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Claiming the Victory
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.











It was young John Mark who told the people in Alexandria and elsewhere, "we have the victory, Christ is risen" and indeed the Romans were so infuriated they dragged him to his death through the streets of on-lookers that they might not believe what was heard.  In fact, like it or not, for believers, the unseen spiritual bond in the body and spirit of Christ exists in all the nations and places where HE has been received. 

We say, let no man, woman or cause take that victory away from us though many adversaries may try to redefine and deny the work of Christ as non-existent, limited or unique rather than dynamic, far-reaching and common even in the worst of places and times such as wars and rumors of wars! 

Claiming victory while avoiding challenging conflicts such as existed in the Roman Empire, ... is superficial.  Ignorance of geography and history in the clamor to claim blessings is a heritage of inferior cultural dynamics.  This site is a work in progress to help enlighten youth. We invite and welcome information submissions by viewers.  Much of what we have found has encouraged us in the absence of more documentation to speculate about persons and places we know to have existed, ... and usefulness of their lives in uplifting our own. 

                                            Slave Ship Speaks

Our approach focused on origins and kinships of 17th and 18th century generations identified in U.S. census and other published material, ... such as military service records available before 1880. Planned updates will include 1890 and later census data to research useful lives of more offspring generations. 

It seems logical to us to also approach this project as inclusive rather than exclusive in the sense that including everyone of common names, geography and characteristics in a given generation of human beings is more practical than excluding a person or persons because a census taker or other source listed them as Black, White, Mulatto, Negro, Colored, Indian, Cherokee, etc.  Only God knows for sure though DNA science can now give us a pretty good reason as to why many, if not most, of us truly are "brothers and sisters in Christ." 

                                            Eyewitness To Reality

Most descendents of slaves in America and those descended from the people who enslaved them, ... can both claim the victory afforded by Messianic Christian thoughts and values, ... not to be confused with those who do nothing but prance about and pretentious prayers to be seen and heard in public places. 

We decided the Civil War conflicts and after-math that raged throughout most of the 19th century was in fact a second American Revolution in the causes of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for "the least of us."  Generations of dying, enslaved and unhappy men, women and children paid the price for what self-centered folks like to refer to as "their blessings."

Blessed indeed!  America is unique in that by time of and after-math of a Civil War generated on the legal case and cause of race that raged hot and cold for the last half of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, ... generations of life were procreated that included heritages from many people and places on earth.  Anyone with eyes to see can look, and those willing can research and find the facts about why so many African-Americans and others are related in more ways than routinely documented. 

And, yes even in the turmoil of Vietnam, there were many Christian believers who pursued their functional faith to feed the hungry, care for the orphans and heal the wounds of humanity in HIS name, ... while most military age American young men avoided and denied challenges to train and travel into such places of despair. 

And, many thousands more sought to rationalize their avoidance by becoming priests, preachers and teachers not to help "the least of us" but rather to avoid conscription; and, results are self-evident among people many pretend to help or lead.  Some were in fact, pacifists, but most simply wanted to avoid military service but at the expense pretending to care about "the least of us."

We believe gateways to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are inherited from generations that lived before our own. And because they generated us, ... we have a moral obligation to know and remember them as human beings worthy of having  their stories told to gifted and talented youth.  Hopefully, by artists and writers in the process of procreating goodness rather than bad attitudes and behaviors commonly observed.   

Our contributions during the past ten years, we hope, has been to use the internet as a means to fuel the insatiable appetites of youth generations for images and tales from the crypts of African heritage souls, not simply in the Americas and Caribbean but also Africa, Europe and even Asia.   Indeed, we are believers among billions of human beings that believe what they want to believe.

Our ambition, literally mission, is to tell "what we have seen and heard," ... that to be meaningful our lives must be linked to the past, present and future.  Our objectives are particularly the gifted and talented young artists and writers whose images and depictions in music, on screen and television vastly influence what youth think and do, ... much more than pretentious priests, uneducated preachers and dispirited teachers in today's world.  We hope to also help them be helpful for "the least of us" in their chosen professions. 

We have seen and heard thousands visitors to our websites, attesting that knowledge of the past does matter for current, and future generation yet to be born, to have and keep holy if gifted and talented artists and writers deem it to be so!  Far too many, beginning with minstrel behavior in the worst of times willingly sell their ancestral souls for fame and fortunes among people who applaud and enjoy human denigration among "the least of us." 

In our own generation of growth digesting "Tarzan, Gone With the Wind, Color Purple" and hundreds of other denigrating depictions of Black men and some women and children, ... we have seen and heard too many African-Americans who literally hated themselves or others as depicted on film very much not centered on Christ.  Alice Walker tried to give life to a make believe scenario to rationalize a life-style just as Margaret Mitchell did with her literary masterpiece embellished by Hollywood movie moguls. 

The collective result of tens of millions of degenerative attitudes molded among many millions of people of African heritage in the 20th century, .... has been the mass abortion and rejection of what generates goodness that is sustainable, lasting and capable of being inherited by subsequent generations as good including names and health in love of God, home and country.  Indoctrinated attitudes help determine most behavioral characteristics among "the least of us" and generate most of what we see and hear.

And, despite it all, ... we still have the victory up from polygamy, slavery, persecution, segregation, ignorance, disease, bad attitudes and behaviors.

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