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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.











Thomas Jefferson, America's great gift before Lincoln, (some historians have speculated that he was Jefferson's biological grandson), ..... was able to think in context of past, present and future in the long-term, mid-term and short-term which is a common trait of genius (musicians are the most common example of this god-given gift that often includes migraine headaches)

Jefferson's great intellect looked beyond his own generation #58 (C.E.1720-1749) and to the third generation #60 (C.E.1780-1809) that generated Abraham Lincoln.  He was a lot like Lincoln in both physical strength and hereditary migraine headaches, and like Lincoln who upon visiting Richmond and observed the victorious African-American union troops parading before him posed the question:

    --- (far beyond intellectual abilities of most politicians to answer)

"What do you suppose will happen to these men?  The great man was not thinking about then or even the next battles to fought in chasing Robert E. Lee into surrender at Appomattox a few months later. His mind belonged to the ages and he thought in the context of generations of good and evil.

Through hindsight we now know.  The official era of Southern Reconstruction gave birth to generation #63 (C.E.1870-1899) that used their empowerment to deny Christian fellowship to "the least of us" and the rest is a little understood history of America. To be sure, Jeffersonian thinkers are rare here, there and everywhere. Jefferson understood that immorality generates generations of the same turned equally mean!

George Meany, Samuel Gompers and other historic leaders of America's organized labor movement meant well but ignored the hell that so many men without means lived in, day to day, week to week, year to year, decade to decade and generation to generation.  They were of a generation of immigrants that rejected the integration of African-Americans in their church, communities, and CHRIST.  

The issue is not about race-relations but all about the faith that so many millions fancy themselves to practice --- and publicly pray in temples promised long-ago to be torn down.  It is immoral to even imagine that immorality can be resolved by a single generation.  Whether we like it or not, we are very much linked to the past and future generations.

And who dares suggest that any generation is greater than or equal to the one that gave birth to the philosophy of life that we should care about "the least of us" and forgive "the worst of us" for their transgressions in the past, present and future. Who ever said it is easy to be a believer in HIM and his way up the rough side?

It is for certain that sins of fathers and mothers are vested on their children and children's children to the third generation.  Scholars need to recall that generation #64 (born C.E.1900-1929) actively organized and prevented African-American males from entry into the ranks of skilled labor and crafts.

The offspring generation #65 (born C.E.1930-1959) of racial bigotry in America did try in some ways to alleviate the damage already done --- but there should be no illusions that it was not too little and too late to stop the tide of Latin American woe now pouring into America for jobs that millions of African-Americans used to do. 

President George Bush is right, -- they are here to do the jobs that Americans do not want to do, and too uninspired, educated, motivated and energized/organized to do.  America's prisons are proofs of the problem --- young males in jails as the only place to go because older generations did not change their own attitudes and behaviors.


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