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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Births Matter - Metropolitan Statistical Areas
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We Shall Overcome Began With Beliefs Inherited From Past Generations 

J.C. deGraft JohnsonDr. J.C. DeGraft Johnson of Ghana offers insight in his famed book "African Glory" as to what had to be overcome in Africa, Asia and Europe during at least three centuries before the international trade in African slaves occurred in the Americas and Caribbean. 

Even before the Arab conquest over much of Africa beginning around the 34th generation struggles in the body and spirit of Jesus Christ:  Jews, Moors, Sicilians, and other Mediterranean cultures often had young men enrich themselves by sailing down both coasts of Africa in search of wealth.  Many pursued it by buying comely African young women as concubines to rich men; and young men castrated and sold as eunuchs.

We emphasize that prior to birth of Jesus it was common practice in many cultures.  Other younger girls were often purchased to be sold as chamber maids.   Men lusting for the flesh of women was nothing new, but what made it appealing to slave traders was the willingness of African kings to trade young women in exchange for other matters.

Few if any African cultures familiar to us had jails and prisons for violators of their laws enforced by kings, queens, wing chiefs and clan chieftains.  It has been suggested that judgments of guilty were likely executed by fines, banishment, sale into slavery or death.  Where so, transgressions within the clans made offenders subject to being kidnapped and taken away from their family, no appeal processes. 

The Arab conquerors raced across Africa spreading Islam under the banner of submit or die.  Many Africans did so and converted to avoid death and/or slavery.  By time of the very ruthless scheming of the Portuguese bishops and priests abandoned pursuit of Christ in the Congo during 15th and 16th centuries, African cultural mechanisms for the merciless international slave trade were well in place.  In our view, the spiritual based movement to overcome the international slave trade began in the 57th generation in Christ.  

Future of MotherhoodWe hope scholar writers will remember and recall that 15th, 16th and 17th centuries in nothingness passed before the revolutionary beliefs of the functional faith emerged in 18th and 19th century that generated Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For generation #65, his sermons often called up generations of the functional faith literally written in our inherited souls. King's appearance in second half of the 20th century was welcomed by functional believers in Africa, the Americas, Caribbean and Europe.  We of his generation believe that what mattered most to Dr. King was the spirit that is not matter at all but our beliefs and faith. 

Like it or not, we are indeed part of all that we have met along the way to becoming us in the flesh.  We do not have to be experts on DNA sampling to know women on right image are very much inter-related to us who live now because our spiritual existence tells us so. 

It takes a lot of arrogance to dare imagine we gave birth to the lives we lead; and even more ignorance to pre-suppose not knowing origins in order to avoid the topic. Men and women matter to comprehend that human beings are all born, not made by virtue of their status in life. Africa and Africans matter very much to educated and enlightened Americans, as does Europe and Asia because we perceive ourselves to matter.Gambia Region

Believe it or not the functional faith of believers that brought about the better world we have inherited was not all one color, and no one knows the color, hair grade or even sexuality of Jesus. Assumptions and reasoning not joined to the functional faith are common among believers and non-believers.  The very best of gifted and talented writers can only write about what has been seen and heard.  Casting stones at the perpetrators of bad conditions has not changed their souls but they are gone away.

A House DividedFrom at least 1776 to 1876 (3 generations), the rebellious nature and functional faith of many Americans generated a Civil War against ante-bellum cultural dynamics. The culture was made via economic power that ultimately held over 4 million souls in chattel slavery. 

That power was sustainable by the matriarchal focused non-social service systems hinged on single mothers and their pre-adolescent children.  And from 1876 to at least 1976, (3 generations) there were many men and women up from enslaved ancestors who perceived degenerating values of government enabled households that were not functional families. 

Most believers perceive families as the baseline for communities pursuant goodness which is believed to be sole purpose of Christianity.  

Forecasting futures is not functional Christianity, albeit faith, hope and love are certainly about futures yet to be given new potential generations born, not destroyed or made of degenerate values that have always existed.  There is no lack of knowledge about young men killing each other, but rather the mystery of why not is in the functional faith proven true. Beginnings have to begin before motherhood empowerment to be or not to be in pursuit of goodness. The question is how? One cannot begin by long-term, mid-term and short-term hold harmless reviews of mothers, church and government benefactors.  Some have been better than others, but none better than U.S. military pursuant teaming teen age young men.

In the long-term, local, state and federal government itself are victims of bad and negligent motherhoods in the functional faith as to God, home and country.  The costs are about a lot more than money, but rather the lost benefits to society not having young men available where and when they are needed in the homes and places of employment including the military services wherein ancestry matters to millions of Americans.  So, mothers and births do matter as to what is generated in the metropolitan areas.

                                                           Births Matter - Metropolitan Areas


Believers of any classification or color can cross reference this page of table timelines that matter in deciphering causes and codes linked to generations in Christ.  Since there are no living human beings that can physically trace their lineage back to HIM, it appears reasonable that such is obtainable only by faith that HIS cause is code able and reachable as many believers believe their ancestors did through functional faith.  

In our view, for purposes of this website, potential generations in #68 are still being born subject to their beliefs and free will to so be so.  Like it or not, they are dependent upon their mothers, and fathers too, to indoctrinate them in the functional faith, albeit priests, preachers and teachers can be helpful and useful in the given cause of generating goodness. 

The Book of Matthew is our primary source model for devising generation tables based on the lifetime of Jesus in the flesh, about thirty years; and our supposition that each thirty years thereafter his life has inspired a new generation of believers in the pursuit of goodness espoused in and by him.  We are mindful that institutional realities such as rape, slavery and wars produced centuries of births by girls in degenerating cycles far less than 30 years apart.

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Believe it or not. Life as we know it is generated to be and do in generating more energy and matter of life that can be measured  to exist by various calendars such as the reign of kings and queens, great floods and disasters or even the Julian Calendar devised by the Romans during reign of Julius Caesar. Hebrews devised a calendar of people and events based on origins with the patriarch Prince Abram.  By contrast, our calendar puts you, the researcher and writer, in the middle of what matters in pursuit of goodness.  


For our purposes, we have devised a calendar of generations born about every thirty years since Jesus was generated for purposes we choose to believe in as our faith.  The Lee brothers, born in generation #64 were fathered by Thomas Findley Lee of generation #62 who was descended from William Lee born in generation #59. Thomas Findley Lee, born 1859







1st of 68     to-date

01-30 CE

Jesus, John the Baptist, Peter,  Mary Magdalene, Martha, Matthew, Other Disciples

Roman Palestine, Ethiopia

New Doctrine - Philosophy of Life

Human Salvation

2nd of 68    to-date

30-59 CE

Mark, Martha's son



Story Telling

3rd of 68     to- date

60-89 CE

    ??????? of Asia 


New Faith

 Early Church

4th of 68     to-date

90-119 CE

   ??????? of Africa


New Faith

 Early Church 

5th of 68     to-date

120-149 CE

Juvenal of Rome


Roman Satirist


6th of 68     to-date

150-179 CE

Tertullian-Carthage Perpetua-Numidia


African Church


7th of 68     to-date

180-209 CE

Origen of Alexandria


Roman Church

Greco-Roman    Theologian

8th of 68     to-date

210-239 CE

Empress Theodora

Religious Tolerance

Introduced Roman royals to new faith

Aksum Queen Mother,  Constantine's stepmother

9th of 68     to-date

240-269 CE

Maurice of Aksum Empire

Martyr Christian

Accepted death in lieu of worship Roman gods

High ranking African officer in Roman army

10th of 68   to-date

270-299 CE



Integrated Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus & Gnosticism

Persian Theologian

11th of 68   to-date

300-329 CE


12th of 68   to-date

330-359 CE

Augustine of Numidia

Latin Scholar

Revised Roman doctrine


13th of 68   to-date

360-389 CE


14th of 68   to-date

390-419 CE


15th of 68   to-date

420-449 CE


16th of 68   to-date

450-479 CE


17th of 68   to-date

480-509 CE

BoethiusRoman patrician  

18th of 68   to-date

510-539 CE


19th of 68   to-date

540-569 CE


20th of 68   to-date

570-599 CE


21st of 68   to-date

600-629 CE


22nd of 68  to-date

630-659 CE


23rd of 68  to-date

660-689 CE


24th of 68  to-date

690-719 CE


25th of 68  to-date

720-749 CE


26th of 68  to-date

750-779 CE


27th of 68  to-date

780-809 CE


28th of 68  to-date

810-839 CE


29th of 68  to-date

840-869 CE


30th of 68  to-date

870-899 CE


31st of 68   to-date

900-929 CE


32nd of 68  to-date

930-959 CE


33rd of 68  to-date

960-989 CE


34th of 68  to-date

990-1019 CE


35th of 68  to-date

1020-1049 CE


36th of 68  to-date

1050-1079 CE


37th of 68  to-date

1080-1109 CE


38th of 68  to-date

1110-1139 CE


39th of 68  to-date

1140-1169 CE


40th of 68  to-date

1170-1199 CE


41st of 68  to-date

1200-1229 CE


42nd of 68 to-date

1230-1259 CE


43rd of 68  to-date

1260-1289 CE


44th of 68  to-date

1290-1319 CE


45th of 68  to-date

1320-1349 CE


46th of 68  to-date

1350-1379 CE


47th of 68  to-date

1380-1409 CE


48th of 68  to-date

1410-1439 CE


49th of 68  to-date

1450-1469 CE

Erasmus of RotterdamCatholic Conservatism Theologian

50th of 68  to-date

1470-1499 CE

Martin Luther of Germany

Leo Africanus of Grenada

Reformation Leader

Fostered church rebellion


51st of 68   to-date

1500-1529 CE

John Knox, Scotland

Protestant Reformation

Introduced New Faith to Britain

Personal liberty theology

52nd of 68  to-date

1530-1559 CE


53rd of 68   to-date

1560-1589 CE


54th of 68   to-date

1590-1619 CE


55th of 68   to-date

1620-1649 CE


56th of 68   to-date

1650-1679 CE


57th of 68   to-date

1680-1709 CE

John Wesley

Methodist Founder

Individual relationship with Christ

Minister of the Gospel

58th of 68   to-date1710-1739 CE

Elizabeth Hemings,           Prince Hall                     Olaudah Equiano             Thomas Clarkson          Granville Sharp  

 Emancipation Patriot SonsMiddle Passage Survivor
59th of 68   to-date1740-1769 CEWilliam Lee    

Frank Lee  

 Harry Hosier    

 Francis Asbury             


Mary Hemings          

Richard Allen


Family Founder Messianic Faith Human Rights Gospel Teacher Family Sponsor Black Church




Functional Faith

New Testament Sister's Keeper Abolition Faith  


Useful Life Useful Life  Useful Life Useful Life  Useful Life  Useful Life
60th of 68   to-date1770-1799 CEJohn Hemings

Sarah Hemings

Lott Cary

61st of 68   to-date1800-1829 CEMadison Hemings  

Abraham Lincoln   

Frederick Douglass  

Harriet Tubman

Easter Frog

Nancy Lee Banister

62nd of 68  to-date1830-1859 CEGeorge W. Williams

Adaline Frog

Andrew Carnegie     

Harriet Hemings

Thomas Findley Lee

63rd of 68   to-date1860-1889 CEBooker T Washington

Mary Church Terrell

Caseley Heyford

Robert Lee Vann

Fitz Lee

64th of 68   to-date1890-1919 CEKwame N'Krumah, 

E. Franklin Frazier  


A.G. Gaston 

 Mary Bethume

Jack Robinson

 Thurgood Marshall

 William Atkins

Cora Hill

Marion Lee

Dudleen Lowry

 John F. Kennedy

65th of 68   to-date1920-1949 CE

Robert Martin Atkins Mary Lee Brady William T Atkins, Jr.

Martin Luther King Xernona Claytor

Paul Brady, Sr.

Louis Sullivan

  Jesse Jackson  Lorraine Hansberry

Nelson Mandella Miriam Makeba

 Robert F. Kennedy

Robert Edward Lee

66th of 68   to-date1950-1979 CE Barack Obama Michelle Robinson

       Paul Brady, Jr.

     Laura Lee Brady


67th of 68   to-date1980-2009 CE   ?   
68thof ?      to- date2010-2039 CE   ?   
69th of ?     to come2040-2069 CE   ?   
70th of ?     to come2070-2099 CE   ?   

Some people of African heritage (not all or even a majority) in America have the unique advantage and insight to research and tell stories and text about many known (58th - 64th generations) ancestors who believed in a Living Christ that empowered human beings to vanquish slavery in the Roman Empire, Africa, Caribbean and the Americas. 

Documentation is very clear that vast majority of Americans with functional power (not simply slave owners) in the 17th and 18th centuries believed that Whites had the natural rights to enslave Blacks of any color combination.  But, early 19th century births and faith by a few like Douglass and Lincoln generated changes also documented.

            Roger B. Taney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   

The challenge for believers is to begin with what they know and believe, such as birth of Jesus and then work backwards through their fathers and mothers to find known lineage births that believed in HIM.  It is a lot easier to track the flesh than spirit of what matters; but, we can begin with assumptive belief that all believers in the given philosophy of life are brothers and sisters in the body and spirit if they choose (have religious liberty) to be so. 

Functional modern uses of DNA science such as demonstrated by Dr. Louis Henry Gates is a relative path for finding connections to one's heritage in the faith.  henry louis gates - Bing images     Finding Your Roots PBS

Fill in the blanks. Honor thy fathers and mothers by integrating them in the pursuit of goodness by others born in their generation?  Maybe discuss history of your faith with growing boys and girls before they become alienated against what you believe?  If you believe in integrating yourself in a community with other believers in spirit of goodness, at least visualize it beyond color and cause.  Thus, Africa, America, Asia, Caribbean and Europe matter.                 

Easier said than done!  But, a lot of topics for writers to research and consider such as the "dark ages" from about the 13th to at least 57th generation of believers in the spirit of Goodness but excluding "the least of us."  It matters to comprehend many men of might reasoned that Africans were not humans but a sub-species of beings: not to be joined in authorized beliefs or faith.

The new writers quests are not needed to get over the past, but tell us how it was and is done so new generations can "keep the faith?"

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