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Martin Robinson, born abt 1810
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

John Robinson, born abt 1851
Easter Rap, born abt 1856
Robert Robinson, born abt 1863
James Robinson, born abt 1866
Fredrick Robinson, born abt 1871









Martin Robinson is perhaps a vivid example of the tragedy of slave breeding and trading that in effect fueled polygamy by taking women and children away for sale to distant locations and owners.  We are compelled to believe that Martin was most valuable to his owner as both a carpenter and breeder of slaves likely sired by years:  (1)1830 - 1840 and sold away;  (2) years 1841 - 1850 and sold away; and (3) years 1850-1860 and sold away. 

The listing below was compiled based on 1880 census data and suggests family formations that were began and disrupted before and after the Civil War with offspring of Martin Robinson and his siblings likely dispersed in states such as Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.   The interesting fact is that certain descendents such as Robert Robinson were generated in places like Charlottesville, Virginia and perhaps Richmond, Virginia.

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