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Isaacs Patriots
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Yes, for those who want to know, ... Isaacs offspring were among a lot of Black and White young men of the Jewish faith who served, fought and died in the great battles of "Armageddon" that ended the world of evil as we knew it, ...

... chattel slavery in the new United States that another "Abraham" as we witnessed him was often called by "the least of us" calling out to a higher power for salvation on earth.  While there doubtlessly were many Jews who were major slave traders and fought for the confederate rebellion (such as Judah P. Benjamin, one of the founding scoundrels in the rebellion)

... we must not forget that Jews then or now were no more monolithic than English, Scots, Welch, Irish, and  African-Americans (many of whom did nothing then or now to liberate themselves from their worldly ailments).  And, at least one unknown Jew, perhaps a gifted child in New York State, ... read the Scriptures to our beloved Sojourner Truth who apparently memorized every word heard, and inspired to travels far more applicable to Black preachers than those of self-proclaimed Apostle Paul preaching in the Roman Empire. 

Also our salvation Jews before and after the Civil War that African-Americans knew were not "Fiddler on the Roof" type Yiddish speaking ones popularized in modern American culture about Jewish immigrants.  But, rather like many Mulattoes, Blacks, Irish, and others moving west from original colonial embankments along the James River, ... they struggled to master English as the language of empowerment. 

With few exceptions among Whites, Blacks, and especially Jewish traders like David Isaacs, ... use of the language mattered in communicating with empowered men like Thomas Jefferson.  We dare not characterize them less they were, ... to fit the screen-play of someone like Melvin Van Peebles imagining a stereo-typed existence of human beings in Brooklyn and Harlem.

The real story about anti-Semitism as it exists is that most glorified believers in the Christ of their own making, ... do not know the history and callings of Jesus who was not only born in the faith of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac but also the spirit of goodness to uplift people by many men and means. We do not doubt that Nancy Hemings loved David Isaacs and he loved her.  It most certainly is one of the great unwritten love stories awaiting a novelist about the House of David most preachers have never imagined or certainly not called to preach about.  A few like Jesse Jackson, maybe, can comprehend that God we believe in can do all things known and unknown.

Indirectly, and maybe deliberately the good news of Jesus was spread by many Jews in America like David Isaacs of the House of David, before and after HE was born, ... including Mulatto Hebrews like King Solomon who had a thousand concubines and apparently loved many of them. 

Many Jews born and raised in the growing British Empire and alliances in Germany, ... did not come into America via Ellis Island but rather long before into ports like Annapolis and Williamsburg when the United States was being formed to be what we know today and love under God.  Our fear is that too many African-American writers do not know enough about geography and history to write about energies and matters that inspire, motivate, educate and enlighten new generations about truths that ought not be forgotten.  

The Hemings family experiences may help to offer some insight for writers to digest and write about what might have been, maybe occurred, possibly existed in the mysteries of our faith.  But, the below listed men, many of whom were killed, is no mystery, ... U.S. Government archives document they were born and lived in the great struggle that freed bodies, if not souls. 

As with the sons of Madison Hemings, those able to pass for White joined White regiments while their cousins of color joined the U.S. Colored Troop regiments.  No one knows for certain as to the percentage of African heritage youth were able to pass for White and join regiments reserved for Whites; but indications the number far exceeded assumptions that few were able to do so, and it is equally ludicrous to imagine cousins of color did not know their White cousins passing as such to fight the good fight against an institution disdained and hated by their parents and parents' parents.

Soldier Name
Regiment Name
1Isaacs, AbrahamUnionInfantry103rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
2Isaacs, AlbertUnionInfantry117th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
3Isaacs, AlexanderUnionInfantry12th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
4Isaacs, AndrewUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
5Isaacs, AndrewUnionInfantry47th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
6Isaacs, Andrew I.UnionInfantryMcGowan's Independent Company, Maryland Infantry (Patapsco Guards)
7Isaacs, Andrew J.UnionInfantry32nd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
8Isaacs, Andrew J.UnionInfantry67th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
9Isaacs, AronUnionInfantry42nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
10Isaacs, ArthurUnionInfantry50th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
11Isaacs, BenjaminUnionInfantry56th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
12Isaacs, BenjaminUnionInfantry82nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
13Isaacs, BenjaminUnionInfantry81st Regiment, Indiana Infantry
14Isaacs, Bird N.UnionCavalry8th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
15Isaacs, CalvinUnionInfantry103rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
16Isaacs, Charles C.UnionInfantry59th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
17Isaacs, Charles E.UnionInfantry6th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry (100 days, 1864) (Militia)
18Isaacs, Charles E.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, New Hampshire Cavalry
19Isaacs, Charles L.UnionInfantry104th Regiment, New York Infantry
20Isaacs, Charles S.UnionInfantry5th Regiment, New York Infantry
21Isaacs, DanielUnionInfantry10th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
22Isaacs, DariusUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
23Isaacs, DaveUnionInfantry108th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
24Isaacs, DavidUnionCavalry5th Regiment, New York Cavalry
25Isaacs, David A.M.UnionInfantry56th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
26Isaacs, DudleyUnionInfantry114th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
27Isaacs, EliasUnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry
28Isaacs, ElijahUnionInfantry149th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (1 year, 1865)
29Isaacs, EnosUnionCavalrySmallwood's Company, Scouts and Guides, Missouri Cavalry (3 months, 1861)
30Isaacs, EnosUnionCavalry7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry
31Isaacs, FerdinandUnionInfantry5th Regiment, New York Infantry
32Isaacs, FrancisUnionInfantry39th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
33Isaacs, Francis M.UnionInfantry31st Regiment, Indiana Infantry
34Isaacs, GeorgeUnionInfantry18th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
35Isaacs, George W.UnionInfantry1st Regiment, Maryland Infantry
36Isaacs, George W.UnionInfantry47th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
37Isaacs, GodfreyUnionInfantry4th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry
38Isaacs, GodfreyUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
39Isaacs, GodfreyUnionCavalry14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
40Isaacs, GodfreyUnionInfantry47th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
41Isaacs, GodfreyUnionInfantry47th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
42Isaacs, Godfrey M.UnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
43Isaacs, Godfrey M.Union 17th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
44Isaacs, Godfrey N.Union 17th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
45Isaacs, HarryUnionInfantry72nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
46Isaacs, HarveyUnionInfantry40th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
47Isaacs, HendersonUnionCavalry14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
48Isaacs, HenryUnionInfantry147th Regiment, New York Infantry
49Isaacs, HenryUnionInfantry18th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months, 1861)
50Isaacs, HenryUnionInfantry72nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
51Isaacs, HenryUnionInfantry90th Regiment, New York Infantry
52Isaacs, Henry C.UnionInfantry2nd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade
53Isaacs, Henry S.UnionCavalry14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
54Isaacs, HermanUnionInfantry9th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
55Isaacs, HesekiahUnionInfantry47th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
56Isaacs, IsaacUnionCavalry1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry
57Isaacs, IsaacUnionCavalry25th Regiment, New York Cavalry
58Isaacs, IsaacUnionInfantry13th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
59Isaacs, IsaacUnionInfantry32nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
60Isaacs, IsaacUnionInfantry83rd Regiment, New York Infantry
61Isaacs, Isaac N.UnionInfantry44th Regiment, New York Infantry
62Isaacs, IsaiahUnionInfantry53rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
63Isaacs, JacksonUnionCavalry9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
64Isaacs, JacksonUnionCavalry3rd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
65Isaacs, JacobUnionInfantry76th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
66Isaacs, JamesUnionInfantry14th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
67Isaacs, JamesUnionInfantry56th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
68Isaacs, JamesUnionInfantry84th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
69Isaacs, JamesUnionInfantry10th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
70Isaacs, James R.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
71Isaacs, JasperUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
72Isaacs, JeffersonUnionArtillery6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery
73Isaacs, JesseUnionCavalry11th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry
74Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry120th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
75Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry27th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
76Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry52nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
77Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry84th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
78Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry87th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry (New Organization)
79Isaacs, JohnUnionSharpshooters1st Regiment, Michigan Sharpshooters
80Isaacs, JohnUnionCavalry6th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (70th Volunteers)
81Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry10th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
82Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry174th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
83Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry11th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
84Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry16th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
85Isaacs, JohnUnionCavalry10th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
86Isaacs, JohnUnionInfantry31st Regiment, Indiana Infantry
87Isaacs, John B.UnionCavalry15th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
88Isaacs, John E.UnionInfantry7th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
89Isaacs, John G.UnionInfantry76th Regiment, New York Infantry
90Isaacs, John M.UnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
91Isaacs, John W.UnionInfantry4th Regiment, Maryland Infantry (New)
92Isaacs, JohnsonUnionInfantry5th Regiment, US Volunteer Infantry
93Isaacs, JonasUnionInfantry90th Regiment, New York Infantry
94Isaacs, Jonathan I.UnionInfantry4th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
95Isaacs, JosephUnionInfantry9th Regiment, New York Infantry
96Isaacs, JosephUnionInfantry6th Regiment, US Volunteer Infantry
97Isaacs, JosephUnionCavalry1st Regiment, New York Cavalry
98Isaacs, JosephUnionInfantry2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
99Isaacs, JosephUnionArtillery4th Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artillery
100Isaacs, LewisUnionInfantry51st Regiment, New York Infantry
101Isaacs, LyonUnionCavalry5th Regiment, New York Cavalry
102Isaacs, MathewUnionCavalry6th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
103Isaacs, MathewUnionInfantry10th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
104Isaacs, MathewUnionInfantry49th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
105Isaacs, MatthewUnionArtillery1st Regiment, Indiana Heavy Artillery
106Isaacs, MatthewUnionInfantry117th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)
107Isaacs, MaxUnionInfantry156th Regiment, New York Infantry
108Isaacs, MichaelUnionInfantry90th Regiment, New York Infantry
109Isaacs, MosesUnionInfantry90th Regiment, New York Infantry
110Isaacs, Moses M.UnionInfantry83rd Regiment, New York Infantry
111Isaacs, NeilUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
112Isaacs, NoahUnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry
113Isaacs, NoahUnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry
114Isaacs, PeterUnionArtillery1st Regiment, Michigan Light Artillery
115Isaacs, Philip J.UnionInfantry11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
116Isaacs, PrestonUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
117Isaacs, PrestonUnionInfantry32nd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
118Isaacs, Reuben R.UnionInfantry70th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
119Isaacs, Richard J.UnionArtillery1st Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery
120Isaacs, Sam'l G.UnionInfantry53rd Regiment, New York Infantry (2nd)
121Isaacs, SamuelUnionInfantry132nd Regiment, New York Infantry
122Isaacs, SamuelUnionInfantry2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
123Isaacs, Samuel T.UnionInfantry4th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
124Isaacs, SimpsonUnionInfantry67th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
125Isaacs, SolomonUnionInfantry11th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
126Isaacs, SolomonUnionCavalry2nd Regiment, Missouri Cavalry (Merrill's Horse)
127Isaacs, StephenUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
128Isaacs, Swen A.UnionInfantry42nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
129Isaacs, SylvesterUnionCavalry14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
130Isaacs, ThomasUnionInfantry16th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
131Isaacs, ThomasUnionInfantry28th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
132Isaacs, ThomasUnionCavalry1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry
133Isaacs, ThomasUnionInfantry30th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
134Isaacs, ValentineUnionArtillery2nd Regiment, Illinois Light Artillery
135Isaacs, W. AlbertUnionInfantry117th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
136Isaacs, Washington F.Union Unassigned Indiana Volunteers
137Isaacs, WesleyUnionInfantry42nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
138Isaacs, WesleyUnionInfantry100th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
139Isaacs, WilliamUnionInfantry97th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
140Isaacs, WilliamUnionInfantry123rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
141Isaacs, WilliamUnionSharpshooters1st Regiment, Michigan Sharpshooters
142Isaacs, WilliamUnionInfantry4th Regiment, Maryland Infantry (New)
143Isaacs, WilliamUnionInfantry16th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (1 year)
144Isaacs, William A. J.UnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade
145Isaacs, William H.UnionArtillery1st Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery
146Isaacs, William H.UnionInfantry11th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
147Isaacs, William H.UnionInfantry29th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
148Isaacs, William J.Union Unidentified Massachusetts
149Isaacs, William M.UnionInfantry59th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
150Isaacs, William Mc.UnionInfantry67th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
151Isaacs, William R. C.UnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade
152Isaacs, William R. I.UnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade


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