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Along Timber Ridge Trail
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Historically, since at least the life and death of Jesus, very few proclaimed ministers of the gospel have ever had the courage, faith, hope and love to tell the entire stories of what they have seen and heard about and by a living Christ; but, rather carefully preach and teach tales acceptable to their congregations about the Jesus they choose to revere and worship as one of their own minus "the least of us."   Indeed most people referred to as Christians want to believe they are but like Peter before them, ... nearly always lack the courage to speak truth to power including family and neighbors.  Preachers and teachers are no different,.. certainly no more or less cowardly "the least of us" believers.

Along Timber Ridge Trail was written by a pastor of an all-White Christian protestant church and published in year 1971 with four chapters containing approximately 210 pages about Lowry, Virginia minus any significant notations about the large African heritage populations.  We have included the first 20 pages listed below to make our point that it was never easy for African or Native Americans to seek and receive the blessings of Christ: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  By noticeably excluding the periods of: 1850s (Fugitive Slave Act and Pursuits); 1860s (Southern Rebellion, War and Slave Emancipation); 1870s (Post-Confederates Terrorism and Southern Reconstruction); 1880s (Southern Black Codes and Repressions); and, 1890s (Racial Discrimination and Segregation by Church and State).



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