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Nicholas Robinson
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Edward Robinson, abt 1699
John Robinson, abt 1699
Israel Roberson, abt 1700
Edward Roberson, abt 1702










The origin of Robinson emigrants and most other early American settlers from England, Scotland and Wales is to be found in Virginia, and successive generations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and onward even into Arkansas and beyond such as Texas by time of the Civil War.

For purposes of pinpointing First Lady Michelle Obama's ties to the White Robinson's we can speculate the links from Virginia to South Carolina via offspring such as Christopher Robinson and Robert Robinson, always keeping in mind that in the 17th century there were not a lot White women born and raised in the colonies; and, many offspring of White men with property were via African and Native American females accessed by them.  Census records for 16th and 17th century colonists in America tended to not include identities of non-White mothers to otherwise identified White sons of White men.

Not a lot is known about Nicholas Robinson other than indications that he fathered quite a number of offspring, and perhaps was the son Edward Robinson per below but guesswork by the submitters is possible.

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