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Thomas Hill, abt 1803
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Evelyn Hill, born abt 1826
Thomas Hill, abt 1835
Daniel Hill, abt 1837
Susan Hill, abt 1843
Unknown Hill, abt 1845
Nancy Hill, abt 1848
William Hill, abt 1850
Richard Hill, abt 1852
Abraham Hill, abt 1854
Sarah Hill, abt 1856
Elizabeth Hill, abt 1858









We perceive that Thomas Hill, the son of Henry Hill was born after the father arrived in Ohio from Virginia.

Our speculation is that Thomas Hill was a travelling man between business interest in Ohio and Virginia inclusive of modern-day W. Virginia, less than a week's journey by horseback and wagon in the days when West Virginia was still a section of Virginia and polygamy was very common; and, offspring of such relationships far more common than historians have dared imagine.  


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