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Household Heads
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Household Heads

"Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 Virginia Census, by Family Name

(Microfilm M252, reels 66-71)

Note: "/" after a number indicates the number of slaves; ie., 4/1 means 4 "other free" and 1 slave

____? Franky 8 p.198 Essex County

__es?, Lucey 7 p145 Dinwiddie County

Aaron 1 p.251 Loudoun County

Aaron FN 5, p.624 Sussex County

Abbey, Dean 3/1 p.122b Petersburg Town

Abbot, Lucy 2, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Aberdeen, Henry 4/4 p.826 Norfolk County

Abigale F. Negroe 4 p.343 Fauquier County

Ablinia 3 p.324 Richmond City

Abraham (F.Negroe) 7 & 1 slave  p.380 Fauquier County

Abram, Adam 3 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Acom, Solomon 3 p.2 Accomack County

Adam, Free 5 p.598 Frederick County

Adam free negro 1/2, p.399 Gloucester County

Adams, Charity 13 p.73 Accomack County

Adams, Jacob 6 p.73 Accomack County

Adams, Milly 3 p.208 Essex County

Adams, John 7 p.136b Rockingham County

Adams, Humphrey 3 p.137a Rockingham County

Adams, Polley 4/3 p.998 Henrico County

Adams, Richard 4 p.682 Goochland County

Adams, John 4 p.411 Richmond County

Adams, Patsey 1 p.317 Richmond City

Africa, Kan(?) 7 p.802 Norfolk County

Africa, Sally 5 p.802 Norfolk County

Aggy free negro 1/1, p.399 Gloucester County

Agnes f free negro 1 p.970 Northumberland County

Aimes, Bridget 2 p.4 Accomack County

Aldane, Thomas 3-3 f/slaves p.886 Norfolk Borough, Francis Foster

Ale(?)stock, Absolom -00001 8 p.446 Bath County

Alford, Salley (F.Negroe) 7 p.358 Fauquier County

Alford, George 3 p.16 Shenendoah County

Allan, Sally 1 p.980 Henrico County

Allen, Arthur 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Allen, Jincy 2/1 p.118b Petersburg Town

Allen, Daniel 7 p.2 Accomack County

Allen, Dicy 1/1 p.118b Petersburg Town

Allen, Jno free negro 10 p.232 Fairfax County

Allen, Simon 8 p.595 Frederick County

Allen, Saunders 4 p.682 Goochland County

Allen 14 p.520 Prince William County

Allen, Patty 6, p.887 York County

Allens, David 4, p.111b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Allin, John 2 p.330 Richmond City

Allman, Easter 3 p.886 Norfolk Borough, Francis Foster

Alman, Jenny 10, p.399 Gloucester County

Alman, Mildred 8, p.399 Gloucester County

Alman, Alice 6, p.399 Gloucester County

Alman, Sally 4, p.399 Gloucester County

Alman, Jenny younger 10, p.399 Gloucester County

Almond, Randal FN 5 p.38 Isle of Wight County

Alpin, Charles 1 p.942 Charles City County

Alse, Free 1 p.579 Frederick County

Alvis, Adam 5, p.870 York County

Alvis, James 3, p.887 York County

Alvis, Israel 2, p.870 York County

Alvis, John 6, p.870 York County

Amager, Mores free negro 1 p.233 Fairfax County

Ambrose free negro 1 p.231 Fairfax County

Amelia, James 6 p.682 Goochland County

America, Walker 4 p.887 Norfolk County

Ames, Jerry 3 p.1055 Ohio County

Amey 1 p. 1064 Chesterfield County

Amey 1 p.782 New Kent County

Ampey, Nancy 1 p.370 Richmond City

Ampy, Betty Persons of Color 4 p.103 Cumberland County

Ampy, William 2 p.17 Shenendoah County

Anakey 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Anderson, Hetty 2 p.886 Norfolk Borough, Francis Foster

Anderson, Wilson 5 p.887 Norfolk County

Anderson, Catherine 4 p.148 Albermarle County

Anderson, John 3 p.123a Petersburg Town

Anderson, Sally 2 p.126b Petersburg Town

Anderson, Hall 1 p.942 Charles City County

Anderson, Andrew 4 p.144b Rockingham County

Anderson, Wilson 5 p.343 Richmond City

Anderson, Agney 3 p.321 Richmond City

Anderson, Clay 3 p.545 Prince George County

Anderson, Naney 2 p.330 Richmond City

Anderson, Lewis 1 p.330 Richmond City

Anderson, Mat 12 p.329 Richmond City

Anderson, Synthia 6, p.10 Shenendoah County

Anderson, Nancey 5 p.326 Richmond City

Anderson, Wm 5, p.766 Westmoreland County

Anderson, Fanny 2, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Anderson, Caty 4/1 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Anderson, Fanny 2, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Andirson, Maria 6 p.996 Henrico County

Andrews, Hannah 4 p.362 Richmond City

Angus, Abraham 6/3 p.126b Petersburg Town

Annanias, Betsy 7 p.886 Norfolk Borough, Francis Foster

Anthony, Mark 7 p.313 Amherst County

Anthony, Billy 4 p.980 Henrico County

Anthony, Patty 4/1 p.996 Henrico County

Anthony a free negro 2 p.997 Northumberland County

Archer, Sam Family 0201-11012 p.886 Norfolk Bor., Francis Foster

Archer, Oliff 3 p.794 Norfolk County

Archer, Thos. 6 p.819 Norfolk County

Armfield, Matt 5, p.870 York County

Armfield, Betty 7, p.870 York County

Armistead, Guy 2 p.782 New Kent County

Armistead, Jno 2 p.338 Richmond City

Armstead, Betsy 6 p.813 Norfolk County

Armstrong, Rachel 8 p.848 Campbell County

Armstrong, Benja. 10 p. 880 Campbell County

Armstrong, Lucy 4 p.339 Richmond City

Arnold, Robert 5 p.676 Nelson County

Artis, Matthew 4, p.75 Southampton County

Artist, Dick 2, p.64 Southampton County

Artist, Edward 5, p.54 Southampton County

Artist, Absalom 7, p.57 Southampton County

Artist, George 6, p.53 Southampton County

Artist, Joshua 7, p.60 Southampton County

Artist, Charles 6, p.60 Southampton County

Artist, John 8, p.58 Southampton County

Artist, Ann 7 p.54 Southampton County

Artist, Mildred 12, p.67 Southampton County

Artist, Joe 5, p.76 Southampton County

Artist, Patience 4, p.86 Southampton County

Artist, Lydia 6, p.86 Southampton County

Artist, Edmond 8, p.74 Southampton County

Artrip, Hannah 4 p.147a Rockingham County

Ash, Billey 3 slaves p.117b Petersburg Town

Ash, Viney 3 p.121b Petersburg Town

Ash, Betty 2/1 p.122a Petersburg Town

Ash, Nanny 5, p.870 York County

Ashby, John 6, p.870 York County

Ashby, James 10, p.870 York County

Ashby, Matt 11, p.887 York County

Ashby, Richd 11, p.887 York County

Asher, Wm (Free No.) p.3 Culpepper County

Ashwell, Mary 3/2 p.743 New Kent County

Ashwell, Naney 2 p.342 Richmond City

Asten, Jacob 6, p.766 Westmoreland County

Asten, Mima 5, p.766 Westmoreland County

Asten, Winney Sen. 6, p.766 Westmoreland County

Asten, Winney Jur. 5, p.776 Westmoreland County

Asten, Lawrence 9, p.766 Westmoreland County

Asten, Blane 2, p.766 Westmoreland County

Atkins, Frank 1 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Atkins, Milly 3 p.208 Essex County

Austin, Betsy 4 p.341 Richmond City

Auther, Patsey 4 p.341 Richmond City

Aylstock, Absolem 9 p.604 Botetourt County

Azariah? (free) 1 p.149 Dinwiddie County

Backeday, Frank 2, p.767 Westmoreland County

Backouse, Lucy 2/2 p.183 Elizabeth City County

Backster, Roger 7 p.608 Botetourt County

Bagwell, George 4 p.82 Accomack County

Bagwell, Daniel 7 p.80 Accomack County

Bagwell, Danl. 4 p.11 Accomack County

Bailee, Saml. 8/1 p.816 Norfolk County

Bailey, Wm 1 p.889 Norfolk County

Bailey, Priscilla 4 p.124b Petersburg Town

Bailey, Isaac 8, p.81 Southampton County

Bailey, Isaac 14, p.601 Surry County

Baily, Bob 3, p.871 York County

Baine, Nancy 3 p.361 Richmond City

Bakech, Robert, Robert, Isaac & John 14 p.378 Madison County

Baker, Preston 5 p.80 Accomack County

Baker, Cilas FN 2 p.35 Isle of Wight County

Baker, John 8 p.745 New Kent County

Baker, John 6 p.683 Goochland County

Baker, Prisilla 3/1 p.321 Richmond City

Ball, Robert 4 p.288 Loudoun County

Ball, Sally 4/1 p.341 Richmond City

Ball, Cleary 5, p.769 Westmoreland County

Ballard, James 6, p.79 Accomack County

Ballard, Moses 5 p.82 Accomack County

Banister, Oliver (F.N.) 5 p.7 Culpepper County

Banks, James 4 p.777 Buckingham County

Banks, Elizabeth (F.Negroe) 1 p.398 Fauquier County

Banks, Judith 3 p.595 Frederick County

Banks, Dicey 3 p.438 Fluvanna County

Banks, Jacob 7 p.684 Goochland County

Banks, John 11 p.684 Goochland County

Banks, Betty 1 p.595 Frederick County

Banks, John 4/1 p.349 Richmond City

Banks, Wm 8, p.870 York County

Banks, Molly 2 p.870 Yorktown, York County

Banks, Betty 4, p.871 York County

Banks, Betty 4, p.887 York County

Banks, Godfrey 5, p.871 York County

Banks, Lucy 3, p.871 York County

Banks, Thos. 5, p.871 York County

Banks, Jeremiah 5/2, p.598 Surry County

Banks, John 6/1, p.887 York County

Banks, Joshua 5, p.681 Warwick County

Banks, Benjamin 9, p.601 Surry County

Bannion, James 1/3, p.136 Stafford County

Bannion, William 5, p.136 Stafford County

Bannister, Oliver 4 p.284 Rockbridge County

Baptist, Franky 6/2, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Baran, Eliza 1 p.321 Richmond City

Barber, Samuel 1/1 p.887 Norfolk County

Barber, John 7 p.563 Frederick County

Barber, Judy 7 p.122a Petersburg Town

Barber, Harry 3, p.126 Stafford County

Barclay, Jingo 8 p.12 Accomack County

Barham, Stephen 2, p.66 Southampton County

Barker, Preston 11 p.83 Accomack County

Barker, Teabah 2 p.328 Richmond City

Barnes, Jeremh. free negro 3 p.237 Fairfax County

Barnes, Jeremh. free negro 2 p.242 Fairfax County

Barnet, Lucy 7 p.185 Albermarle County

Barnet, Judah 2 p.978 Henrico County

Barnet, Edwd. 2 p.281 Rockbridge County

Barnett, Elizabeth 2 p.150 Albermarle County

Barnett, Elizabeth 3 p.151 Albermarle County

Barnett, Billy 4 p.151 Albermarle County

Barnett, Jane 1 p.296 Amherst County

Barnett, Francis (F.Negroe) 1 p.412 Fauquier County

Barnett, Allan 10 p.996 Henrico County

Barnett, Salley 5 p.329 Richmond City

Barns, Nancy 1 p.1015 Henrico County

Barns, Nancy 2, p.598 Surry County

Barrow, Izrael 2 p.336 Richmond City

Bartlet, James 3/1 & 1 white woman 16-26, p.871 York County

Bartlett, Cary 3 p.333 Richmond City

Bartlett, Patty 8 p.556 Prince Edward County

Bartly, Ben (FN) 1 p.68 Charlotte County

Basick?, Samuel 4 p.548 Frederick County

Bass, Joseph 4 p.1009 Henrico County

Bass, Wm 8 p.822 Norfolk County

Bass, Willis 6 p.822 Norfolk County

Bass, Joseph 4 p.822 Norfolk County

Bass, Wm jr. 3 p.822 Norfolk County

Bates, Fanny 8 p.545 Prince George County

Bates, John 9 p.508 Prince William County

Bates, Cyrus 5 p.508 Prince William County

Bates, Archibald 1 p.545 Prince George County

Bates, Hetty 7 p.545 Prince George County

Bates, Stephen 1, p.887 York County

Baton, William 3 p.513 Frederick County

Battle, Juanna 1 p.330 Richmond City

Battles, Elizabeth 2 p.180 Albermarle County

Battles, Shadrick 6 p.151 Albermarle County

Battles, Turner 3 p.180 Albermarle County

Battles, Robert 7 p.185 Albermarle County

Battles, Betsy 6/1? p.980 Henrico County

Baumfield, John p.561 Berkeley County

Baxter, Hardy 2/1, p.71 Southampton County

Baylor, James 5, p.767 Westmoreland County

Bayly, Tom 4 p.77 Accomack County

Bayly, Nancy 2 p.11 Accomack County

Bayly, James 7 p.11 Accomack County

Bayly, Jenny 5 p.10 Accomack County

Bayrd, Mary 6 p.342 Richmond City

Bazden, Louis 4, p.601 Surry County

Bazil 1 p.815 Hampshire County

Beal, Mingo 2, p.90 Southampton County

Beale, Solly free negro 5 p.236 Fairfax County

Beale, Bazill 2 p.799 Hampshire County

Bean, Joseph (F.Negroe) 1/2 p.420 Fauquier County

Beavans, Scot 5 p.81 Accomack County

Beavans, Cathern. 3 p.12 Accomack County

Beazly, Larkin 1, p.108b Spotsylvania County

Becket, Rachel 5 p.12 Accomack County

Becketon, Wm 2 p.896 Hanover County

Beckett, Sarah 3 p.60 Accomack County

Bee, Massy 4 p.339 Lancaster County

Bee, Fras. 10 p.337 Lancaster County

Bee, Gabriel a free mulatto 2 p.973 Northumberland County

Beegle, Dick 5 p.549 Prince George County

Bele, Qail? free negro 8 p.236 Fairfax County

Bele, Dolly free negro 4 p.236 Fairfax County

Belfour, John 5/4, p.126 Stafford County

Belinda 3, p.625 Sussex County

Bell, Graham 12/5 p.118b Petersburg Town

Bell, Coleman 5 p.338 Lancaster County

Bell, James 2, p.56 Southampton County

Bell, Luran_ 8 p.817 Norfolk County

Bell, Betsy 9 p.822 Norfolk County

Bell, Caty 4, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Bell, Thorton 7, p.768 Westmoreland County

Ben, Alex 1/5 p.118a Petersburg Town

Ben, Free 1 p.583 Frederick County

Ben, Jonathan a free mulatto 1 p.987 Northumberland County

Benford, George 1 p.746 New Kent County

Bengamin 5 p.793 Hampshire County

Benn, John 3/1 p.126b Petersburg Town

Berriddy, Henry 4/1 p.940 Charles City County

Berry, Julius 3 p.121b Petersburg Town

Berry, Nancy 6 p.102 Jefferson County

Berry, Sarah 3 p.336 Richmond City

Berry, Lucindia 3 p.331 Richmond City

Berry, Mary 4, p.107b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Berry, Polly 1/1, p.90 Southampton County

Berryman, Lucy 1, p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Bery, Ned 11/1, p.871 York County

Besick, Peter 2 p.517 Frederick County

Betty free negro 2 p.235 Fairfax County

Betty 1 p.743 New Kent County

Betty 4, p.26 Shenendoah County

Betty a free negro 5 p.973 Northumberland County

Bevans, Thomas 5 p.10 Accomack County

Bevans, Peter 8 p.9 Accomack County

Bevans, Solomon 5 p.9 Accomack County

Beverly, Betty 14 p.775a Buckingham County

Beverly, Charles 12 p.775a Buckingham County

Beverly, Jenney 12 p.776 Buckingham County

Beverly, Jonathan 3 p.820 Buckingham County

Beverly, Priscilla 1 p.823 Buckingham County

Beverly, William 15 p.775a Buckingham County

Beverly, Jonathan 2 p.776 Buckingham County

Beverly, Herod 3 p.480 Fluvanna County

Beverly, Cill 7 p.493 Fluvanna County

Beverly, Majer 10 p.290 Rockbridge County

Beverly, Lucy 2/1, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Bibby, Betsy 3 p.118b Petersburg Town

Bicicken?, James 1 p.849 Campbell County

Bigaby, Teackle 7 p.82 Accomack County

Biggins, Marsha 3 p.119b Petersburg Town

Bilbre, Aggay 4 p.324 Richmond City

Biles, Tony3 p.556 Prince Edward County

Billey free negro 3 p.235 Fairfax County

Binford, Isaac 3 p.959 Charles City County

Binford, Abram 1 p.940 Charles City County

Binford, Amey 4 p.939 Charles City County

Binford, Ann 2 p.959 Charles City County

Binford, David 00001 1 p.126b Petersburg Town

Binford, Jenny 4 p.1010 Henrico County

Binn, Thomas 8, p.61 Southampton County

Binns, Will 1/8 p.957 Charles City County

Binns, Jeremiah 1 p.744 New Kent County

Binns, Jeremiah junr. -0001 6 p.746 New Kent County

Binus, Cate 4 p.290 Loudoun County

Bird, John 4 p.316 Amherst County

Bird, John 11 p.199 Essex County

Bird, Sam 1 p.744 New Kent County

Bird, Samuel (free) 7/1 p893 Hanover County

Bird, Nancy 7/3 p.383 Richmond City

Bird, Lewis 2, p.124 Stafford County

Bird, Henry FN 2, p.628 Sussex County

Biset, Dublin 6 p.313 Loudoun County

Bishop, Polley 1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Black, Sally 4 p.322 Amherst County

Black, Betsey 2 p.119a Petersburg Town

Black, George 7 p.83 Accomack County

Black, Simon 6 p.514 Frederick County

Black, John 5 p.508 Prince William County

Blackburn, Sam 3, p.58 Southampton County

Blackhead, Ben 2, p.91 Southampton County

Blackman, Sam 3, p.91 Southampton County

Blackskins, Dick 4, p.87 Southampton County

Blackwell's Lucy (F.N.) 1 p.9 Culpepper County

Blair, Peggy FN 2/3 p.31 Isle of Wight County

Blair, Nancy FN 2/1 p.32 Isle of Wight County

Blake, George 5 p.82 Accomack County

Bland, John 5 p.127a Petersburg Town

Blizzard, Sucky 8, p.601 Surry County

Blow, Will 2, p.89 Southampton County

Bloxom, Jacob 3 p.80 Accomack County

Bluefoot, Thos. 4, p.400b Gloucester County

Bluefoot, Sally 4, p.400b Gloucester County

Blundel, Moses a free mulatto 6 p.973 Northumberland County

Blunt, George 3, p.79 Southampton County

Blythe, Dinah 2/1 p.890 Norfolk County

Blythe, Chas? 11 p.890 Norfolk County

Bob & Scipio (F.Negroes) 2 p.15 Culpepper County

Bob FN 1 p.156 King & Queen County

Bobson, Israel 7 p.869 Campbell County

Bolling, Hall 1/2 p.123a Petersburg Town

Bollingbrook, Betty _ p.123b Petersburg Town

Bolt, Philip 3 p.525 Berkeley County

Boman, Francis 4 p.958 Charles City County

Boman, Wiley 3 p.957 Charles City County

Bonas, Sampson FN 10 p.36 Isle of Wight County

Bonas?, Moses FN 1 p.13 Isle of Wight County

Bonner, Hartwell 4/3 p.127a Petersburg Town

Bonner, Harry FN 7, p.628 Sussex County

Bonwell, Levi 4 p.11 Accomack County

Booker, Lucy 4/1 p.366 Richmond City

Booling, Peter 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Bools, Thomas free negro 9 p.235 Fairfax County

Boon, Milly 7 free negro p.238 Fairfax County

Boon, Sarah 4 p.127b Petersburg Town

Boram, William 6/4 p.837 Buckingham County

Borton, Nancy 2, p.117b Petersburg Town

Bosman, James 7 p.745 New Kent County

Bosman, Benskin 4 p.746 New Kent County

Bossel, Betty 4 p.271 Loudoun County

Boster, Jno 1 p. p.893 Hanover County

Botts, Thomas 3 p.506 Prince William County

Bounce, Susan 8, p.106b Spotsylvania County

Bowcock, Peter Fn 3 p.39 Isle of Wight County

Bowden, Mary 8, p.103b Spotsylvania County

Bowen, Nancy 5, p.86 Southampton County

Boweyer, Phillip FN 4/1 p.15 Isle of Wight County

Bowler, Wm 3 p.340 Richmond City

Bowls, Lucy 6 p.185 Albermarle County

Bowls, John 6 p.182 Albermarle County

Bowlz Zachariah 2 p.185 Albermarle County

Bowlz, Caty 4 p.185 Albermarle County

Bowman, Ned 10 p.1008 Henrico County

Bowman, Polly 7 p.1008 Henrico County

Bowman, Jos. 1 p.613 Montgomery County

Bowser, Billy 1, p.871 York County

Bowser, Adam 7, p.74 Southampton County

Bowsman, John 6 p.330 Richmond City

Boyd, Doctor _ p.118b Petersburg Town

Boyd, Augustine a free mulatto 7 p.973 Northumberland County

Bradby, Smallwood 2 p.959 Charles City County

Bradford, Henry free negro 3 p.240 Fairfax County

Brady, Hezekiah 11, p.217a Washington County

Braham, James 2 p.521 Frederick County

Branch, Pompey FN 2/2 p.40 Isle of Wight County

Branch, Peter FN 6 p.40 Isle of Wight County

Branch, Jesse 7, p.75 Southampton County

Brandecan, Reuben 6 p.192 King George County

Brander, Jacob 7 p.123a Petersburg Town

Brander, Daniel 7 p.121b Petersburg Town

Brander, Shadrick 2 p.121b Petersburg Town

Brander, Moses 4 p.121b Petersburg Town

Brander, Aaron 7 p.122a Petersburg Town

Brander, Blythe 3 p.508 Prince William County

Brandum, Luckey 6 p.127a Petersburg Town

Branduns, Peter 2 p.126b Petersburg Town

Brass, Sarah free negro 5 p.239 Fairfax County

Brass, Benjn. Senr. 5 p.238 Fairfax County

Brass, Benjamin free negro 7 p.239 Fairfax County

Braxton, Abram 5 p.744 New Kent County

Brent, Elizabeth 2, p.133 Stafford County

Briant, saml. (F Negro) 6 p.7 Culpepper County

Briant, Bill 4 p.16 Shenendoah County

Bridget 2, p.871 York County

Brigsby, Darkess 9 p.247 Loudoun County

Brinney, Ochar 6 p.77 Accomack County

Broadnex, Lydia 6/2 p.330 Richmond City

Broadwater, Joshua 3 p.80 Accomack County

Broadwater, Derry 9 p.79 Accomack County

Broadwater, Breech 7 p.80 Accomack County

Brock, William 4 p.187 Albermarle County

Brock, Mary 7 p.186 Albermarle County

Brock, John 4 p.186 Albermarle County

Brody, Jonathan 9, p.217a Washington County

Brody, John 13, p.217a Washington County

Brogdon, William (FN) 6 p.44 Charlotte County

Brookes, Sam 1/1 p.744 New Kent County

Brooks, William 2 p.119a Petersburg Town

Brooks, Samuel 3 p.562 Frederick County

Brooks, Hanah 11, p.88 Southampton County

Brown, Elisha 1 p.436 Bath County

Brown, Rebecca 1 p.117b Petersburg Town

Brown, William 6 p.150 Albermarle County

Brown, John 1 p.117b Petersburg Town

Brown, William 8 p.79 Accomack County

Brown, Jno 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Brown, Letty _ p.118b Petersburg Town

Brown, Scarburgh 5 p.82 Accomack County

Brown, Molley 5 p.118b Petersburg Town

Brown, Cornelius 1 p.940 Charles City County

Brown, Dixon Jr. 5 p.938 Charles City County

Brown, Betsy 2 p.125a Petersburg Town

Brown, Betty 5 p.953 Charles City County

Brown, Milley 4 p.953 Charles City County

Brown, Isaac 10 p.959 Charles City County

Brown, Patty 1 p.125b Petersburg Town

Brown, Freeman 5 p.959 Charles City County

Brown, Dixon Sr. 4 p.938 Charles City County

Brown, John T Persons of Color 7 p.132 Cumberland County

Brown, Patty 2/1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Brown, Mymy 1 p.121a Petersburg Town

Brown, James 5 p.959 Charles City County

Brown, John 5 p.958 Charles City County

Brown, Abram 10/3 p.957 Charles City County

Brown, Will 8 p.958 Charles City County

Brown, Edward 8 p.957 Charles City County

Brown, Benjn. 3 p.958 Charles City County

Brown, Adam 5 p.777 Hampshire County

Brown, Jamina 4 p.877 Hanover County

Brown, Jacob 3 p.978 Henrico County

Brown, Patty 5 p.978 Henrico County

Brown, Elias 5 p.799 Hampshire County

Brown, Jemima 5 p.885 Hanover County

Brown, Nancy 2 p.1003 Henrico County

Brown, Robert 6 p.779 Hampshire County

Brown, Fanney 4 p.333 Lunenburg County

Brown, Nancy 3 p.683 Goochland County

Brown, Hannah 1/1 p.347 Richmond City

Brown, Ann 4 p.338 Richmond City

Brown, Moses 5, p.66 Southampton County

Brown, Jacob 1/2 p.353 Richmond City

Brown, Betsy 1/1 p.317 Richmond City

Brown, Bob 8 p.550 Prince George County

Brown, Lifax 2 p.556 Prince Edward County

Brown, Hannah 2 p.365 Richmond City

Brown, Abram 6, p.56 Southampton County

Brown, Molly 1 p.347 Richmond City

Brown, Toby 7, p.87 Southampton County

Brown, Jacob 9, p.91 Southampton County

Brown, Robert 10, p.129 Stafford County

Brown, Daphne 1, p.129 Stafford County

Brown, Peter 2, p.129 Stafford County

Brown, Lucy 1, p.129 Stafford County

Brown, Hugh 4, p.128 Stafford County

Brown, Scipio 3/1, p.601 Surry County

Brown's Harry (F.N.) 3 p.9 Culpepper County

Browne, Tony 8, p.80 Southampton County

Bruce, Elizabeth 5, p.601 Surry County

Brue, Joseph free negro 1/3 p.241 Fairfax County

Brum FB 1 p.437 Princess Anne County

Brunder, Mourning 1/1 p.125a Petersburg Town

Brunswick, Charles 7 p.123a Petersburg Town

Bruster, Thos. 4 p.342 Richmond City

Brutus, Silvia 3 p.595 Frederick County

Brutus, Samuel 2 p.595 Frederick County

Brutus, George 3 p.595 Frederick County

Bucahanan, Sally 3 p.887 Norfolk County

Buccus?, Sarah 1 p.681 Nelson County

Buchanan, John 1 p.1015 Henrico County

Buck, Jonathan 12 p.776 Buckingham County

Buck, James 2 p.565 Frederick County

Buck, Sipio 2 p.235 Loudoun County

Buck, Samuel 5, p.65 Southampton County

Buck, Patty 4, p.75 Southampton County

Buck, Thos 12, p.75 Southampton County

Buckan, Thomas 6/1, p.140 Stafford County

Buckland, Susanna (Colour) 10 p.598 Monroe County

Buckley, Nelly 1 p.498 Prince William County

Bug, Toney FN 7, p.628 Sussex County

Bugg, Pleasant (fn) 5 p.707 Brunswick County

Bullar, Griffin 10/1 p.186 Albermarle County

Bunda, Fras. (F.N.) 5 p.7 Culpepper County

Bunda, Thos (F.N.) 1 p14 Culpepper County

Bunda, Wm (F.N.) 1 p.9 Culpepper County

Bunda, Wm (F.M.) 5 p.8 Culpepper County

Bunda, Nancy (F.N.) 2 p.8 Culpepper County

Bunda, Sally (F.Molatto) 3 p.8 Culpepper County

Bunday, Sarah 7 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Catherine 2 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, John 4 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Qisler 5 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Polly 4 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Ann 3 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Harry Sr. 3 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Nelson 3 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Harry Jr 5 p.202 Essex County

Bunday, Leives 3 p.202 Essex County

Bundwick, Rachel 5 p.9 Accomack County

Bundy, Betty 7, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Bundy, Sylvia 7, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Burch, Henry 3/3 p.886 Hanover County

Burk, Enoch 5 p.308 Loudoun County

Burke, Polly 6 p.507 Prince William County

Burns, Nancy 5 p.322 Amherst County

Burnside, Jem 2/2 p.322 Amherst County

Buroutt, Polly 6/2 p.341 Richmond City

Burrell, Elisa 12, p.768 Westmoreland County

Burton, Nancy 1 p.341 Richmond City

Burwell, Clarissa 3 p.121b Petersburg Town

Burwell, Patty 2 p.996 Henrico County

Burwell, Hanna 4 p.549 Prince George County

Bush, Sally 5 p.398 Amherst County

Bush, Charlotte 2 p.349 Richmond City

Butler, Daniel 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Butler, Samuel (fn) 1 p.707 Brunswick County

Butler, Wm 8 p.890 Norfolk County

Butler, Nancy 4 p.869 Campbell County

Butler, __ames? 10 p.879 Campbell County

Butler, Jacob FN 11 p.43 Isle of Wight County

Butler, Edwd. 12, p.65 Southampton County

Butler, James FN 7, p.627 Sussex County

Butler, Christopher 7, p.140 Stafford County

Byrd, Jesse 9 p.118a Petersburg Town

Byrd, Peggy (FN) 6 p.44 Charlotte County

Byrd, Sally 5/1 p.124a Petersburg Town

Byrd, Reuben 5 p.121b Petersburg Town

Byrd, Samuel (free Negro) 7 p.351 Fauquier County

Byrd, William (FN) 11 p.44 Charlotte County

Byrd, James? -00001 6 p.201 Essex County

Byrd, David 6, p.58 Southampton County

Byrd, Thomas 10, p.59 Southampton County

Byrd, Aaron 3, p.60 Southampton County

Byrd, Wm 2, p.56 Southampton County

Byrd, Nelly 4, p.601 Surry County

Caesar, Squire 4 p.689 Goochland County

Caeser, Julius FB 5/1 p.1020 Nottoway County

Cain, Henry 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Cain, Daniel 4 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Cain, Peter 8 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Cain 1, p.872 York County

Cairy, Edy 4 p.117b Petersburg Town

Califf, James 14 p.799 Buckingham County

Call, Adam 1 p.117b Petersburg Town

Call, Trissy 6 p.119b Petersburg Town

Callahan, Sam 17 p.334 Lunenburg County

Callender, Saml. free Negro 13, p.614 Botetourt County

Callthorpe, Will 2, p.88 Southampton County

Calvert, Francis 6 p.503 Prince William County

Cambridge 3 p.243 Loudoun County

Cammell, Sharlot 4, p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Cammell, Nancy 5, p.106b Spotsylvania County

Cammell, Fanny 4, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Camp, Abrm 2 p.298 Rockbridge County

Campbell, Robt. (F.Mo.) 2 p.19 Culpepper County

Campbell, Jack 1/2 p.124b Petersburg Town

Campbell, Elizabeth 4 p.461 Middlesex County

Canady, Susan 6 p.381 Richmond City

Canida, John FN 6, p.632 Sussex County

Cannon, Henry 7/5 p.123b Petersburg Town

Carey, Diana 6, p.770 Westmoreland County

Carpenter, James a free mulatto 4 p974 Northumberland County

Carprew, Wm 1/5 p.802 Norfolk County

Carr, Nelly 1/1 p.508 Prince William County

Carrol, Mary 1/1 p.890 Norfolk County

Carter, Henry (FN) 5 p.46 Charlotte County

Carter, Betty 1 p.119b Petersburg Town

Carter, Jacob 6 p.119b Petersburg Town

Carter, Robert 3 p.583 Monroe County

Carter, Lucey 9 p.324 Richmond City

Carter, Bob FN 2/1, p.630 Sussex County

Carter, Anthony FN 8, p.633 Sussex County

Carter, Elizabeth 3, p.112b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Carthrea, Jack F.N. 4 p.147b Rockingham County

Carvender, Molly 2, p.770 Westmoreland County

Cary, William 5 p.119a Petersburg Town

Cary, London 4 p.119a Petersburg Town

Cary, Jack 2 p.127a Petersburg Town

Cary, Benjamin -001 2 p.121a Petersburg Town

Cary, Christr. 3 p.595 Frederick County

Cary, David 10 p.959 Charles City County

Cary, Frs. (F. Negro) 1 p.22 Culpepper County

Cary, Nancy 6 p.543 Frederick County

Cary, Nancy 3 p.340 Richmond City

Cary, Thomas 11, p.108b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Case, Bridget 5 p.17 Accomack County

Case, George 2 p.16 Accomack County

Casey, Willis 8 p.136 Kanawha County

Cassity, Jas. 4 p.341 Lancaster County

Cassity, Betty a free mulatto 4 p.973 Northumberland County

Cassity, Patty a free mulatto 9 p.975 Northumberland County

Caster, Samuel 6 p.281 Loudoun County

Castor, Sarah 3 p.891 Norfolk County

Cate free negro 1 p235 Fairfax County

Cathon, Celia, 4, p.60 Southampton County

Cathon, Will 7, p.86 Southampton County

Cato 1 p.445 Bath County

Caty, free Negro 5 p.105 Jefferson County

Ceaser, Augustus p.72 Accomack County

Cesar 2 p.277 Loudoun County

Chaffers, Ben 3 p.493 Fluvanna County

Chambers, Polly 3, 103b Spotsylvania County

Chambers, John 7 & 1 free white female 26-45, p.102b Spotsylvania Chandler, Southey 2 p.16 Accomack County

Chapman, Mary 1 p.182 Albermarle County

Chapman, Lucy 1 p.854 Campbell County

Chapman, Caty 3, p.402a Gloucester County

Chapman, Saul 6 p.502 Prince William County

Chapman, Jesse 6, p.604 Surry County

Chapman, Jas 2, p.201a Washington County

Chappel, Silvia 1/5 p.128a Petersburg Town

Chappel, David 9, p.604 Surry County

Charity, free 8 p.860 Hanover County

Charity, Sterling 6 p.546 Prince George County

Charity, Squire 9/1, p.603 Surry County

Charity, Sally 2 & 1 free white woman 45+, p.603 Surry County

Charity, John 6, p.604 Surry County

Charity, Elijah 8, p.604 Surry County

Charity, David 10, p.604 Surry County

Charle, Madme 4 p.893 Norfolk County

Charles free negro 5 p.246 Fairfax County

Charles (Free Negroe) 2 p.393 Fauquier County

Charles (free negro) 2, p.401b Gloucester County

Charles, free 7 p.855 Hanover County

Charles a free negro 2 p.974 Northumberland County

Charleson, John 4 p.850 Campbell County

Charlotte a free negro 3 p.975 Northumberland County

Chavers, John (FN) 2 p.46 Charlotte County

Chavers, John (FN) 1 p.68 Charlotte County

Chavers, Betsy (FN) 1 p.46 Charlotte County

Chavers, Thomas (FN) 5 p.68 Charlotte County

Chavers, Sarah (FN) 1 p.46 Charlotte County

Chavers, Jacob (FN) 10 p.45 Charlotte County

Chavis, John 8 p.122a Petersburg Town

Chavis, Fanny 5/1, p.71 Southampton County

Chavis, Jack 3, p.77 Southampton County

Chevice, Molly -00001 10, p.401b Gloucester County

China FB 1 p.448 Princess Anne County

Chinn, Cirus 4 p.275 Rockbridge County

Christian, David 3 p.939 Charles City County

Christian, Isaac 2 p.939 Charles City County

Christian, Billy 1/3 p.365 Richmond City

Christy, James 3 p.894 Hanover County

Church, Charity 7 p.88 Accomack County

Church, Stephen 8 p.88 Accomack County

Church, Stephen 6 p.15 Accomack County

Church, James 8 p.15 Accomack County

Churchwell, Lydia 10 p.118a Petersburg Town

Cibels, Salley 3 p.324 Richmond City

Cinthia, Free 4 p.534 Frederick County

Clark, John 4 p.299 Amherst County

Clark, William 9 p.258 Amherst County

Clark, James 9 p.298 Amherst County

Clark, Micajah 3 p.302 Amherst County

Clark, Wm (F.Mo) 7 p.18 Culpepper County

Clark, William 9 p.808 Hampshire County

Clark, Susan 5 p.839 Norfolk County

Clark, Leonard 5 p.290 Rockbridge County

Clark, Joseph? 1 p.816 Norfolk County

Clark, Lucy 2 p.323 Richmond City

Clarke, Jesse 10 p.814 Buckingham County

Clarke, Priscilla 3/3 p.891 Norfolk County

Clarke, Wm 5 p.857 Hanover County

Clarke, Wm 6 p.980 Henrico County

Clarke, Gabriel 4 p.980 Henrico County

Clarke, Nancy 5, p.78 Southampton County

Clarke, Lemuel 4, p.75 Southampton County

Clay, Charlotte 3/1 p.363 Richmond City

Clayton, Milly 3 p.892 Norfolk County

Clayton, Abel 6 p.15 Accomack County

Clem 5 p.268 Loudoun County

Clements, Lucy 4 p.125b Petersburg Town

Clements, Patt 5, p.87 Southampton County

Clemmens, Jas 4, p.81 Southampton County

Clemmons, Mary free negro 3 p.245 Fairfax County

Coal, Aggay 3 p.324 Richmond City

Coals, Philip 2 p.382 Richmond City

Cobble, Ben 1 p.855 Campbell County

Cochran, Henry 8 p.689 Goochland County

Cocke, Peter? 7 p.549 Prince George County

Cockrun, John 1 p.853 Campbell County

Coff, Eliza 7 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Coffin, Richd 1/2 p.891 Norfolk County

Cole, Jno. free negro 001- 2 p.243 Fairfax County

Cole, Major 5 p.939 Charles City County

Cole, Saml. 3 p.996 Henrico County

Cole, Jobe 5 p.986 Henrico County

Cole, David 1 p.508 Prince William County

Cole, William 10 p.508 Prince William County

Cole, Henry 10 p.508 Prince William County

Cole, Sally 4 p.508 Prince William County

Cole, Samuel 3 p.508 Prince William County

Cole, Nelly 2 p.508 Prince William County

Coleburn, Isaac 5/1 p.87 Accomack County

Coleman, Lucy 2 p.118a Petersburg Town

Coleman, Rachel 5 p.124a Petersburg Town

Coleman, Aggy 2 p.120a Petersburg Town

Coleman, Bob 3 p.550 Prince George County

Coleman, Richard 10 p.401 Richmond County

Coleman, Ned 2, p.770 Westmoreland County

Coleman, Richard 4, p.770 Westmoreland County

Collette, Cathne p.893 Norfolk County

Colley, Martin F.N. 9 p.136a Rockingham County

Colley, Nancy (one slave?) -0002 2 p.901 Hanover County

Colley, John 3/1 p.367 Richmond City

Collins, Southey 8 p.16 Accomack County

Collins, Bristo 2 p.577 Frederick County

Collins, George F.N. 4 p.136a Rockingham County

Collins, Earlls? 3 p.1015 Henrico County

Collins, Mason Mulo. p.160 King & Queen County

Collins, Presley 6 p.794 Norfolk County

Collins, George 2, p.16 Shenendoah County

Collins, Kinner FB 10 p.445 Princess Anne County

Colson, James 3 p.118b Petersburg Town

Combo, Turner 3 p.958 Charles City County

Combs, John 5, p.873 York County

Combs, Betsy 9, p.873 York County

Combs, Wm 4/1, p.873 York County

Combs?, David (F. Negro) 3 p.359 Fauquier County

Comiter, Jno 4 p.293 Loudoun County

Conn, Thomas 10 p.71 Jefferson County

Conner, Fortune 3/2 p.13 Accomack County

Conner, Hannah 1 p.140a Rockingham County

Connull?/ Cornwell?, Asa 1, p.92 Southampton County

Conquest, Thomas 8 p.86 Accomack County

Conway, Aggy 2 p.325 Amherst County

Conway, Lazarus 4 p.401 Richmond County

Cook, Mary 8/1 p.183 Elizabeth City County

Cook, Nancy 3 p.123a Petersburg Town

Cook, Jincy 2 p.123a Petersburg Town

Cook, Plato 3 p.121b Petersburg Town

Cook, James (FN) 3 p.68 Charlotte County

Cook, Letty 2 p.121a Petersburg Town

Cook, Judy 2 p.121b Petersburg Town

Cook, Ama 5 p.687 Goochland County

Cook, Richd. 3 p.453 Mathews County

Cook, Joseph 6, p.140 Stafford County

Cooke, Jno free negro 1/2, p.402a Gloucester County

Cooke, Wm (free negro) 3, p. 402a Gloucester County

Cooke, Charles (free negro) 5, p.401b Gloucester County

Cooke, Alyce 2, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Cooksey, Jack free negro 3 p.235 Fairfax County

Cooley, Robt. 8/2 p.374 Richmond City

Cooper, John 1 p.893 Norfolk County

Cooper, John 6 p.284 Amherst County

Cooper, James -00001 2 p.330 Amherst County

Cooper, John 4 p.302 Amherst County

Cooper, John 2 p.893 Norfolk County

Cooper, Archer 2 p.853 Campbell County

Cooper, Racael 2 p.121a Petersburg Town

Cooper, Cupid 2 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Daphny 9 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Daniel 5 p.689 Goochland County

Cooper, Roger 10 p.688 Goochland County

Cooper, Jesse 7 p.750 New Kent County

Cooper, Clarissa 8 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Edwd. 6 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Jno 4 p.892 Hanover County

Cooper, Miles 2 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Jacob 2 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Chloe 3 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Roger 7 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Ava 2 p.686 Goochland County

Cooper, Simon Mulo. 3 p.160 King & Queen County

Cooper, Geo. FN 8 p.159 King & Queen County

Cooper, Eliza 3 p.353 Richmond City

Cooper, Salley 1 p.325 Richmond City

Cooper, John 6 p.298 Rockbridge County

Cooper, Betty 2, p.889 York County

Cooper, Polley 3, p.236b Washington County

Cooper, Wm 4, p.210a Washington County

Copeland, Michael 6/1 p.747 New Kent County

Copeland, Richd. 8 p.980 Henrico County

Copes, Daniel 6 p.87 Accomack County

Corl(?), Thomas 4 p.117b Petersburg Town

Corn, Polly _ (water damage) p.121b Petersburg Town

Corne, Sally 3 p.127a Petersburg Town

Cornett, Joseph 3, p.128 Stafford County

Cornwell, Archer FN 1 p.37 Isle of Wight County

Cosby, Jack 3, p.58 Southampton County

Cosby, Jack 5, p.54 Southampton County

Cossey, James a free mulatto 3 p.975 Northumberland County

Cossey, Bill a free mulatto 9 p.975 Northumberland County

Cossey, Abel a free mulatto 5 p.975 Northumberland County

Cotrell, Ford 15 p.798 Buckingham County

Cotton, Judath FB 3 p.446 Princess Anne County




Cousins, Bill 3 p.400 Amherst County

Cousins, Josiah 10 p.828 Buckingham County

Cousins, John 7 p.438 Fluvanna County

Cousins, Francis 8 p.687 Goochland County

Cousins, Betsey 5 p.686 Goochland County

Cousins, Henry 5 p.685 Goochland County

Cousins, Sally 2 p.689 Goochland County

Cousins, Betsey 1 p.686 Goochland County

Cousins, William 7 p.561 Prince Edward County

Cousins, Charles FB 4 p.1020 Nottoway County

Covurn?, Clarky 3 p.510 Prince William County

Cox, Ann 1 p.892 Norfolk County

Cox, Nancy 7 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Cox, Wm 3 p.991 Henrico County

Cox, Jesse 4, p.826 Wythe County

Coy, Anthony 3 p.307 Amherst County

Coy, Charles FB 17 p.13 Powhatan County

Coyle, David 3/4, p.108a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Cozens, Jacob (FN) 10 p.45 Charlotte County

Crafford, Nancy 2 p.852 Campbell County

Crafford, Jenny 6, p.604 Surry County

Cragg, Thos. (F.N.) 1 p.18 Culpepper County

Craig, Betty 2 p.614 Botetourt County

Craig, Salley (F.Negroe) 6 p.386 Fauquier County

Craig, Henry (F.MO.) 4 p.24 Culpepper County

Craig, Thomas (F.Negroe) 8 p.359 Fauquier County

Craney, Sarah a free negro 2 p.996 Northumberland County

Crapper, Ben 6/3 p.893 Norfolk County

Crawford, Sally 1 p.891 Norfolk County

Credit, George a free mulatto 4 p.976 Northumberland County

Credit, Sally a free mulatto 5 p.976 Northumberland County

Credit, John a free mulatto 5 p.976 Northumberland County

Crenshaw, Nat 6, p.86 Southampton County

Crew, Elisha 5 p.957 Charles City County

Crew, Elisha 5 p.959 Charles City County

Crews, Peach 19 p.828 Buckingham County

Crippen, Spencer 10 p.88 Accomack County

Crippen, Joshua 2/6 p.87 Accomack County

Crippen, Stephen 7/1 p.86 Accomack County

Crippen, Thomas 10 p.87 Accomack County

Crippen, Abel 4 p.87 Accomack County

Critchlow, Lucy 2/1, p.73 Southampton County

Crook, Betty (fn) 2 p.707 Brunswick County

Crook, Robert (fn) 4 p.708 Brunswick County

Cropper, Joshua 4 p.15 Accomack County

Cropper, Luke 8/1 p .15 Accomack County

Cross, Ann 2 p.892 Norfolk County

Cross, John 4 p.127b Petersburg Town

Cross, Jas. 4 p.295 Loudoun County

Cross, Richard 7 p.258 Loudoun County

Crotini, Casimere 3 p.118a Petersburg Town

Croucher, Charles 1 p.153 Albermarle County

Crump, Will 6 p.749 New Kent County

Crumpton, Penney 5 p.258 Loudoun County

Crumwell, Demsey 2, p.75 Southampton County

Crupper, Thos. (F.N.) 2 p.24 Culpepper County

Cucydia? 4 p.341 Richmond City

Cuff, Will 8 p.474 Fluvanna County

Cuffee, Nancy 4 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Lemuel 10 p.804 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Aaron 8 p.794 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Lovey 2 p.794 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Geo. 3 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, ?abet 5 p796 Norfolk County

Cuffee, John 12 p.794 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Jacob? 2 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Patsy? 6 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Willis 5 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Jas? 11/1 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Geo. 3 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Danl? 2 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, John 2 p.795 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Nancy 4 p.802 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Abby 1 p.802 Norfolk County

Cuffee, William 3 p.794 Norfolk County

Cuffee, Chas. FB 4 p.445 Princess Anne County

Cuffee, Geo. FB 5 p.445 Princess Anne County

Cuffy, Fanny 4 p.687 p.686 Goochland County

Cumbo, Anderson 6 p.958 Charles City County

Cumbo, John 4 p.958 Charles City County

Cunningham, Phil jr. 2 p.195 King George County

Cunningham, Jas? 1 p.195 King George County

Cunningham, Benjamin 10 p.818 Hampshire County

Cunningham, Benja. 5 p.193 King George County

Cunningham, Phil 8 p.193 King George County

Cunningham, Nancy 5 p.688 Goochland County

Cupid 3 p.319 Richmond City

Curle, Bridget 1 p.893 Norfolk County

Curle, William 9/2 p.119b Petersburg Town

Curle, Susan 9 p.125a Petersburg Town

Curry, Mary 7 p.301 Amherst County

Curry, Jane 2 p.208 Essex County

Curtis, Betsey 6 p.326 Amherst County

Curtis, Jonathan 9/1 p.117b Petersburg Town

Curtis, Chloe (F.N.) 5 p.24 Culpepper County

Custalo, Jas. 3 p.373 Richmond City

Cuttello, Edwd 7, p.872 York County

Cuttello, Abram 6, p.873 York County

Cyphaz, Betty 3 p.461 Middlesex County

Cypress, John 2/4 p.799 Norfolk County

Cypress, Rebecca 5, p.604 Surry County

Dabney, James (m) 1/1 p.710 Brunswick County

Dabney, Jacob 2 p.848 Campbell County

Daily, Wren 5/1 p.354 Richmond City

Dairja, M. L. 1 p.894 Norfolk County

Dandridge, Bat 3/3 p.997 Henrico County

Dandridge, Robert 2 p.1015 Henrico County

Dangerfield, Londin 1 p.869 Campbell County

Dangerfield, Samson 4 p.549 Prince George County

Dangerfield, Charles 8 p.549 Prince George County

Dangerfield, Loudon 9 p.549 Prince George County

Daniel 3 p.820 Hampshire County

Daniel, a free negro 3 p.977 Northumberland County

Danl. free negro 4 p.248 Fairfax County

Darby, Thomas (free black) 8 p.458 Bedford County

Darvel, Judy 1 p.123b Petersburg Town

Daugh, Letty 1/1 p.998 Henrico County

Davenport, Wm 3, p.873 York County

Davenport, Antony 5, p.873 York County

Davenport, Henry 6, p.873 York County

Davis, Lucy 9 p.815 Buckingham County

Davis, Samuel 11 p.816 Buckingham County

Davis, Deborah 2 p.894 Norfolk County

Davis, Sarah 9 p.91 Accomack County

Davis, David 7 p.549 Frederick County

Davis, Robt free negro 1/1 p.249 Fairfax County

Davis, Geo. 6 p.301 Loudoun County

Davis, Toby FN 4 p.28 Isle of Wight County

Davis, Sussan FN 3/1 p.28 Isle of Wight County

Davis, Geo. 5 p.268 Loudoun County

Davis, Betsy 6 p.338 Lunenburg County

Davis, John 1/1, p.135 Stafford County

Davis, John 4, p.770 Westmoreland County

Davis, Isabel 3, p.79 Southampton County

Davis?, John 5 p.815 Norfolk County

Dawson, Anica 5 p.893 Hanover County

Day, Ben 4 p.618 Botetourt County

Day, Tempy 7 p.617 Botetourt County

Day, Simon Peter f. negro 3/2 p.252 Fairfax County

Day, George 4 p.472 Middlesex County

Day, George a free negro 5 p.976 Northumberland County

Day, Judith a free mulatto p.977 Northumberland County

Day, Stephen a free mulatto 7 p.976 Northumberland County

Day, Samuel 7, p.770 Westmoreland County

Dayley, Saley 4/1 p.323 Richmond City

DCroster, Travis 9 p.833 Hampshire County

Dean, Philip 1/1 p.690 Goochland County

Deane, Susan 2/5 p.335 Richmond City

Deans?, ? 2/1 p.815 Norfolk County

Debrix, David 2, Sr., p.605 Surry County

Debrix, John 18, p.605 Surry County

Decodry, Israel 7 p.119b Petersburg Town

Deen, Thornton 13 p.196 King George County

Deen, John 6 p.196 King George County

Degart, Mary 2/4 p.894 Norfolk County

Delaney, Saml 6 p.243 Amelia County

Delarias, Daniel 9, p.102b Spotsylvania County

Delastatious, Edmund 6 p.90 Accomack County

Delks, Josha? 1 p.815 Norfolk County

Dennis, Fenny 5 p.19 Accomack County

Denson, Minah FN 2 p.23 Isle of Wight County

Derrick, Jacob free negro 5 p.250 Fairfax County

Dettar, Catherine 3, p.33 Shenendoah County

Devereux, John 2 p.123b Petersburg Town

Devoreah?, John W. 6 p.958 Charles City County

Diannah 6 p.316 Richmond City

Dick, Chaty 7, p.16 Shenendoah County

Dick, Joseph 9, p.136 Stafford County

Dick 2, p.772 Westmoreland County

Dick, Grace 3, p.136 Stafford County

Dickens, Thomas 7 p.338 Lunenburg County

Dickens, William 6 p.338 Lunenburg County

Dickenson, Amy 1/1 p.896 Norfolk County

Dickkens, Joseph 5 p.338 Lunenburg County

Dickson, Austin 6 p.853 Campbell County

Dickson, Fanny 7 p.541 Prince George County

Dickson, William Senr. 6, p771 Westmoreland County

Dickson, Wm Jr. 5, p.770 Westmoreland County

Dickson, William Junr. 5/4, p.771 Westmoreland County

Dieks?, John 9 p.1062 Ohio County

Diggs, Josiah 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Dillion, Jno 7 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Dinah 1 p.769 Hampshire County

Dinitty, Dianna 0/1 p.119a Petersburg Town

Dishman, David 2, p.103b Spotsylvania County

Distiller, Ned 1/2 p.513 Prince William County

Dix, Simon 11 p.90 Accomack County

Dixon, Moses F. Negro 2 p.340 Fauquier County

Dixon, Henry 1 p.959 Charles City County

Dixon, Sarah 1 p.370 Richmond City

Dixon, Lucy 3/3 p.351 Richmond City

Dobbins, George 6 p.689 Nelson County

Dockey, Peter 10 p.91 Accomack County

Dogan, Chs. (F.Mo.) 2 p.25 Culpepper County

Dolly 1 p.771 Hampshire County

Dolton, Andw 6, p.217a Washington County

Donahue?, Joshua 4 p.198 Essex County

Doneven, Peter 1, p.236a Washington County

Douglas, William 6 p.89 Accomack County

Douglas, William 6 p.126a Petersburg Town

Douglas, Chs. (F.N.) 3 p.26 Culpepper County

Douglass, Adam 11 p.271 Rockbridge County

Downing, Solomn 6 p.19 Accomack County

Downing, Jesse 8 p.91 Accomack County

Downing, Nanney 11 p.91 Accomack County

Drake, Tully 2/3 p.894 Norfolk County

Drake, Fed 6/1 p.894 Norfolk County

Drake, Briscoe 2, p.58 Southampton County

Driver, Thos. 3 p.291 Loudoun County

Driver, Edmund 6 p.453 Mathews County

Drummond, Chas 4 p.19 Accomack County

Drummond, Robert 10 p.91 Accomack County

Drummond, Bill 5 p.19 Accomack County

Drummond, Athey 11 p.90 Accomack County

Drury, William 1 p.849 Campbell County

Duffey, Isaac 9/3 p.91 Accomack County

Dugard, John & James 5 p.367 Richmond City

Duke, Aggay 2/1 p.382 Richmond City

Dun?, Valentine 2 p.806 Norfolk County

Duncan, Abey 4, p.65 Southampton County

Duncan, Solo. FB 5 p.450 Princess Anne County

Duncum, Lucy 3, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Dungee, James 7 p.562 Prince Edward County

Dungey, Reubin 7 p.751 New Kent County

Dungey, Isabella 4 p.751 New Kent County

Dungy, William 5 p. 114 Cumberland County

Dunkin, Frank 3 p.89 Accomack County

Dunkinfield, Feres 3/3 p.317 Richmond City

Dunlop, Lidia 4 p.197 King George County

Dunlop, Augt. 6 p.197 King George County

Dunlop, Sarah 6 p.197 King George County

Dunlop, Mary 10 p.333 Richmond City

Dunlop, Naney 4 p.333 Richmond City

Dunn, Mary 4 p.802 Norfolk County

Dunscomb, Dick 2 p.982 Henrico County

Dunscomb, Nancy 1/1 p.344 Richmond City

Dupree, C. 3/2 p.894 Norfolk County

Dutton, Eleanor free negro 2/1 p.251 Fairfax County

Easley, Sam 5 p.478 Fluvanna County

Easter, Wilcher 8 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Easton, John 1 p.805 Hampshire County

Easton?, Sarah 3 p.881 Campbell County

Eastwood, Jupiter 2 p.897 Norfolk County

Edloe, Frank 2/2 p.548 Prince George County

Edmondson, Betsey 2 p.848 Campbell County

Edmunds, Benjamin (m) 1 p.711 Brunswick County

Edmunds, Phill FN 2, p.636 Sussex County

Edwards, Wm 1 p.897 Norfolk County

Edwards, Wm & Cuffee 6 p.384 Madison County

Edwards, Mary 1, p.872a York County

Edwards, Lydda 3 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Edwards, Hezekiel 3, p.127 Stafford County

Elback, Major 8/1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Eley, Hanah 1, p.75 Southampton County

Elizabeth 3, p.20 Shenendoah County

Elles, David 9 p.880 Campbell County

Elles, Richard 10 p.880 Campbell County

Elliot, Becky 3 p.122a Petersburg Town

Elliot, Stephen FN 6 p.43 Isle of Wight County

Elliott, Jane 5 p.125a Petersburg Town

Elliott, Thos 6 p.127a Petersburg Town

Elliott, Edward 3/1 p.122b Petersburg Town

Elliott, Nancy 7 p.817 Norfolk County

Elliott, Betty 6 p.815 Norfolk County

Elliott, Sarah 7 p.815 Norfolk County

Ellis, Lewis 2 p.118a Petersburg Town

Ellis, Joanna 5/1 p.123b Petersburg Town

Ellis, Lucy 2/4 p.379 Richmond City

Ellis, Eliza 5 p.363 Richmond City

Ellison, Cloe 9 p.565 Prince Edward County

Ellyson, Sam 3 p.752 New Kent County

Ellyson, David 2 p.752 New Kent County

Elmore, Henry 2 p.874 Hanover County

Emanuel a free negro 2 p.978 Northumberland County

Embrow 2/2 p.316 Richmond City

Emerson, Phillis 6 p.93 Accomack County

Enderson, Frank 3 p.368 Richmond City

Ennis, Winney (F.Negroe) 1 p.420 Fauquier County

Epes, ? (Charles?) 4/3 p.119a Petersburg Town

Epes, Mary 6 p.538 Prince George County

Epperson, James 5 p.564 Prince Edward County

Epps, Elizabeth 4/4 p.339 Lunenburg County

Esther, Free 3 p.527 Berkeley County

Esther 2 p.793 Hampshire County

Evans, Henry 2 p.302 Amherst County

Evans, Charles 1 p.289 Amherst County

Evans, Jane -00001 4 p.287 Amherst County

Evans, Rhoda 1 p.776 Buckingham County

Evans, Molly 2 p.286 Amherst County

Evans, John 9 p.302 Amherst County

Evans, Ambrose 6 p.302 Amherst County

Evans, Jack 2 p.810 Buckingham County

Evans, Thomas 7 p.268 Amherst County

Evans, Joe 10/3 p.93 Accomack County

Evans, Jesse 4 p.121b Petersburg Town

Evans, Mark f negro 7 p. 253 Fairfax County

Evans, Harry 2/1 p.979 Henrico County

Evans, Claiborne 10/2 p.999 Henrico County

Evans, Matt 6, p.56 Southampton County

Evans, Agnes 11 p.537 Prince George County

Evans, Mason 3 p.537 Prince George County

Evans, Becky 2 p.343 Richmond City

Evans, Charles 4 p.564 Prince Edward County

Evans, Mary 2 p.344 Richmond City

Evans, Philis 1/2 p.331 Richmond City

Evans, Peggy 4, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Evans, Lucy 2, p.103b Spotsylvania County

Evins, Salley 5 p.893 Hanover County

Evins, Minerva 2 p.331 Richmond City

Evins, John 5, p.772 Westmoreland County

Ewell, Grace 9 p.93 Accomack County

Fagan, Ann 3 p.125b Petersburg Town

Fagan, Peter 5 p.126b Petersburg Town

Fagan, Peter 2, p.75 Southampton County

Fagans, Peter 1/2 p.126b Petersburg Town

Faggan, Peter 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Fairfax, Guy 1/1 p.522 Frederick County

Fanny, do. p.509 Berkeley County

Fanny free 2 p.386 Madison County

Fanny free 3 p.501 Prince William County

Fanny FN 8, p.637 Sussex County

Farmer, Henry 6 p.569 Frederick County

Farrar, Mary 2 p.691 Nelson County

Farrar, Betsy 3 p.691 Nelson County

Farrow, Drury (FB) 6 p. 461 Bedford County

Farrow, Reuben 8 p.193 Albermarle County

Farrow, Hanah 4 p.325 Richmond City

Fauntleroy, D. 2/2 p.345 Lancaster County

Faver?, Lucy (F.Neg.) 1 p.34 Culpepper County

Fawcett, Priss 2 p.395 Richmond County

Fell, Tabithy 2 p.126b Petersburg Town

Fellis 5 p.772 Westmoreland County

Fells, Lucy 5 p.126b Petersburg Town

Felts, Jacob 13 p.979 Henrico County

Fendley, Fanney 1 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Fenley, James FB 7 p.10 Powhatan County

Ferguson, James 4, p.103b Spotsylvania County

Field, Ellsey 2 p.122b Petersburg Town

Field, Thos. (F.Mo.) 7 p.31 Culpepper County

Fields, John 4 p.806 Buckingham County

Fields, Betty 9 p.789 Buckingham County

Fields, Nancey (m) 7 p.806 Buckingham County

Fields, Betty 10 p.799 Buckingham County

Fields, Robert 9 p.95 Accomack County

Fields, Salley 19 p.799 Buckingham County

Fields, David 2 p.849 Campbell County

Fields, John 4 p.752 New Kent County

Findley, Thomas 1 Chesterfield County

Finney, Abraham 8 p.94 Accomack County

Finney, Phillip 6 p.23 Accomack County

Finny, Abraham 5 p.23 Accomack County

Fisher, George (F.Negroe) 3 p.379 Fauquier County

Fisher, Nancy 4 p.373 Richmond City

Fisher, Simon 4 p.1041 Ohio County

Fishneck, Judith FB 2 p.10 Powhatan County

Fiterman, Major 9 p.95 Accomack County

Fitzgarrel, Thomas 4/5, p.108b Spotsylvania County

Flamming, Thos 3 p.898 Norfolk County

Fletcher, Peter 7 p.94 Accomack County

Fletcher, Cloe 2 p.125b Petersburg Town

Fletcher, John (F.Negroe) 7 p.398 Fauquier County

Flint, Ester 1 p.339 Richmond City

Flippin, Polly -0001 3, p.403b Gloucester County

Flood, Molly (FN) 9 p.49 Charlotte County

Flood, Charles FN 1 p.37 Isle of Wight County

Flood, Adam 2/1 p.996 Henrico County

Flora (F. Black) 3 p.461 Bedford County

Flora free negro 3 p.255 Fairfax County

Flora, Wm 6 p.832 Norfolk County

Flowers, Benjamin 9, p.636 Sussex County

Flowers, Isham 10, p.636 Sussex County

Flurray, Ruth FB 10 p.453 Princess Anne County

Ford, William 5 p.199 King George County

Ford, George 4, p.772 Westmoreland County

Foreman, Jacob 9 p.94 Accomack County

Forgason, Peter 1 p.565 Prince Edward County

Forgason, Jethro 7 p.566 Prince Edward County

Forgason, Charles 5 p.567 Prince Edward County

Fort, Chopin 9, p.128 Stafford County

Forten, Robert 2 p.900 Hanover County

Fortune, Major 5 p.95 Accomack County

Fortune, Lawre. 1/2 p.898 Norfolk County

Fortune, James Snr. 3 p.845 Hanover County

Fortune, Hanah 2 p.980 Henrico County

Fortune, Milley 2 p.901 Hanover County

Foster, Jesse 4 p.752 New Kent County

Foster, William 11, p.606 Surry County

Fox, James free negro 6 p. 255 Fairfax County

Fox, James 12 p.752 New Kent County

Fox, Toby 8, p.127 Stafford County

Francis, nathl. f negro 6 p.254 Fairfax County

Francis, Ab. 10, p.678 Warwick County

Francis, Wm 4, p.872a York County

Francis, Abram 6, p.872a York County

Frank (free negro) 3, p.403b Gloucester County

Frank 2, p.772 Westmoreland County

Fraser, Nancy _ p.123b Petersburg Town

Frayzer, Billy 1/2 p.365 Richmond City

Frayzer, Lucy 1 p.365 Richmond City

Frazier, Caty 4 p.199 King George County

Free John 1/8, p.238 Amelia County

Free Negro, Sarah 1/1 p.89 Southampton County

Free Aggy 2, p.870 York County

Free Jenny 3, p.389 Wythe County

Free Jack 3, p.877 York County

Free Sarah 5/3, p.890 York County

Free Suckey 3, p.890 York County

Free Sally 3, p.883 York County

Free Esther 4, p.872a York County

Freeborn, Susan 2, p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Freeman, Isaac 1, p.821 Buckingham County

Freeman, Abm. 7 p.621 Botetourt County

Freeman, Ceasar 11 p.426 Bath County

Freeman, Frank 3 p.853 Campbell County

Freeman, Morris 8 p.880 Campbell County

Freeman, Jacob 8 p.591 Frederick County

Freeman, Orange 7 p.692 Goochland County

Freeman, Isaac 10 p.855 Hanover County

Freeman, Nathan 9 p.691 Goochland County

Freeman, James 6, p.403b Gloucester County

Freeman, Jno -0001 5/1, p.403b Gloucester County

Freeman, Mingo 6 p.1010 Henrico County

Freeman, Ro. -0001 3, p.403b Gloucester County

Freeman, Isaac 4 p.845 Hanover County

Freeman, Jack FB 9 p.1020 Nottoway County

Freeman, Thomas 3 p.366 Richmond City

Freeman, David FB 8 p.1017 Nottoway County

Freeman, Jacob 1, p.60 Southampton County

Freeman, John 1, p.205b Washington County

Freeman, Frank 2, p.636 Sussex County

Freman, Peter 1, p.821 Buckingham County

French, Mason 1, p.831 Wythe County

Frestoe, Jack 3 p.510 Prince William County

Friar, Easter 2 p.852 Campbell County

Froggett, John 1/1, p.127 Stafford County

Fry, George 5 & 7 whites, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Fry, Thomas 5, p.107a Spotsylvania County

Fulks, David 4, p.606 Surry County

Fuller, Thos. FBlak 3/2 p.453 Princess Anne County

Fuller, Molly FB 3 p.452 Princess Anne County

Fuller, Fanny 9/1 p.800 Norfolk County

Fuller, Diana 2 p.802 Norfolk County

Fuller, Plumb FB 3 p.453 Princess Anne County

Fuller, Africa FB 8 p.453 Princess Anne County

Fuzmore, Edwd 12 p.691 Goochland County

Fuzmore, Isaac 1 p.692 Goochland County

Gabriel, Sally 3 p.401 Amherst County

Gabriel, Angle 3 p.258 Fairfax County

Gains, Henry 10 p.856 Hanover County

Gallimo, Joshua (FN) p.50 Charlotte County

Gallimore, George (FN) 3 p.50 Charlotte County

Gallimore, William (FN) 1 p.50 Charlotte County

Ganes?, Grimes?, William 6 p.538 Frederick County

Gant, Milly f negro 6 p.259 Fairfax County

Gardner, Sylvia 6, p.56 Southampton County

Gardner, Burwell 10, p.60 Southampton County

Garner, Thomas 1, p.834 Wythe County

Garns, Billy 4 p.996 Henrico County

Gary, Jack 1/1 p.122a Petersburg Town

Gaskins, Philis 3 p.26 Accomack County

Gaskins, Ralph 3 p.595 Frederick County

Gaskins, David 4 p.395 Richmond County

Gates, Charles 4 p.795 Hampshire County

Gaugh, Thomas 2 p.17 Shenendoah County

Gearen, Isaac 4 Hanover County

Gellett, See 3/2 p.379 Richmond City

George, Joe 7 p.26 Accomack County

George, Jesmine 5 p.97 Accomack County

George, Sarah 4 p.19 Accomack County

George, Parker 7 p.97 Accomack County

George, Cooper FN (Cooper, Geo.?) 4 p.165 King & Queen County

Gerald, Jonathan 1/4, p.241 Amelia County

Gibbs, China FB 1/1 p.454 Princess Anne County

Gibbs, Prymas 4 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Gibson, Moses 4 p.439 Fluvanna County

Giddy, Nanny 3 p.118a Petersburg Town

Gilbert, Free Neg. 5 p.509 Berkeley County

Gilbert, Betsey 2 p.863 Hanover County

Gilchrist, Jack 5/1 p.125b Petersburg Town

Gill, Betsey 1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Gillett, Hannah 3/2, p.889 York County

Gilmore, Ro. (free mulatto) 1/3, p.404b Gloucester County

Gilmore, Richd. Mulo. 9 p.219a King & Queen County

Gluscock, Mary 4 p.411 Richmond County

Godfree, Abel 10 p.95 Accomack County

Godfree, Spencer 9 p.98 Accomack County

Godfree, Peter 8 p.95 Accomack County

Godfree, Joshua 4 p.98 Accomack County

Godfrey, Parker 5 p.26 Accomack County

Godfrey, Levi 9 p.25 Accomack County

Godfrey 1 p.754 New Kent County

Godfrey, Sally 3 p.338 Richmond City

Godwin, Sam 6, p.87 Southampton County

Goff, Abram 5 p.625 Botetourt County

Going Jordan 2001-3001, p.821 Buckingham County

Going, Sherrod 12 p.196 Albermarle County

Going, Benjamin 4 p.195 Albermarle County

Going, David 8 p.195 Albermarle County

Going, Joshua 6 p.195 Albermarle County

Going, David 3 p.196 Albermarle County

Going, Elizabeth 6 p.196 Albermarle County

Going, James 3101-2021, p.821 Buckingham County

Going, Elizabeth 6 p.196 Albermarle County

Going, Jesse 6 p.196 Albermarle County

Going?, Wm ? 6 p.694 Nelson County

Goings, George f negro 8 p.257 Fairfax County

Goings, Luke 10 p.288 Loudoun County

Goings, Joseph -0001 4 p.292 Loudoun County

Gold, Rachl. 2 p.900 Norfolk County

Goldman, Danl. 3 p.1012 Henrico County

Goliah, Susannah 5/1 p.97 Accomack County

Goodridge, Edward 1 p.142b Rockingham County

Goodwin, Peter 3/16, p.638 Sussex County

Gordon, Louis 2 p.900 Norfolk County

Gore, Sampson 8 p.97 Accomack County

Gough, Fanny 6 p.122a Petersburg Town

Gouldmond, Geo. Mulo. 17 p.165 King & Queen County

Gourman, Ralph FN 5 p.164 King & Queen County

Gowen, James 8 p.196 Albermarle County

Gowen, David 8, p.834 Wythe County

Gowin, Wm 7 p.661 Montgomery County

Gowings, Jason 3 p.55 Jefferson County

Grace FN 8 p.165 King & Queen County

Grace, Unsley? 5 p.512 Prince William County

Grace, Thomas 4, p.136 Stafford County

Grace, William 3, p.135 Stafford County

Grace, Rachel 4, p.136 Stafford County

Grace, Amie 6, p.130 Stafford County

Graham, Sandy 4 p.511 Frederick County

Grantum, Betsey 2 p.693 Goochland County

Grantum, Philip 3 p.693 Goochland County

Grason, Matilda 3, p.127 Stafford County

Grason, William 7, p.128 Stafford County

Grass, Eml? 3 p.900 Norfolk County

Grave, Eliza 7/1 p.363 Richmond City

Graves, Joe 10 p.147 Dinwiddie County

Graves, Rosey 2/7 p.123a Petersburg Town

Graves, Nancy F. Negroe 9 p.343 Fauquier County

Graves, Charles 14 p.122a Petersburg Town

Gray, William 00001-00002/21/3? p.462 Bedford County

Gray, Davey 4 p.257 Fairfax County

Gray, Forester f negro 5 p.258 Fairfax County

Gray, James p.507 Frederick County

Grayson, Winney F. Negroe 4 p.355 Fauquier County

Grayson, David 1 p.498 Prince William County

Grayson, Nice 2, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Greegs, Harry 4, p.773 Westmoreland County

Green, Lucky 1/1 p.125b Petersburg Town

Green, Joshua Mulo. 7 p.165 King & Queen County

Green, Thos. 5 p.353 Richmond City

Green, Susan 3 p.336 Richmond City

Green, Francis 7 p.372 Richmond City

Green, Robt. 1 p.347 Richmond City

Green, Alsey 2/6 p.379 Richmond City

Green, Elijah 5 p.515 Prince William County

Green, James 7, p.607 Surry County

Greene, Betsy 1 p.902 Norfolk County

Gregg, George 1 p.596 Frederick County

Gregory, Presly 9 p.555 Frederick County

Gregory, Charles 3 p.939 Charles City County

Grey, Jim FN 2, p.639 Sussex County

Griffin, Scarbrough 8 p.24 Accomack County

Griffin, Dolley?? 4 p.118a Petersburg Town

Griffin, Rubin 4 p.959 Charles City County

Griggs, William 2 p.597 Frederick County

Grimes, Nace 11 p.258 Loudoun County

Grimes, Andrew 3 p.258 Loudoun County

Grimes, Daniel 8 p.814 Norfolk County

Grimes, Dan'l 7, p.889 York County

Grimes, Peggy 6, p.889 York County

Grinage, Sampson 3, p.133 Stafford County

Grinnalds, Henry 5 p.96 Accomack County

Grogan?, Sally 1 p.527 Frederick County

Groves, Mary 3 p.901 Norfolk County

Groves, Letty 1, p.133 Stafford County

Grown?, Hugh 2 p.830 Norfolk County

Grun, Salley 1 p.996 Henrico County

Guider, Peter 7 p.312 Loudoun County

Guinn, Ned FB 5 p.11 Powhatan County

Gumby, John 9 p.562 Frederick County

Gumby, Rachel 5 p.595 Frederick County

Gun?, Sarah 2, p.875 York County

Gunn, Bidy 2 p.368 Richmond City

Gunn, Saml. 3 p.336 Richmond City

Gunriell, Ned f negro 2 p.260 Fairfax County

Gussage, Abraham 9/2 p.97 Accomack County

Guster, Daniel p.26 Accomack County

Guy, Israel 4 p.26 Accomack County

Ha(i?)ll, Jos 2 p.509 Monongalia County

Hacket, Peter 11 p.869 Campbell County

Hacket, Elisa 3, p.774 Westmoreland County

Hackley, Joseph (free Negro) 1 p.354 Fauquier County

Hackley, John 1/2, p.124 Stafford County

Hackley?, William 3 p.137a Rockingham County

Hackney, Judy 2/2 p.123a Petersburg Town

Hackney, Samuel 4 p.594 Frederick County

Hagans, Clary 1, p.838 Wythe County

Hailey, Peter 4/1, p.875 York County

Hailey, Dick 4, p.876 York County

Hailstock, Chs. 2 p.203 King George County

Hailstone, Lucy 1, p.127 Stafford County

Hain, Aggy 4 p.373 Richmond City

Haithcock, Reuben 9, p.58 Southampton County

Haitslock, Joseph 4 p.987 Henrico County

Halbert, John 8 p.567 Frederick County

Halbert, John 7 p.574 Frederick County

Hall, Sally 5 p.125a Petersburg Town

Hall, Rapple f negro 2 p.261 Fairfax County

Hall, Reuben 2 f negro p.268 Fairfax County

Hall, Joseph 9 p.815 Norfolk County

Halney, Sarah 3 p.29 Accomack County

Ham, Nancy 5 p.1005 Henrico County

Ham, Salley 1 p.331 Richmond City

Hambelton, John 3/3 p.329 Richmond City

Hamilton, Dido 5 p.793 Hampshire County

Hamilton, Charles 4 p.805 Hampshire County

Hamlin, Joseph 3 p.957 Charles City County

Hampton, Jack 6 p.191 Elizabeth City County

Hanby, Poincey? 1 p.982 Henrico County

Handley, Zachr. 3 p.258 Loudoun County

Hannah (free) 7 p.868 Hanover County

Hanner, George (FB) 3 p.466 Bedford County

Hardy, Amey 5 p.100 Accomack County

Hare, Isaac 4 p.695 Goochland County

Hargo, Jean (Color) 12 p.569 Monroe County

Harkham, Peggy 5 p.332 Richmond City

Harlow, Cate 4 p.328 Richmond City

Harman, Emanuel 8 p.29 Accomack County

Harman, Stephen 9 p.100 Accomack County

Harman, Molly 7 p.102 Accomack County

Harman, George 5 p.29 Accomack County

Harman, Scarburgh 4/1 p.101 Accomack County

Harman, Easter 4 p.30 Accomack County

Harper, Enoch 5 p.295 Loudoun County

Harring, Benja. f negro 1 p.264 Fairfax County

Harris, Lucy 3, p.239 Amelia County

Harris, Anthony 9 p.589 Frederick County

Harris, Edward 5 p.959 Charles City County

Harris, John 4 p.958 Charles City County

Harris, James Jr. 6 p.958 Charles City County

Harris, James Sr. 5 p.958 Charles City County

Harris, Chaers 8 p.958 Charles City County

Harris, Richard 6 p.959 Charles City County

Harris, Morris 5 p.939 Charles City County

Harris, Patty 1/1 p.124a Petersburg Town

Harris, Charles 7 p.595 Frederick County

Harris, Elijah f negro 8 p.265 Fairfax County

Harris, John 1 p.849 Campbell County

Harris, Nathl. fn 14 p.266 Fairfax County

Harris, Mary 2 p.871 Hanover County

Harris, Amos 6 p.820 Hampshire County

Harris, George 8 p.74 Jefferson County

Harris, Eliza 2 p.341 Richmond City

Harris, Regbeccah 5 p.343 Richmond City

Harris, Lucy 1, p.876 York County

Harris FN 3, p.640 Sussex County

Harrison, Patience 6 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Harrison, Caesar F.N. 4 & a white woman 26-45, p.148b Rockingham Co

Harrison, Con? F.N. 4 p.141a Rockingham County

Harrison, Charles FN 4 p.37 Isle of Wight County

Harrison, Judy 2, p.774 Westmoreland County

Harrison, Sam 2/2, p.875 York County

Harrison, Henry 4, p.774 Westmoreland County

Harry 1 p.148 Dinwiddie County

Harry 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Harry 2 p.258 Loudoun County

Harry 2/1? p.288 Loudoun County

Harry 3, p.774 Westmoreland County

Hartless, Richard 5/5 p.284 Amherst County

Hartless, Peter 3 p.288 Amherst County

Harvey 8 p.590 Berkeley County

Harvey, Mary 3 p.296 Loudoun County

Harwood, Maria 2/2 p.902 Norfolk County

Hary 2 p.309 Loudoun County

Hatch, Jemmy 2 p.117b Petersburg Town

Hattan, Rhoda 2/1 p.30 Accomack County

Hatter, Patty 4 p.516 Frederick County

Hattin, Judah 5 p.31 Accomack County

Haw, Peter 6 p.349 Lancaster County

Haw, Betsy 2/1 p.510 Prince William County

Hawkins, Benjamin 11 p.131a Rockingham County

Hawkins, Peter 6/2 p.333 Richmond City

Hays, Delphia 8 p.198 Essex County

Hays, David 8 p.1111 Pendleton County

Haystack, Molly 4 p.198 Essex County

Haywood, Will FN 5 p.31 Isle of Wight County

Hearn, Ephraim 6, p.405a Gloucester County

Heath, Aggy 3/1 p.128a Petersburg Town

Heath, Lewis 2 p.122b Petersburg Town

Hemmings, Robt. 4 p.372 Richmond City

Henderson, Jesse 4 p.543 Frederick County

Henderson, Alexander 5/21 p.507 Prince William County

Hendrick, Jarrot 9 p.831 Buckingham County

Henly, Charles 4 p.695 Goochland County

Henry, Harry 5 p.540 Frederick County

Henry, Saml. 2 p.472 Middlesex County

Henry, Rose 8, p.774 Westmoreland County

Henry, George 8, p.774 Westmoreland County

Henry, Thomas 4, p.775 Westmoreland County

Henson, Shadrick 7 p.118a Petersburg Town

Herbert, Anthony 6 p.755 New Kent County

Herbert, Nancy 3/2 p.832 Norfolk County

Herbert, Abram 11, p.775 Westmoreland County

Hermon, Jas FB 7 p.458 Princess Anne County

Herndon, Reuben 3 p.523 Prince William County

Herrell, Joseph 5 p.300 Loudoun County

Herring, Hatt FN 2 p.40 Isle of Wight County

Hewlett, Geo. 4 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Hewlett, Miguiel 2/1 p.367 Richmond City

Hickerson, James 17 p.798 Buckingham County

Hickman, Cloey FB 5 p.5 Powhatan County

Hicks, Fanny (m) 6 p.715 Brunswick County

Hicks, Jesse 4 p.124b Petersburg Town

Hicks, Henry 3, p.75 Southampton County

Hill, Jack (m) 4 p.715 Brunswick County

Hill, Jemimah (FB) 4 p.464 Bedford County

Hill, Henry 7 p.854 Campbell County

Hill, Goodwin 4 p.959 Charles City County

Hill, Charles Senr. FN 3 p.37 Isle of Wight County

Hill, Charles 8 p.238 Loudoun County

Hill, Charles FN 8 p.5 Isle of Wight County

Hill, Wall 1 p.696 Goochland County

Hill, Dick FN 3 p.30 Isle of Wight County

Hill, Jimmy FB 9 p.1018 Nottoway County

Hill, Gabriel 9 p.537 Prince George County

Hill, Charles 1 p.537 Prince George County

Hill, Peter FN 15, p.641 Sussex County

Hill, Fanny 4, p.127 Stafford County

Hilliard, Daniel 6, p.61 Southampton County

Hilliard, Jacob 5, p.79 Southampton County

Hilton, SAm Persons of Color 3 p.105 Cumberland County

Hilton, Matt FB 6 p.1018 Nottoway County

Hilton, Molley FB 6 p.1018 Nottoway County

Hinah f negro 2 p .261 Fairfax County

Hines, Charles f negro 8 p.263 Fairfax County

Hoard, Beckky 10, p.107b Spotsylvania County

Hoard, Susan 2, p.109b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Hobday, Lucy 1 p.902 Norfolk County

Hodges, Sam 2 p.793 Norfolk County

Hodges, Chas FB 7 p.458 Princess Anne County

Hog, Salley 5 p.898 Hanover County

Hog, John Sr. 8 p.844 Hanover County

Hog, John 8, p.78 Southampton County

Hogan, James 2 p.57 Jefferson County

Hogue, William 5 p.511 Frederick County

Holden, Adam 5 p.30 Accomack County

Holden, Benjamin 15/1 p.100 Accomack County

Holden, Abel 4 p.30 Accomack County

Holden, Abraham 5 p.102 Accomack County

Holeman, John 1 p.136b Rockingham County

Holland, Richd. 4, p.329 Amelia County

Hollawel, Gideon FN 7 p.35 Isle of Wight County

Hollinger, Judy 3 p.208 Essex County

Hollinger, Sally 3 p.208 Essex County

Hollinger, Suckey 6 p.208 Essex County

Hollinger, Edmund 9, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Holly, William a free Molatto 8 p.145? Kanawha County

Holmes, John 9 p.798 Buckingham County

Holmes, John 9 p.804 Buckingham County

Holt, William 9 p.29 Accomack County

Homes, Polley 3 p.350 Richmond City

Homes, Milly 6 p.572 Prince Edward County

Honesty, Jno 9 p.267 Fairfax County

Honesty, Hannah 5 p.267 Fairfax County

Hood, Rhody 2 p.996 Henrico County

Hood, Sally 1/1 p.339 Richmond City

Hoomes, Amos 1/1 p.757 New Kent County

Hoomez, Sarah 4 p.1015 Henrico County

Hoomez?, Betsy 4 p.1015 Henrico County

Hoones, Fanny 4, p.126 Stafford County

Hope, John 6 p.474 Fluvanna County

Hope, Lydia 3 p.128a Petersburg Town

Hopes, Tinner 2/2 p.316 Richmond City

Hopkins, Phebe 1 p.137a Rockingham County

Hopkins, Nelly 1 p.380 Richmond City

Hopson, James 8 p.185 Elizabeth City County

Hopson, James 6, p.876 York County

Hopson, Abraham 4, p.876 York County

Hopson, Charles 3, p.876 York County

Hopson, Tho. E. 5/1, p.890 York County

Hormley, Ralph F. Negro 2 p.340 Fauquier County

Hoseling, James 5/2 p.1015 Henrico County

Howard, Rachel (free) 7 p.628 Botetourt County

Howard, Rueben 1 p.853 Campbell County

Howard, Reuben 1 p.852 Campbell County

Howard, Jane 4, p.136 Stafford County

Howard, Mary 3, p.128 Stafford County

Howard, Polly 2, p.127 Stafford County

Howe, Santee 1, p.837 Wythe County

Howel, Sarah 1 p.182 Albermarle County

Howel, Isaac 6 p.810 Buckingham County

Howel, Peggy (FN) 8 p.53 Charlotte County

Howel, John 4 p.694 Goochland County

Howel, Robert 2 p.1013 Henrico County

Howel, Lucy 7 p.1015 Henrico County

Howell, Jacob -0001 3 p.122a Petersburg Town

Howell, Tho. 6 p.345 Richmond City

Hubbert, Chs. 8 p.288 Loudoun County

Huckens, John 10 p.790 Buckingham County

Huckslet, John p.161 Albermarle County

Huggatt, Moses 7 p.269 Rockbridge County

Hughes, Suke (F.Mo.) 3 p.40 Culpepper County

Hughes, Suke Jr. (F.Mo.) 2 p.40 Culpepper County

Hughes, Saml 5 p.136a Rockingham County

Hughs, William 2/1, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Hughs, John 3, p.112b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Hulls, John 4 p.277 Loudoun County

Humbles, Samuel 1 p.821 Buckingham County

Humbles, Dick 1 p.821 Buckingham County

Hundley, David 2 p.810 Buckingham County

Huntsman, William 4/2, p.128 Stafford County

Hunt, Dick 3 p.478 Fluvanna County

Hunt, Charlott 3 p.124b Petersburg Town

Hunt, Charlotte 4 p.583 Monroe County

Hunt, Lucy 1 p.361 Richmond City

Hunt, William 3 p.511 Prince William County

Hunt, Peggy 2 p.341 Richmond City

Hunt, George FN 10, p.644 Sussex County

Hunt, Patt 6, p.87 Southampton County

Hunter, Sally 3 p.904 Norfolk County

Hurdick?, Edward 1 p.855 Campbell County

Hurley, Mary (Mo.) 7 p.41 Culpepper County

Hurley, Henry 4 p.146b Rockingham County

Hurley, Ruth (Mo.) 6 p.41 Culpepper County

Hursh, Hannah 4, p.75 Southampton County

Hurst, Olive 4, p.60 Southampton County

Hurst, Mima 9/1, p.54 Southampton County

Hurst, Solomon 6, p.54 Southampton County

Hurst, Drue 2, p.54 Southampton County

Hurst, Solomon 3, p.70 Southampton County

Hurst, Solomon 3, p.74 Southampton County

Hurst, Saml. 4, p.87 Southampton County

Husan, Nancy 1 p.123a Petersburg Town

Huson, Molly 7, p.876 York County

Hutton, Sarah f negro 5 p.267 Fairfax County

Indian Fanny 7 p.541 Prince George County

Innis, Susan 2 p.905 Norfolk County

Innis, Susan 2 p.905 Norfolk County

Irby, Jacob 5 p.123a Petersburg Town

Irby, Jacob 2 p.1010 Henrico County

Isaac, Free 3 p.529 Frederick County

Isaacs, Isaac 5 p.103 Accomack County

Isaacs, Molly 6 p.699 Goochland County

Israel 2, p.877 York County

Ivey, Molly 2 p.905 Norfolk County

Ivey, David FN 9, p.648 Sussex County

Jack, free 7 p.855 Hanover County

Jackson, Holley 6 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Jackson, Patsey (FB) 2 p.469 Bedford County

Jackson, Willis?? (FB) 2 p.469 Bedford County

Jackson, NY? Sr 3 p.906 Norfolk County

Jackson, Davis 6, p.237 Amelia County

Jackson, Claiborn 1, p.237 Amelia County

Jackson, Tobias 1 p.179 Albermarle County

Jackson, Primus 7 p.906 Norfolk County

Jackson, Edward 4 p.927 Norfolk County

Jackson, Susan 3 p.927 Norfolk County

Jackson, NY? Jr 4 p.906 Norfolk County

Jackson, Daniel 2 p.848 Campbell County

Jackson, Jordon 6 p.135a Rockingham County

Jackson, Isaac (FN) 7 p.68 Charlotte County

Jackson, Aggy _ p.123b Petersburg Town

Jackson, John 4 p.878 Campbell County

Jackson, Peter 8 p.67 Jefferson County

Jackson, William 25/5 p.758 New Kent County

Jackson, Edwd. 9 p.699 Goochland County

Jackson, Sally 4 p.994 Henrico County

Jackson, John 1 p.610 Montgomery County

Jackson, Aaron 1 p.758 New Kent County

Jackson, Burwell 6 p.705 Nelson County

Jackson, David 2 p.242 Loudoun County

Jackson, Charles 2 p.232 Loudoun County

Jackson, Jno 5 p.705 Nelson County

Jackson, Samuel 4 p.400 Richmond County

Jackson, Mingo 2 p.330 Richmond City

Jackson, Hark 3, p.57 Southampton County

Jackson, Ned FB 11 p.1017 Nottoway County

Jackson, Rebeccah 1/1 p.331 Richmond City

Jackson, Jno 5/1 p.332 Richmond City

Jackson, Mingo 3/2 p.385 Richmond City

Jackson, Salley 2 p.330 Richmond City

Jackson, David 2 p.382 Richmond City

Jackson, James 6, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Jackson, Charles 9/1, p.876 York County

Jackson, Martha FN 4, p.647 Sussex County

Jacob FB 1 p.460 Princess Anne County

James, James 4 p.825 Buckingham County

James, Robt 3 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

James, Edward 6 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

James, James 3 p.811 Buckingham County

James, Frank 8 p.810 Buckingham County

James, Lydia 2 p.32 Accomack County

James, Polly 2/2 p.126b Petersburg Town

James, Poley 4 p.853 Campbell County

James, James? 5 p.854 Campbell County

James, Black 4 p.575 Frederick County

James, Billey 5 p.1012 Henrico County

James, York 6 p.1011 Henrico County

James, Edy 7 p.698 Goochland County

James (free negro) 1, p.406b Gloucester County

James, William 6 p.1001 Henrico County

James, Simon FN 7, p.646 Sussex County

James, Silviah 7, p.610 Surry County

James, Isaac 8, p.610 Surry County

Jane 4, p.776 Westmoreland County

Janney, John (F. Negroe) 8 p.356 Fauquier County

Jarratt, Richard 6 p.119a Petersburg Town

Jarvis, Susan 2, p.876 York County

Jarvis, Wm 9/7, p.876 York County

Jasper, Archer 6 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Jasper, Henry 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Jasper, Wiley 4 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Jasper, Antony 2, p.890 York County

Jefferson, Phebe 4 p.831 Norfolk County

Jeffery 2 p.757 New Kent County

Jeffrey (free) 2 p.515 Prince William County

Jefree (free) 5 p.511 Prince William County

Jemmey, Free 5 p146 Dinwiddie County

Jenkins, Patsey 5 p.118a Petersburg Town

Jenkins, Isham 3 p.811 Buckingham County

Jenkins, Judith 3 p.699 Goochland County

Jenkins, Polley 1 p.704 Nelson County

Jenkins, Anthony 1 p.572 Prince Edward County

Jenkins, Hannah 7 p.401 Richmond County

Jenkins, Dolly 3, p.127 Stafford County

Jenner, Jone 2 p.349 Richmond City

Jenning, Lucy 6, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Jennings, Elsy 6 p.573 Prince Edward County

Jennings, Polly 2, p.877 York County

Jenny (free negro) 5, p.406b Gloucester County

Jesper, Peter FB 4 p.459 Princess Anne County

Jess (free Neg.) 6 p.519 Berkeley County

Jesse F Negro 2/1 p.272 Fairfax County

Jesse (free negro) 3/1, p.406b Gloucester County

Jessee & Jacob 3/2 p.508 Prince William County

Jim Boy F Negro 1/1 p.271 Fairfax County

Jinkins, Bob FB 3 p.1018 Nottoway County

Joey, David 9, p.646 Sussex County

John, Sarah 1 p.123a Petersburg Town

Johns, James 4 p.282 Amherst County

Johns, William 8 p.271 Amherst County

Johns, Mallory 1 p.286 Amherst County

Johns, Patsey 8/4 p.119a Petersburg Town

Johns, Lyndsey 1 p.849 Campbell County

Johns, Davy 5 p.546 Prince George County

Johns, Maze 2 p.546 Prince George County

Johns, Joshua 7 p.533 Prince George County

Johnson, Semina 10 p.105 Accomack County

Johnson, Roger 4 p.927 Norfolk County

Johnson, James 17 p.799 Buckingham County

Johnson, Betsey 3, p.117b Petersburg Town

Johnson, Charl.t? 2 p.905 Norfolk County

Johnson, James 11 p.831 Buckingham County

Johnson, James 9 p.104 Accomack County

Johnson, Polly, FN. 9 p.104 Accomack County

Johnson, Clary 8 p.203 Essex County

Johnson, Tabby 5 p.119b Petersburg Town

Johnson, Isaac 3 p.122a Petersburg Town

Johnson, Nancy 3 p.125b Petersburg Town

Johnson, David 2 p.757 New Kent County

Johnson, Kate Junr. FN 4 p.43 Isle of Wight County

Johnson, Ricd. 3 p.698 Goochland County

Johnson, Nancy 2/1 p.996 Henrico County

Johnson, Kidey FN 4 p.9 Isle of Wight County

Johnson, Kate Senr. FN 3 p.40 Isle of Wight County

Johnson, Bettey FN 8 p.168 King & Queen County

Johnson, Kiddey FN 5 p.43 Isle of Wight County

Johnson, Moses 8 p.349 Lunenburg County

Johnson, Jacob 3 p.704 Nelson County

Johnson, Philip 2 p.238 Loudoun County

Johnson, Abrm. 4, p.67 Southampton County

Johnson, Samuel 4 p.328 Richmond City

Johnson, William 5, p.12 Shenendoah County

Johnson, Jas. 4 p.342 Richmond City

Johnson, Saml 5/4 p.374 Richmond City

Johnson, Frances 9 p.508 Prince William County

Johnson, Rachel 2 p.1032 Ohio County

Johnson, Betsey 1/2 p.329 Richmond City

Johnson, Nace 6, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Francis 7, p.775 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Patty 6, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Prince 6, p.775 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Chrisey 10, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Prince Jr. 5, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Primus 9, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Richard 6, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Guy 9, p.776 Westmoreland County

Johnson, Wm 1/1, p.876 York County

Johnson, Ceasar 11, p.610 Surry County

Johnson, Moses 13, p.610 Surry County

Johnston, George 7 p.595 Frederick County

Johnston, Phebe 4 p.595 Frederick County

Johnston, Levina 4 p.590 Frederick County

Johnston, Frederick 5 p.595 Frederick County

Johnston, George 4 p.595 Frederick County

Johnston, William (F.Negroe) 4 p.420 Fauquier County

Johnston, Dennis 2 p.507 Frederick County

Johnston, John 6 p.596 Frederick County

Johnston, Bengamin 4/1 p.780 Hampshire County

Johnston, Jacob FB 4 p.1018 Nottoway County

Johnston, Alyce 1, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Johnston, Susan 5, p.112b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Joiner, John 6 p.150 Dinwiddie County

Joiner, Nancy 3 p.117a Petersburg Town

Joiner, Polly 3 p.122a Petersburg Town

Joiner, Thomas 4 p.126a Petersburg Town

Joiner Dolly _ p.123b Petersburg Town

Joiner, Bock FN 6 p.39 Isle of Wight County

Jonathan, Moses 7 p.1011 Henrico County

Jonathan, Abram 5, p.610 Surry County

Jones, do (m) 6 p.717 Brunswick County

Jones, Moses (m) 1 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Robert (m) 1 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, James (m) 8 p.717 Brunswick County

Jones, Davis 4 p.119a Petersburg Town

Jones, Hall 7 p.151 Dinwiddie County

Jones, Argyle 1 p.927 Norfolk County

Jones, Charles 5 p.163 Albermarle County

Jones, Abednigo (m) 3 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Samuel (m) 11 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Enus (m) 4 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Anthony (m) 1 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Melarlha? 2 p.906 Norfolk County

Jones, Topsail (m) 8 p.718 Brunswick County

Jones, Amey 5/1 p.633 Botetourt County

Jones Davey 7 F Negro p.270 Fairfax County

Jones, America 5/3 p.120a Petersburg Town

Jones, Samuel 6 p.575 Frederick County

Jones, William 4 p.119b Petersburg Town

Jones, Wm 4 f negro p.270 Fairfax County

Jones, Nelson 6 p.595 Frederick County

Jones, Mary 3 p.208 Essex County

Jones, Nancy 4 p.125a Petersburg Town

Jones, Isaac 6 p.595 Frederick County

Jones, Peggy 9 p.986 Henrico County

Jones, Hannah 4 p.350 Lancaster County

Jones, Sally 3 p.350 Lancaster County

Jones, Cillar 5 p.757 New Kent County

Jones, Tho. 6 p.350 Lancaster County

Jones, Reubin 3 p.986 Henrico County

Jones, Winny 6 p.351 Lancaster County

Jones, James 5 p.350 Lancaster County

Jones, William FN 3 p.34 Isle of Wight County

Jones, John FN 1/3 p.34 Isle of Wight County

Jones, Roger 2 p.986 Henrico County

Jones, James 3 p.987 Henrico County

Jones, Judy 4 p.392 Madison County

Jones, Sally 3 p.987 Henrico County

Jones, Nancy 5 p.987 Henrico County

Jones, Pricilla 3 p.277 Loudoun County

Jones, David 6 p.346 Lunenburg County

Jones, Lucy 5 p.987 Henrico County

Jones, Patty FN 5 p.38 Isle of Wight County

Jones, Lucy 5 p.363 Richmond City

Jones, Sely 3 3 p.549 Prince George County

Jones, Mark 6 p.816 Norfolk County

Jones, Mary FB 10 p.459 Princess Anne County

Jones, Fred 1/8 p.547 Prince George County

Jones, Nancy 4 p.360 Richmond City

Jones, Hannah a free mulatto 2 p.986 Northumberland County

Jones, Saray? 3 p.407 Richmond County

Jones, Lucy 6/2 p.383 Richmond City

Jones, Wm D. 15 p.1023 Nottoway County

Jones, Ann 5, p.75 Southampton County

Jones, James 8, p.80 Southampton County

Jones, Pricia 4, p.92 Southampton County

Jones, Willis 3/1, p.610 Surry County

Jones, Kim? 2, p.876 York County

Jones, Emmanuel 1, p.92 Southampton County

Jones, Thomas FN 8, p.647 Sussex County

Jones, John FN 4, p.647 Sussex County

Jones, William 7, p.103b Spotsylvania County

Jones?, Samuel 1 p.208 Essex County

Jordan, Peg of FN 10/2 p.28 Isle of Wight County

Jordan, Keziah 6, p.406b Gloucester County

Jordan, Ben FN 1 p.10 Isle of Wight County

Jordan, George 8, p.66 Southampton County

Jordan, Moses 1 p.801 Norfolk County

Jordan?, Rachel 5 p.5 Isle of Wight County

Jordon, Geo 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Jordon, Jesse FN 2 p.32 Isle of Wight County

Joseph, Free 5 p.583 Frederick County

Joseph 5 p.820 Hampshire County

Joseph a free negro 2 p.987 Northumberland County

Joshua, Free 3 p.583 Frederick County

Joyner, Dick FN 7 p.39 Isle of Wight County

Jubo 1 p.633 Botetourt County

Judah, Diannah 1/1 p.330 Richmond City

Judkins, Sylvia FN 9, p.646 Sussex County

Jumper, Atler (FN) 4 p.54 Charlotte County

Justice, Bob 5 p.32 Accomack County

Justice, Leah 9 p.32 Accomack County

K. Toney 1 p.374 Richmond City

Kain, Henry F Negro 5 p.275 Fairfax County

Kanedy, Hugh 11 p.514 Monongalia County

Kauffman, Humphrey FN 11 p.169 King & Queen County

Kee, John (free) 3 p.349 Lunenburg County

Kellam, Leah 8/1 p.106 Accomack County

Kelley, Robin 1 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Kelley, Polley 1, p.120b Petersburg Town

Kelly, Milley 4 p.152 Dinwiddie County

Kelly, Milly 5 p.126a Petersburg Town

Kelly, James 2/2, p.126 Stafford County

Kelly, Eliza 4, p.776 Westmoreland County

Kendall, Rachel 4, p.137 Stafford County

Kendall, James 11, p.134 Stafford County

Kendel, Toney 5 p.206 King George County

Kendel, Jack 9 p.206 King George County

Kennedy, Jacob 7 p.822 Hampshire County

Kerr, Levin 7 p.34 Accomack County

Kerr, Job 3/1 p.105 Accomack County

Kerr, Henry 8 p.107 Accomack County

Kersey, Thomas 5, p.71 Southampton County

Kersey, Agathy 6p.71 Southampton County

Keys, Polly 2, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Keys, Briner 1 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Keys, Sally 1, p.129 Stafford County

King, Polly 2/1 p.122b Petersburg Town

King, Hannah 8 p.122b Petersburg Town

King, Briant 1 p.855 Campbell County

King, Mason 2 p.123a Petersburg Town

King, Rhody 1 p.122b Petersburg Town

King, Tobias (F.N.) 9 p.51 Culpepper County

King, Milly 9 p.123a Petersburg Town

King, George 2 p.939 Charles City County

King, Isaac 1 p.853 Campbell County

King, Sam 9, p.407a Gloucester County

King, Mary 001-00001 6, p.407a Gloucester County

King, Larse 9, p.407a Gloucester County

King, Jno 6, p.407a Gloucester County

King, Fanny 6, p.407a Gloucester County

King, Sarah 4 p.518 Prince William County

King, Samuel 5/4 p.513 Prince William County

Kite, Noah 5 p.804 Norfolk County

Knight, Betty 2/1 p.34 Accomack County

Knight, Thos 4 p. 907 Norfolk County

Kook, Peter (F.Negro) 7 p.52 Culpepper County

Kook, Winney (F.N.) 3 p.51 Culpepper County

Lablons?, Charles 5 p.996 Henrico County

Lacker, Fanney 6 p.291 Loudoun County

Lain, Sall? 4 p.362 Richmond City

Lall, Elizabeth 3 p.802 Hampshire County

Lampet, Jacob 9 p.852 Campbell County

Lancaster, Ursula 2 p.986 Henrico County

Lancaster, William 1/1 p.402 Richmond County

Lancy, Dixon 5 p.358 Richmond City

Landown, Saml 1/2 p.508 Prince William County

Lane, Benjamin 4 p.108 Accomack County

Lane, Thomas 3 p.296 Loudoun County

Lange, Ann 5/1 p.908 Norfolk County

Langford, Zachariah 13 p.986 Henrico County

Langley, Betty 7/2 p.122b Petersburg Town

Larence, Bilcey 1, p.217a Washington County

Latchen, George 2 p.38 Accomack County

Laurence, Wood (FN) 6 p.69 Charlotte County

Laurence, William -001 (white woman) 2, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lawrence, Fanny 1/1 p.119a Petersburg Town

Lawrence, Sterling 4 p.721 Brunswick County

Lawrence, Jane 2, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lawrence, Phil__ 4, p.91 Southampton County

Lawrence, John 7, p.92 Southampton County

Lawrey, Richd. 3 p.373 Richmond City

Laws, Criss 4 p.352 Lancaster County

Laws, Amine 6 p.352 Lancaster County

Lawson, Charles 10 p.296 Loudoun County

Lawson, George 7/2, p.128 Stafford County

Lawson, Polly 3, p.108a Spotsylvania County

Layfayette, James 11/3 p.759 New Kent County

Leath, Abraham 5 p.119a Petersburg Town

Leatherberry, Peter 3 p.37 Accomack County

Lee 4 p.148 Dinwiddie County

Lee, Polley _ p.118b Petersburg Town

Lee, Polly 2/2 p.126a Petersburg Town

Lee, Betsey 1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Lee, Phillis 1 p.127b Petersburg Town

Lee, Lucky 5 p.121b Petersburg Town

Lee, Nancy 8 p.338 Richmond City

Lee, Lucy 9, p.112b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Legan, Nancy 7 p.330 Richmond City

Leglan, Thos 4 p.250 Loudoun County

Lemon, Eliza 4, p.408a Gloucester County

Lemon, Richd -0002 4, p.408a Gloucester County

Lemon, Jno -0011 3, p.408a Gloucester County

Lemon, Richd. 5, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Ro. -0001 2/2, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Molly 6, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Lewis 8, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Edwd. -00001 2/1, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, John 7, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Mord: -0001 4, p.407b Gloucester County

Lemon, Jno -0001 7, p.408a Gloucester County

Lemon, Haily 6, p.407b Gloucester County

Lenges, Chs. 3 p.276 Loudoun County

Lessenberry, Francis 2 p.127a Petersburg Town

Lester, Isham 7 p.350 Lunenburg County

Lett, Charles 11 p.78 Jefferson County

Lett 8, p.33 Shenendoah County

Lett, Daniel 6, p. 42 Shenendoah County

Levenia 2, p.217a Washington County

Lewin, Molly 4 p.352 Lancaster County

Lewin, Chas 9 p.352 Lancaster County

Lewis, John 3/3 p.119a Petersburg Town

Lewis, Sally 7, p.236 Amelia County

Lewis, John p.222 p.208 Essex County

Lewis, William 6 p.126a Petersburg Town

Lewis, William 7 p.208 Essex County

Lewis, Mat 14 p.121a Petersburg Town

Lewis, Lewis p.1005 Henrico County

Lewis, Roger 1/3 p.759 New Kent County

Lewis, Catey 3 p.759 New Kent County

Lewis, Louisa 3/1 p.1013 Henrico County

Lewis, George FB 2/1 Princess Anne County

Lewis, Daniel 4 p.368 Richmond City

Lewis, William 2 p.499 Prince William County

Lewis, Susan M. 1/4 p.339 Richmond City

Lewis, Frank 4 p.362 Richmond City

Lewis, Fank (sic) 3 p.362 Richmond City

Lewis, Dick 2/2 p.361 Richmond City

Lewis 5 p.341 Richmond City

Lewis, Betsey 6/1 p.323 Richmond City

Lewis, Ned 5 p.365 Richmond City

Lewis, Emy 1/2 p.363 Richmond City

Lewis, Nancy 4, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Lewis, Daniel 10/1, p.127 Stafford County

Lewis, William 7, p.111b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Lewis, Matilda 4/1, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Lewis, Fanny 4, p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Lewis, Joseph 7, p.649 Sussex County

Liberty, George 7, p.61 Southampton County

Ligan, Richd. 3/6 p.1009 Henrico County

Liggan, Frank 7 p.991 Henrico County

Liggan, Wm 9 p.991 Henrico County

Liggan, Thos 3 p.991 Henrico County

Liggon, Betty Persons of Color 3 p.103 Cumberland County

Lightfoot, Isaba 2, p.877 Williamsburg, York County

Lightturn, Wm 4 p.352 Lancaster County

Ligon, Thomas 6 p. 576 Prince Edward County

Ligon, Pobe FB 8 p.10 Powhatan County

Lilley, Patty 2 p. 575 Prince Edward County

Lineer, Richard 2 p.1045 Ohio County

Lingen?, Isam? 5 p.949 Harrison County

Lipscomb, John FB -101 1/2 p.5 Powhatan County

Liston, Lotty 11 p.109 Accomack County

Liven, Hercules 8 p.680 Brooke County

Liverpool, Fanny 2 p.702 Goochland County

Liverpool, James 8, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Livingland, John 5 p.133b Rockingham County

Loana, Betsey 2 p.341 Richmond City

Locas, George 6 p.1015 Henrico County

Lockele, Lucy (FB) 5 p.471 Bedford County

Locket, Thomas 4 p.709 Nelson County

Lockson, Rachel F.N. 1 p.143a Rockingham County

Lockson, George 1/4 p.395 Madison County

Logan, Tarlton 5/1 p.1001 Henrico County

Logan, Kitty 3 p.351 Richmond City

Logoin?, Eddy 2 p.848 Campbell County

Logon, Easther 8 p.701 Goochland County

Logon, Robert 5 p.700 Goochland County

Logon, Frank FB 3 p.2 Powhatan County

Lomatt, Joseph 8, p.129 Stafford County

London, Jane 5 p.709 Nelson County

Loney, Patsey 6 p.883 Hanover County

Loney, Daniel 4 p.883 Hanover County

Loney, Fanny 2 p.994 Henrico County

Loney, John 2 p.343 Richmond City

Long, Letty 3 p.128a Petersburg Town

Lorrel?, Hannah 1 p.1015 Henrico County

Loudon, Phebe F Negro 5 p.276 Fairfax County

Low, Crutz? 6 p.962 Harrison County

Lucas, Catey (F.Negroe) 5 p.379 Fauquier County

Lucas F Negro 1 p.279 Fairfax County

Lucas, Francis F Negro 1 p.276 Fairfax County

Lucas, Philip 2 p.206 King George County

Lucas, David 4 p.206 King George County

Lucas, Molly 8 p.993 Henrico County

Lucas, Joseph 6 p.998 Henrico County

Lucas, Ant. 11/1 p.258 Loudoun County

Lucas, Billy 2 p.1015 Henrico County

Lucas, Samuel 10 p.258 Loudoun County

Lucas, Solomon -0001 2 p.993 Henrico County

Lucas, Saml. 7 p.518 Prince William County

Lucas, William 1 p.523 Prince William County

Lucas, James 2 p.523 Prince William County

Lucas, Rebecca 5 p.524 Prince William County

Lucas, Philip 4 p.503 Prince William County

Lucas, Nancy 4/1 p.353 Richmond City

Lucas, Charles 15 p.523 Prince William County

Lucas, Eliza 5 p.321 Richmond City

Lucas, Charles 5, p.112b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Lucindia 2 p.343 Richmond City

Lucis, Charity 5 p.368 Richmond City

Lucretia 2 F Negro 2 p275 Fairfax County

Lucus, Burdit 6, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lucus, John 3, p.126 Stafford County

Lucus, Polly 1, p.127 Stafford County

Lucus, Peggy 2, p.127 Stafford County

Lucus, Milly 6, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lucus, Barbary 5, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lucus, Margaret 6, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lucus, Nathaniel 4, p.128 Stafford County

Lucy, Free 5 p.547 Berkeley County

Lucy 3 p.379 Richmond City

Luke 3 p.1091 Pendleton County

Lyell, Dozier 1, p.777 Westmoreland County

Lynch, Dafny 2 p.118b Petersburg Town

Lynch, Edmund 1 p.853 Campbell

Lynch, Thos. 6/1 p.701 Goochland County

Lynch, Robert 9 p.701 Goochland County

Lyons, Nancy 1 p.340 Richmond City

Lyons, Daniel 6/2 & 1 white woman 26-45, p.877 York County

M'Guy, Malinsa 4 p.208 Essex County

Macklin, Sally 6 p.1015 Henrico County

Macklin, Patty 5, p.878 York County

Madden, Polly Jr. 3 p.56 Culpepper County

Madden, Sarah Sr. 5 p.56 Culpepper County

Madden, Sarah Jr. 4 p.56 Culpepper County

Maddox, John 2 p.996 Henrico County

Magee, Samuel 3 & 1 free white female 45+, p.101b Spotsylvania Magee, Thomas 1/1 & 1 white female 45+, p.102a Spotsylvania County

Mail, Js. 6 p.522 Monongalia County

Mail, Wm 12 p.522 Monongalia County

Main, John 4, p.66 Southampton County

Mairs, Benjn. 7 p.654 Montgomery County

Mairs?, (Marrs?), Harcules 11 p.474 Fluvanna County

Major, Rosary 7 p.42 Accomack County

Major, George 8 p.44 Accomack County

Major, Babel 6 p.43 Accomack County

Makee, George 3 p.508 Prince William County

Malbone, Thos 1/4 p.912 Norfolk County

Male, Wimore 8 p.826 Hampshire County

Mallery, Aggy 3 p.374 Richmond City

Malvin, Anne (F.Negroe) 6 p.408 Fauquier County

Man, George 3 p.166B Albermarle County

Man, Rachel 10 p. 199 Essex County

Manley, Rose 3 p.246 Loudoun County

Manley, John 4 p.814 Norfolk County

Manly, Charles 2 p.154 Dinwiddie County

Mann, William (F. Negroe) 4/3 p.366 Fauquier County

Mann, John 1 p.510 Frederick County

Manoggin, Sam. 3, p.409a Gloucester County

Marbone, __ 1 p.910 Norfolk County

Marlow, William 5 p. 591 Frederick County

Marr, Nancy (F.N.) 3/1 p. 56 Culpepper County

Marrs, Abram 7 p.564 Monroe County

Marshall, Isaac 9 p.113 Accomack County

Martha 4 p.163 Dinwiddie County

Martin, Jno 7 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Martin, Joseph 3 p.202 Albermarle County

Martin, Robert 7 p.42 Accomack County

Martin, Wm 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Martin, Peggy 2 p.122a Petersburg Town

Martin, Zack 7 p.123b Petersburg Town

Martin, Lucky 8 p.126b Petersburg Town

Martin, Briman? 7 p.543 Frederick County

Martin, Lucy 3 p.123b Petersburg Town

Martin, Jacob 10 p.705 Goochland County

Martin, Saml 3 Goochland County

Martin, Peter 1/4 p.987 Henrico County

Mary (F Negro) 2 p.412 Fauquier County

Mason, Josh (free Negro) 4 p.642 Botetourt County

Mason, Jesse 9 p.203 x2 Albermarle County

Mason, Jesse 8 p.203 Albermarle County

Mason, Lawrence 3 p.796 Buckingham County

Mason, John 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Mason, Rane 4 p.786 Buckingham County

Mason, John 11, p.798 Buckingham County

Mason, William (FB) 9 p.472 Bedford County

Mason, James 4 p.202 Essex County

Mason, Chloe a free mulatto 7 p.989 Northumberland County

Mass (Moss?), Peter 5 p.853 Campbell County

Mat, Toney 8 p.154 Dinwiddie County

Mat, Elley? 1/2 p.816 Norfolk County

Mathews, _illy 5 p.724 Brunswick County

Mathews, Danl. Mo. 2 p.55 Culpepper County

Mathews, Wm (F.N.) 1 p.57 Culpepper County

Mathews, Rachel 3 p.275 Rockbridge County

Mathewson, David 3 p.124b Petersburg Town

Mathias, Betsy 2/1 p.909 Norfolk County

Matilda 3 p.348 Richmond City

Matthews, SAlly 4 p.39 Accomack County

Matthews, Candis 7 p.44 Accomack County

Matthews, Peg(?) 2 p.910 Norfolk County

Matthews, Thos (m) 1 p.724 Brunswick County

Matthews, Luke (m) 3 p.724 Brunswick County

Matthews, Priscilla 1/1, p.878 York County

Matthias, Rebecca 3 p.912 Norfolk County

Matthias, Lucy 2/1 p.911 Norfolk County

Maurice, Ester 5 p.912 Norfolk County

Maxfield, Billy 2 p.1015 Henrico County

Maxfield, Judith 1 p.897 Hanover County

Maxfield, Salley 5/1 p.844 Hanover County

Maxfield, Thomas 7 p.845 Hanover County

Maxfield, Richard 6 p.897 Hanover County

Maxfield, Jos. 2 p.362 Richmond City

May, Eliza 2 p.338 2 p.338 Richmond City

Maynard, Edward Sr. 4, p.612 Surry County

Mayo, James 6 p.166A Albermarle County

Mayo, Molley 5 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mayo, Philis 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mayo, Darkis 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mayo, Rhoda 1 p.777 Buckingham County

Mayo, Patience 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mayo, Joseph 10 p.816 Buckingham County

Mayo, Philis 3 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mayo, Dylsy Persons of Color 6 p.115 Cumberland County

Mayo, Cato Persons of Color 4 p.132 Cumberland County

Mayo, Peter F.N. 1/1, p.139b Rockingham County

Mayo, Henry 2 p.441 Fluvanna County

Mayo, Richard 4 p. 441 Fluvanna County

Mayo, Graysey 3 p.996 Henrico County

Mayo, Anily 2 p.998 Henrico County

Mayo, Bob 1/1 p.1015 Henrico County

Mayo, Peter FB 9 p.9 Powhatan County

Mays, Rebeca 4 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mays, Jesse 5 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Mays, Lucy 3 p.346 Richmond City

McCador, Catherine 2 p.581 Frederick County

McCarty, Loudon 1/1 p.762 New Kent County

McClaim, Jennifer 10 p.87 Accomack County

McCowen, John 10 p.705 Goochland County

McCoy, George 3 p.130b Rockingham County

Mcguire?, Nancy 4 p.208 Essex County

McHarely?, Henry 1 p.873 Campbell County

McHorney, Susan 5, p.780 Westmoreland County

McHorney, Winney 3, p780 Westmoreland County

McIntosh, Wm 1 p.55 Culpepper County

McIntosh, Jos. 1 p.55 Culpepper County

McKenny, Cornelius 2 p.406 Richmond County

Mckinney, John 7, p.42 Shenendoah County

McKinnie, Rebecca 4 p.537 Prince George County

McKoy, George 5, p.780 Westmoreland County

McKoy, Rodham 8, p.778 Westmoreland County

McKoy, James 4, p.778 Westmoreland County

McKoy, Gerard 5, p.780 Westmoreland County

McKoy, Bennett 4, p.780 Westmoreland County

McNeil, Susanna 4 p.245 Loudoun County

MCredie, Eliza 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

McTyre, Sally 6 p.354 Lancaster County

Meacons, Milly 3 p.343 Richmond City

Mead, Milley 4 p.339 Richmond City

Meads, Milley 3 p.380 Richmond City

Meads, John 4, p.878 York County

Meakins, Jane 4 p.362 Richmond City

Mears, Ned FN 5/1 p.32 Isle of Wight County

Medab, Stephen 3 p.44 Accomack County

Medab, Peter 8 p.44 Accomack County

Medab, Betty 6 p.44 Accomack County

Medab, Leven 8 p.38 Accomack County

Medab, William 6 p.110 Accomack County

Meechum, Robt. 1 p.705 Goochland County

Meechum, Harry 2 p.705 Goochland County

Meekins, Isaac 9 p.762 New Kent County

Meekins, Ned 6 p.760 New Kent County

Meekins, Joseph 3 p.761 New Kent County

Meekins, David 6 p.761 New Kent County

Meekins, Christmas 2/1 p.761 New Kent County

Meggs, Ro. (free negro) 2, p.409a Gloucester County

Meggs, Jas. (free negro) 1/5, p.409a Gloucester County

Meir, Mark 7 p.292 Rockbridge County

Melton, Joseph 1 p.890 Hanover County

Melton, Randolph 8, p.71 Southampton County

Melton, James 3, p.75 Southampton County

Melvin, Hezekiah A. -00001 2 p.631 Giles County

Merchunt, William (F B) 10 p.474 Bedford County

Meredith, Frederick (m) 10 p.724 Brunswick County

Meredith, Richard 1 p.713 Nelson County

Merritt, Toby (m) 3 p.724 Brunswick County

Merritt, Charles 10 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Merritt, Dick 1 p.724 Brunswick County

Merritt, James 6 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Miffing, Terence 7 p.1011 Henrico County

Miles, Tabby 6 p.56 Culpepper County

Miles, Isaac 10 p.940 Charles City County

Miles, Isaac 11 p.959 Charles City County

Miles, Edward 4 p.959 Charles City County

Miller, Polley 1 p.347 Richmond City

Millonor, Anna 3 p.996 Henrico County

Mills, Fanny FN 7 p.171 King & Queen County

Mills, Toney 3 p.1062 Ohio County

Millug fNegro 7 p.285 Fairfax County

Milly FN 3, p.651 Sussex County

Mine(?)ris, Carrol 5 p.70 Charlotte County

Minge, Rumsford 6/1 p.119b Petersburg Town

Mingo, Black 6 p.514 Frederick County

Mingo, William 9, p.79 Southampton County

Minor, Jonathan 4 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Mitchell, Lewis 1 p.342 Richmond City

Mithcell, David 4 p.594 Frederick County

Mithcell, Robt. 7 p.794 Norfolk County

MKee, Andrew 2/3 p.998 Henrico County

Molly, Free 2 p.547 Berkeley County

Molly FB 6/1 p.469 Princess Anne County

Molly, Jno? 1 p.815 Norfolk County

Monday, Clem 1 p.793 Hampshire County

Monday, Cretia 4, p.67 Southampton County

Montgomery, John 2 p.499 Prince William County

Moore, Stephen fn 1/1 p.283 Fairfax County

Moore, Jerry 7 p.852 Campbell County

Moore, John 6 p.122b Petersburg Town

Moore, Baker 9 p.66 Jefferson County

Moore, Lucy FN 1 p.171 King & Queen County

Moore, John 7 p.338 Richmond City

More, George 1 p.956 Charles City County

More, Dinah 4, p.128 Stafford County

Morgan, Mooring? 3 p.869 Campbell County

Morgan, Edward 4 p.511 Frederick County

Morgan, Dick FB 1 p.1018 Nottoway County

Moris, Betsey 1 p.327 Richmond City p. 327

Morris, William 1/4 p.182 Albermarle County

Morris, York 3/1 p.44 Accomack County

Morris, John 9 p.115 Accomack County

Morris, Chs. 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Morris, John 4 p.42 Accomack County

Morris, Jacob 6 p.42 Accomack County

Morris, Betty 6/2 p.120a Petersburg Town

Morris, James 7 p.957 Charles City County

Morris, John 5 p.942 Charles City County

Morris, Polly 5, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, James 1/3, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, Thos. 5, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, Wm 6, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, Seth 1/2, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, Eliza 8, p.408a Gloucester County

Morris, John 2 p.762 New Kent County

Morris, Geo. 6, p.408b Gloucester County

Morris, Edwd. 5 p.705 Goochland County

Morris, Rosanna FB 5/4 p.5 Powhatan County

Morris, Betsy 2 p.340 Richmond City

Morris, Anthony 5/1, p.878 York County

Morris, Geo. 4/1 & 1 white woman 16-26, p.878 York County

Morse, Ann 6 p.166A Albermarle County

Morse, John 7 p.166A Albermarle County

Morton, Presiller 2/2 p.367 Richmond City

Morton, Sarah 5, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Mosby, Joseph 8 p.853 Campbell County

Mosby, Tillas 1/1 p.977 Henrico County

Moseley, Jinny 1 p.117a Petersburg Town

Moses, Mark 6 p.111 Accomack County

Moses, Aaron 2 p.307 Loudoun County

Moses, Peter FN 1, p.653 Sussex County

Moss, Rd 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Moss, John 3 p.641 Botetourt County

Moss, Patty 10 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Moss, Rd 8 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Moss, Dilcy (m) 3 p.724 Brunswick County

Moss, Rd 5 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Moss, Edward (FB) 5? p.473 Bedford County

Moss, John 7 p.848 Campbell County

Moss, Birrel (FN) 4 p.68 Charlotte County

Moss, George 3 p.761 New Kent County

Moss, Alexander 1 p.712 Nelson County

Moss, Aggy 4 p.985 Henrico County

Moss, Billy 5 p.985 Henrico County

Moss, Jesse 3 p .985 Henrico County

Moss, Silvy 3 p.702 Goochland County

Moss, Drewry 5 p.712 Nelson County

Moss, Julius 1 p.762 New Kent County

Moss, John 4 p.577 Prince Edward County

Moss, Polly 4 p.374 Richmond City

Moss, Matildia 5/2 p.326 Richmond City

Mouden?, Nancy 7 p.413 Richmond County

Mourman, Hannah 6 p.704 Goochland County

Moxley, Jack 7 p.239 Loudoun County

Moxster, Lydia 6 p.243 Loudoun County

Mudd, Ned 4 p.237 Loudoun County

Munde, Michael 1 p.811 Hampshire County

Munns, Jas p.912 Norfolk County

Mureah (free negro) 1, p.409a Gloucester County

Murphy, Lenkin 8 p.519 Prince William County

Murray, James 9 p.242 Loudoun County

Myers, Geo. 3 p.826 Norfolk County

Nab free Negro 3 p.286 Fairfax County

Nancey free Negro 1 p.286 Fairfax County

Nancy FB 3/1 p.469 Princess Anne County

Nanny free negro 6, p.409a Gloucester County

Napper, Charles (F Black) 8 p.475 Bedford County

Nat 2 p.350 Richmond City

Natt, Daniel 4 p.45 Accomack County

Natt(s?), Edmond 8 p.45 Accomack County

Ned, Free 2 p.571 Amherst County

Negroes of Colour 5 p.685 Nelson County

Nelly f Negro 5 p.287 Fairfax County

Nelson, Mycajah 2 p.958 Charles City County

Nelson, Judith 1/5 p.472 Middlesex County

Nelson, York (of Color) 9 p.585 Monroe County

Nelson, Frank 2 p.369 Richmond City

Neptune 1, p.847 Wythe County

Nero a free negro 1 p.991 Northumberland County

Newby, Joseph FN 4 p.20 Isle of Wight County

Newby, Joseph FN 7, p.656 Sussex County

Newby, Jacob FN 1, p.656 Sussex County

Newby, David 1/6, p.100b Spotsylvania County

Newby, Peter 9, p.79 Southampton County

Newman, Hannah 2 p.595 Frederick County

Newman, John 5 p.595 Frederick County

Newman, Jesse 6 p.289 Loudoun County

Newman, Harry 6 p.289 Loudoun County

Newman, Henry 3 p.246 Loudoun County

Newman, Wm 10 p.288 Loudoun County

Newman, Dennis 10, p.781 Westmoreland County

Newman, John 9, p.781 Westmoreland County

Newman, Frances 4, p.781 Westmoreland County

Newman, Thomas 1, p.781 Westmoreland County

Newsom, Aaron, 4 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Newsom, Anthony 6, p.88 Southampton County

Newsum, Jack 2 p.119a Petersburg Town

Newsum, Jack 2 p.121b Petersburg Town

Newton, Isaac 3/2 p.411 Richmond County

Newton, Thos. 9 p.820 Norfolk County

Nicholas, Scipio A. 1, p.124 Stafford County

Nichols, Sam 1/3 p.913 Norfolk County

Nichols, John 3 p.45 Accomack County

Nicken, Brid: 4 p.355 Lancaster County

Nicken, Richd. 4 p.355 Lancaster County

Nicken, John a free mulatto 10 p.990 Northumberland County

Nicken, Amos a free mulatto 7 p.990 Northumberland County

Nickens, James Jr. (F. Negroe) 11 p.368 Fauquier County

Nickens, James Sr. (F.Negroe) 8 p.368 Fauquier County

Nickens, James 5 p.507 Prince William County

Nickings, Suckey 10 p.408 Richmond County

Nickings, Abraham 1 p.408 Richmond County

Nickins, Daniel 3 p.506 Prince William County

Nickins, Benjamin 1 p.506 Prince William County

Nicolivis?, Fanny 4 p.1015 Henrico County

Nixon, Lance 4 p.307 Loudoun County

Nixon, Lettty 4 p.549 Prince George County

Nock, Spencer 6 p.117 Accomack County

Norbourn, Mary 2 p.363 Richmond City

Norfleet, Aaron 3, p.76 Southampton County

Norman, Bazil 7 p.569 Frederick County

Norman, Betty 3 p.575 Frederick County

Norman, Delpha Mulo. 7 p.172 King & Queen County

Norman, James 2 p.770 Hampshire County

Norton, Billey 4 p.118a Petersburg Town

Norway, Jno f Negro 2 p.287 Fairfax County

Nutty? (free) 5 p.898 Hanover County

Oats, William a free mulatto 4 p.991 Northumberland County

Ogleby, James 10/1 p.914 Norfolk County

Oglesby, Fdereick 8 p.958 Charles City County

Okey, Betty 4/1 p.117 Accomack County

Oliver, Wm 5 p.355 Lancaster County

Oliver, Jas. (free negro) 1, p.409a Gloucester County

Oliver, William 12, p.781 Westmoreland County

Orchard, Lukey 5 p.371 Amherst County

Orchard, Nancy 1 p.756 Hampshire County

Osborne, Squire 4/1 p.762 New Kent County

Outten, Daniel 2 p.46 Accomack County

Owen, Nathaniel (m) 1 p.726 Brunswick County

Owen FB 11 p.470 Princess Anne County

Pack, James 1, p.127 Stafford County

Pack, Molly 2, p.127 Stafford County

Page, William 1 p.292 Fairfax County

Page, John 2 p.996 Henrico County

Page, Maria L. 2/2 p.345 Richmond City

Page, Leticia 2 p.339 Richmond City

Page, Nath. 2 p.348 Richmond City

Pain, Francis 5, p.409b Gloucester County

Paine, Laurence 4 p.147b Rockingham County

Paine, Thomas 6 p.510 Prince William County

Paine, Rice 4 p.515 Prince William County

Palmer, Jno 5 p.313 Loudoun County

Paramore, Isaac 4 p.118 Accomack County

Parham, Simon 9 p.537 Prince George County

Parham, Caesar FN 11, p.660 Sussex County

Parham, Wm FN 2, p.660 Sussex County

Parham, Nathaniel FN 2/2 p.657 Sussex County

Parham?, Gelley 9 p.155 Dinwiddie County

Pariss, Betty (m) 5 p.728 Brunswick County

Parker, Billy 7 p.48 Accomack County

Parker, Bob 4 p.50 Accomack County

Parker, Simon 11/4 p.48 Accomack County

Parker, Precilla 1 p.124a Petersburg Town

Parker, Andrew 2 p.237 Loudoun County

Parker, Lewis FN 1/2 p.10 Isle of Wight County

Parker, Nancy 2 p.373 Richmond City

Parkins, Easther 4 p.70 Accomack County

Parkins, Hannah 3 p.48 Accomack County

Parkins, Abraham 8 p.48 Accomack County

Parkinson, Major 9 p.47 Accomack County

Parks, Charles 2/1 p.980 Henrico County

Parr, Will 8 p.373 Amherst County

Parrott, Rachel 4 p.581 Frederick County

Parsons, Nancey 6 .798 Buckingham County

Parsons, Tabby 4 p.985 Henrico County

Parsons, Kisiah 1 p.324 Richmond City

Parsons, Nancy 4 p.343 Richmond City

Parsons, Charles 6 p.321 Richmond City

Parsons, Stephen 3 p.361 Richmond City

Paterson, Peggy 2/3 p.323 Richmond City

Patience, Juday (F.Negroe) 1 p.420 Fauquier County

Patience (F.Negroe) 1 p.412 Fauquier County

Patterson, JOhn (FB) 4 p.469 Bedford County

Patterson, Fanny 3 p.594 Frederick County

Patterson, Molly 1 p594 Frederick County

Patterson, Nancy 4 p.1015 Henrico County

Patterson, Jesse 1 p.765 New Kent County

Pattison, Addison 1 p.815 Buckingham County

Pattison, Nancey 3 p.815 Buckingham County

Pattison, Squire 2 p.815 Buckingham County

Pattison, Ben 1 p.815 Buckingham County

Pattison, George 3 p.815 Buckingham County

Pattison, Sarah 1 p.815 Buckingham County

Patty FB 7 p.470 Princess Anne County

Paul, Jenny 2/3 p.1005 Henrico County

Paul, Salley 2 p.326 Richmond City

Payne, Joanna (F. Negroe) 2 p.375 Fauquier County

Payne, Laurence jr. 1 p212 King George County

Peace, Grace 7 p.57 Jefferson County

Peele, Rebecca 3 p.102 Jefferson County

Peerman, Thomas 9 p.765 New Kent County

Peggy a free negro 2 p.991 Northumberland County

Peggy 1, p.782 Westmoreland County

Pelham, Pompy 1/2 (no m) p.728 Brunswick County

Pelham, Frances 4/1 p.125a Petersburg Town

Pelino 2/1 p.121a Petersburg Town

Pendred, Jno 4 p.915 Norfolk County

Perge, Jacob 4 p.764 New Kent County

Perkins, Adam 6 p.820 Norfolk County

Perry, Dinah 5 p.915 Norfolk County

Perry, Wm 5 p.707 Goochland County

Perry, Peter 1, p.231a Washington County

Pestrage, Hettie 5/1 p.212 King George County

Pestrage, Wm 1 p.213 King George County

Pestrage, Sarah 4 p.212 King George County

Peter, Free 1 p.547 Berkeley County

Peters, Judith 3 p.182 Albermarle County

Peters, Lucy 5/1 p.125a Petersburg Town

Peters, Joshua F.N. 4 p.131a Rockingham County

Peters, Betty 3 p.857 Hanover County

Peters, Molley a free negro 3 p.991 Northumberland County

Peters, Rebeccah 4/1 p.328 Richmond City

Peters, Antony 1/7 & 1 white woman 26-45, p.881 York County

Peters, Sally 4, p.880 York County

Peters, Armstead 5, p.614 Surry County

Peters, Lucy 4, p.111b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Peterson, Peter 1 p.939 Charles City County

Petty, Billy 4 p.980 Henrico County

Pettyford, Wm 4 p.127a Petersburg Town

Pettyford, Thornton 2/2 p.128a Petersburg Town

Philip, Free 1 p.534 Frederick County

Philips, Squire 18 p.799 Buckingham County

Philips, Wm (F.N.) -00001 4 p.66 Culpepper County

Philipson, Philip 12 p.311 Loudoun County

Philis a free negro 2 p.991 Northumberland County

Phill FN 2 p.174 King & Queen County

Phillips 4 p.370 Richmond City

Phillips, Jas. 4 p.369 Richmond City

Phillips, Mingo 4, p.66 Southampton County

Phillis (free ) 7 p.157 Dinwiddie County

Phop?, Peter, Isam 7 p.399 Madison County

Pierce, Benjamin (F.Negroe) 1 p.412 Fauquier County

Pierce, Wm 6 p.268 Loudoun County

Pifree, Cary f Negro 1 p.289 Fairfax County

Pin, Minor (F.Negroe) 5 p.380 Fauquier County

Pin, Peggy (F.Negroe) 4 p.418 Fauquier County

Pin, Nanny 3 p.357 Lancaster County

Pin, Robt. 7 p.357 Lancaster County

Pin, Mary Jr. 3 p.357 Lancaster County

Pin, Molly 4 p.357 Lancaster County

Pin, Mary Senr. 7 p.356 Lancaster County

Pinn, James 6/1 p.302 Amherst County

Pinn, John 2 p.914 Norfolk County

Pinn, Turner 8 p.302 Amherst County

Pinn, Benjn 6 p.915 Norfolk County

Pinn, Johnston (F.Negroe) 1 p.378 Fauquier County

Pitt, Deans 8 p.819 Norfolk County

Pitts, Phillis 4 p.119 Accomack County

Pitts, George 8 p.48 Accomack County

Planter, James 1/4 p.48 Accomack County

Pleasant, James 2 p.182 Albermarle County

Pleasant a free negro 3 p.991 Northumberland County

Pleasants, Charles 1 p.568 Frederick County

Pleasants, Anthony 1 p.848 Campbell

Pleasants, Jincy 9 p.126b Petersburg Town

Pleasants, Cuffy 6 p.1011 Henrico County

Pleasants, Dick 4 p.367 Richmond City

Plummer, Obadiah 1 p.817 Hampshire County

Poe, Wm 4, p.880 York County

Pollock, London 6 p.155 Dinwiddie County

Polly, Free 4 p.584 Frederick County

Pompey, Becky 3 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Pompey, Wm 1 p.769 Free Town, Brunswick County

Pompey, Mary 3 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Pompey, Jacob 2, p.133 Stafford County

Poole, William FN 4 p.30 Isle of Wight County

Pope, Molly 2, p.782 Westmoreland County

Pope, Jacob 8, p.87 Southampton County

Porter, Tryall 1 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Porter, Saml 3 p.814 Norfolk County

Porter, Abrm. 3, p.90 Southampton County

Potter, Aggy 5 p.117b Petersburg Town

Powder, Samuel FB 2 p.11 Powhatan County

Powel, William 8, p.75 Southampton County

Powell, Phillis 5, p.57 Southampton County

Powers, Reubin 8, p.410a Gloucester County

Preston, Billey 1 p.353 Richmond City

Pretlow, Bridgt. 2 p.915 Norfolk County

Prewet, Samuel 2 p.882 Campbell County

Price, Jno 6 p.883 Hanover County

Price, Wilshor 5 p.1003 Henrico County

Price, Majr. 2 p.366 Richmond City

Price, Sally 2/2 p.342 Richmond City

Pride, Polly 2 p.128a Petersburg Town

Prim, William 1 p.507 Frederick County

Priman? free 10 p.453 Mathews County

Priscilla, Kit f Negro 4 p.289 Fairfax County

Pritlow, Joseph 6 p.120a Petersburg Town

Pritlow, Jenny FN 2 p.40 Isle of Wight County

Proxton, Robert 3 p.60 Charlotte County

Pru, Thomas 3, p.783 Westmoreland County

Pryor, Tabathy 3 p.852 Hanover County

Psalter, Old 1 p.510 Prince William County

Puckett, Lizzy 1 p.127a Petersburg Town

Puckett, Aggy 4 p.127b Petersburg Town

Pugh, Jasper 6 p.841 Norfolk County

Punch, James 1 p.211 King George County

Purse, Baker 1, p.782 Westmoreland County

Quash, Cloa 5 p.206 Albermarle County

Rachal 1 p.445 Bath County

Rachel (free) 2 p.517 Berkeley County

Rachel, Free 10 p.513 Berkeley County

Rachel, free 9/1 p.855 Hanover County

Rachel 1/1 p.347 Richmond City

Rachel 4, p.784 Westmoreland County

Ragland, Dick 2 p.766 New Kent County

Rainbow, Ned 5 p.766 New Kent County

Rains, Hannah 2, p.99b Spotsylvania County

Ralford, Aggy 2 p.348 Richmond City

Ralph FN 9, p.661 Sussex County

Randal, George 12 p.508 Prince William County

Randall, Robt 8 p.917 Norfolk County

Randall, Mason 2 p.513 Frederick County

Randall, Thos. 2/1 p.802 Norfolk County

Randolph, Saml. 6 p.712 Goochland County

Randolph, Sally 2 p.336 Richmond City

Randolph, Roos? 8 p.825 Norfolk County

Randolph, Guy 4/1 p.321 Richmond City

Ranger, Solomon 4 p.508 Prince William County

Rann, Mary 8, p.60 Southampton County

Ranson, Edward 10 p.66 Jefferson County

Ransone, Peter 3 p.515 Frederick County

Rasberry, Betsey 3 p.1034 Ohio County

Rawlings, Lucy 3 p.119b Petersburg Town

Rawlings, Lucy 5, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Ray, Sadley 2 p.119b Petersburg Town

Raymond, Betsey 3, p.120b Petersburg Town

Raynor, William 4 p.207 Albermarle County

Read, Rachel 4/5 p.53 Accomack County

Rebecca FN 1, p.660 Sussex County

Red, Jos 7 p.838 Norfolk County

Red, Robert 10 p.838 Norfolk County

Redcross, John 6 p.260 Amherst County

Redcross, John Jr. 4, p.882 York County

Redcross, John 10, p.882 York County

Redwood, John 3 p.119b Petersburg Town

Reed, Joseph fn 4 p.295 Fairfax County

Reed, Sally 9, p.784 Westmoreland County

Reed, Sally 5, p.88 Southampton County

Reed, Cordall 7, p.88 Southampton County

Reid, Saml 2/1 p.364 Richmond City

Reins?, Robert 9 p.839 Norfolk County

Renno, Page F. Negro 8 p.340 Fauquier County

Rerce, Frank p.103b Spotsylvania County

Reynolds, Dinah 1/4 p.1005 Henrico County

Reynolds, Geo. 3, p.882 York County

Rich, Robert 5 p.198 Essex County

Rich, Betty 4/1 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, David 8 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, George 5 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, Crisse 6 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, Winney 1 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, Wilsmouth 2 p.408 Richmond County

Rich, Betty 5/1 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, David a free negro 5 p.994 Northumberland County

Rich, George 6 p.413 Richmond County

Rich, Mary 9 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, Robert 7 p.407 Richmond County

Rich, Armstead 1 p.413 Richmond County

Richard f Negro 6 p.295 Fairfax County

Richardson, Samuel 9 p.63 Charlotte County

Richardson, Clary 3 p.202 Essex County

Richardson, Nancy 7 p.358 Lancaster County

Richardson, William FN 1, p.660 Sussex County

Richardson, Ben 1, p.783 Westmoreland County

Richardson, Jesse 10, p.784 Westmoreland County

Rick, Davy 1, p.53 Southampton County

Ricks, Jack 5, p.61 Southampton County

Ricks, Johanna 5, p.87 Southampton County

Ricks, Rebecca 7, p.87 Southampton County

Ricks, Tony 5, p.87 Southampton County

Ricks, Patience 7, p.87 Southampton County

Rippin, Wilson 1 p.170 Albermarle County

Risbey, Thos. 7 p.259 Loudoun County

Risbey, Wm 5 p.307 Loudoun County

Rivers, Joshua 2 p.307 Loudoun County

Rix, Mike FN 4, p.661 Sussex County

Rix, Jane FN 1/1 p.661 Sussex County

Roache, Jacob F.N. 3 p.150b Rockingham County

Roals, Mary 9, p.202a Washington County

Roan, Stephen 4 p.52 Accomack County

Robbins, Kate 4 p.8 Accomack County

Robbins, Isaac 4/1 p.52 Accomack County

Roberts, Dolly 5 p.53 Accomack County

Roberts, Molly 5 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Roberts, Joseph 6 p.880 Campbell County

Roberts, Henry 5 p. 880 Campbell County

Roberts, Edwin FN 6 p.38 Isle of Wight County

Roberts, Samuel FN 4, p.661 Sussex County

Roberts, Nat 4, p.74 Southampton County

Roberts, Godfrey 9, p.881 York County

Roberts, Richd 8, p.881 York County

Roberts, James 8, p.881 York County

Roberts, John 4, p.881 York County

Roberts, Nancy 7/2, p.882 York County

Robertson, Peter 4 p.159 Dinwiddie County

Robertson, Hupit 1 p.258 Loudoun County

Robertson, Charles 9 p.857 Hanover County

Robertson, Amos 6 p.296 Loudoun County

Robins, Abraham 1 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Robins, Adam 1 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Robinson, Joe 4 p.651 Botetourt County

Robinson, Abby 4/1 p. 918 Norfolk County

Robinson, Ch + as? 5 p.918 Norfolk County

Robinson, Ann 1 p.918 Norfolk County

Robinson, Hannah 6 p.295 Fairfax County

Robinson, Thomas 4 p.594 Frederick County

Robinson, Olley 7 p.590 Frederick County

Robinson, Randol 3 p.983 Henrico County

Robinson, Sampson 5 p.597 Frederick County

Robinson, James 6 p.596 Frederick County

Robinson, Benjamin 2 p.1012 Henrico County

Robinson, Barnett B. 1/2 p.328 Richmond City

Robinson, Peter 2/1 p.346 Richmond City

Robinson, Susan 5 p.368 Richmond City

Robinson, Nancy 1 p.368 Richmond City

Robinson, Sally 1 p339 Richmond City

Rodgers, Peggy -00001 7 p.53 Accomack County

Rodgers, Luke 4 p.53 Accomack County

Rogers, Aaron 7 p.918 Norfolk County

Rollings, Charlott 3 p.126b Petersburg Town

Rollins, Benjamin 7 p.198 Essex County

Roper, Peter 6 p.332 Richmond City

Ropes, Wm 6 p.1012 Henrico County

Rosary, Lidea 9 p.52 Accomack County

Rose 4 p.148 Dinwiddie County

Rose (free) 6 p.863 Hanover County

Rose 1/1 p.241 Loudoun County

Rose a free negro 3 p.993 Northumberland County

Rose 7, p.784 Westmoreland County

Roseaner(?) 6, p.39 Shenendoah County

Ross, Reuben (F.Mo.) -0001 9 p. 68 Culpepper County

Ross, Jane 2 p.766 New Kent County

Rous, Lucy 4 p.853 Campbell County

Row, John 1 p.478 Fluvanna County

Rowsey, Michael 4 p.345 Richmond City

Ruff, Jos. (F Black) 6 p.480 Bedford County

Ruff, Balton? 1 p.881 Campbell County

Ruff, John 2 p.492 Fluvanna County

Ruffin, Polly 3 p.361 Richmond City

Ruffin, Dilcy 5/1 p.345 Richmond City

Ruffin, Joe. 2 p.369 Richmond City

Ruffin, Monikey 2, p.221 Washington County

Ruffin, Thos 5, p.79 Southampton County

Russell, Molly 2 p.917 Norfolk County

Russell, Lewis 2 p.316 Richmond City

Ruth 3/1 p.367 Richmond City

Ryley, Letty 3 p.247 Loudoun County

Sackey free Negro 2 p.300 Fairfax County

Sal, Betsey p.336 Richmond City

Sallard, George 3/2 p.395 Richmond County

Salley (free) 1 Hanover County

Salley FN 4 p.178 King & Queen County

Sally 1 p.16 Shenendoah County

Sam (F.Negro) 3 p.54 Culpepper County

Saml FB 9 p.463 Princess Anne County

Sample, Daniel 4 p.60 Accomack County

Sample, Finney 7 p.61 Accomack County

Sample, Betty 9. p.60 Accomack County

Sample, Scarburgh 3 p.61 Accomack County

Sample, Sarah 5 p.59 Accomack County

Sample, Eliha 4 p.59 Accomack County

Sample, Ader 4 p.60 Accomack County

Sampson, Richmond 4/1 p.122b Petersburg Town

Sampson, Jessee 7 p.506 Prince William County

Sampsons, Lydda, & Daughters 3 p.406 Madison County

Samuel?, Thos. 4, p.229 Amelia County

Sanford, Nancy 1 p.447 Bath County

Sarah 2 p.881 Campbell County

Sarah a free negro 1 p.996 Northumberland County

Sarah, free 2 p.513 Prince William County

Satchel, Sirus 8 p.57 Accomack County

Satterwhite?, Polly 4 p.198 Essex County

Sauls?, Lear 4p.802 Norfolk County

Saunders, Sam 5 p.474 Fluvanna County

Saunders, John 3 p.980 Henrico County

Savage, Robbin 8 p.123 Accomack County

Savina, Mdm. 1 p.918 Norfolk County

Scoot, Salley 2 p.325 Richmond City

Scot, Nancy 1, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Scotland, Benjamin 2 p.472 Middlesex County

Scotland, Mary 5 p.1001 Henrico County

Scott, Susanna 7 p.171 Albermarle County

Scott, Nancy 4 p.296 Amherst County

Scott, Ben(?) 2/1 p.118a Petersburg Town

Scott, Thomas 12 p.171 Albermarle County

Scott, John 6 p.179 Albermarle County

Scott, Nicholas 1 p.161 Dinwiddie County

Scott, Reba. 1/1 p.919 Norfolk County

Scott, Lewis 8 p.823 Buckingham County

Scott, Jenny 5 p.810 Buckingham County

Scott, Benjamin (m) 11 p.835 Buckingham County

Scott, James 2/1, p.229 Amelia County

Scott, Johnson 12 p.836 Buckingham County

Scott, Samuel 5 p.818 Buckingham County

Scott, Sarah 3 p.181 Albermarle County

Scott, Christina 5 p.122b Petersburg Town

Scott, Harriott 1 p.121a Petersburg Town

Scott, Isaac 3 p.121b Petersburg Town

Scott, David 4 p.121b Petersburg Town

Scott, Aggy 4 p.120a Petersburg Town

Scott, Mimy 3/4 p.124b Petersburg Town

Scott, Charles 2 p.850 Campbell County

Scott, John 1 p.850 Campbell County

Scott, LeCoy 3 p.715 Goochland County

Scott, Joshua 1 p.715 Goochland County

Scott, James 3 p.714 Goochland County

Scott, Nancy 11 p.727 Nelson County

Scott, Lewis 4 p.713 Goochland County

Scott, Aaron 4 p.998 Henrico County

Scott, Peter 6 p.1009 Henrico County

Scott, Elizabeth 4 p.727 Nelson County

Scott, Daniel 2 p.727 Nelson County

Scott, John 2 p.1008 Henrico County

Scott, Edward 2 p.893 Hanover County

Scott, Joseph 6 p.715 Goochland County

Scott, Ellis 5/1, p.412a Gloucester County

Scott, Ritter 5 p.998 Henrico County

Scott, Ryal 2 p.714 Goochland County

Scott, Moses FN 6 p.44 Isle of Wight County

Scott, Billy 9 p.989 Henrico County

Scott, Charles 2 p.989 Henrico County

Scott, Cromwell FN 2 p.46 Isle of Wight County

Scott, Jack 2 p.992 Henrico County

Scott, Thomas 7 p.358 Lunenburg County

Scott, Billy 8 p.992 Henrico County

Scott, Betsey 1 p.341 Richmond City

Scott, Edia 7 p.331 Richmond City

Scott, Moses 2 p.262 Rockbridge County

Scott, Lucy 3 p.331 Richmond City

Scott, Milly 2 p.352 Richmond City

Scott, Jane 1, p.138 Stafford County

Scott, Ann 3, p.75 Southampton County

Scott, Nicholas 6, p.616 Surry County

Scott, Drury 9, p.210a Washington County

Scott, Patty 6, p.89 Southampton County

Scott, Celia 6, p.89 Southampton County

Scott, Carey 2, p.881 Southampton County

Scott, Billy? 6, p.87 Southampton County

Scott, Sam 4, p.883 York County

Scott, John 2, p.666 Sussex County

Segule, Thomas 6 p.809 Hampshire County

Selby, Peter 12 p.124 Accomack County

Selby, Southey 9 p.124 Accomack County

Selden, Jacob (FB) 8 p.489 Bedford County

Seldon, Elizabeth 2 p.959 Charles City County

Seneka? (F.Negroe) 2 p.420 Fauquier County

Serrel, James a free mulatto 7 p.996 Northumberland County

Serrel, Jesse a free mulatto 8 p.996 Northumberland County

Serrel, Edward a free mulatto 10 p.996 Northumberland County

Seymour, Ephraim 9 p.57 Accomack County

Shanklin, Isaac 1/1 p.501 Prince William County

Shankton, Liviny 4 p.218 King George County

Sharlot 2/2 p.367 Richmond City

Sharp, Richd 1, p.236a Washington County

Sharper, Jonathan 9 p.310 Loudoun County

Shaver, George -001 3 p.1107 Pendleton County

Shaver, Christian 00001- 9 p.1107 Pendleton County

Shavers, Bartlett (FB) 6 p. 480 Bedford County

Shelton, James 9 p.713 Goochland County

Shelton, Lydia 2 p.333 Richmond City

Shepherd, George 8 p.60 Accomack County

Shepherd, Frank 2 p.317 Richmond City

Sherlock, Robert (free) 001- 4/2 p.893 Hanover County

Sherriff, Bengamin 6 p.821 Hampshire County

Shipwith, Letty 4/1 p.120a Petersburg Town

Shipwith, Polley p.333 Richmond City

Short, Edy 1 p125a Petersburg Town

Short, Benjamin 5 p.585 Prince Edward County

Short, James 2/1, p.616 Surry County

Siddy, Hachley (F.N.) 7 p.41 Culpepper County

Sidebottom, Nancy 1 p.516 Prince William County

Siggins, Winey 4 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Sikes, Dick 8 p.1008 Henrico County

Sikes, John 3 p.1008 Henrico County

Sikes, World 5/2 p.538 Prince George County

Silvia 6 p.380 Richmond City

Simmons, Wm 6 p.198 Essex County

Simmons, Peggy 4 p.198 Essex County

Simms, Lee f Negro -001 2 p.299 Fairfax County

Simms, Humpy Negro 4/5 p.301 Fairfax County

Simon, Black 3 p.577 Frederick County

Simpson, Julia 4 p.126a Petersburg Town

Simson, Doctor 5 p.998 Henrico County

Singleton, Saml 6 p. 921 Norfolk County

Siren, Wm (F.Mo.) -00001 5 p. 76 Culpepper County

Skinker, Martin 3/4, p.133 Stafford County

Skinner, Ned 3 p.126b Petersburg Town

Skinner, Jacob 4 p.281 Loudoun County

Skinner, Anthony 7 p.513 Prince William County

Skipworth, E_ 1/1 p.118a Petersburg Town

Slaghter, Lucy 6/1 p.856 Hanover County

Slider, Susin 4 p.325 Richmond City

Slider, Nancey 1 p.323 Richmond City

Smallwood, James 3 p.311 Loudoun County

Smith, H. 5 p.919 Norfolk County

Smith, Robert 11 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Smith, Jesse 2 p.161 Dinwiddie County

Smith, Billey 0001- + 5 free p.161 Dinwiddie County

Smith, Betty 4 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Smith, Silla 0/2 p.122a Petersburg Town

Smith, John 8 p.64 Charlotte County

Smith, Pleasant 5 p.959 Charles City County

Smith, Pleasant 5 p.957 Charles City County

Smith, Peggy 1 p.122a Petersburg Town

Smith, James 1 p.123a Petersburg Town

Smith, Agness Persons of Color 7 p.108 Cumberland County

Smith, Frank 3 p.869 Campbell County

Smith, Abraham 3 p.127b Petersburg Town

Smith, Daniel Persons of Color 8 p.104 Cumberland County

Smith, Edward _ p.121b Petersburg Town

Smith, Isham (FN) 3 p.68 Charlotte County

Smith, Edward 7 p.939 Charles City County

Smith, Benjm. 5 p.939 Charles City County

Smith, Joseph 4 p.1009 Henrico County

Smith, Jack 9 p.992 Henrico County

Smith, Elijah 7 p.793 Norfolk County

Smith, Milly 3 p.726 Nelson County

Smith, Patty 5 p.998 Henrico County

Smith, Danl. 3 p.296 Loudoun County

Smith, Peter 3/4 p.319 Richmond City

Smith, Rachel p.336 Richmond City

Smith, Shadrick 1 p.585 Prince Edward County

Smith Redy FB 7 p.475 Princess Anne County

Smith, Jeremiah 1/3 p.322 Richmond City

Smith, Sterling FB 4 p.8 Powhatan County

Smith, Elijah FB 8 p.475 Princess Anne County

Smith, Geo. FB 7 p.475 Princess Anne County

Smith, Betsy 4 p.804 Norfolk County

Smith, Aaron 2 p.343 Richmond City

Smith, Neal 5 p.795 Norfolk County

Smith, Robert 1 p.587 Prince Edward County

Smith, Philip 10 p.796 Norfolk County

Smith, Dabny 3 p.341 Richmond City

Smith, John Jr. 6, p.786 Westmoreland County

Smith, Steph. 2, p.884 York County1

Smith, Joseph 8, p.78 Southampton County

Smith, John Sen. 4, p.786 Westmoreland County

Smith, Hannah 14/1, p.616 Surry County

Smith, Joice 2, p.110b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Smith, John 8, p.227b Washington County

Soleleather, Mary 5 p.208 Essex County

Soleleather, Philip 2 p.208 Essex County

Spain, Peter 3 p.117b Petersburg Town

Sparrow, Geo. FB 4 p.474 Princess Anne County

Sparrow, Billy FB 1 p.474 Princess Anne County

Sparrow, Anthy. FB 4 p.474 Princess Anne County

Sparrow, Bridget FB 6 p. 474 Princess Anne County

Sparrow, Nancy FB 4 p.474 Princess Anne County

Spealman, Elizabeth 2 p.147b Rockingham County

Spears, Jane 2 p.172 Albermarle County

Spencer 8/1 p.309 Loudoun County

Spencer, Magehe 4 p.343 Richmond City

Spinner, Richard 9 p.173 Albermarle County

Spott, Wm 2 p.247 Loudoun County

Spradling, Lucy 3 p.728 Nelson County

Spradling, Susanna -00001 p.728 Nelson County

Sprarrow, John 12 p.728 Nelson County

Spratley, Jenny FN 7 p.38 Isle of Wight County

Spriddle, Betty a free mulatto p.994 Northumberland County

Spriddle, Nancy 7 p.996 Northumberland County

Spurlock, Jno p.920 Norfolk County

Stainback, Becky 3 p.122b Petersburg Town

Stance?, Ben 1 p.996 Henrico County

Star, Anthony 2, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Stark, Nat f Negro 5 p.299 Fairfax County

Starke, Margaret 5 p.506 Prince William County

Staves, George 4/1 p.891 Hanover County

Stephens, Mary 6 p.57 Accomack County

Stephens, Susannah 6 p.59 Accomack County

Stephens, Thomas 9 p.59 Accomack County

Stephens, Thomas -00001 3 p.218 King George County

Stephens, Mary -00001 8 p.218 King George County

Ster, Antony 2, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Sters, Rachel 3/1, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Stevens, Alex 3 p.117b Petersburg Town

Stevens, Matt 5, p.883 York County

Steward, Armstead 5 p.161 Dinwiddie County

Steward, Ann 3 p.919 Norfolk County

Steward, Ann 3 p.161 Dinwiddie County

Steward, Jno 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Steward, Chs. 4 p.311 Loudoun County

Steward, John FB 26/3 p.2 Powhatan County

Stewart, John _ p.118b Petersburg Town

Stewart, Fanny (F Black) 5 p.482 Bedford County

Stewart, James (FBlack) 9 p.484 Bedford County

Stewart, Dempsey 4 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Stewart, Peter 3 p.161 Dinwiddie County

Stewart, Wm 10 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Stewart, Joshua 6 p.122a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Betsy 1 p.125a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Betsey 2 p.123a Petersburg Town

Stewart, William 4 p.119b Petersburg Town

Stewart, Luke 1 p.854 Campbell County

Stewart, Pheaby 3/7 p.120a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Nancy 3/1 p.123a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Ezekiel 3 p.123a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Thomas 3 p.123a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Prissy 1/4 p.126a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Betsy 7 p.125b Petersburg Town

Stewart, Nancy 5 p.122a Petersburg Town

Stewart, John 5 p.122a Petersburg Town

Stewart, Thomas 7 p.586 Prince Edward County

Stewart, Pinky 6, p.210a Washington County

Still, Thomas 3, p.785 Westmoreland County

Stith, Jun(?)o (m) 1 p.734 Brunswick County

Stockly, Spencer 5 p.59 Accomack County

Stockly, Levin 5 p.58 Accomack County

Stockly, Levina 5 p.61 Accomack County

Stockly, Nelly 8 p.123 Accomack County

Stockly, Hannah 5/1 p.54 Accomack County

Stockly, Henry 7 p.122 Accomack County

Stockly, Hannah 8/1 p.122 Accomack County

Stocus, Armstead 3/1, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Stokes, Eliza 3 p.361 Richmond City

Strange, Michael 2/1 p.893 Hanover County

Stranghair, Adam 1/2, p.786 Westmoreland County

Straton, Nancy 10 p.383 Amherst County

Stricklin, David f Negro 1/1 p.301 Fairfax County

Struggs, Peggy 2 p.338 Richmond City

Stuart, John 8 p.958 Charles City County

Stuart, William 3 p.958 Charles City County

Stuart, Robin f Negro 4 p.297 Fairfax County

Stubblefield, Jams fn 5 p.304 Fairfax County

Stubbs, Thom 1/2 p.1005 Henrico County

Stubbs, Chs. (free negro) 5, p.412b Gloucester County

Sudsberry, Caty 6 p.832 Buckingham County

Sukey a free negro 2 p.994 Northumberland County

Sukey a free negro 3 p.994 Northumberland County

Sykes, Amy 5 p.920 Norfolk County

Syms, Elisha 4 p.715 Goochland County

Tabb, Joe 4 p.187 Elizabeth City County

Tabbey 5 p.766 New Kent County

Taite, Jesse 8 p.395 Richmond County

Tates, Wm, Wm, Beverly, & John Familys 14 p.409 Madison County

Tan? 1 p.445 Bath County

Tank, George 7 p.65 Accomack County

Tann, Thomas 2, p.617 Surry County

Tanner, Joseph (FB) 9 p.485 Bedford County

Taper, Francis a free negro 3 p.996 Northumberland County

Tarr, Thomas 8 p.265 Loudoun County

Tarrant, Lucy 5 p.177 Elizabeth City County

Tate, Jane 3, p.128 Stafford County

Tatham, John 4/1 p.62 Accomack County

Tatum, Robert 4 p.127a Petersburg Town

Taunt, James 1 p.501 Prince William County

Tayburn, Mourning 2 p.127a Petersburg Town

Taylor, Lucy 10 p.64 Accomack County

Taylor, Thomas 9 p.127a Petersburg Town

Taylor, Peirce 8 p.197 Essex County

Taylor, Zingo 2 p.291 Loudoun County

Taylor, Dick 3, p.54 Southampton County

Taylor, Jno 1/5 p.541 Prince George County

Taylor, Phil 2, p.60 Southampton County

Taylor, Salley 1/2 p.318 Richmond City

Taylor, Jno 2 p.374 Richmond City

Taylor, Aaron 9, p.617 Surry County

Taylor, Ned 2, p.884 York County

Taylor, Edward 3, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Teackle, Exer 7/1 p.65 Accomack County

Teet, Ann 4, p.787 Westmoreland County

Teet, Joseph 8, p.787 Westmoreland County

Teet, Samuel 4, p.788 Westmoreland County

Teet, William 4, p.787 Westmoreland County

Teet, Peggy 4, p.787 Westmoreland County

Teet, James Jr. 3, p.787 Westmoreland County

Terpin, Strabbo Persons of Color 8 p.124 Cumberland County

Terry, William 7 p.287 Amherst County

Teverton?, Oliver 3 p.595 Frederick County

Tharman, Nancy F.N. 3 p.147b Rockingham County

Third, George 1 p.1015 Henrico County

Thomas, Jno 2 p.922 Norfolk County

Thomas, Moses 9 p.661 Botetourt County

Thomas, David 1 p.526 Frederick County

Thomas, Rubin 5 p.959 Charles City County

Thomas, Charles 2 p.307 Fairfax County

Thomas, Samuel (F.Negroe) 6 p.370 Fauquier County

Thomas, Ralph (F.Negroe) 9 p.370 Fauquier County

Thomas, David 5 p.124a Petersburg Town

Thomas, Lucky 4 p.124a Petersburg Town

Thomas, Sukey a free mulatto 5 p.997 Northumberland County

Thomas, Spencer a free mulatto 7 p.997 Northumberland County

Thomas, Buck FB 8 p.1023 Nottoway County

Thomas, Raughley a free mulatto 7 p.997 Northumberland County

Thomas, James 1/1 p.399 Richmond County

Thomas, Amy a free mulatto p.997 Northumberland County

Thomas, Claud H. 1 p.341 Richmond City

Thomas, Grace 4 p.499 Prince William County

Thomas, Rosa 2 p.829 Norfolk County

Thompson, Josha. 5 p.119a Petersburg Town

Thompson, George 4 p.940 Charles City County

Thompson, John 3 p.958 Charles City County

Thompson, James 9 p.595 Frederick County

Thompson, Asa 4 p.595 Frederick County

Thompson, Rubin 7 p.943 Charles City County

Thompson, Thos. 3 p.258 Loudoun County

Thompson, Penick 2 p.582 Prince Edward County

Thompson, Bob 3 p.533 Prince George County

Thompson, Harey 2 p.323 Richmond City

Thompson, Robert 7, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, Moore 9, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, Samuel 6, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, John 13, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, Willoughby 8, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, Bennett 5, p.788 Westmoreland County

Thompson, Samuel 9, p.617 Surry County

Thoms., Ducker free negro -00001 1 p. 250 Fairfax County

Thornton, Philip 4 p.598 Frederick County

Thornton, Presley 6, p.787 Westmoreland County

Thyall, Sally (free negro) 6, p.413b Gloucester County

Tigue, Nelly 7 p.65 Accomack County

Tigue, Jacob 6 p.65 Accomack County

Tiller, free negro 3 p.308 Fairfax County

Tiller, free negro 4 p.307 Fairfax County

Timber, Thos (F.N.) 9 p.82 Culpepper County

Tiner, Uriah 4/2 p.118b Petersburg Town

Tinsley, Daniel 9 p.894 Hanover County

Tinson, Billy 2/1 p.352 Richmond City

Tix, Jim 6 p.549 Prince George County

Tobias, Isaac 9 p.704 Nelson County

Tom, Free 8 p.453 Mathews County

Tom 2, p.25 Shenendoah County

Tomkins, Embro 3/6 p.329 Richmond City

Toney, Peter 14 p.835 Buckingham County

Toney, Betty 4 p.522 Frederick County

Toney 3, p.788 Westmoreland County

Topence, David 4/1 p.325 Richmond City

Toppot, Timothy 6 p.512 Frederick County

Torbone, Andrew 1, p.227 Amelia County

Toulson, James a free mulatto 7 p.998 Northumberland County

Toulson, Patrick a free mulatto 5 p.997 Northumberland County

Toulson, Bill a free mulatto 8 p.998 Northumberland County

Triest, Edy 3 p.923 Norfolk County

Triplett, Lias 4 p.265 Loudoun County

Truden, Hannah 6 p.130 Accomack County

Trust, Jonas 5/1 p.405 Amherst County

Trusty, Samuel 3, p.617 Surry County

Tucker, Sally 2 p.125a Petersburg Town

Tucker, Frances 3 p.122a Petersburg Town

Tucker, Toisinan 1 p.731 Nelson County

Tuning, Peter Mulo. -00001 5 p.179 King & Queen County

Tunnel, James 8 p.130 Accomack County

Tunstall, Lucy 3 p.921 Norfolk County

Turnable, Roger 1 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Turnan, Sharlot 1 p.326 Richmond City

Turner, Mrs. 3 p.123a Petersburg Town

Turner, Parmens 7 p.794 Norfolk County

Turner, Peter 8, p.59 Southampton County

Turner, Sampsn. FB 10 p.477 Princess Anne County

Turner, Nicholas FB 3 p.477 Princess Anne County

Turner, Lewis FN 3, p.666 Sussex County

Turner, John 8, p.788 Westmoreland County

Turner, Eve 4, p.107b Spotsylvania County

Turner, Patsy 3, p.113a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Turner, Nan 1, p.89 Southampton County

Turner, Olive 4, p.77 Southampton County

Twopence, Huley? 4 p.853 Campbell County

Twopence, S. FN 4 p.179 King & Queen County

Twopence, Nancy 4 p.470 Middlesex County

Tyler, Ann 6 p.922 Norfolk County

Tyler, Richard F. residing in Petersburg p. 164 Dinwiddie County

Tyler, Geo. 3 p.717 Goochland County

Tyler, John 10 p.717 Goochland County

Tyler, Francis 3 p.717 Goochland County

Tyler, Richd. 4 p.717 Goochland County

Tyler, John 5 p.994 Henrico County

Tyler, Jane 4 p.369 Richmond City

Tyne, Charles FN 3/2 p.12 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Ephraim FN 8 p.36 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Randal FN 6 p.31 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Lewis FN 1/7 p.31 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Beck of FN -00001 24/2 p.30 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Dick FN 3 p.36 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Prince FN 4 p.36 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Sally FN 1/1 p.36 Isle of Wight County

Tynes, Jim FN 7 p.31 Isle of Wight County

Tyre, James 4 p.210 Albermarle County

Tyre, Jonathan 4 p.210 Albermarle County

Umbles, Richard 19 p.775a Buckingham County

Upshur, Rose 2 p.131 Accomack County

Urquhart, James 1 p.439 Fluvanna County

Valentine, Mann 2 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Valentine, Peter 7 p. 70/1062 Chesterfield County

Valentine, ? Jane? p.125a Petersburg Town

Valentine, Lucy 7 p.122b Petersburg Town

Valentine, Zachariah 8 p.363 Lunenburg County

Valentine, Geo. FB 3/2 p.477 Princess Anne County

Valentine, Patsy 2/2 p.365 Richmond City

Vance, Salley 1 p.118a Petersburg Town

Vardy, James 5 p.577 Frederick County

Vashon, Fanny FB 5/1 p.477 Princess Anne County

Vaughan, Sarah 6/7 p.126a Petersburg Town

Veinia, Fatis 3/3 p.329 Richmond City

Vena, Joseph Senr 1 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Hannah 10 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Hannah Junr 6 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Joseph Junr 9 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Judy 10 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Richard 2 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Samuel 3 p.392 Richmond County

Vena, George 2 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Judy Junr 5 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, James 1 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Humphrey 2/3 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Molly 8 p.413 Richmond County

Vena, Dorcus 5 p.413 Richmond County

Venable, Abraham B 1/31 p.589 Prince Edward County

Venderall, Nelson 7 p.314 Richmond City

Venilia, E. 3 p.323 Richmond City

Ventries, Jno 2 p.923 Norfolk County

Vick, Ned 3, p.54 Southampton County

Vick, Simon 10, p.54 Southampton County

Vick, Jim 5, p. 53 Southampton County

Vick, Sharper 10, p.90 Southampton County

Vick, Phereby 1, p.87 Southampton County

Viena, Danl 1 p.322 Richmond City

Vilett 3 p.351 Richmond City

Vines, Frank 10, p.79 Southampton County

Vines, Robert 6, p.79 Southampton County

Viney, Ned 10 p.410 Madison County

Viney, Polly 5 p.410 Madison County

Viniah FB 4 p.477 Princess Anne County

Volentine, William 5/1 p.123a Petersburg Town

Volentine, Archibald 7/1 p.122a Petersburg Town

Volentine, Luke 10 p.848 Campbell County

Volentine, Jane 4 p.363 Lunenburg County

Voss, John 9 p.521 Prince William County

Vozenneau, And. T. 2, p.120b Petersburg Town

Wails?, Fiderick 6 p.996 Henrico County

Wain, Walter 3, p.788 Westmoreland County

Wakefield, Mary 2 p.125b Petersburg Town

Walden, Betsey 1 p.118a Petersburg Town

Walden, Amy 2 p.123b Petersburg Town

Walden, Jesse 4, p.619 Surry County

Walden, Drury 15, p.619 Surry County

Walden, Wright 6, p.619 Surry County

Walden, Scilla 5, p.619 Surry County

Walden, Priscilla 6, p.618 Surry County

Walforson?, Polly 2/1 p.379 Richmond City

Walke, Roger p.924 Norfolk County

Walker, John 8 p.739 (no m) Brunswick County

Walker, Cupid 3 p.739 Brunswick County

Walker, Peggy 4 p.739 Brunswick County

Walker, George 4 p.506 Prince William County

Walker, Fanny 1, p.886 Williamsburg, York County

Walker, Thomas 4, p.789 Westmoreland County

Wall, Milly 6 p.318 Fairfax County

Wallace, Mattew. 4 p.926 Norfolk County

Wallace, James 4, p.886 Williamsburg, York County

Waller, Primus 1/2 p.925 Norfolk County

Wallis, James 7 p.957 Charles City County

Wallis, Phillip 4 p.959 Charles City County

Walsh, Fanny 4 p.198 Essex County

Walters, Ned 3/1 p.317 Fairfax County

Ward, John 1 p.445 Bath County

Ward, Joseph 2 p.770 Free Town, Brunswick County

Ware, Humphy 2 p.208 Essex County

Warren, Jacob Mulo. 1 p.181 King & Queen County

Warren, Rebecca 2 p.6 Shenendoah County

Warren, Pleasant FN 5, p.669 Sussex County

Washington, Susannah 2/1 p.69 Accomack County

Washington, Jane 6, p.113b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Waterman, Alexr. 3 p.265 Loudoun County

Walters, William 1, p.133 Stafford County

Watkins, Beck of FN 2/1 p.21 Isle of Wight County

Watkins, Richard 1 p.329 Richmond City

Watson, Sampson 7 p.66 Accomack County

Watson, Thomas 7 p.316 Fairfax County

Watson, Aggy 1 p.335 Richmond City

Watts, Danl 7 p.814 Norfolk County

Waugh, Alice 1/1, p.140 Stafford County

Weaver, Nanny 8 p.363 Lancaster County

Weaver, Sp. 4 p.364 Lancaster County

Weaver, Nancy 3 p.363 Lancaster County

Weaver, Darky 2 p.363 Lancaster County

Weaver, Billy 3 p.364 Lancaster County

Weaver, Richd. 1 p.363 Lancaster County

Weaver, Ben 6/2 p.364 Lancaster County

Weaver, Nanny 2 p.364 Lancaster County

Weaver, Jesse 8 p.819 Norfolk County

Weaver, Anthony a free mulatto 3 p.998 Northumberland County

Weaver, Aaron FB 4 p.479 Princess Anne County

Weaver, Thomas a free mulatto 6 p.998 Northumberland County

Weaver, Lucy a free mulatto 4 p.999 Northumberland County

Web, George 1/2 p.772 New Kent County

Webb, Charles 9 p.69 Accomack County

Webb, Isaac 3 p.133 Accomack County

Webb, General? 5 p.208 Essex County

Webb, Wm 6 p.815 Norfolk County

Webb, Betsy 4/2 p.317 Richmond City

Webb, Armistd 5, p.886 York County

Webb, Thomas 7, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Webster, Daniel 6 p.501 Prince William County

Webster, Daniel 1 p.498 Prince William County

Webster, Sam 1 p.395 Richmond County

Weeks, Haley 3 p.166 Dinwiddie County

Welch, Rebeccah 3 p.291 Loudoun County

Welch, Clary 2, p.127 Stafford County

Weldon, George 3 p.595 Frederick County

Welds, Sary 2, p.789 Westmoreland County

Wells, John 3 p.595 Frederick County

Wells, Kitty 3 p.595 Frederick County

Wells, Henry 6 p.539 Frederick County

Wells, Philadelphia 6, p.217a Washington County

Wells, James 8, p.789 Westmoreland County

West, Nancy 11 p.70 Accomack County

West, Solomon 3 p.71 Accomack County

West, Peter 3 p.70 Accomack County

West, Abraham 3 p.70 Accomack County

West, Isaac 8. p.70 Accomack County

West, Jenny 10 p.70 Accomack County

West, Ader 5 p.70 Accomack County

West, James 1 p.737 Nelson County

West, Benjamin 2 p.472 Middlesex County

West, Susanna 1 p.737 Nelson County

West, Peter 1 p.736 Nelson County

West, James 9/1, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

West, James 10, p.102a Spotsylvania County

Westerhouse, Peter 9 p.131 Accomack County

Weston, Sally (free mulatto) 1, p.414b Gloucester County

Whaly, Patsey 1 p.364 Richmond City

Wheeler, Sarah 2 p.411 Richmond County

Wheeler, Patty 8 p.411 Richmond County

Wheeler, Moses 1/2 p.317 Richmond City

Wheldon, George 10, p.789 Westmoreland County

Whistler, Sawney -1002 2 p.472 Middlesex County

Whistler, Molly 6 p.365 Richmond City

White, Harvey? (F.Negroe) 2 p.417 Fauquier County

White, Juday (F.Negroe) 1 p.420 Fauquier County

White, Maria 3 p.124a Petersburg Town

White, Nelly 5/1 p.122a Petersburg Town

White, York 4 p.998 Henrico County

White, Dick 3 p.547 Prince George County

White, Randolph 1 p.814 Norfolk County

White, Milly 2, p.111b Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

White, Ben 5, p. 886 York County

Whitefield, Viney, p.55 Southampton County

Whitefield, Hannah 7, p.67 Southampton County

Whitefield, Pat 4, p.86 Southampton County

Whitefield, Jane 4, p.87 Southampton County

Whitefield, Peter 4, p.86 Southampton County

Whitehead, Milly 5, p.53 Southampton County

Whitehead, Nat 4, p.60 Southampton County

Whitehead, Anthony 2, p.53 Southampton County

Whitehurst, Jesse FB 8 p.480 Princess Anne County

Whitesides, Benjamin 4 p.297 Amherst County

Whitfield, Sharper 4, p.54 Southampton County

Whitfield, Seymore 5, p.53 Southampton County

Whitfield, Edwd 3, p.69 Southampton County

Whitfield, Geo. 4/1 p.827 Norfolk County

Wiggins, Ned 8, p.78 Southampton County

Wilds, Armstd. 2/1 p.924 Norfolk County

Wiles, James 3 p.925 Norfolk County

Wilkerson, Grace 9 p.583 Frederick County

Wilkins, James 5 p.166 Dinwiddie County

Wilkins, Liddy p.127a Petersburg Town

Will, Free 4 p.439 Fluvanna County

Will f Negro 3 p.312 Fairfax County

Will, Free 2 p.596 Frederick County

William 2 p.544 Berkeley County

William 4 p.148 Dinwiddie County

William, Free 3 p.583 Frederick County

Williams, Molly 2 p.925 Norfolk County

Williams, Chas. 2 166 Dinwiddie County

Williams, Patty 4, p.117b Petersburg Town

Williams, Catherine 1 p.? Buckingham County

Williams, Isaac _ p.121b Petersburg Town

Williams, Clarissa 5/4 p.122a Petersburg Town

Williams, Jonathn. (free Negro) 7 p.351 Fauquier County

Williams, Francis 6 p.312 Fairfax County

Williams, Limus 8 p.312 Fairfax County

Williams, Roger 2 p.869 Campbell County

Williams, Queen 3 Petersburg Town

Williams, Willm 6 p.185 Elizabeth City County

Williams, Wm 4 p.297 Loudoun County

Williams, Alexander 6, p.16 Shenendoah County

Williams, Lucey 6/1 p.324 Richmond City

Williams, London 3, p.58 Southampton County

Williams, Chloe 3 p.509 Prince William County

Williams, Peter 2, p.140 Stafford County

Williams, Robin 1, p.788 Westmoreland County

Williams, John 4, p.78 Southampton County

Williams, Mary 8, p.78 Southampton County

Williams, Nancy 2 p.112a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Williams, Faithy 7, p.886 York County

Williams, Abraham 6, p.111a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Williamson, Danl F.N. 6 p.136b Rockingham County

Willis, Nancy 3 p.959 Charles City County

Willis, Doctor 1 p.863 Campbell County

Willis, John (F. Negroe) 1 p.371 Fauquier County

Willis, Moses 3 p.1009 Henrico County

Willis, David 10 p.1010 Henrico County

Willis, Betsy 8 p.364 Richmond City

Willoby, William 2 p.148a Rockingham County

Wills, John FN 3 p.13 Isle of Wight County

Wilsin, Dick(?) 1 p.739 Brunswick County

Wilson, Sally 4 p.125a Petersburg Town

Wilson, Moses 1 p.595 Frederick County

Wilson, Isbell 12 p.127b Petersburg Town

Wilson, Peter -0001 10 p.643 Giles County

Wilson, Fil 1 p.736 Nelson County

Wilson, Cary (mulatto) 8, p.415a Gloucester County

Wilson, Daniel 1 p.222 King George County

Wilson, Henry 5 p.583 Monroe County

Wilson, Robert (mulatto) 9, p.415a Gloucester County

Wilson, Edwd. 7 p.837 Norfolk County

Wilson, Saml. 8? p.837 Norfolk County

Wilson, Sally 4 p.370 Richmond City

Wilson, Peter FB 8 p.1021 Nottoway County

Wilson, John 7/1, p.885 York County

Windsor, Nathaniel 2/1 p.315 Fairfax County

Winnefred a free negro 2 p.998 Northumberland County

Winny (free) 1 p.518 Prince William County

Winslow, Lucy 7/1 p.125b Petersburg Town

Winston, Jacob 5 p.867 Hanover County

Winters, James 12 p.293 Loudoun County

Wise, Agnes 11 p.35 Accomack County

Wise, Tho. 5/1 p.185 Elizabeth City County

Wise, Peter 6 p.839 Norfolk County

Wise, Molly 2, p.886 York County

Wisher, Catsy 6 & 1 white boy 0-10 p.136, Accomack County

Wood, James 4 p.305 Loudoun County

Wood, Jesse 6 p.722 Goochland County

Wood, Thomas 5 p.998 Henrico County

Wood, Jenny 3 p.980 Henrico County

Wood, John a free mulatto 4 p.1000 Northumberland County

Wood, Charlotte a free mulatto 5 p.1000 Northumberland County

Wood, Sally 1/1 p.364 Richmond City

Wood, Nelly 2 p.362 Richmond City

Wood, Charlotte 4 p.407 Richmond County

Wood, Nancy 7/4, p.108a Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County

Wooddy, Nancy 4 p.1002 Henrico County

Woodfork, Cuffy 6 p.1001 Henrico County

Woodley, Hannah 1, p.140b Rockingham County

Woodlief, Eliza 2 p.118a Petersburg Town

Woodlief, Lucy 1 p.121a Petersburg Town

Woodling, Matthew 1, p.789 Westmoreland County

Woodson, Charles 1 p.959 Charles City County

Woodson, Charles 1 p.957 Charles City County

Wooten, Jack FN 3, p.670 Sussex County

Worthen, David 5 p.533 Prince George County

Wren, Peter 2 p.306 Loudoun County

Wrenn, Priscilla 1, p.619 Surry County

Wricks, Daniel 3, p.619 Surry County

Wright, Silvy 4 p.871 Campbell County

Wyatt, C?? 5 p.595 Frederick County

Wyatt, Polley 2/2 p.120a Petersburg Town

Wyezel?, Rose FN 2 p.39 Isle of Wight County

Wynn, _aryy C. 6/3 p.118a Petersburg Town

Wynn, Patience 2 p.124a Petersburg Town

Wynne, Scott FN 10 & 1 white woman, p.673

Yancy, Walter 3 p.856 Hanover County

Yearlin, Saml. 7 p.321 Richmond City

Yews, Charles 3 p.124a Petersburg Town

York 5 p.591 Berkeley County

Young, Ben 5 p.541 Berkeley County

Young, Powers 3 p.939 Charles City County

Young, Tony 7 (FN) p.69 Charlotte County

Young, Lucy 4 p.67 Charlotte County

Young, David 6 p.939 Charles City County

Young, Isaac 4 p.816 Norfolk County

Young, Sall 2, p.789 Westmoreland County

Zanes, Lewis 1, p.140a Rockingham County

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