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Emma Lowry, born abt 1814
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William Lockett Wilkerson, born abt 1811              father of her children

Emma Watson, born abt 1814 was an example of the plight confronting many Cherokee women when traditional lands in southwestern Virginia were taken by encroachment of American settlers and eruption of conflicts that forced all Cherokee families to flee west often leaving behind offspring such as Emma who by law were reclassified as "free colored." 

Lowry family history contends that Emma Wilkerson was a full-blooded Cherokee native and concubine to William Wilkerson for whom she gave birth to several children.

                                            Cherokee History

George Lowry, [L. S.]

The fallacy of the consequent of chattel slavery is that men of means and might did not simply possess the lands taken from Native American populations but also the women of any racial background that suited their fancy, whether legal or illegal by custom or otherwise.   

                                                       Cherokee Generations

Men such as the Fuqua, Lowry, Wilkerson men and ancestral fathers certainly knew which women they had sex with on their property, ... and recorded which ones gave birth because such was a good business practice to keep account of property growth and relative conquest achieved by any means.  And, while there was some likelihood that love may have attracted these lords of the land to lowly women enslaved, ... the general attraction was certainly human lust of men for women.  And, to be sure about it, ... the bible reading wives such as the "Sarah" in story about Abraham were normally quietly accepting and often pleased that husbands had a concubine.


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