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Moses Lee, abt 1815
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Moses Lee in the 1880 census recorded Henry Hill born in 1865 as his grandson which has prompted us to speculate that this birth was an offspring of a union between William Hill and one of the Lee females in and around Roanoke-Salem during the 1864-1865 time frame.  We have speculated the unknown mother may have been Joanna Lee born abt. 1840.  The other possibility is that Henry Hill related to William Hill was the son of Joe Hill who was a widower listed in the 1880 census.

                                                                            Joe Hill, born abt 1835

Here appears to be a classic example  that survived for nearly one hundred years after slavery ended with African-American families routinely taking in and raising offspring of other mothers and fathers, whether related or not in an extended family. It was almost always probable that after a funeral for deceased mothers or fathers, ... family or friends would volunteer to take in and raise needy offspring as an act of Christian kindness. 


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