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The Bloods
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










"The Bloods" as Madison Hemings would later sarcastically refer to them in his memoirs, were enslaved to the ideology of slavery valued even more so than "liberty."  Millions of men and women in America were entrapped in a value system from womb to tomb that they were born superior human beings in the eyes of God, home and country despite claims to the contrary by their ideological offspring generations even to this day. Professor Henry Wiencek, in his book about George Washington entitled "Imperfect God" ... shines his light on truths far too many scholars ignore. 

Men like Washington, Adams, Jefferson and other founders of the United States were neither gods or nobility though some like John Rutledge of South Carolina wanted to be viewed as such by non-Whites and ignorant impoverished Whites like those in the Piedmont Region.  Battle-field realities forced many minds to wonder who was superior.  The revolutionary war was a very bloody encounter that dragged on for eight years in which most colonists were neither rebels or loyalists, and most sons did not serve in the cause of liberty.  However, about 300,000 did and were sufficient under Washington's leadership and determination to beat the best army in the world: their cousins, the British redcoats.  But, it was an honorable ending since they were all, after-all, of the same tough English revolutionary blood led by men like Oliver Cromwell in the Revolution of 1688.

The problem with "The Bloods" generated in 18th century of greed and lust among young men with power was that it also generated subsequent polygamous lifestyles and offspring that often inherited the sins and temperaments of the "don't ask, don't tell" fathers even unto the third generations that could and would rebel against their memories and heirs.  Like Professor Wiencek, we also appreciate the amazing achievements of George Washington in making the United States possible but have no illusions about fact that he and others owned and used our ancestors as chattel property while proclaiming human liberty for those willing and able to fight for it.  The fighting forced all but the most fanatical racist like John Rutledge of South Carolina to acknowledge that many free and enslaved young Black men like William Lee had the virtues of many White men, ... courage, faith, hope and love of liberty.  A few pages of Professor Wiencek's book are pasted below.  

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