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Unnamed Son Hemings
Home Up Unnamed Son Hemings Sarah Elizabeth Hemings Jefferson, b.1835 Thomas Eston Hemings Jefferson, born 1838 Harriette Hemings Jefferson, b. 1839 Mary Ann Hemings Jefferson, born 1843 Catherine Jane Hemings Jefferson, born 1844 William Beverly Hemings Jefferson, born 1847 James Madison Hemings Jefferson, born 1849 Julia Ann Hemings Jefferson, born 1851 Ellen Wayles Hemings Jefferson, born 1856 Madison Hemings' Story

Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










We tend to believe that Madison likely had chosen the name of his favorite uncle John for his son that died during infancy, or maybe even his own name Madison.  His death perhaps prompted the decision to move from Virginia to Ohio for a new beginning, ... leaving behind the dust of dead endings like Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

Husband's Name
Madison HEMINGS  
Born: 19 Jan 1805Place: <Monticello, Albemarle County, Virginia> 
Died: 1877Place:  Ross County, Ohio 
Married: 1831Place: Charlottesville, Virginia 
Father: Thomas Jefferson 
 Mother: Sarah (Sally) Hemings 

Wife's Name
Mary MCCOY  
Born: 1808Place: Virginia 
Died: 1867Place: Ross County, Ohio 
Married: 1831Place: Charlottesville, Virginia 
Father: Mr. McCoy 
 Mother: Ms. Hughes 


 1. Sex Name  
  MUnnamed Son HEMINGS (First-born baby boy born and died in Charlottesville. Believed to have been named John to honor Madison's favorite uncle, John? who also mentored him as a surrogate father and trained him as a carpenter) 
  Born: Abt. 1833 Place: Charlottesville, Virginia  

 2. Sex Name  
  FSarah E HEMINGS (Named after Madison's cousin Sarah Jefferson Randolph) 
  Born: 1835 Place: <Ohio>  
  Died: 1884 Place:   

 3. Sex Name  
  MThomas Eston HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's Father Thomas Jefferson and brother Eston Hemings) 
  Born: 1838 Place: Ohio  

 4. Sex Name  
  FHarriet HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's sister Harriet) 
  Born: 1839 Place: Ohio  

 5. Sex Name  
  FMary Ann HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's Aunt Mary Hemings and cousin Ann Jefferson Randolph) 
  Born: 1843 Place: Ohio  

 6. Sex Name  
  FCatherine Jane HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's cousins Catherine and Jane Jefferson Randolph) 
  Born: 1844 Place: Ohio  

 7. Sex Name  
  MWilliam Beverly HEMINGS  (Named to honor William Wilberforce and Madison's brother Beverly). 
  Born: 1847 Place: Ohio  
  Died: 1910 Place: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 

 8. Sex Name  
  MJames Madison HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's Uncle James Hemings and cousin James Madison Jefferson Randolph who died). 
  Born: 1849 Place: Ohio  

 9. Sex Name  
  FEllen Wayles HEMINGS  (Named to honor Madison's cousin Ellen Wayles Jefferson Randolph) 
  Born: 1856 Place: Ohio  
  Died: 1936 Place:  


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