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William Frog Hill, born abt 1876
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Cora Lee Frog Finney Hill, born 1907
Francis Lee Frog Finney Hill, born 1910









Lilly Finney, born abt 1879

Born in 1876 to father William Hill and mother Gilly Frog Hill, his wavy black hair confirmed the Cherokee ancestry of mother Gilly who as daughter of Easter Frog was part or full Cherokee. 

William Hill, born abt 1840

Gilly Frog Finney, born abt 1845

William Hill (on right holding grandson William Thomas Atkins, Jr.) was a boyhood friend and distant cousin to wife of Luther Atkins on left whose son William Thomas Kyle Atkins married William Hill's daughter Cora Lee Frog Finney Hill. 

William Thomas Frog Hill Kyle Atkins, born 1936

Adaline Frog Kyle, born abt 1849

Both were born and/or raised up in Franklin County, Virginia during the era of Southern White reconstruction; and post slavery human community development among non-Whites.

William Hill relocated Roanoke-Salem around 1905-1906 and worked in the Salem Tannery as a skilled tanner, ... and giving further indicators to us that his father born in 1840 may have been William Hill of Ohio (whose family were tanners) and the Union Army movements into southwest Virginia during 1862-1864.  Census data below reflects the senior William Hill was born in Virginia rather than Ohio but we dare speculate he dared not reveal such living in Virginia following the Civil War.

Household Record

 1880 United States Census

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Wm. HILL  Self  M  Male  B  40  VA  Farmer  VA  VA 
 Gilly HILL  Wife  M  Female  B  35  VA  Keeps House  VA  VA 
 Sisly HILL  Dau  S  Female  B  12  VA  Wks On Farm  VA  VA 
 Sonny HILL  Son  S  Male  B  10  VA  Wks On Farm  VA  VA 
 George HILL  Son  S  Male  B  10  VA  Wks On Farm  VA  VA 
 Minnie HILL  Dau  S  Female  B  8  VA    VA  VA 
 William HILL  Son  S  Male  B  4  VA    VA  VA 
 Harriott HILL  Dau  S  Female  B  1  VA    VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlaceDickensons, Franklin, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255366
 NA Film Number  T9-1366
 Page Number  250C      

William Frog Hill was a tanner by trade and married Lilly Finney around 1905.  Lily was classified in the 1880 census as a mulatto and was somewhat frail most of her relatively short life that ended in the early 1930s.

Her heritage included a father Essex Finney (born in 1843) who was perhaps the son of Alexander Finney.

Husband's Name
Alexander FINNEY (AFN:14V2-0G5) Pedigree
Born: 1775Place: , Cork Co, Ireland 
Died: 1849Place: Chere.indiannat., Jackson Co, Alabama 
Married: 1804Place: , Roanoke Co, Virginia 

Alexander Finney apparently generated a lot of offspring during his 74 year lifetime that helped seed the American Civil War necessary to end the cursed institution of chattel slavery that more often than most descendents of slave owners care to remember, ... was very much also about rampant sexual promiscuity. 

                                    Finney-Frog-Hill Patriots 

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Essex FINNEY  Self  M  Male  MU  37  VA  Laborer  VA  VA 
 Susan FINNEY  Wife  M  Female  MU  38  VA  Keeping House  VA  VA 
 Mary A. FINNEY  Dau  S  Female  MU  15  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Julia FINNEY  Dau  S  Female  MU  14  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Essex FINNEY  Son  S  Male  MU  12  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 John FINNEY  Son  S  Male  MU  10  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Hattie FINNEY  Dau  S  Female  MU  8  VA    VA  VA 
 Robert FINNEY  Son  S  Male  MU  5  VA    VA  VA 
 Martha FINNEY  Dau  S  Female  MU  3  VA    VA  VA 
 Lily FINNEY  Dau  S  Female  MU  11M  VA    VA  VA 
Source Information:
 Census PlaceSpencer, Powhatan, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255383
 NA Film Number  T9-1383
 Page Number  199A      

William acquired land and assistance from Charles and Adaline Frog Kyle (his aunt) to build a house/home along the roadway in the section of Salem referred to as Ash-bottom wherein every household on the street (Atkins, Kyles, Finneys, Woodys were inter-related and interactive in their daily lives. 

William and Lily were members and patrons of the First Baptist Church of Salem; and, like many Baptists of that place and time were opposed to use of any alcoholic beverages. 

William's long-time buddy was Robert Woody.  Robert on above right, his wife's cousin.  Robert was the son of a Union army veteran who served in the U.S. Colored Troops.  Robert volunteered and served honorably as a Buffalo Soldier in the 10th Cavalry Regiment, and in Spanish American War wherein he was wounded and forced to retire.    10th Cavalry Regiment

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Arthur WOODY  Self  M  Male  B  48  VA  Laborer  VA  VA 
 Mary I. WOODY  Wife  M  Female  B  37  VA  Keeping House  VA  VA 
 William T. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  14  VA  Laborer  VA  VA 
 Charles H. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  12  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Fayette D. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  10  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 John A. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  8  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Peter L. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  5  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Mary I. WOODY  Dau  S  Female  B  3  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Robert M. WOODY  Son  S  Male  B  10M  VA  At Home  VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlaceDistrict 63, Salem, Roanoke, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255387
 NA Film Number  T9-1387
 Page Number  576B      

Alcoholism was the major catastrophe confronting hundreds of thousands of African-Americans and Whites in the Appalachian Mountain chain stretching from upstate New York to Alabama.   

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Jane WOODY  Self  M  Female  B  34  VA  Keeps House  VA  VA 
 Sallie F. WOODY  Dau  S  Female  B  1  VA    VA  VA 
 Mary E. TURNER  Dau  S  Female  MU  12  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Barbra WOODY  MotherL  W  Female  B  76  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Allis WOODY  Dau  S  Female  MU  16  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Peter WOODY  SSon  S  Male  MU  13  VA  Works On Farm  VA  VA 
 James L. WOODY  SSon  S  Male  MU  10  VA  Works On Farm  VA  VA 
 Susan E. WOODY  SSister  S  Female  MU  7  VA    VA  VA 
 Eliza E. WOODY  SDau  S  Female  MU  5  VA    VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlaceBrown Hill, Franklin, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255366
 NA Film Number  T9-1366
 Page Number  63D      


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