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Betty's Mother
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We can only wonder: what did Betty Hemings know and when did she know it?  The number one question is did she have knowledge of GOD?  Did she love her mother?  Did she know if her mother, grandmother or other relatives suffered the trauma of living hell on earth during the infamous Atlantic Crossing:

(1)  Being beaten, captured and/or kidnapped from her town or village by young predators.  (Armed young male African raiders in godless gangs similar to modern-day drug dealers employed by African, Arab, Jewish, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian and even Swedish wholesale traffickers literally licensed by governments that do not stop them)

(2)  stripped naked of any jewelry, clothing and other things of  female identity and value (Most African females adorned themselves with gold and finely woven cloths as their descendents do today)

(3)  marched for miles to a slave-trading coastal enclave of a godless African Chief; (Very few if any Europeans were able to enter Africa’s interior before the late 1800s)

(4)  sold to an equally evil European trader (Europeans called them ‘Castros’ and Mitnicks); (Jews and Gentiles, Catholic and Protestant with licenses by Churches and Monarchs)

(5)  incarcerated in one of those infamous slave holding castles all along the coasts of Africa (Europeans called them factories); 

(6)  herded aboard and down into the cargo hull of a ship specialty built for such slave traffic;  (American and European ship-building industry prospered from slavery for 200 years)

(7)  hearing and seeing men, women and children cry out final gurgles of life death; (Millions died during middle-passage in their own excrement and urine plus typhoid)

(8)  Six weeks of ship-board sailing to Caribbean and the Americas in good or bad weather; (Many slave ships only had ports of call and/or agents in selected ports to deliver cargo)

(9)  Standing naked on an auction block and being penetrated by the fingers of curious buyers.  Many were attractive women (mostly Moslems) of Gambia and Senegal and were very much desired for labor, sex and market value.

(10) Retention by a Sea Captain or sale to others induced by lust or profit in human flesh.  (Adult female slaves believed themselves rescued from hell upon being taken from port)

The most ridiculous argument about slavery is that "because slaves were valuable property, they were well treated."  Sort of like the well known comments about the Jewish Holocaust, "They were relocated."

Dr. J.C. deGraft Johnson of Ghana (quoted below from his great book entitled "African Glory)" offers a historical view that ought not be ignored in considering the Atlantic-Africa slave trade: [Beginning of excerpt from African Glory]      

African-Americans and African scholars like DeGraft Johnson have never said African hands were clean in the horrible trade. None dare imagine it could have occurred without equally godless markets for millions of hapless and helpless human beings that ought to be remembered as having existed. 

The real beginning of Europe’s Renaissance and gilded age of enlightenment began in year A.D. 1441 with African gold, ... and a (asiento) papal consent by Pope Martinus V and his Latin successors to justify and rationalize the evil slave trade that characterized the Roman Empire that murdered JESUS and tens of thousands of believers.  Theirs was a regeneration of Roman evils called good. 

The slave trade was so obviously contrary to any and all teachings of JESUS.  HE was not the essence that thousands of priests, bishops and cardinals professed to represent. Rather, their passions were for the essentials of their own culture of conquests and luxuries inherited from Rome.  Prince Henry and other founders of the African slave trade resurrected what ancient Roman Republic and Empire had began, ... and had to literally invent a fallacy that Africans did not know of GOD and were enslaved by witchcraft. 

These very evil and greedy men were of aristocratic families that worshiped wealth in reality, --- and issued orders to their subordinates that all African captives be stripped of any symbols of humanity and civilization such as names, language, religion, clothing, jewelry or even braided hair lest outsiders mistake them as not deserving of slavery.   Lawyers and priests, as much if not more than aristocrats and merchants, ... marketed the belief system that Africans were not deserving of being brethren in Christ and if anyone doubted such they espoused doctrine that Africans were better off as slaves in Christendom than living as savages eating each other ... or other most barbaric behaviors imaginable by sailors who claimed to have witnessed such behaviors.     

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