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Paul Lawrence Brady, Jr. born 1959
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Paul Hemings Butler Lee Brady









How amazing it is that Paul Lawrence Brady [66th Generation] is the 9th consecutive generation of enlightened and inspired Americans beginning with his ancestor John Lee, born abt 1724 [58th Generation in Christ]. 

In fact his stories heretofore not acknowledged or written is that his blood DNA is that of men and women who carried the genealogy and spirit for new beginnings of new generations. 

We believe Paul was born in the spirit of love stretching back to at least Henry Henry Lee and Mary Bland who loved and gave birth to John Lee.  The great to be British were actively engaged in world-wide competition with all European powers, and the Lee and Bland clans were duly employed and deployed by ruling aristocrats in England to help them occupy and exploit lands and seas for profit.

John Lee, born abt 1724                                  French & Indian War   1754-1763

Colonel John Lee serving in the Virginia colonial militia is reasoned to have loved the enslaved  African heritage  mother of William and Frank Lee.  They were born during a period when British colonies like Virginia were engaged in a world-wide war between Great Britain, France and its allied Native Americans.

William Lee, born abt 1756                                                Revolutionary War      1775-1783

William was born to a mother, presumed to have been of African heritage and perhaps some Native American ancestry. Paul's heritage is all about connections in his own generation #66 mindset to love God, honor his mothers and fathers and doing unto others as he would have them do unto himself pursuant duty, honor and country: counting his own generation heritage in pursuit of goodness.

Nancy Primus Lee, born abt 1774                                       Revolutionary War      1775-1783

Rose Lee (Carter)  born 1788                                             War of 1812                1812-1815

Nancy Lee Bannister, born abt 1825                                   Black Hawk War          1832-1832

Thomas Findley Lee, born 1859                                          Civil War                     1861-1865

Fitz Lee, born 1866                                                            Spain-America War     1898-1898 

Marion Thomas Lee, born 1903                                           World War I                1914-1918  

Paul Lawrence Reeves Wilson Brady, born 1927                   World War II               1939-1945

                                                                                           Korean War               1950-1954

                                                                                           Vietnam War              1965-1974

                                                                                           Gulf War                     1989-1991

                                                                                           Afghanistan-Iraq War  2001-




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