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GW and Dower Slave Listing
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Scholars have always differed in their research and interpretations of slavery in America, and confusion will never end so far as it concerns men like William Lee in the context of patriots, fathers, husbands, brothers or even American Christians. 

The ante-bellum definitions of a slave even diminished and often deleted the defining minds of men like George Washington who was able to view William Lee for his abilities, not simply his societal classification as slave.  Indeed, Negroes by law and custom of ante-bellum thinkers were compelled to belong to a person of property, and if they did not, to be otherwise indentured or sent away.

George Washington's List of Slaves at Mount Vernon, 1799

Negros Belonging to George Washington in his own right and by Marriage
Nat Smith His Wife Lucy D[ogue] R[un] dow[e]rTom Davis B: layr Wife at Mr Lear's
George Ditto Ditto Lydia R[iver] F[arm] DittoSimms Carpr Ditto Daphne–French's
Isaac Carp[ente]r Kitty Dairy DittoCyrus Post[ilio]n Ditto Lucy R.F. GW
James Ditto40Darcus Muddy Hole GWWilson Ditto15No wife
Sambo Ditto Agnes R.F. dowrGodfrey Cartr  Wife Mima Mn. Ho. dowr
Davy Ditto Edy U[nion] F[arm] GWJames Ditto  Ditto Alla     Ditto     ditto
Joe Ditto Dolshy Spin[ne]r dowrHanson Dist[ille]r  No wife
Tom Coop[e]r Nanny Muddy Hole GWPeter Ditto  Ditto
Moses Ditto No WifeNat Ditto  Ditto
Jacob Ditto DittoDaniel Ditto  Ditto
George Gard[ene]r His wife Sall D.R. dowrTimothy Ditto  
Harry Ditto No wifeSla[min] Joe Ditchr  Wife Sylla D.R. GW
Boatswain Ditc[her] His wife Myrtilla Spinr GWChriss Ho. Ser:  Ditto Majr Wests
Dundee Ditto His wife at Mr LearsMarcus Ditto  no Wife
Charles Ditto Ditto Fanny U.F. dowrLucy Cook  Husband Ho[use] Frank GW
Ben Ditto Ditto Penny R.F. GWMolly  No husband
Forrester Ditto No WifeSall Ho[use] M[ai]d  Ditto
Nathan Cook31Wife Peg Muddy Hole GW Caroline Ditto  Husb[an]d Peter Hardman
W. Muclus B[rick] Lay[e]r Ditto Captn MarshallsKtty Milk Md  Ditto Isaa. Carpr GW
Juba Carter No wifeAlce Spinr  Charles Freeman
Matilda Spinner Boson DitcherBetty Davis Ditto  Mrs Washington's–Dick
Frank Ho[use] Servt Wife Lucy–CookDolshy  Husbd Joe Carpr GW
Will Shoem[ake]r Lame–no wifeAnna  Ditto liv[in]g at George Town GW
   Judy 21No Husband
   Delphy  Ditto ditto
   Peter lame Kn[i]tt[e]r  No wife
   Alla Ditto  Husbd James Cartr dower
Amount24 Amount28 
Passed LabourWill Wife Aggy D.R. GW
Frank80No Wife  Ditto Sall R.F. Ditto
Gunner90Wife Judy R.F. GWMike No wife– son to Lucy
Sam Cook40Ditto Alce Muddy Hole DittoSinah Husbd Miller Ben GW
   Mima Ditto Godfrey Wag[one]r dowr
   Lucy No Husband
   Grace Husbd Mr Lear's Juba
   Letty No husband
   Nancy Ditto ditto
   Viner Ditto ditto
   Eve 1717Ditto a dwarf
   Delia14Ditto her sister
   Phil Son to Lucy
Amount3 Patty daughter to Ditto

Washington's Slave List, June 1799 [http://rotunda.upress.virginia.edu/founders/default.xqy?keys=GEWN-search-1-1&expandNote=on&printable=yes[3/9/2012 1:03:05 PM]

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