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Captain Hemings
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Betty Hemings' father?

Our research indicates the father of Elizabeth (Betty) Hemings was either John Hemings or his son William both born and raised to manhood in the fabled land of the pilgrims described in Godfrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.  From the time of Chaucer to that of the Hemings in 17th Century England, ... Anglo-Saxon culture in the island nation had not only experienced the love of travel on its lands, lakes and rivers but also that of the oceans and seas. 


Map of England


Husband's Name
John HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-2RX) Pedigree
Born: 1672Place:   
Christened: 3 Nov 1672Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng 
Married: Abt 1693Place:   
Father: John HEMINGS Family
Mother: Martha KING

Wife's Name
Elizabeth Pedigree
Born: 1672Place: <Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng> 
Christened: Abt 1672Place:   
Married: Abt 1693Place:   


1. Sex Name 
MWilliam HEMINGS Pedigree
  Born: 1703 Place:  
  Christened: 28 Nov 1703 Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng

William Hemings was apparently the successor to his father John as a sea-captain of a whaling ship.  We can only speculate as to how Betty's mother came into contact and pregnancy by a whaling ship captain other than fact that such ships did frequently visit the harbor at Williamsburg presumably trading in whale oil and other commodities including slaves.

Husband's Name
William HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-7M0) Pedigree
Born: 1703Place:   
Christened: 28 Nov 1703Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng 
Married: 16 Apr 1723Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng 
Father: John HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-2RX) Family
 Mother: Elizabeth (AFN:23LW-B87)  

Wife's Name
Jane INGREY (AFN:23LW-7N6) Pedigree
Born: 1708Place: <Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng> 
Christened: Abt 1708Place:   
Married: 16 Apr 1723Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng 


 1. Sex Name  
  FMartha HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-44C) Pedigree
  Born: 1724 Place:   
  Christened: 28 May 1724 Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng  

 2. Sex Name  
  MJohn HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-7PD) Pedigree
  Born: 1726 Place:   
  Christened: 30 Oct 1726 Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng  

 3. Sex Name  
  MWilliam HEMINGS (AFN:23LW-7QL) Pedigree
  Born: 1729 Place:   
  Christened: 4 Jan 1729 Place: Bassingbourne, , Cambs, Eng  

These documents are held at Warwickshire County Record Office


Previously Box 7, Section ii, Bundle 5, Document 6

Lease and release between William Hemings and his wife Ann Hemings, Priors Marston, Peter Hemings and his wife Mary Hemings, Priors Marston, Richard Hemings and his wife Elizabeth Hemings, Priors Marston, and Elizabeth Hemings, Priors Marston (William Hemings, Peter Hemings, Richard Hemings and Elizabeth Hemings being the devisees of the will of Ann Legg) of the first part and Elizabeth Elkington, Helldon, Northamptonshire, of the second part. Details the payment of one hundred pounds to the first parties by Elizabeth Elkington regarding a 1/4 yardland in Warmington formerly in the occupation of John Castel and now in the occupation of [blank] Padbury, widow, to be held forever. Signed and sealed by William Hemings, Ann Hemings, Peter Hemings, Mary Hemings, Richard Hemings, Elizabeth Hemings and Elizabeth Hemings

Bond between William Hemmings, Peter Hemmings, Richard Hemmings and Elizabeth Hemmings regarding property in Warmington  CR0457/73/7  21 February 1756

The contents of this catalogue are the copyright of Warwickshire County Record Office
Rights in the Access to Archives database are the property of the Crown, © 2001-2009

The records described on this page are held by Warwickshire County Record Office


Your FamilyChest Document ~~
Original (signed) document & photo
           Enlarge image
Document Number:0601017
Date:26 January 1824
For Sale:£70.00
Very good for its age
Parchment : 1 sheet 61cm x 70cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamp. Two paper promissory notes are attached.
Summary of contents:
William Thurston the elder late of Bellamies but now of Rosehill in the Parish of Dymock, Gloucester. Gentleman.
William Hemmings of The Vineyard, Parish of Ledbury, Herefordshire. Gentleman.
James Kilsby of Bromyard, Herefordshire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting an Indenture of 1816 in which William Hemmings mortgaged property in Bishops Froome, Herefordshire to William Thurston for £240.

Of this sum, William Hemmings is now paying off £40 directly and the balance of the mortgage is being assigned to James Kilsby.

The property consists of:

1. Messuage at Froomeshill, the Parish of Bishops Froome, bounded on the North by a road from Hereford to Worcester.
2. Messuage called Summers with 1 acre of land in Bishops Froome.
3. Messuage with 9 acres of land in the Common Fields of the Parish of Castle Froome.

The two promissory notes are both dated 1824 and 1826 and both signed by William Hemmings.
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~~ Your FamilyChest Document ~~
scroll down for names and details
           Enlarge image
Document Number:0509038 
Title:Lease for a Year
Date:10 February 1844
Fair. shows signs of having been stred in damp conditions, but complete and clearly legible
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 50cm x 52cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and a revenue stamp
Summary of contents
Edward LATIMER of Headington, Oxfordshire. Esquire, and ELIZABETH his wife.
Thomas BARTLETT of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Printer.
William LATCHMORE of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Mealman.
Jonathan FISKE of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Draper.
William COUSINS of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Coachmaker.
John ALDEN of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Butcher.
John Jeffcoat HEMMINGS of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Cook.
John CAMPION of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Tallow Chandler.
Edward Bean UNDERHILL of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Grocer.
Thomas ALDEN of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Butcher.
Isaac GRUBB of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Baker.
Henry ALDEN of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Printer.
William GOULD of the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Baker

This is the first part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release in which Edward and Elizabeth Latimer are selling a plot of land with a building on it in Headington, Oxfordshire, to all the other parties. We are told that the building is used as a place of worship so, presumably, all the purchasers are members of that church.

We are also told that Edward Latimer is "Lord of the Manor of Headington in the County of Oxford in the right of the said Elizabeth his wife". The plot is part of the customary lands of the manor.
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James Island to Jamestown


another Mary
Posted by: Helen Chene' (ID *****2261)Date: May 01, 2009 at 15:19:52
  of 209

I’m so sorry, but the second message I sent had another Mary on it I found just after I sent the first.-- how the first message came to be repeated I do not know. The message I tried to send seems to have been lost in cyberspace so I will rewrite it:

Miss Mary Hemmings:
27 Dec 1791
Chorlton Moss, Staffordshire, England, UK – 9th child of William and Elizabeth [nee DUTTON] HEMMINGS

Williams father: Joseph b. abt 1721 @ Chorlton Moss, Staffordshire, England, UK and wife b. abt 1725 of Chorlton Moss, Staffordshire, England, UK

Elizabeth’s father is: Thomas DUTTON b. abt 1723 of Stone, Staffordshire, England, UK
Elizabeth’s mother: Jane SHELLEY b. 23 Oct 1723; Stone, Staffordshire, England, UK

This is the branch I am working on, but have not yet found a spouse for Mary, nor have I reached back beyond this family. She could be your Mary.

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