Jews like Jesus whose spiritual generations did overcome.                                                 

                            Gospel at Colonus - Let the Weeping Cease  

Gospels are more than history/music but more so stories by gifted and talented believers empowered to write and performed that others might see, hear and believe in "Truth and Goodness" as did "ST and HT" functional faith believers for sure.  New generation artists and writers have a lot of work to do.

Site explores a smorgasbord of topics, themes and loglines "up from slavery" we believe matters as to how when and where certain people evolved under extreme conditions of adversity in which so many millions perished. 

Unlike the well documented Mayflower transition experience, many modern day American lineages began from degenerations in nothingness without named identities or even clothing aboard slave ships in those pre-Civil War years before the Statue of Liberty that welcomed millions of immigrants like ancestors of aforementioned Trumpeters' affirmative action beneficiaries privileged to be paid for their labors and skills. Their inheritance stories are real excepting the ones deleted that we strive to include and recover for new generations to digest.

Reverend Jesse Jackson reminded America back in the 1980's that all slaves (men, women and children 6 years and older) had jobs but the economic system then and when was always about "getting paid."  We have gotten older with him but certainly remember his running as a quarterback for the famed A&T University football team, and then running like a professional as Wide-Receiver for Christ on the more famous team put together by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  We saw and marveled at Jesse in Chicago telling youth to "keep hope alive", reminded us of young John Mark who went into Alexandria proclaiming "we have the victory, Christ is risen."  It is all about Generations in Christ

                                                        Videos of youtube reverend jesse jackson

Our fear for many Americans, including many of African heritage, with the audacity to imagine that functional faith and sacrifices of life, liberty and even happiness by given few did not matter in benefits derived by the multitudes.  Historically, the issue dates way back when, then and now in times of peace, prosperity and wars and rumors of wars before, during and after realities of the international slave trade and chattel slavery that spanned years 1441 began by Portugal until 1885 when finally ended in Brazil; not forgetting ruthless African-Arab conquest that existed long before Portugal's Prince Henry and Pope Martin V (image below left) teamed up to make immorality legitimate and competitive with Arabs and Moors. And, heathen kings and queen-mothers rejoiced.  

Thus, Heathens, Christians and Jews feasted in further centuries of degenerations only overcome by known generations inspired for goodness sake, not glory.  No one ever saw Jesus in Virginia or other places of believers in a Living Christ but believers believed anyway that His Spirit existed to see, hear and inspire them.  And, "never did so many owe so much to so few."  We think that far too many like Clarence Thomas were indoctrinated in the darkness of ignorance and then enlightened in beliefs and causes not true to philosophical lessons learned in blood, sweat and tears.  Indeed, neither their ancestors or themselves bled for liberty to others, sweat at hard labor or shed tears for loves lost due to inadequate or absent medical care. They never saw Rachael weep. 

                                                                                  Julia Ward Howe

It is not an exaggeration to imagine human beings could be stripped of every matter except their souls.  Dr. E.B. DuBois long ago noted that he believed Black folks had souls even though many scholars doubted it could be true.  Non-believers did not care until the 1940s Jewish Holocaust changed a lot of reasoning.

     Mahalia Jackson--How I got over LIVE - YouTube  

So, it is legitimate for believers to wonder how millions of descendents got over into salvaged generations.  We think we know how it all began, but not who, how, when and where in revolutions and transformations that overcame immoral philosophies of what mattered most at the time that Jesus was born and crucified:

(Rome and other empires in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas). But, even revolutions for HIS sake have not killed the beast of human denigrations still evident. 

                                                               youtube music hotel california eagles  

Our menu on the left makes an argument that salvation (believe it or not) was made evident via many believers integrated in American functional faith, during war and peace, including racial integration, functional families, communities in Christ, patriotism, military service, and citizenship rights and privileges thereto including new and better generations of life.  We perceive this knowledge is threatened by sounds and rhetoric propagated mainly by "Hotel California" patrons of the arts of make believe.  We respectfully fear that too many gifted and talented youth are embracing the beast.

Real life stories from the past include, not exclude military services by known patriots during the many wars that helped establish America as we know it today. Integrating those functional patriots in story telling, such as the 1965-1966 Civil Rights Act, afford some insight as to what was overcome (believe it or not) for the least of us because young men (like Private Milton Olive) and women marching in uniform mattered. To men with power, a hundred thousand African-Americans in Vietnam also mattered. 

President Lyndon Johnson presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to parents of Milton Olive killed in April 1966; and it is ignorant to not imagine such events did not affect his thinking about civil rights matters.  Who served causes of civil rights.

New writers can imagine what if, like Muhammad Ali, all young Black men had refused to serve in Vietnam and gone to prison instead?  What if the same scenario occurred the Korean, World Wars I and II, the Spanish-American, Indian and even the Civil War? What about President Abraham Lincoln?  It is not realistic for writers to not at least understand that wars do matter. And ancestral burials of young men in the national cemeteries like Vicksburg matter.

Our hopes are some gifted and talented menu descendents and others will honor their heritage by embellishing functional patriot believer lives of adventure and wonders, especially modern mass media. Not for glory: but for goodness sake.

If not, their ancestry in hearts and minds of most Americans is simply more urban fiction, hip-hop and "gone with the wind" psychologically non-Americans, but happy with two million men incarcerated in jails/prisons.

It is critical that new generations of writers understand Americans of African heritage living in America are not now nor ever have been monolithic in their origins, color or beliefs and faiths. But, judgments have been and are very often monstrous applications of the basic beliefs of the Roman Empire that not only crucified and enslaved millions of human beings but called it justice.  The Roman Empire functional laws and orders were cruel, and it is often ignored who and how cruelty existed until it's very ending when the barbarians over-came their hallowed grounds and pretentions.

Most Americans of all races, creeds and religions, regretfully are woefully ignorant of each other's heritage in the philosophy of life espoused by Jesus of Nazareth.  Our focus is on the talented tenth integrated in a common functional faith of institutionalized values (connections) caring about "the least of us."  Not just matters of government over them, i.e. Ronald Reagan envisioned safety net minus faith-hope-love.

                                                                Nancy Harriet Lee, born August 1904

Some talented brothers and sisters like Huey Newton were from somewhere else than a heritage or even knowledge of men like Douglass, Garnett, Delany, and the hundreds of thousands other patriots that successfully pursued and fought the Civil War that ended slavery.  Indeed, his only applied understanding of men who served in the great cause was that they had uniforms and guns.  The Black Panthers were from somewhere else (mostly prison doctrines such as Elbridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice) imitating degenerate cultural dynamics read but not understood as alien to African-American generations in Christ.

                                                                            Somewhere Else - YouTube    

                                            University Links                (Updates needed/requested)

                                                   The ultimate purpose of this site is to incite topics for new generations of artists and writers to consider in their minute of life.

Whatever beliefs that functional believers of any cause, color or continent believe about Jesus, only non-believers deny that he was born (not made) and nurtured by HIS mother in the functional beginnings of inspired generations we can count 01 to 68.  And, we want to help link information technology to what matters now to you in researching and honoring your mothers and fathers, of any color, with their stories on the world-wide web, not for profit, but for Goodness sake on earth in the here and now. Heaven can wait for you to do so.

                                                                    Generation Tables                           

Such is our theme ..... which we dare to believe is a functional timeline helpful and useable in moral heritage titles, themes and loglines for a new generation of gifted and talented artists and writers to ponder.  Maybe give more thoughts to how and why about matters like functional motherhood matters from which  progressive human life is generated; and the sense of a Living Christ that emerged among many generations of people with little or nothing more than their faith in Jesus.  Many internalized it in functional living.

They teamed and joined others in pursuit of functional goodness seen and heard such as:  personal liberty, enterprising lives and educating offspring to be helpful AND USEFUL in generating societal change for better and more fruitful lives.  It is ignorant to dare imagine change occurred despite them.

Image on left is of my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Hemings Jefferson Butler, born 1863 [62nd Generation] and right above is that of my great grandmother Nancy Lee Bannister, born abt 1825  [61st Generation] whose heritage, life, parents, teaming-upwards and offspring during much of the Second American Revolution that began during 18th century revolutionary fervor, and spanned the 19th century and much of the 20th. 

Ghosts may they now be, Abraham Lincoln and many other enslaved and restricted believers even unto life and times of Martin Luther King, Jr. ought not be judged on basis of their color or religion, but the contents of their character (functional faith).

Laborious research to understand and honor them has helped inspire me to tell new writers there are still thousands of stories yet to be written by new generations in pursuit of goodness not limited to religious entertainment rituals.  The site offers many topic backgrounds waiting and wanting to be embellished beyond the popular war, peace and urban fiction genres of marketable "nothingness."  We think there is a waiting market for good news about historical persons who mattered helping others.     

Oral history stories matter; but, the arts and prose reiterate the functional human rights declaration as to who are to be fathers and mothers honored in hearts and minds of offspring generations; even though historically scourged by the Romans with functional powers forever among and about "the least of us." 

Many Hellenists-Romanced mindsets still scourge human history of disdained and heathen peoples by popular customs, laws, and punitive judgments (not redemptive); and judges, as did Pontius Pilot, wash their hands as honorable men and women.   

But, a Morehouse scholar born in the 65th Generation in Christ preached to remind us that many believers in our heritage (fathers and mothers) lived and died for us, and we should honor them in their faith and functions, not Romans we see.             

Thus, human history begins with what fathers and mothers value; and youth inheritance of same. It matters for artists/writers to value histories of human empowerment versus power and powerlessness themes so often cited and chosen by artists and writers as matters that can be seen and visualized. 

Yet, there are tens of thousands of amazing lives of empowered persons in many known believer family lineages in America before and after Great Emancipation War that possessed absolutely nothing of value, not even empowerment to name themselves or their offspring.     

The emphasis of this website is about empowerment in context of faith, oral history, and documentation that generated same.   

                                             Thirteen Colonies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The First American Revolution began with approximately 2.5 million population (excluding Native Americans); able to recruit and enlist upwards of 300,000 young men in the 17 to 28 year old age groups (including 5,000 of African heritage such as Henry Hill of Ohio, born 1753 and William Lee, born abt 1756) under the command of George Washington.  National archives contain the names and discharge records of all who served excepting slaves.

Few, if any of the gifted minds like Adams, Franklin and Jefferson that conceived the revolution ever engaged in the very bloody and strenuous military struggle.  But, they did indeed team up with experienced talented men like George Washington to inspire, motivate, recruit, train and deploy a force of average youth that overcame the most powerful force on earth. 

Teaming always matters both within and outside faith, hope and love endeavors anywhere except among narcissist minds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism

And so it was also in beginning of the Second American Revolution functional faith conceived during, up and out of international chattel slavery industry:  overcome by gifted births (2%) to young mothers often unknown except by faith they existed.  But, obviously they did and such offspring like William Lloyd Garrison, born in 1805 (image on right) outreached to embrace talented tenth that included Richard Allen.

It is not a mystery that overcoming afterbirths of non-believers, fallen and faithless is primarily achieved by revival of the functional faith gifted (like Douglass, Garrison, Lincoln, and Tubman) used to motivate the talented (8%) functionally needed-useful to help uplift (the 90% least of us) --- including mentally and physically disabled and neglected.

Except by the Faith in hearts and minds of such gifted believers that joined it to their superior  reasoning, it is absolutely inconceivable that goodness seen and heard could have come into existence.

Thus, a few gifted mothers like Mary Church Terrell and Margaret Murray Washington conceived neighborhood/motherhood clubs are critical to shepherd talented offspring among "the least of us."  Without them there would not have been a Rosa McCauley Parks we so honorably remember; nor a Lucinda Todd Wilson  (image below with her daughter) who helped the NAACP file and win the famed Supreme Court case "Brown versus Topeka Board of Education." From beginning to end, motherhoods the functional faith mattered most. A few generations.  So what?

In the timeline of sixty-eight (68) believer generations:  African heritage Americans have existed in the last quarter of documented believers (many or most of whom were not known or defined by citizenship, color, gender or organized religion). 

In the Second American Revolution which emerged among men like William Lee, born abt 1756 writers can find at least ten (10) functional generations with unique revolutionary beliefs in a Living Christ beyond organized religious art, rituals and entertainment pursuant fame and glory. 

Paradox is that visual arts, organized religion and music matters in propagating unique beliefs.  But, it is the new generation of gifted and talented reader/writer targeted on our website challenging them to forsake urban fiction degenerations and try to generate stories that help inspire their own generation. 

In the year 1799 when President George Washington passed away, my ancestor William Lee born of an unknown mother of African heritage, was a believer born in the 59th generation of Christ and offered emancipation by Washington because of military services suffered in the revolutionary war of 1775-1783; but rejected it and remained at Mount Vernon until his own passing in 1829.  Decendents believe he stayed to help shepherd functional faith needed for a Second American Revolution for personal liberty to family and friends born in the 60th and 61st generations that included my paternal great-grandmother Nancy Lee Banister (1825-1912) who honored her grandfather William Lee (1756-1829) by remembering and telling offspring his story in the functional spirit of Christ in which he believed.  Mary Lee Brady Atkins, generation #65.

We think learning about prior generations including those in ancestral lands such as Ghana where "mother rights" still  rule and can be inspirational understanding for writers who sojourn therein.       

It still matters to many believers that labor to generate and raise up a new and better generation.  It matters that new generations seek to honor ancestral mothers and fathers in pursuit of Goodness by any other name, especially Jesus that so many (not all) called upon as their Living Christ; and that only began a relatively few generations ago. 

It matters that new generation writers try to understand why; and dare not categorize and classify millions of human lives in the novel language of theologian, historian and lawyer overviews by people who think they know what matters.   

Comparatively there have been sixty-eight generations of functional believers born since birth of Jesus, a relatively short period of time spanning some two-thousand + years in Roman calendar. It is essentially ignored in the philosophical reasoning of most conservative and liberal pundits not joined to the faith many like Clarence Thomas  profess to have by hip-hop and side-step rituals.

We pity, but dare not judge him and millions of others who like their ancestors avoided and evaded functional matters in pursuit of goodness during past years of laws and longings to be. Our issue is that far too many beneficiaries, like Thomas, of goodness gained by toils and sacrifices of past generations dare to imagine such lives did not matter much, or at all, in conserving Christian principles they profess to believe such as: honoring their mothers and fathers.  He escapes it all by reasoning he is an "originalist" bound by documents, not faith.

Not original at all: Capitein, Jacobus Elisa Johannes (1717-1747)

Many like Capitein and Thomas do not know or seek the unknown, relying on supposed superior reasoning joined to a given faith generated by cultural dynamics way over their head. But, are they not honorable men?                   

                                        Gullah-Geechee off Southeast U.S. Coast

Not caring to even seek and know is not functional Christianity but leftovers from a past partially overcome by communion in the revolutionary spirit of Jesus many profess to believe in but in reality hail the Caesars' that dominate their lives.  But, Thomas perceives he is an honorable man.  A fellow Roman.  He has used his empowerment to justify assassination of goodness seen and heard by tens of million believers up from timelines in evil. 

                                                    Clarence Has His Own Constitution 

 Family mattered more than personal liberty and most otherwise gifted and talented enslaved adults accepted the peculiar institution rather than abandon "the least of us" they called mother, grandmother, brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, and occasionally father when and where such a person was known to be.  This trait of family first among the many many William and Frank Lee descendents can be tracked generation after generation from Virginia through the movement west, throughout the Civil War and upwards and beyond 20th century world wars even into Republic of Ghana as functional believers healing the sick as doctors and nurses..

For goodness sake of us all, we wish Clarence Thomas had the opportunity to spend a day, a week, a month or even a year on a campus like Morehouse College before selling his inheritance for a pot of reasoned hype not joined to our functional faith:

                                                Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Just A Minute Dewitt Robinson

not left/right ideology but the moral center themes and links on this site to advance better knowledge and understanding of functional faith seen and heard by offspring generations, not diluted by ideologies also widely seen and heard.                     

                                Conservatism in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia             


Please advise us by email regarding any images or pages that fail to load and/or errors and mistakes in our editing about your ancestors or people and places known to you. Our grand plan is to add relative blog, face-book and other links that will help foster inter-active communications among you and long-lost cousins in new generations of goodness. Additions and corrections discovered will be included in our updates.

                                                                          Previous Editions

Please be patient as our efforts are to help inspire new authors to characterize and help tell "inspirational stories about people of color other than purple who fought, died and lived useful lives that generated generations of goodness,

... not of characteristics imagined in books by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Margaret Mitchell and Alice Walker characterizing Black males (old and young) as cowardly, useless and threats."  

Mary and her son Jesus (called HIMSELF "The Son of Man") are religiously remembered as the source of goodness in first generation of live births that believer/followers called HIM "The Son of GOD"

He is unique and useable to us in that within HIS Philosophy of Life any adult has free will to count and integrate in their own cultural heritage of any DNA track. 

But, not in every cause that existed before, during or after HE was seen and heard in the flesh by people of African, Asian and European ancestry dating back several millennium of procreative anatomies, hair grades, and skin colors. 

                                              John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

It is not a matter that should be hip-hoped over and under by gifted and talented needing to always practice their faith.   


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