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Talented Tenth
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Given there is no reason not to believe that a percentile of perhaps one-two percent of births among people and places all over the earth, including enslaved Americans and believer descendents like Dr. Alain Locke [64th Generation] (image on right).  We think it is reasonable for enlightened and educated to perceive that African-Americans also have given birth to such youth who can grow to use their God given gifts to be helpful or harmful, or envied and rejected. 

The problem of course is they have to be found, enlightened, educated and connected with the otherwise talented in the common good to make whole a "talented tenth" in pursuit of goodness referenced by Dr. E. B. DuBois [63rd Generation].  The gifted child Martin Luther King, Jr. [65th Generation] is all the more remarkable in that he was able to use his giftedness to learn and join his reasoning to the faith in and with other believers who sought fellowship with him.  It was a very difficult achievement in the history of righteous movements.  Referring to him and them as a civil rights movement has removed the essence of what, why and how it came into existence.

There was a "talented tenth" even during the horrors of chattel slavery that many or most managed to somehow avoid or escape.  Dr. E. Franklin Frazier [63rd Generation] and many others recognized the talented had a moral obligation to functionally care about uplifting "the least of us" by providing not only functional analysis and leadership; but, far more importantly the doctrine of faith, hope and love commanded by Christ applicable to the best and brightest African-Americans.  He criticized conspicuous consumption as degeneration.

Frazier's functional review research and publishing at Harvard, Howard and elsewhere generated interests by youthful scholars like Patrick Moynihan and others who copied and surmised information about Black families.  It was useful to advancing their own beliefs and ambitions casting aside the functional matters about faith, hope and love mainly because their research was primarily, as most scholars do, reviewing published literature and avoiding contaminations by first-hand observations and interviews with "functional men and women that matter in fathering and mothering families."  

                  A Raisin In the Sun Lorraine Hansberry  - Bing images 

Affirmative action concepts born at Harvard by fellow social engineers like the first Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:  was tempered by Broadway writers like Lorraine Hansberry [ reasoned, as slave owners certainly did "that a poor young Black woman (like Harriet Beecher Stowe's Eliza with her own cabin (apartment) as a source of contentment and progress" against agitators like Fredrick Douglass [61st Generation]

Douglass as a Republican also was a African Methodist with Presbyterian thoughts about affirmative actions to help men learn to read, earn and feed their families.  Living in a nice and comfortable house was not anywhere on the agenda up from slavery.  Men earning a living to raise up and support families was a principal moral issue, second only to personal liberty that allowed getting land on which to raise food to eat and crops to sell.  Urbanization changed the scenario of purposes and values, including relationships.

Young Andrew Carnegie was a believer born in the [62nd Generation] had seen and worked with energetic African-American men during the Civil War when he planned and supervised construction of telegraph and railway lines in overcoming rebellious slave states that formed the illegal confederacy in 1861.  He was a benefactor to [63rd Generation] which generated much of the benefits acquired by African-Americans in Western Pennsylvania.  He was the first world industrialist to offer and pay standard wages to Black men.

Carnegie understood the strong racial overtones of his Presbyterianism confronting mainly immigrant Roman Catholic bigots who like those raised up in Southern Protestant bigotry:  functionally did not regard Blacks as Christians.  He went even further by his extraordinary gift and participation in the development of Tuskegee Institute led by Booker T. Washington [63rd Generation] who advocated that young Black men be urgently encouraged to gain a function skill working with their hands; and establishing personal owned enterprises when opportunity existed. 

Amazingly most scholars utterly ignore aftermath of the Second American Revolution that generated tens of thousands of African-American residents in places like Pittsburgh long before 20th century mass immigrations from Europe and elsewhere.  Racism among many scholars deliberately decided to classify Americans moving about as secondary immigrants, after those who immigrated Europe to labor in American industry.   

And, with all politics being local:  the numbers of Black men working with their hands in the skilled crafts around Pittsburgh was virtually non-existent as had been policies enforced by the White skilled craft unions that controlled all apprentice and certification programs that bound employer use of unionized labor.  Men like Samuel Gompers and many other labor leader made certain that skilled crafts and especially State licensing was denied to African-Americans as a threat to White apprentice trainees and workers.

No mention is ever made that of the 500,000 African-Americans living in the Union states on eve of the Civil War in 1861, there would be upwards of 100,000 to send sons like George Washington Williams [62nd Generation] (image above left) to serve on behalf of the Union; and by wars end the population numbers multiplied to at least the one million or more African-Americans such as Ellis Kile/Kyle, born abt 1845 [62nd Generation]

Many men like him labored and learned in America's post war growth that motivated movements of their relatives and others even from among men  who sent a lot of cash money home, worked as pioneers opening western states and helped liberate Cuba (image on right)

Yet for some 10 years or more after emancipation there were millions of ex-slaves utterly dependent upon government for their daily survival, not simply against the hatred raging among places forced to grant them liberty; but even Christians and Jews who resented them being helped by government providing food and clothing to survivors.  Men with nothing but whip lashes on their backs and personal liberty time by emancipation were daily characterized as to lazy to work.

While most African-American women who worked did so as maids, cooks and cleaning women; the functional men in their lives labored long and hard in mills, coal-mines, foundries, construction and other labor intensive works that many others did not want to do.  The facts are that even before slavery was abolished and the horrible war ended, there was a mindset among many and most employers in America that African-Americans did not deserve to be paid standard wages received by White men.

Referring to men like them and their known relatives as immigrants avoids the realities who came first or last to be hired or fired; and who labored in matters of building farms, railways, tunnels, bridges and making steel that mattered in the growth and dynamics of America between 1860 and 1900 (two generations of believers).  Tables compiled below by modern scholars essentially deletes the self-worth of African-American heritage in the industrialized northern states; but proving why scholarship matters, more than silly sally pretentious intellectual exercises by people outside the functional faith..

                African-American neighborhood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Little or any is written about the outrage expressed by most organized labor local unions  which viewed Black men as lesser than themselves. To them and their communities, African-Americans were strikebreakers and scabs, not American labor seeking to labor in earning a living beyond being a southern plantation share-cropper. 

            Who Rules America The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions in the U.S.

Black men seeking jobs flooded into industrial towns in and around Pittsburgh; and by year 1950 the population of Western Pennsylvania African-Americans were estimated to be about 400,000 dependent souls (with most, not all) living in approximately 100 different zip code areas living in family clusters of houses that were homes, and identifiable as communities where mothers and fathers co-existed with boyz to men (marriages occurred much more frequently than murders).

Indeed, the earliest and least discussed affirmative actions by government after World War II was removing people from where generations were born, and mothers and children lived dependent upon low or no income father matters. 

Low or no income housing for mothers and children under 18 years conceived by non-believers made Christian believers believe hope and love (minus marriage) was being generated as never before in the history of Christianity.

Yet, they had to know about the realities of people isolated in compact enclaves like Jews of Warsaw who rebelled with violent rage prompting Nazi final solutions to incarcerate and kill them all, including women and children.  Denigration, isolation and segregate from others is a killing scheme (whether intentional or unintentional) in a universe obviously designed to multiply and grow, not be clustered by gravitational forces and die as shooting stars.

The 64th generation planners (Black, White, Christians and Jews) were born, nurtured and educated in the same mindsets as degenerate thinkers in Austria, Germany, Italy and elsewhere that fostered the European Holocaust. 

And, with the ending of World War II and Korean War, the same degenerate mindsets set about reasoning that decadent and denigrated urban rental environments could be improved by removals and clustering from greater to lesser space; such as reasoning applied in building places like the Auschwitz Death Camp above left.  It was considered well designed and engineered.

People removed were mostly renters not home owners; and with few exceptions, not employed by industrial entities like mills, mines and factories that afforded steady incomes necessary to sustain real estate ownership.  The first observable impact of 1950s urban removals in Pittsburgh, Birmingham (and Johannesburg) were always consumer spending denigrations, causing a collapse of neighborhood retail outlets that employed youth.

                                        Wylie Avenue Days - Bing images

The vacated greater space was owned by landlords and churches subjected to imminent domain laws by cities, counties and states was subsequently available for land use redevelopment schemes such as highways and sports stadiums.  

They did just that in the Pittsburgh region, first in the name of urban renewal (African-Americans called it "Black Removal") approximately 55,000 impoverished consumer residents in the Lower Hill District neighborhoods were dispersed to upper-lower and lower middle-class neighborhoods of African-American home-owners.    

Dependent mothers were to be like devoted Catholic nuns married to Christ; and raising up children excepting their husbanding was to come from government which had the power and money to keep bad men and poverty away.  Yet the reality soon evident by year 1960 was that fathers as husbands was neither desired or feasible; and boyz to men was lurking in the winds of change for the worse, much worse than foreseen by Robert Weaver from his Harvard learning or Whitney Young based on Urban League hopes and expectations in census data. 

Spikes in neighborhood crime were unexpected; but predictable by real fathers and policemen like Pittsburgh police officer Oliver Mason who understood boys raised without hopes or restraints:

... could and would have the functional power to disrupt and prevent neighborhood security of persons and/or property in the short-term, mid-term and long-term years.     

Oliver Mason receives Spirit of King Award - New Pittsburgh Courier HighBeam Research

The only good outcome from this planned housing and parenthood was that boyz to men, 18 years and older not subject to being listed as welfare dependents were ushered away by military conscription if they could read and write well enough.  But, most were not suitable for organized doctrine anywhere and thus lived and survived in boyz to men "street gangs."  Hundreds and thousands of boys and girls were functionally caged and raised in space-less environments of non-families and clans.  The numbers by time of the 1970 census did not reflect realities of downward trends in attitudes and behavior matters. 

It was far more difficult for African-American youth to become labor apprentices than being admitted for study to traditional Whites only universities with or without other affirmative actions such as athletic scholarships. Twenty years after the end of World II, before year 1965 the functional data was clear that housing strategies that made a lot of developers rich, was affirmative action disaster disdained by most Americans:  especially descendents of 20th century immigrants who perceived it to be unfair to them and their kind offspring.  Their battle-cry "I never owned any slaves."   

Project girls to women did not lessen or abandon sex with young Black men; and, were having more fatherless children, not less and the walls of ill-will and rage were producing undesired results.  The riots that followed the assassination of Dr. King were amazing to watch young dependent "boyz" seek to burn down their places of residence in the projects, not communities. It tempered American attitudes about all affirmative actions including higher education that admitted and educated men like Clarence Thomas; but did not enlighten them about matters of heritage such as bars against apprenticeship training for teenage boys of African heritage. 

Peduto administration pitches use of Section 8 funds to subsidize home ownership Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In the 1996 census, the numbers of Pittsburgh area residents of African heritage had decreased by half, mainly because industrial powers such as Mellon Bank and Wall Street moved their capital to other national and international locations.   With few jobs available for skilled craftsmen, the labor unions more or less tightened their restrictions against Black youth still perceived as a domestic threat. 

In fact, public schools such as the Connelly Training Center established to help educate and train immigrants in the early 20th century in matters such as reading and speaking English but skills leading to apprenticeships: were closed because labor unions perceived them unnecessary in a shrinking jobs market.

Many beneficiaries of affirmative actions, like Clarence Thomas [66th Generation] (picture on left) perceive "the least of us" to be little more than heathens deserving of Christian compassion, but nothing more based on race-based affirmative action.  Is that true?  We should not be so quick to blame Thomas who has seen and heard a different drummer and march to "nothingness" among "the least of us." 

We feel his pain, but so did the Christ in which we claim to believe.  Sitting high and mighty as a Roman jurist is not the way to salvation for anyone, and Rome certainly did eventually fall because their legions were no longer able to recruit Roman young men drunken by and against powers that be. He cites the constitution to justify his meanness of spirit; but we perceive Roman ruthlessness in his minds eye, punitive not redemptive law. 

Indeed, Roman reasoning was vastly superior to those they ruled with laws etched in stone for all to read or not read.  There were no excuses accepted for violations, and they did indeed murder Christ along with thousands of others, and called it justice.

Left behind and outside affirmative action gates and walls (especially trade unions, the military and security service industries) are young men not coached, uninspired and mentally ill; preyed upon by percentile of drug addicted uncivil bodies. So what?  In a given metro area how many boys born in 1996 are functionally illiterate, lack driver licenses, unemployed, drug addicted or incarcerated?  How many are fathers or sons of known fathers? 

Kanvee G Adams weep no more New Gospel Songs 2015 - YouTube

We can speculate that because of the Philosophy of Life espoused by the gifted child Jesus during HIS lifetime:  births matter more than any other matter and thus mothers and fathers matter in other matters such as faith, hope and love matters that gifted believer writers and artists see and hear, above or below themselves. 

All births matter, so we disliked remarks by Clarence Thomas to an assembly of White Catholics in Pittsburgh that he was an American who just happened to be born Black.  He went on to explain to a curious questioner if he knew anything about his African ancestry to which he stated bluntly "there were no records of 18th century slaves."  Not true! 

Born in the Savannah, Georgia metro-statistical area, Clarence Thomas is a prime example of what can be perceived as a talented (but, not gifted) youth who never joined, supported or understood the Southern Christian Leadership Conference benefits of the gifted Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King did not go up out of Georgia to avoid Christ; and, he certainly went into Africa with the Christian caring to care about others therein.

It should be understood there are thousands/millions of talented people like Thomas who do not join their reasoning to the faith of fathers and mothers of the past:  inspired by a different doctrine about what is seen and heard in Africa and the Americas. But, they were among the first to rush into accepting societal benefits generated by gifted children like Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The man of shallow understanding lacks the courage or even sense of curiosity to venture into his African heritage; quite easily began by a D&A analysis which will likely lead him to places and the Krumen people on the west coast of Africa.  He looks a lot like many of them, and as God is our witness, seems to have a similar solemn characteristic (hard working) and pride. In fact, he might find that his ancestry includes a lot of characteristics comforting to him.  

                            Krumen people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Look and behold the mystery that perhaps gifted children are born even among the least of us, and it is always them whether Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln or Kwame N'Krumah, Martin Luther King or a Nelson Mandela.

We perceive that too many gifted have used their superior intellect to exploit ignorance and poverty rather than help where needed, and looked for solutions among people and places of power in both state and religion including more jailers/police and legions of preachers.  The mortal sin inflicted on the poor of body and spirit was the deliberate strategy by people with functional power to remove undesired fathers in the economic system from family functioning:  which in turn was anti-Christ in realities self-evident in the absence of functional communities. 

Far too many women realistically live in fear and look to government for husbanding/salvation.  And, too many boyz to men refer to their mothers, sisters and others by heathen terms. 

                                            boyz n the hood - Bing video

Writers ought to consider teachings and activism of gifted and talented folks like Mary Church Terrell [63rd Generation] who initiated founding of over 200,000 local colored neighborhood women's clubs to empower unenlightened, uneducated impoverished young mothers to embrace and help themselves raise their children pursuant validated doctrine up from slavery versus "degenerative nothingness."      

These tens of thousands of Women's Civic Clubs were principal based financial supporters (small donations of 10, 20, 30, 40 or a hundred dollars at a time)  of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They loved Dr. King in the functional spirit of Jesus Christ believed to exist among them during their monthly meetings in each others' homes, not churches or public meeting halls.  Mary was a role model that helped motivate many men of means and methods like Booker T. Washington [63rd Generation] who saw and heard worse than seen above. 

"Throw your buckets down where you are, and draw water." [Booker T. Washington]

But Mary's endeavors in the functional faith were abandoned by gifted and talented young women of the 66th generation expecting empowerment via government funded expert reasoning rather than traditions of gifted and talented women like Mary Bethune, Lucinda Wilson, Rosa Parks and other staunch believers. Their generation of educated women via many non-believers did not believe in the viability of local women's clubs in pursuit of goodness. they did not perceive it most critical to nurture young men against heathenism; evidenced by the 67th Generation witnessing ignorance, incarceration and killings.  Will numbers challenging 68th generation be more or less?

                                    The Sick and the Dead Washington City Paper

And, "all the king's men and horses cannot put humpty dumpty together again" for glorification of a generation that dishonored their fathers and mothers by abandoning their dreams and endeavors to raise up new and better generations in Christ, now held harmless.  Do new writers examine why?  "What is it ye do not understand." [Jesus talking to disciples]

Ironically, on the day of Dr. King's historic "I Have A Dream" speech in August 1963, it was announced by organizers to the throng of at least 200,000 believers present that  Dr. Edward Dubois in Accra, Ghana"  had passed over to the glory of his maker.  It was a Day of Jubilee, not celebration depicted by a few writers. 


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