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Wilkerson Patriots
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Wilkerson Patriots that served in the cause of liberation and salvation during the Civil War are an excellent example of a major great lie propagated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries based on interviews and comments by some ex-slaves (non-veterans), ... that they did not know their family origins and surnames or men who impregnated their mothers and thus routinely used the surnames of their last slave owners. 

The facts ignored by most scholars is that men of the character and kind who had the courage to escape slavery and risked their lives to help destroy it had a very good understanding as to who they were, ... and surnames given to recruiters reflected their considered judgment and reasoning beyond speculations by others as to who they were not.  No man knows for sure who his father, grand-father, etc. were but a courageous man cares to know and all the more reasons that so many second and third generation of White slave owners joined the Union forces to avenge themselves. 

Emma Wilkerson, born abt 1814  

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