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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










We decided to free associate our website targeting gifted and talented youth of African heritage. Associated with all written above is our realization the last two of our beloved Kennedy brothers and sisters (Senator Edward Kennedy and Sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver) have now passed over from what we saw and heard in our own lives. Their lives in pursuit of goodness very much defined the essences of cherished virtues and values "the least of us" can live 'by and by' as we attempt to understand why goodness comes and goes again and again often unnoticed.  

                                                    The Impossible Dream

In fact, we would argue the pursuit of goodness is not about glory as might occur in a Hollywood movie scene but rather the worth of generations yet to be born. Imagine how, if you will, Lewis Emmet Lowry Robinson- Martin, born abt 1924 referenced on site was also related to Ted Kennedy, not by color or politics but in the spirit?  Many believers believe the future belongs to brothers and sisters in the spirit of goodness some call Christ, Hosanna, Messiah, Messawa, Savior, etc.  They were both trained lawyers and soldiers in the same cause of goodness in family, community and country! 

An honor guard carries the casket of Sen. Edward Kennedy to a hearse at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., Thursday (AP Photo/Stew Milne

Our belief is that we saw and heard a model family with moral worth inherited from multi-generations in pursuit of goodness, ... beyond personal lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness (feeling good)?  Our theme on this site is that even the best and brightest of any age are part of a far greater generation and regeneration process by mothers of:  faith, hope and love facilitated by functional fatherhoods in belief and courage. 

As individuals, Kennedys were not perfect but as family they willingly chose to be our brothers and sisters in Christ even before they knew about any or many of us who were naked and hungry.  The ones we came to know were believers in goodness greater than themselves. They were not pretentious aristocrats. Jeffersonian Overview

We were pleasantly surprised to learn the story of John F. Kennedy, like our own, was very much a product of the great Emancipation War that reestablished the United States as one nation, under God, for the people, of the people and by the people.  The Kennedy's were born of faith, hope and love that included the courage of Fitzgerald and Kennedy ancestral kin in Massachusetts in the Union forces of good during the American Civil War; and enlightened and educated African-Americans at Harvard and other bastions of learning ought never allow their patriotism to be unlinked from the courage we saw and heard in the brothers that spanned our lifetimes. 

The critical endorsement and support by the Kennedys for Senator Barrack Obama to become the Democratic Party's nominee for the office of President of the United States was about a lot more than political considerations but rather a continuation of their cause to help make right matters that have been wrong.  We want youth to know that Kennedys required a lot of family heritage courage to undergo the hatred vented against them for their outreach to us. 

The first generation of them in Massachusetts and serving in the Union Army likely knew feelings of resentment at being categorized lesser human beings than descendents of early Pilgrims or "lace curtain Irish." Their second generation saw and heard religious bigotry against Roman Catholics, ... and the third generation overcame it all for themselves and "the least of us."   There are many self described Puritans and even middle-age tea-party pretenders who view the Kennedy brood as unappreciative traitors to their inherited class of wealth (there are an estimated 400 billionaire families in the United States of which the Kennedy's could be one of them if they ever wanted to.  With their kind of brains, charm and energy a single team of them on wall street could have quickly out performed their fabled "Papa Joe."  

Kwame N'Krumah and Martin Luther King, Jr. bonded as brothers in the body and spirit Christ long before most activists in the 1960s comprehended they were intellectual giants with a common cause to help uplift "the least of us" with the philosophy of Jesus, not the ideologies of left or right-wing political strategies.  They both welcomed youth generations of the day to join them in a journey both comprehended would be longer than their lifetimes.  After all is said and done, men and women, regardless of how gifted and talented are only flesh and blood if not empowered with the energy to lift up and fly like an eagle.   Believers like Shirley Chisholm personified the cause of Black women professionally trained social workers in high and low places, ... not socialism as an academic excursion of various ideologies with no measureable beneficiaries among "the least of us."  

We offer this critique to those who would believe that after our experiences into, during and up from slavery, persecution and segregation:  we should never allow or be silent in the face and place of those men or women who rationalize capitalism, conservatism, communism, fascism, feminism, liberalism, Limbaughism, Marxism, materialism, Mobutism, nationalism, racism, socialism, tribalism or any ideology that seeks to ignore or replace our ancestral beliefs in a living Christ. 

More than just ministers still believe that without something miraculous, we would never have gotten up from where our ancestors had fallen!  For non-believers, we urge them to examine the historical facts rather than putting their faith in faithless talking heads who seek to reason into existence something that never was or will be in generating goodness.                                     


For absence of a better teaching point, we suggest that scholars help preachers look at the Fitzgerald-Kennedy lineage of goodness to comprehend that Joe, John, Robert and Edward may have been vessels in the passage of goodness that existed even before they were conceived and born.  For African-Americans in particular they were all shinning lights atop the hill in march of Christianity that lifted us up to behold the wonders and mysteries of faith held by some (not all) among "the least of us."   The ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also embraced the Kennedys.

We invoke the memory of Dr. King to remind scholars that he rejected the notion that violence against or within the most powerful nation ever on earth, ... could bring about beneficial change for "the least of us."   Both the Civil War and wars of the 20th century proved his point the U.S. Government ought not be challenged to be violent. Ask the Japanese!  Ask Black Panthers like Huey Newton, Bobby Seales and Elbridge Cleaver? 

It was always sheer nonsense by the uneducated and unenlightened in imagining that young men who could not even organize and sponsor baseball teams and leagues for boys, would somehow recruit, train and pay equally uninspired young men to pursue goodness to help "the least of us." 

We should not go to our graves allowing urban fiction writers and demagogues to proclaim and claim desires or powers Black Power Movement that never existed in bringing about changes we hold precious and dear.  It was never a force or functionary of young men helping to raise up a new and better generation by integrating a greater society of virtues and values paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of generations that Dr. King saw and heard. And, in his lifetime, even the under-educated such as Malcolm X came to understand that Elijah Mohammed (former Baptist preacher) was wrong in his vision of racial separation. 

Born Elijah Robert Poole in Sandersville, Georgia, the sixth of thirteen children to William Poole, Sr. (1868-1942), a Baptist lay preacher and sharecropper, and Mariah Hall (18731958), a homemaker and sharecropper.  There were  twenty-seven young men enlisted in the U.S. Colored Troops using the surname Poole during the Civil War.  There is no evidence that they or the other approximately 200,000 men of color imagined they were fighting to establish a nation separate from people of Native or European heritage, nor on the basis of color as even slave plantation owners could not always do.

There were some White people of the same color and characteristics of slaves they owned.   The faulty logic of separating human beings (in order to rule) on the basis of color, hair, sex and even names and places of birth had been tried over and over again since at least the slave owning Roman Empire.  But, many minds died trying to do so usually isolated and surrounded by a few diehard followers.

World War II confirmed the world or nations cannot be separated by race since genetically there is only one ... the human race.  Too many scholars, failing to analyze the functions and factors of real power that can be measured by methods and means of proven analysis, ... are allowing themselves to lend creditability to illusions about power rather than relationships with believer generations like the Kennedys spanning over a hundred and fifty years.  By researching and reading only about a single person or place in the name of scholarship we exclude realities that matter most, ... the spiritual existence of a goodness not often seen but self-evident by the second or third generation. 

Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Moslem and most other gifted scholars about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. now generally concede the philosophy of life ushered into the world by Jesus is amazing to contemplate in looking closely at change that has occurred in not only America but also Africa and the Caribbean.

                        Judeo-Christian Doctrine

Our story we want the world to not forget is that of young John F. Kennedy before and after he became the President of the United States and declared to the world that segregation was morally wrong.  Doing so required a kind of courage not common at all among world leaders and even less so in presidential politics.  We are compelled to believe President Kennedy was one of many in a long line of believers with the courage to act in their faith. 

No President, King or Queen since Abraham Lincoln had the courage to make such a statement of doctrine, ... mindful that most Christians and Jews believed their moral values in the eyes of God for five centuries should not be challenged. 

Prior to the racially defined realities in World War II, most Americans viewed African-Americans as a minority race in the United States.  Very few viewed "the least of us" as part of Judeo-Christian majority embraced in moral doctrine the majority lived by.  As Dr. King noted, eleven o'clock on Sunday mornings were the most segregated hours in America; and very few priests or preachers challenged the doctrine that made it so. 

                        Along Timber Ridge Trail

Senator Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley among many self-styled conservatives and libertarians both renounced the new doctrine pronounced by JFK as liberal attempts to dictate morality and an infringement on American liberty.  But the new doctrinal pronouncement impacted and moved sufficient activists among Christendom and Reformed Judaism already shaken by Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham jail. 

                                    Letter From A Birmingham Jail

And before President Kennedy declared racial segregation was morally wrong, ... he had already signed executive orders that made it possible for our current president Barrack Obama to be conceived and born in the United States; visualized not only the Civil Rights Acts to tear down entrenched evil such as apartheid in America; but also fathered the Peace Corps to help Africa transcend into modern nationhood.   Before his death he initiated affirmative action that opened the doors of public policy making by thousands of people with African heritage backgrounds such as Thurgood Marshall.  And though millions of men and women in America and abroad would condemn and even hate him for his Christian activism (liberalism), ... he and his family members did these things and more for "the least of us." 


As an example, we can cite but not sufficiently reason as to why President John F. Kennedy affirmatively acted on behalf of "the least of us."  Political scholars have tried for more than fifty years to analyze the man without understanding his functional faith inheritance, not to be confused with organized religious participation.  Indeed, Clarence Thomas with no apparent inherited faith up from slavery or projection into the future, ... is also a Roman Catholic but certainly not of the same affirmative virtues and values as the Kennedy brothers and sisters. For Thomas any initiative by government not authorized in the constitution is unconstitutional (including Jefferson's  Preamble Declaration that all men are created equal and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves).  He is not alone for there are millions who historically profess to be believers but devote their lives in reasoning judgments that disrupt actions to help uplift "the least of us."  

We want new generations to understand historic adversaries to generations of goodness.  Their opposition is very much unlike the Kennedys who joined reasoning with their faith, which is not easy to do even for great philosophers and for jurists like Clarence Thomas.   Thomas mindsets (with no history of ever helping anyone but themselves) among others who call themselves conservatives have the audacity to imagine generations of goodness before them, (including all the Kennedy's, both Martin Luther Kings' and Thurgood Marshall) were philosophically and constitutionally misguided.  Such men and women never explain what they would have done or even now do, ... in situations of past, present or future confronting "the least of us."  Which ones if any would have joined arms with the republicans like Everett Dirksen and Earl Warren in combating injustice?  

                                                   Consolation of Philosophy

Gifted and talented writers can surely imagine that without Gasa and Kumana, ... there would not have been a Congressman Kennedy, Senator Kennedy and President-Elect Kennedy and future Attorney General "Brother Bobby" in 1960.  There would have been no one to call the Birmingham jail and warn Alabama officials to not allow beating, lynching or otherwise traditional harms to Dr. Martin Luther King. Can anyone imagine Richard Nixon and his prospective Attorney General (John Mitchell) taking such an initiative had he won the election of 1960?  Without the Kennedy brothers, the historic civil rights march and Dr. King's inspirational message at the Washington Mall in 1963 would never have gained official permission to occur.  There is no way that President Eisenhower would have approved the request for such a gathering.  Ike would have feared and acted to prevent a cause for the breakdown of law and order?

One might argue in theory the fate of Martin Luther King, other African-Americans and that of Africans everywhere flowed from the uniquely Christian faith of a gifted White man and two Black men in the Solomon Islands who overcame their fear of the Japanese who routinely executed anyone caught doing anything suspicious. It is almost unthinkable that had Jack Kennedy not been elected President in 1960, ... any  of the events initiated by him would have been successfully pursued by Black Republicans like Arthur Fletcher. Fletcher designed and implemented Nixon's affirmative action plan to generate a relatively few Black millionaires via government contracting that annually generated many thousands of White wealthy businessmen and women. 

                                        Arthur Fletcher

Many courageous Black Republicans like Jackie Robinson, Arthur Fletcher and Bill Atkins may have tried to influence President Richard Nixon during critical era of 1960 - 1968, ... but to little or no avail without the Kennedy brothers in the Senate winning friends and allies for the same.  Bill Atkins was a close friend of Whitney Young, worked closely for the moderate Republican Governors William Scranton and Raymond Shaffer; and knew many in his party aligned with Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York.  He later observed that few, if any, republican leaders had the willingness or political courage to do what the Kennedy's did.            Roy Wilkens

In those days, progressive African-Americans born into Lincoln republican families up from slavery such as those of:  Roy Wilkens of Kentucky, Whitney Young of Missouri, William Beverly Carter of Pennsylvania and Edward Sexton of Kansas, ... greatly admired the courage and Christian beliefs of Robert F. Kennedy.  In private, they referred to Black democrat friends as "Brothers on the other side" and to Kennedy as "Brother Bobby."  RFK was their kind of Christian, both courageous and rich; and the fact that he was not a republican never overshadowed the moral centrist they saw and heard.  

Ed Sexton and his family were republicans a long time before most African-Americans switched to the Democratic Party, and a century longer than White southern democrats who decided to become republicans.  African-American republicans in Kansas and Michigan such as  Paul Lawrence Reeves Wilson Brady, born 1927  (appointed to the federal bench by President Nixon) were born into families long engaged in anti-racist causes and organizing; and welcomed Christian fellowship with the Kennedy brothers even though registered in different political parties.                         Everett M. Dirksen

Ed was a friend of U.S. Senator Robert Dole and had access to Senator Everett Dirksen who was the Senate Republican Leader, and helped write and push forward the Civil Rights legislation that many Blacks, Whites and even women who benefited from it, ... now proclaim as undesirable liberalism.  Sexton also admired Robert F. Kennedy, said so to the electorate in Kansas, and was elected to the State Senate before becoming Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee during Nixon's first term.  

He was not afraid to pronounce in a political speech that ... "the party of Lincoln" his ancestors joined during the Civil War was "for the people, of the people and by the people" whichever came first.  African-Americans like Sexton were born into families with long histories of opposition to color coded causes and passions predating the Civil War when Kansas was an ideological battleground before the war finally erupted.  His ancestors sided with Christians helping rather than enslaving "the least of us;" ... and put their lives on the line for freedom and liberty, while most African-Americans directly affected simply watched and/or "waited on the Lord."  

It was certainly that way during lifetimes of the Kennedy brothers we observed.  Some did something helpful to "the least of us" while most did nothing to help themselves or others; but, in the spirit of Christ were certainly equal to receive the blessings some may even have prayed for.  Indeed, it is a mystery of our faith that so many who owe so much to so few should not be enlightened and educated to know who they are.  We want African-Americans to preserve memories of those who came in HIS name even though they died doing so.  The Kennedy brothers certainly did, and whether republican or democrat we ought not let ideology of the right or left obscure their truths in being believers.  Now that they are all deceased, African-American youth need to be told their story in the context of our own beliefs in a living Christ, not pretentious faiths or ideologies.    

                                  Ambassador William Beverly Carter

William Beverly Carter was absolutely impressed when RFK not only went to South Africa but proclaimed the racist government therein his beliefs that apartheid was wrong and immoral.  Not even the powerful Nelson Rockefeller would have displayed such courage.  After his death, many made clear they would have voted and even campaigned for him had he lived to win the Democratic Party nomination for President and a near certain election to the presidency.  In fact, these men of means that mattered did not see RFK or even JFK as democrats so much as they viewed contents of their character to be in the moral center of political life at home and abroad.  Almost to a man, they all cared about "the least of us" in Africa, ... not due to political ideology but rather like the Kennedys because Christ asked that we do so.   Many went into Africa at every opportunity, and it is very symbolic to African-Americans that not only did Dr. Dubois die in Africa on the eve of Martin Luther King's famous address in 1963;  but also Whitney Young in 1971 who passed away in waters off Nigeria that likely had brought his ancestors from West Africa to America.

                                    Federal Judge Paul L. Brady                                

It is most ironic that so many Republicans of African heritage like Judge Brady with ancestry links back to the beginnings in the Party of Lincoln were not only overlooked by the modern party of mostly people who know little or nothing about the history and actions of the generations and causes that preceded them.  There is an obvious difference between opportunists like Thomas versus the Kennedy faithful who for over fifty years have demonstrated that joining one's faith with reasoning is not easy but can be done.  Thomas by his own admission makes no effort to do so, but merely looks to see if a matter is addressed in the constitution, ... not the preamble, bill of rights, legislative discussion or any other factors, including the philosophy of Christ. 

Most enlightened and educated African-Americans up from slavery are morally obligated to remember brothers and sisters in Christ that helped lift us up, not embrace make believe ideologies without historical substance or facts.  Prior to the current generation of opportunists claiming to be and wanting to be imitators of life, ... Black republicans were sincerely conservative about preserving the virtues and values of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and thousands of others that paid the price and bore the burden of actions exemplified by the Kennedys.  

    "But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water. [John: 34]"

Years before he died, Clarence Pendleton literally shocked Christian believers by coining the phrase "bleeding heart liberals"   Truly, the man was a heathen to have uttered such a contemptuous remark.  Yes, many of us raised up in the faith of our ancestors up from slavery shed buckets of water seeing Jackie Kennedy holding the head of JFK as his life ebbed away.  And, what believers did not cry seeing images of preachers like Andrew Young cry as they watched Martin Luther King die in Memphis at the Lorraine Hotel.  And, we cried again when seeing images of rich and famous Roosevelt Grier on left shed tears of remorse and prayer as he held the head of Robert F. Kennedy following the fatal shooting that occurred in Los Angeles. 

Rosey was a Christian believer who loved the Kennedys because they too were believers in his Lord, not because they were rich and famous.  He seemed never to forget who died for him and "the least of us" including rich, handsome and privileged Kennedys who did not have to do what they did. As Joe Kennedy senior once remarked, "each has enough money to do as they please." 

                                                                    Clarence Pendleton

How did a man like Pendleton graduate from an institution like Howard University and not hold onto the faith that espoused affirmative actions by believers?   Pendleton exploited every affirmative action program in sight including the Baltimore and San Diego Model Cities programs that paid him well above what he was earning as a swimming coach at Howard University. Like Judas, he betrayed those who had tried to love and honor him with trust.   What he experienced in the Baltimore Model Cities program was a wakeup call that urban conditions and decay were worst than imagined even ten years before Congress finally enacted laws to help the helpless.  But, rather than helping he did what others would do, ... denounce the incompetence, immorality and waste laid before his feet.  And, when the public money to pay him was ended by President Nixon in July 1973, ... he like hundreds of others decided to become a republican to get a job.  Ed Sexton said his phone was ringing off the hook, ... wanting help to send their resume to John Erlichman at the White House or any other place that would put them on the payroll.  And, we do not criticize those who took advantage of opportunities to do so; but, rather our contempt is for men and women who did so by embracing anti-Kennedy ideologies of resurgent racism against  "the least of us."                                 

We are confused and often wonder, who are these new comers in the cause of who, what, when, where, why and how, ... minus the philosophy of Christ?  How is it that so many gifted and talented athletes, of all educated African-Americans, ... seem no longer to care or carry the torch that lighted their way.  Even in places like Washington, D.C. wherein during the 1950s, the graduates of places like Cardoza, Dunbar and Spingarm High Schools with outstanding athletes like the Baylor, Swann and Wills brothers, ... the spirit of goodness espoused by the Kennedys was self-evident.  There were many athletic souls from therein who took their gifts and talents into Africa and the Caribbean to find and help "the least of us" learn and love the sports in which they had excelled.  And, men and women in the urban centers abroad learned to call them coach and great words in the faith like "sister and and brother."

                                      Eunice Kennedy Shriver

All who saw and heard about the Kennedys knew it was likely that the greatest would be the least as they, like Jackie Robinson, made way for the coming of an ever greater champion.  Elgin Baylor certainly sensed the coming of Magic Johnson to the Los Angeles Lakers.  He was from Cardoza High and knew the clock was forever running on him and all great athletes.  It was not enough to be the best of the best on the fields of dreams but also when the games were played and won; and careers as players ended to devote some time and resources to finding and integrating "the least of us, boys and girls" into love of the game and each other.  The real story behind the stories about the Kennedy Brothers and Sisters is that all loved the sport of life by living believers.  They knew their turn had come and would go to make way for the coming of others, ... perhaps making the least of them among the greatest of us as brothers and sisters in Christ.

                                                               Logic of Ideology                                      

The superficial ideal of individual worthiness is a selfish cop-out by men and women who have no history or intent of helping anyone other than them and theirs.  O. J. Simpson comes to mind as a successful man without any plan to "help somebody."   Labeling themselves as Black conservatives does not erase the stench of Black hypocrisy that smells just as bad as that  generated by Whites with the same attitudes and behaviors towards "the least of us."   Several of the most wealthy of Black millionaires have died during the past decade generating funerals that families were hard pressed to find and write about anyone helped by their existence.   One prominent Black billionaire lawyer, known to be selfish, before avoiding the Vietnam War and making his first millions, ... died unexpectedly and most former undergrad classmates and fraternity brothers avoided the funeral.  A few noted that he had refused to help historically Black Colleges and Universities with dire needs but instead gave his money to Harvard that did not need it.  They compared him to Willie Gary, also a former athlete and graduate of a historically Black institution,  just as rich and financially frugal, ... but much more liberal in his attitudes and energies devoted to helping "the least of us."

                                                           Attorney Willie Gary

Robert F. Kennedy was a rich lawyer who had no self serving reasons to be liberal but he certainly was when "the least of us" needed voices in the wilderness like Thurgood Marshall, ... that would not have been anywhere near America's federal court system without the Kennedys.  Certainly Marshall would not have reached the Supreme Court as a predecessor to Clarence Thomas who imagines that "he just happens to be Black."   By contrast to Justice Thomas, both below men who "just happened to be black and Christian" were also sworn to live and uphold the same constitution. The below souls covered two different generations under the same constitution and Christ that Thomas claims to believe in.  But Davis never did throughout official segregation, color-coded silence treatment at West Point  World War II, ... separate his reasoning about America from that of faith in Christ.  Young Milton Olive whose greatest ambition in life was to become a minister of the gospel in Chicago with guys like the young dynamic Jesse Jackson, ... did not separate reasoning from his faith in Christ even unto death and wanted to be what Clarence Pendelton referred to as a "bleeding heart liberal."  African-Americans owe a lot, if not everything, ... to liberal thinking about the life and lives of others.  What is liberal?

Kennedy's philosophical moorings were in the philosophy of life given by Jesus, ... not Plato, Socrates or Aristotle as many classical thinkers tried to espouse.  Facts are that Kennedy's spiritual existence cannot be explained by classical thinking.  He not only inspired a nation to land men on the moon but to do so righteously with thousands of inventions that have benefited "the least of us."  He accomplished more goodness between 1944 and 1964 than many of the great philosophers, excepting Jesus, achieved in their lifetimes.  Like Jefferson before him, Kennedy read and understood the classics and Shakespeare too.   He understood that "to whom much is given (power), much is expected."   He did not seek the Presidency for purposes of enriching the wealthy class or restraining "the least of us."

Had the Kennedy brothers not come along to affirmatively see and hear "the least of us," ... counter strategies to advance aspirations of young Black men like Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes on left would not have occurred in the circles of political powers. Both men avoided serving in the U.S. military on the flimsy excuse they had high lottery numbers but were supportive of the war without volunteering. They were clearly too selfish to be liberal do-gooders; and decidedly non-liberal minds would have had no need for them to negatively critique Jesse Jackson and other young Black ministers (also opposed to the war in Vietnam) preaching in the streets of hopelessness and despair. 

But, Jesse and other civil rights proponents were not hypocrites like Thomas and Keyes who avoided it, ... and then years later claimed to be one with conservative ideology that generally supported it as "a war against the communists."  Before his death, President Kennedy had made clear his intention to withdraw American military advisors from Vietnam wherein factors included a small Roman Catholic minority attempting to rule a country wherein the vast majority were Buddhists. And the national hero in North and South Vietnam was Ho Chi Ming, ... who had been an ally in helping America and Great Britain defeat the Japanese in Indo-China.  America had been duped by the post-WWII French connection.

Much more useful and important to the least of us in Africa and America, ... the spirit of goodness espoused in the courage of Robert F. Kennedy condemnation of apartheid in South Africa would not have occurred in the persons of few other significant politicians in the era.  And, President Reagan in the 1980s would not have cared to hear Keyes at the United Nations condemning efforts by "the least of us" to condemn investments by Americans in upholding the economic system of apartheid.  Guys like Jesse Jackson and Randall Robinson would not have been able to develop a listening audience among African-Americans or anyone else to give a damn about Blacks in South Africa.   Self-styled Black opportunists like Keyes, by abandoning and avoiding any efforts to help Nelson Mandella, a devout believer, ... were in effect abandoning the Catholic faith of men like Robert F. Kennedy having reasoned it was in their self interests to voice the views of men and women who called themselves conservatives. 

It is amazing indeed that anyone, especially those up from slavery, could claim on one hand to be believers in Christ and on the other embrace ideology devoid of his philosophy.  We are most fortunate for the Kennedy brothers and sisters, ... never so arrogant as to supplant classical reasoning over their faith as many hypocrites do.  We can bet our last dollar that without the Kennedy intervention, Martin Luther King would likely, exactly like Nelson Mandella across the sea, ... have been charged and found guilty of communist instigated sedition with a subsequent sentence of 20 years to life imprisonment. 

The Southern Christian Leadership Movement would not have died but like the African National Congress in South Africa, ... it would have been categorized as a communist front organization linked to similar activities in places like Ghana where N'Krumah's functional Christianity (government provided health care and schools for future mothers) was viewed with suspicion by Americans "fighting communism."     

JFK would have been knowledgeable and impressed that so many Ghanaian young men had struggled and sacrificed their lives in the great Pacific war against the evil Empire of Japan.  Jack Kennedy would have known that Kwame N'Krumah lived at Burma Camp in Accra named in honor of Ghanaians who died in Burma while fighting Japanese aggression in Asia and the Pacific.  He would have known that many Africans had served the British Empire in fighting and dying against the evils revealed in Fascist Germany and death of his beloved brother and sister. 

We now know that had he lived it is very doubtful the United States Government would have sided with forces conspiring to destroy N'Krumah's influence in Africa.  N'Krumah's bottom-line, as we now know and understand was always to generate a better generation of mothers to generate better generations of young men and women to change Africa for the better, not foreign ideologies of the east or west though both sides may have claimed to embrace the spirit of goodness such as health care and education for "the least of us."     

Kennedy did not fear African, African-American and African-Caribbean liberation initiatives as having hidden Marxist beginnings.  It was only after JFK was gone that media pundits, like ideology driven William Saffire of the New York Times, gained influence and power interpreting both men as cold war adversaries rather than Christians trying to be useful to the Christ they believed in.  Our concern is that so many youth lacking geographical or historical knowledge up from the past of human degenerations, denigrations and persecutions including slavery and polygamy, ... have not been enlightened enough via education and their environments to understand how we got up to the moon or beyond the cotton curtain and ideologies of non-believers in "the least of us."  

We believe the world is without ending so long as believers like Adam Crosswhite below believe in the trans-generational power to keep it.  Men like him embraced the Kennedys long before we ever knew them and their kind of believers.  By faith?  Hope?  Preachers?  Sheriffs?  Lawyers?  Or all of them who came in the pursuit of goodness in whom they believed.  People like him believed that "beliefs come first" followed by courage and faith.  Was he wrong?  Ignorant of money?

The Kennedys we saw and heard were about 19th and 20th century trials and tribulations in the living flesh with blood, guts and tears beyond any scenes that could fit into a Hollywood movie script; ... but, yet can be one of many stories that ought to be written above and beyond urban fiction writers who have talent but need better purpose in their life's work.  The opportunity exists to not only remember Kennedy brethren for their pursuit of goodness; but also to tell youth why we, as believers, ... believe the spirit of goodness is not confined to or defined by a single life or generation or cause seeking it. 

The Kennedys were not about a single event such as the fabled spiritual raptures that afford many lowly educated folks to escape the realities of living and learning about real disciples that help uplift "the least of us."   It is philosophically unhealthy for so many to know so little about the geography and parameters of the faith they weekly profess and pay to believe in.

One's world view is very much influenced by geography and people observed, and too often limited by writers and actors to make-believe fiction about places and persons generalized to be the same as, less than or more than others.  The only certainty is that not all believers believe or behave alike.  Our hope is to help encourage African studies programs seeking knowledge about experiences and memories before, during, up from and beyond plantation and ghetto matriarchies, ... in the light of real people and places (including air, land and seas) in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  We want youth to understand that people of African heritage, even in the Solomon Islands, are not now or have ever been monolithic but "the least of us" had and have a common spirit with "exemplary believers" like the Kennedys. 

We are very concerned that too many youth of African heritage in America and abroad are not being taught about the geography and other functional aspects of virtues and values that helped uplift their ancestors. Youth are being told too many fanciful tales by a lot of writers/rappers without knowledge. And, too many, even most priests and preachers, have removed themselves to the comforts of the upper room rather than going out into the multitudes of youth hungry to be seen and heard about matters that matter to them, ... such as other people seemingly living lives above and beyond, or below their own.  

How did this faith factor come to be with vast majority of young Black males utterly contemptuous of Dr. King's (and our) faith up from slavery?  Who are their mothers? fathers? grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, coaches?  teachers?  preachers?  parole officers?  Why are vast majority of young Black men unfit to serve in families, communities, sports, the military services or any organized endeavors that require attitudes and behaviors for service to others?  Why do the heathen rage and imagine false things?  Is urbanized Black motherhood dead?   Who do they emulate?   TV characterizations?                      

"A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living. Today's military rejects include tomorrow's hard-core unemployed." John F. Kennedy

Gifted novelists like James Baldwin born in the same generation #65 (births 1920-1949) as us did not see what we saw.  Unlike Baldwin indoctrinated in beliefs about beginnings after the facts of human birth, nurture, inspiration, motivation, education, and expeditionary living, ... we chose to begin with spirit of Christ existing before the religious rapture by folks who want to believe goodness falls down like "bread from heaven." 

Our purpose with this site is the regenerations of our own paternal and maternal ancestors up from slavery, ... rather than bible-belt generalizations and pretentions by past, present and future preachers citing bible scriptures rather than observations that might encourage youth to believe "We  Shall Overcome."  We want new generations to embrace the philosophy of life generated by Jesus (not simply organized religion worship rituals), and have knowledge and understanding as to what some believers in older generations think we saw and heard about Kennedys and times spanning at least three generations for goodness sake beyond pretentions about it.

We cite the Kennedy characteristics as an example of multi-generation pursuits of goodness rooted in family values as compared to novelty individualism of the me, my and mine images of goodness imagined by novelists and screen-writers.  They are a contrast to many Christians, ... who do not perceive themselves in the context of past (excepting Christ), present and future generations. We cite the Kennedys as an example that knowing one's ancestors and lives they lived is important in understanding how progress is generated, regenerated and measured in spirit and flesh rather than the "fools gold"  of degenerated attitudes and behaviors imitated from many rich and famed lives and fashions.

The Kennedy existence helped Christians remember what a family is in the context of generations of goodness (not dynasties of the rich and powerful such as the Medici, Rothschild, etc.) that matter to "the least of us."   They helped reaffirm for many millions of Americans that families seeking goodness, not simply money and power ... matter most in the long-term pursuit of goodness.  The Medici and Rothschild helped finance conquest and plunder of much of the known world; and considered themselves good Christians and Jews.   In both families, multiple generations in pursuit of wealth was required to achieve the horrors made possible by their financial investments and lending for ruthless ventures in South America and Africa.   The long march away from such attitudes and behaviors has generated new and better generations of families such as the Kennedys.

                                                                    fresco in the Medici family

From all that we have read about the Christian Era (C.E.) to-date, even the genius of William Shakespeare never imagined the best was yet to come with believer families like the Kennedys helping to change a world for betterment of "the least of us."  And it is their dream that lives on into the future of generations not yet born. Our story about the Kennedys is not a fable such as The Swiss Family Robinson or other make-believe screen plays about 19th century virtues and values of courage, faith, hope and love "for goodness sake" to emulate in overcoming adversities.  The Robinson generations we knew and know required more than a single lifetime or cast of characters to achieve goodness for themselves.                                          

                                                                            James Baldwin                                 

Non-believers (and old testament pundits for dead prophets) believed President Kennedy and brother-in-law Sergeant Shriver acted to combat the spread of communism or wasted their time instead of awaiting perfection promised in the new kingdom to come, ... by Jove, Jehovah, and the many other names for God in virtually all cultures and languages including those in Africa.  It is amazing indeed that so many who owe so much too so few souls like the Kennedys have the audacity to minimize and even criticize them for daring to seek goodness in overcoming evil.

Yet, we know it has always been that way with many claimants of knowledge who imagined "The Fire Next Time" and other empty rhetoric but "So What?" [trumpeter Miles Davis].  Enlightened and educated African-Americans heard and long remembered a voice trumpeting in the wilderness (Senator Robert F. Kennedy) ... seeking to prevent a fire-storm in the face of heathen rage by ghetto minded youth following assassination of Dr. Martin Luther.  The Kennedys were miles ahead of most Christians we knew, ... with virtues that most readers and writers like Baldwin did not integrate (such as risking life to help others).

Some critics of the Kennedys habitually find fault with facts that so many millions of Americans and other believers throughout the world express love of them, ... despite their faith the end is not near for new generations yet to be born.  We believe the best Kennedy kind of human beings are yet to come forth from the wombs, ... venturing for knowledge and understanding of many worlds throughout the universe of multiple solar systems and planets.  Robert F. Kennedy posed the challenging question: "Why not?"  The Kennedy-Shriver world view included the moon and "least of us" and differed from ideologies most commonly propagated around them about the poor as unworthy especially so in under-developed nations and territories like New Guinea.  

We would argue their actions were consistent with Philosophy of Life espoused by Jesus for functional outreach to mothers and children. Past decades of Christian missionaries had proven that sending bible quoting preachers to far corners of the earth was not enough (pouring old wine into new bottles). They wanted functional help for new generations to gain knowledge in pursuit of a better life such as local health clinics, crop rotation, mosquito eradication, schools, bridging, roads, rain water storage and rodent control.  These brothers and sisters in Christ had seen the light, and knew more than preaching and teaching was needed and necessary in a world threatened by totalitarian doctrines and strategies including degenerates like  Mobutu Sese Seko embraced by the Nixon administration because he professed to be anti-communist but in reality was and ruled as:


"Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both."  John F. Kennedy

right slice

More than 50 million people were killed during World War II (not including millions more under-counted in Africa and Asia), ... in a relatively long years of international combatants including the Japanese conquest of Manchuria and Italians that conquered Ethiopia.  If the suffering that occurred was not called Armageddon, ... so what?  And non-believers who did not believe cited beginnings other than Nazi bad news, ... most certainly were "born again" by war's end in 1945 to know evil is not restricted to race, color, sex, religion or geography?   But, many old testament preachers did not see or hear the second coming that awakened youth like the Kennedys.  But, as with all times of war, even when David was on the throne, ... many if not most people sought to avoid the coming horror.  Voices of great men and women cried out, "Who shall we send?"   "Send us" said the Kennedys.  And when the storm came, Winston Churchill said it in year 1940:  "Never did so many owe so much to so few."  

                                                                          Why England Slept

So far as we know, the family that generated and inspired the Kennedys we knew, ... had everything many folks wanted: fertility, education, enlightenment, intelligence, good health and looks, liberty, friendships, and a lot of money to save, invest or spend.  They did not have to do anything to help anyone, ... even in the worst of times and  places in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Indeed, why would well educated and enlightened Harvard men of means risk their lives when they could have stayed safely out of harms way like Richard Nixon and many other Kennedy adversaries and critics?   In the reasoning of many envious men of letters and lesser endowments, ... the Kennedys were irrational, reckless and driven by "impossible dreams" like the Man From La Mancha.   But the dreams of great minds like Abraham Lincoln, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy have been made real by our own existence as believers that even though evil men may slay our dreamers, ... they cannot destroy the dreams we inherited from them for goodness sake. The Kennedys are now many, many more and greater than ever before!  And the dreams live on!

                                                                   The Impossible Dream Lyrics

Rose Fitzgerald (July 22, 1890 January 22, 1995)  on right was  born of Christian generation #64 and became a mother that mattered a lot in generating goodness that benefited the "the least of us."  We are reminded in our faith that without mothers, goodness can not come into existence except by the womb of mothers as it was in the spiritual beginning celebrated as Christmas.   She was a gold star mother that suffered the loss of a beloved son and daughter in horrors that pitted the forces of evil against Allied forces in Africa, Asia and Europe.  But, like the challenges and skills in playing the game of baseball, ... it was not easy for the Kennedys to pursue goodness, nor can we decide who was first or last in the body and spirit of Christ.     

The non-believers would surely ask: "Why would your loving God take away the lives of a faithful woman's first-born son and first-born daughter?"  We do not know but have observed the Kennedys "never were alone"!  In fact, it took a team (mother and father) for each of them to be conceived and born, and in all things that mattered what we saw were people united, whether in fun or functional endeavors to help themselves and others.  They all, always, teamed up with others to find, face and overcome adversities whether in the home, education or professions.  And, the same holds true for other believers even like Bill Gates whose life and success is bound up in teaming with others especially his father and wife.

The individualism and fame sought by so many among the least of us was not found in any of the Kennedys we saw and heard. Our concern is that so many youth are being indoctrinated by movies and television to see and believe individual achievement is by standing, thinking and acting alone, as though some type of fabled Greek god or John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Michael Jackson.  We want them to understand the Christian doctrine of "two or more" applies in all matters seeking goodness even entertainment and sports.  Too many preachers are ignorant of Christian doctrine that a young man or woman has to "get up, suit up and team up to win for goodness sake."   Doing goodness alone is an absolute fallacy!

But we dare to believe that since birth of Jesus as the Christ to many believers, ... virtues of courage, faith, hope and love for "the least of us" have amazingly transcended generations past, present and future.  And, those virtues have been displayed by many people and places such as the Fitzgerald-Kennedy families of Massachusetts since at least the American Civil War.  It is hoped that gifted and talented in new generations will grasp the concept and evidence that even in the best of families and lives, ... goodness is without endings so long as believers exist. 

Sort of like a professional baseball game with famed players, competing managers, base coaches, many umpires, billions of fans and unlimited innings.  And, like all patriots before and after them in Massachusetts they were born of mothers, like Abigail Adams (and the unknown enslaved mother of Crispus Attucks), ... seeking goodness in their faith.  Indeed, without faith there was no beginning of goodness in Kennedys. 

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