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This page gives information on the activities of the Churches and houses of worship in Richmond during the Civil War


864[Ruins of buildings, looking west, 2nd Presbyterian Church in background.] Alexander Gardner
937[St. Paul's Church from Capitol Square.]John Reekie


St. John’s Church, Church Hill, Richmond, Va.


St. John’s Church, Richmond, Va.


1st African Church, Richmond, Va.


The Monument Church, Richmond, Va.

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch10/30/1860; Political parties are meeting at various places, including Metropolitan Hall, First African Church, and Springfield Hall
Richmond Dispatch11/1/1860; description of the danger posed to men slating the steeple of the Broad Street Church.
Richmond Dispatch11/1/1860; Chapel of St. Paul’s on 5th, between Canal and Byrd Streets was consecrated yesterday
Richmond Dispatch11/7/1860; Smith’s Armory Band plays at all the different political parties’ headquarters, including the African Church
Richmond Dispatch11/12/1860; British account of the Prince of Wales’ trip to Richmond - notes on the ill-taste of the "ruffianly" Richmond crowds, the Prince’s visit to the state Capitol (important anecdote about the Houdon statue), St. Paul’s Church, the fair grounds, Hollywood Cemetery, Governor’s Mansion, Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch5/4/1861; Rev. Francis Boggs, the Chaplain at Camp Lee, has been elected Captain in the 1st VA Inf.
Richmond Dispatch5/29/1861; ladies of the Monumental Church are doing work for the soldiers in the Mechanics' Institute
Richmond Enquirer6/19/1861; Notes that the St. Francis de Sales Hospital has been recently established, and is treating Confederate soldiers - laudatory of the Catholic Church
Richmond Dispatch7/10/1861; Dr. Hoge, chaplain at Camp Lee, has set up collection place for donations next to the R. F. & P. depot
Richmond Dispatch7/27/1861; brief description of the hospital at Mason Hall Church; also description of the "Springfield Temperance" hospital (future GH#26), in the same neighborhood; notes they are both filling up
Richmond Enquirer8/5/1861; ladies of St. James Church have established a hospital at the corner of Main and 3rd (probably Robertson Hospital)
Richmond Whig8/6/1861; ladies of St. James Episcopal Church have obtained Judge Robertson's house, corner of 3rd and Main, for use as a hospital (later Robertson Hospital)
Richmond Enquirer8/20/1861; Centenary Methodist Church Hospital established
Richmond Enquirer8/20/1861; Two hospitals have been established by the Centenary Methodist Church
Richmond Whig8/20/1861; Sycamore Church establishes hospital in their lecture-room
Richmond Dispatch8/31/1861; good description of Sycamore Church Hospital; opened 8/21
Richmond Enquirer8/31/1861; notice that Sycamore Church Hospital has been established
Richmond Dispatch9/11/1861; ladies of the First Baptist Church have procured a house on Fourth street beyond Leigh to use as a hospital
Richmond Enquirer9/27/1861; description of the Bethel Church Sunday school (20th and Cary streets)
Richmond Dispatch11/1/1861; Rev. John C. McCabe appointed chaplain of area military posts
Richmond Dispatch11/2/1861; more details on Rev. Dr. McCabe - came from the 32VA
Richmond Dispatch11/22/1861; Dr. McCabe, post Chaplain, overwhelmed with work
Richmond Dispatch12/7/1861; excellent directory of churches in Richmond, pastors, and times of worship
Richmond Whig1/22/1862; Description of the funeral of Pres. John Tyler. Body taken from the "Hall of Congress" to St. Paul's, where the funeral sermon was delivered, and thence to Hollywood Cemetery. Notes that the weather was exceedingly bad.
Richmond Whig2/17/1862; description of the funeral of Capt. O. J. Wise at St. James' Church and Hollywood Cemetery. A large number of people came to see the body while it was lying in state, in a metallic coffin, in the Confederate Senate Room at the Capitol.
Richmond Dispatch2/25/1862; Wind storm: slate blown off steeple of Broad Street M. E. Church, also adjacent scaffolding; 100 yards of Petersburg RR bridge track and flooring blown into the river; 50 old pines at Howard’s Grove fall – smash into half dozen houses formerly used by 57 VA; tin roof at Greanor’s Factory (future Castle Thunder), 18th St., blown off.
Richmond Dispatch3/6/1862; list of recent arrests of Unionists including Rev. Bosserman of 1st Independent Christian Church, Mayo St.
Richmond Dispatch

4/1/1862; 2nd Baptist Church melts bell for “2nd Baptist Church Battery;” John Tanner, of Tredegar, involved

Richmond Dispatch4/12/1862; old cannon on street corners should be recycled – bell in steeple of Dr. Reed’s Church sent to the Armory to be recycled
Richmond Dispatch4/14/1862; Shakespearian reading at African Church
Richmond Dispatch4/28/1862; soldier of the 21st MI loitering about the "C. S. Military Prisons" [Libby Prison] is taken into custody, assaults "Mr. Ross, clerk of the prison" and Lieut. Turner "who has charge of the prison" sends him to the Provost Marshal. Man attempts to escape, shot at 19th & Cary, rear of Quaker Meeting House, taken to Libby Prison, where he dies
Richmond Enquirer5/7/1862; congregation of the Disciples church makes a donation to Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch5/13/1862; Peterfield Trent asks City Council to set aside Clay St Chapel as hospital - request denied; quarter ending 4/30: 114 white interments at Shockoe, 16 of them POW
Richmond Dispatch5/15/1862; Editorial regret that Clay St Chapel not used as hospital
Richmond Dispatch5/20/1862; little boy hurt by falling from wall at St. John’s Churchyard
Richmond Dispatch5/29/1862; Ladies making hospital bedding at St. Paul’s church
Richmond Dispatch5/30/1862; Monumental Church ladies sewing beds for hospitals
Richmond Enquirer5/31/1862; ladies of the various churches are requested to make bedding for the hospitals
Richmond Dispatch6/4/1862; New hospital established at Ridge Church (in the west end)
Richmond Dispatch6/4/1862; Many churches sent pew cushions to Med. Dir
Richmond Dispatch6/5/1862; Sycamore Church ladies making bed sacks
Richmond Dispatch6/24/1862; Josephine Rupert, lady making “equipments for the soldiers” at St. Paul’s Church falls through trap door in belfry - not badly injured
Richmond Dispatch7/1/1862; Seaman's Bethel church, 20th street, has been taken as a hospital
Richmond Dispatch7/9/1862; Walter Coles in charge of Bosher & Spotswood Hotel hospital. Thanks donors by name. Rev. Hoge is among the contributors.
Richmond Dispatch7/12/1862; details on funeral of a man who accidentally drowned at Drewry’s Bluff - funeral at Trinity M. E. Church
Richmond Dispatch7/14/1862; Daily prayer meetings at 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch7/22/1862; Ladies at First Baptist Church Hospital thank a Mecklenburg lady for provisions
Richmond Dispatch7/30/1862; special meeting for members of 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch8/2/1862; special preaching at Trinity Methodist Episcopal, 20th & Broad
Richmond Dispatch8/8/1862; Sallie Tompkins thanks St. Paul’s Church, Hanover County, for money donated to hospital
Richmond Dispatch8/18/1862; daily prayer meeting at Centenary Church
Richmond Dispatch8/19/1862; Money and a prayer book found in “gallery” of St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch8/25/1862; daily prayer meeting at 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch9/23/1862; Someone stole one of the old silver communion goblets from St. Paul’s
Richmond Dispatch9/27/1862; Russell’s starch factory “in Rocketts old field” burned to the ground. Was lately in use as a hospital and formerly known as the Second Baptist Church Chapel.
Richmond Dispatch10/7/1862; death notice, R. N. Holstead, ex-Parker’s Battery, died 10/5, typhoid, age 22 yrs, 1 month, 2 days. Druggist at Royster Hospital at the time of his death. Funeral at Union Station Methodist Church
Richmond Dispatch10/27/1862; Summary of synod of Presbyterian Church; Rev. J. D. Thomas holds regular services at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch11/11/1862; report on meeting of city citizens for shoes – J. L. Burrows, 1st Baptist Church, chairman. $4-5 thousand raised on the spot. List of committee members for various wards including Luther Libby, Wm. Greanor, Jno. R. Ballard, T. W. Hoeniger, James H. Grant, Joel B. Watkins, General J. R. Anderson & many more. One group to meet at J. R. Anderson’s home.
Richmond Dispatch12/18/1862; an organist needed at St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; L. L. Lee “uneducated orator” to speak at African Church

Richmond Sentinel1/6/1864; Ladies of Union Station Methodist Church furnished New Year's meal at Howard's Grove.
Richmond Whig5/2/1864; description of the death of little Joseph Davis, son of Pres. Jefferson Davis, in a fall from a balcony at the Confederate White House.
Richmond Whig5/14/1864; description of the funeral of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart and interment in Hollywood Cemetery; gives list of pall-bearers, including Pres. Davis, many generals, and members of Congress
Richmond Whig9/17/1864; Rev. George Patterson of the Episcopal Church, officiated at Gen. Morgan's funeral
New York Times

4/11/1865; Article describing the White House of the Confederacy, the military governance of the city, the destruction done by the fire (particularly to the mills), the newspapers in Richmond and what has become of the editors, and an extremely detailed account of the jubilee meeting at First African Baptist Church.

New York Times4/30/1865; Episcopal Churches are still closed. Author met Mathew Brady in Richmond 4/22/1865 and remarks on his photographs of Robert E. Lee.
Richmond Dispatch12/31/1870; Memorial services for Erasmus Ross, former clerk of Libby, held in Monumental Church; Ross killed in the Spottswood fire
National Tribune7/27/1899; "A Union Man in Richmond;" description of sentiment in Richmond leading up to secession; John Minor Botts' speech at the African Church, and the Secession Convention in the Mechanics' Institute.

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