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Reminiscenses 5
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Harry Belafonte: Mary's-Boy-Child   

How did the world, and Africans anywhere, get to where we are now from where people of all colors and causes were when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born, nurtured, inspired, motivated and educated to be useful for humanity?  The story of his life and that of many other ancestors to new generations is a revelation of the existence of Christ that came and stayed in the generations of goodness. 

Youth ought to be taught about a living Christ believed in by their ancestors. Christian revelations revealed to our ancestors was about more than first century writings by a prophet of Ephesus or perhaps Pathos, ... seeking to inspire faith after Roman Emperor Domitian issued official proclamation requiring everyone in the empire to worship reigning emperors.  There are many revelations about the triumph of good over evil ranging from those written by believers in first century C. E. to revealing books about how evils of slavery and 20th century ideologies of evil were overcome by the spirit of goodness in Christ. 

                                       Books of Revelation

The Civil War and World War II challenged our faith to believe and understand the ultimate triumph of goodness. Doubtlessly, many such as the Roman emperors believed that Christ never existed while others such as Jews like Peter believed he had come and gone to reign in heaven to be on earth. Others who had not known HIM in the flesh expected a return to destroy Roman Empire that crucified HIM and many tens of thousands each year for various offenses.  Indeed, belief and disbelief about JESUS as the Christ are products of free-will by learned and unlearned people to believe what they want to believe. 

                       Ancient Christian Magic


Booker T. Washington and many other scholar believers of African heritage (including Dubois, Woodson and N'Krumah) during the past hundred years, ... noted a need for "the least of us" to gain proper use of bibles as tools that help them gain knowledge and understanding in detecting and projecting goodness in their own lives and that of others. 

Bibles by far are the world's greatest literature and have inspired billions of people to read, write and act with courage, faith, hope and love of others, ... but are not magic texts as the early African Copts believed and many of the least of us still want to believe rather than as a source of inspiration that facilitate bodies in which the spirit of goodness dwells. 

We hasten to add that no believer should have the audacity to imagine behavioral goodness is easy or all mothers are good simply by attending funeral/worship services and putting money in the collection buckets/plates of do-nothing preachers not yet up from their past. 

It is important to us that enlightened and educated youth hold onto spiritual inheritance that lifted many ancestors UP; and, not let reasoned ideologies rooted in disbelief and fictional fallacies turn them around and down from Dr. King's mountain-top climbed by functional faith in what was seen and heard by "the least of us."  

We saw the Kennedy brethren in Christ help us climb against the odds and wind in our faces.  Mountain climbing requires learning, preparation, courage, faith and hope, if not love. It is very hard and strenuous work in which many have lived and died.  And, once atop Dr. King's mountaintop, how do we help others achieve it?  Pontificate/Procreate?   Model/Nurture?  Aspire/Inspire?   Coach/Motivate? Educate/Legislate?  Deploy/Employ?   

                                                        Emperor Domitian

But, as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west on this earth we live on, ... the triumph of good over evil is a challenge of every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and generation of life as we know it.  The bible is certainly the world's greatest literature, surpassing even Shakespeare and all the other great books that help inspire but by no means the only books about life and the living. 

Many great minds of African ancestry including Douglass, Dubois, N'Krumah and King believed in a living Christ and shared that belief with many believers like the Kennedys.  In fact, Dubois was the person who organized the "Fisk Jubilee Singers" to sing out the story of redemption up from slavery long before he was empowered to do or write the great works by which he is most famous.  Kwame N'krumah believed John F. Kennedy envisioned the Peace Corps pursuant his faith, ... not east-west ideology struggles.

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