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Mary X Robinson, born abt 1774
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Samuel Robinson, born 1789
Samuel Robinson, born abt 1800
James Robenson, abt 1803
Thomas Robinson, abt 1805
Jack Robinson, abt 1806
Isaac Robinson, born abt 1808
Charlotte Robinson, abt 1810
Sam Robinson, born abt 1810
Martin Robinson, born abt 1810
Lindsey Robinson - Wm born abt 1812
Ceasar Robinson, abt 1826
Jane Robinson, born abt 1830
Daniel B Robinson, abt 1833









Mary X Robinson, born abt 1774 is unknown but obviously must have existed?  The data we gathered about Samuel Robinson led us to the obvious question as to who his mother, siblings and even father might have been.  The only thing we know for certain is that he did have a mother, and because he was born a slave, his mother was officially classified a slave; otherwise he would have been born free perhaps even a free White male.  The scenario on the birth of slaves is an amazing story on the minds of men with might to make rights; but, also about mothers who ultimately triumphed over mean men.

So our Mary X Robinson story is that of many millions of young women who gave birth to slaves, often fathered by their White owners and/or studded to generate babies until they could do so no more.  Their stories of "colored girls" dwarf any tales told by modern writers who have never researched or grasped the enormity of women forced or otherwise encouraged to conceive lives of slaves.  What we have to wonder is that if these women had not given birth to men we know to have come forth, ... could the emancipation proclamation ever have come into existence?  Without the young men born of young women in pain and sadness, could the legions of metered men for waging war become available to end the hated institution?  

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We do not know name of Samuel's mother but census  correlated by Mormon Church confirms he was born in Virginia, via a mother of ancestry born in Africa and sold into slavery by the African Slave Trade and equally godless Rhode Island Slave Traders in pursuit of success via ruthless young men and fertile females to generate more slaves.

Separate but equal in their power of life and death over helpless village victims, ... the traders chose successful ventures over any love of God non-believers might choose to imagine.  These horrible men acted during times that tales of woe can barely describe the horror of it all. 



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