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Who Is A Robinson?
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Information on this page was extracted from the Encyclopedia Africana published by Professor Louis Henry Gates of Harvard University.   

Paul Robeson is perhaps related to African-Americans up from slavery using the surname Robinson, Robbinson, Robison.  We know for a fact that Michelle Robinson had relatives in Princeton, New Jersey where Paul Robeson was born and raised causing us to believe they were likely related but only DNA tests can confirm it.  It was common for census takers and users in the 19th century to record names according to the sounding or known spelling.  For example, many Atkins descendents in Virginia spell their names as "Adkins." 

We do not know for certain but can speculate that Robeson ancestors in North Carolina and New Jersey-New York were likely related to the Robinson origins in Virginia which was central to the domestic slave breeding and trade for American economic expansion between approximately 1800 to 1860.

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