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Samuel Robinson, born abt 1842
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Linsey M Robinson, born abt 1860










We do not know for certain that Samuel Robinson was the direct ancestor of other Robinsons of interest to us but include to make relevant the challenge of identifying known relationships and persons. Our approach in the equation has been to review the Mormon Church data pulled from U.S. Census data of 1870 and 1880 as to names and locations.  Based on this we have determined that any African-Americans in 1880 who was over age 20 to 25 years was likely caught up in the booming domestic slave breeding and trade that dominated Virginia's economy from about 1800 to 1860. 

As Madison Hemings noted in his memoirs, slave owners did not hesitate to sell slaves and routinely split up families, dividing mothers from offspring barely able to walk and giving no recognition to the immorality of their acts.  We believe there are many ways in our faith and fancy to find truth and one is the characteristics in common among descendents, ... the most spectacular and obvious being "athletic abilities, common facial features, above average size, and determinations" that indicate common origins. 

We welcome any inputs on any Robinsons known to have not been athletic and determined.  We will use the information in a deliberate process of elimination from those we know to be, like Sugar Ray, Jackie and Jesse.  The topic is so fascinating that it is not hard to accept that Jesse Robinson Jackson and brother Randall Robinson being cousins that worked tirelessly to get Nelson Mandella free?  Randall's father, Max Robinson, Sr. like Jesse father Noah Robinson, ... was both renown in Richmond and Greenville as tough and  determined.  





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