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Cherokee Generations
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

William Totty, born abt 1764
Che-Stoo-Lee Joseph Watts, born abt 1795/1808










We were prompted to include Native American Cherokee heritage because not doing so would further confuse the natural history of many African Americans such as Easter Frog, born abt 1810 who was the mother of Adaline Frog, born abt 1849 who was the mother of Julia Frog Kyle, born abt 1878 who was the mother of William Thomas Frog Kyle Atkins, born 1906 who told his story to offspring to the best of his ability and memory of facts seen and heard. 

These facts included Cherokee ancestry both bondservants and slaves per Virginia laws.  Cherokee Generations of East Asian ancestry origins show up consistently in the physical appearance and DNA of hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of modern day African-Americans causing most to be totally baffled as to how and when. 

Many Cherokee young men, at least a generation or two before the famed "trail of tears," ... adopted the practice of buying and using human beings (people of African heritage) as their chattel slaves. And, it should not be ignored that many offspring generations included a DNA heritage of not only African and Native America but also European sexual initiatives by slave owners and other men and women of previous generations. 

                                     Cherokee History #1

Their descendents reaped what had been sown, and suffered the consequences both before and after the Civil War as southern and later northern Whites came to view them also as inferior human beings.

                                   Cherokee History

As more people of African heritage gain enlightenment and education about the world they have inherited and live in, ... some are taking steps to better understand who we and they are as brothers and sisters in Christ that made us whole and hopefully healed from a past learned about by seeking to learn.  And, learning is both time consuming and costly!  We would argue that people of African heritage should seek, not for glory of self or even their ancestors but rather as a testament to belief in Christ that we are indeed brothers and sisters in HIS generations of life.                               

                                    Cherokee Military History

The answers we suggest are in the beginnings of a history and geography predating the American Revolutionary War and certainly before and after the Civil War involving vast geography and people being integrated for various reasons including slavery and conquest of land.  The answers are bigger than a simple explanation and no expertise can explain it all. We suggest the histories and geographies of the Cherokee peoples is a good way to start with conceptions that occurred in the Southeastern United States before forced and voluntary relocations westward via the trail of tears and other means. 

And, we have to remember the trails of tears also included a huge number of Seminole natives living in Georgia and Florida, perhaps even parts of Alabama.  They too were often integrated with people of African and European heritage.

                                            Cherokee Love Song

African-Americans in particular have to avoid the temptations to draw conclusions from one place in time, ... as though young males and females stay put and same in a single location despite the realities of wars and rumors of wars in addition to slave raiding, trading and treading trails of woe and tears.  In fact, a man of any color and kind in past centuries who did not travel much beyond where he was born and died should be viewed as very unusual. 

                                            Cherokee Archives

Among most of human kind, it is absolutely common that males at a very early age have a yearning to roam, ... even from the time of Jesus to that of Jefferson and modern day Jesse Jacksons.   The links below are information for roaming minds, not souls moaning for acclamation, identity and glorification.   





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