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Jane Robinson, born abt 1830
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Jerre Robinson, abt 1856
Sallie Robinson, born abt 1862
Amanda Robinson, born 1864
Jerry Robinson, born abt 1866
Simon Robinson, born abt 1868
Enoch Robinson, born abt 1869
Emma Robinson, born abt 1871









We are of the opinion that Jane Robinson was one of the unfortunate souls in Virginia sold to slave owners in Alabama, Georgia and other deep south locations including Texas.  Slave traders and owners held no compassion for slave family links and ties even in the best of times for themselves.  Slave traders have always been among the most greedy and ruthless men on earth and that includes the African slave traders.  What is imagined about the results of it all has a lot to do with what we care to know about and our faith that truth crushed to earth will rise again in triumph.

Indeed, Jane Robinson apparently was the great grandmother of our beloved Jackie Robinson whose character and will to be useful for himself and the least of us must always be remembered.


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