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Lindsey Robinson - Wm born abt 1812
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Danil Robinson, abt 1835
Jackson Robinson, abt 1835
Ruffus Robinson, abt 1835
Wash Robinson, born abt 1836
Bryant Robinson, abt 1840
Jerry Robinson, abt 1840
Tony Robinson, abt 1841
Lorenza Robinson, abt 1844
Mack Robison, abt 1845
James Hampton Robinson, abt 1845
Noah Robinson, abt 1845
Linsey Robinson, abt 1848










Linsey Robinson was born and classified as White around year 1812, and believed to have been related to the mulatto and black Robinson offspring.  Linsey Robinson stands out because it was also the name given to Jackie Robinson's father.  We do not know for certain that Linsey fathered any or all of the mulatto and black offspring listed on this site but is a point of reference to ascertain the Robinsons came into existence as slaves via the White Robinsons who were likely slave breeders in addition to traders and plantation owners in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina with origins in the Virginia slave industry.

Names used by White and Black Robinson offspring offer a suggestion of commonalities including use of the name Sarah for female offspring.  Prior to recent advances in DNA sciences there was no way to know unless specified in written records or oral histories normally dismissed as speculation.   John Robinson listed below is an indicator of what beheld many or most of the White Robinson offspring after the Civil War and the absence of slave breeding and trading in Virginia. 

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