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William Hill, born abt 1802
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Byrd Hill, born abt 1830
Joe Hill, born abt 1835
Phil Hill, born abt 1836
William Hill, born abt 1840
Sally Hill, born abt 1844









We are inclined to speculate that William Hill born free before 1803 in Virginia was perhaps not raised or permanently residing in Ohio, ... fathered William Hill born in 1840 as reflected by the 1880 census and Civil War records of U.S. Colored Troops.  We dare speculate that William also fathered other offspring and was likely a man who travelled in and out of Virginia perhaps trading in horses for the floating tannery the brothers established in Ohio on Scioto River.  

Another factor to be considered is that tannery skills would have been taught to his son William who during the Civil War would pass through Salem/Roanoke where he met and later married Gilly Frog Finney; and, apparently worked in or traded with various Virginia tannery operators.  Our view is that many, if not most, freemen whether classified as Black, Mulatto, Native or White, ... travelled widely to earn a living.  Unlike females, they were not likely to stay in place tied down by offspring and regular employment.  The other reality is that because so many men travelled so wide and often, ... many fostered polygamous relationships having wives and offspring in various locations across a region such as Virginia's old "Ohio Country." 


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