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Samuel Jones, born 1813
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Spencer Jones, born 1853









Samuel Jones named his first born son (1853-1933) in honor of a long separated older brother Spencer during their lives as slaves prior to 1865, ...  who he would not see until after the Civil War ended slavery and chance meeting of the two brothers traveling same road and time to better and more fruitful lives in Ohio.

Information provided by them to the 1880 census takers affirm that he was born in Kentucky but his parents were born in Virginia as was his older brother Spencer and quite likely many cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents sold away to other plantations and states.  His life and origins help sustain our belief that most of "the least of us" truly are "brothers and sisters in Christ" if we accept the challenge to seek truth not simply on the basis of bible pounding preachers but also knowledge gained by census, genealogy and even DNA evidence as to how and why we are. 


  Birth Year<1813> 
  Marital StatusM <Married> 
  RaceB <Black> 
  Head of HouseholdSamuel JONES
  Father's BirthplaceVA 
  Mother's BirthplaceVA 
 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Samuel JONES  Self  M  Male  B  67  KY  Farmer  VA  VA 
 Polly JONES  Wife  M  Female  B  53  KY  Keeping House  VA  VA 
 Spencer JONES  Son  S  Male  B  26  KY  Farmer  KY  KY 
 Kate JONES  Dau  S  Female  B  24  KY    KY  KY 
 Harry JONES  Son  S  Male  B  18  KY  Works On Farm  KY  KY 
 Priscilla JONES  Dau  S  Female  B  16  KY  Works On Farm  KY  KY 
 Martha JONES  Dau  S  Female  B  14  KY    KY  KY 
 Mary JONES  Dau  S  Female  B  9  KY    KY  KY 
 Thomas JONES  Son  S  Male  B  6  KY    KY  KY 
 Lucy CARTER  MotherL  W  Female  B  77  VA    VA  VA 

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