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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

George Washington Williams
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Slave life-styles in America, as occurred in the Roman Empire, were directly impacted by the evolutionary impact and overwhelming revolutionary power of Messianic Christian thought (over money, property and the Pauline- Christian and Judeo-Christian beliefs that established and rationalized it) among slaves and slave-owners.

The Jefferson Foundation's challenge is to integrate the stories of human beings who were slaves within the generation of humanity they shared, --- in order to lend to the cause of integrating Americans of future generations in understanding the growing triumph by Jesus and Jefferson.  No one since Christ has been infallible in attitudes and behavior, but during the 67 generations born since HIS birth --- we have come a long ways toward the goal of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for "the least of us."  As Dr. King once preached "thank GOD Almighty."

The Jefferson Farm book facts are only one volume of at least 750 similar compilations of book-keeping and other family records available by the Virginia Historical Society regarding the leading slave owning generations of that state.  Their records cover generation number 54, in the second millennium, 17th century from the birth of Christ (infamous year 1619 in calendar  of Augustus) --- through the birth of generation number 63 in the age of Lincoln, 19th century.  

The facts are that nine generations of slaves and slavery in North America did not all have the same lifestyles, ie attitudes and behavior relative to the historic issues of security, money, Christ, geography and health.   The good news is that hope lived and survived slavery solely via the "good news" --- but the bad news is that many still do not understand how to "keep hope alive" among and about "the least of us" by teaching truths now dormant in thousands of family archives.  

Let the Jefferson Foundation light a candle that will be seen atop look-out mountain in Dr. King's Georgia, across the nation, --- and even among cousin Lees.  Let the true light of Jefferson's life shine among aristocratic minded offspring of king cotton South Carolina and Mississippi multi-plantation owning families like the Hamptons;  and, even inspire agnostic New York and New England millionaire families with stories that also ought to be told about the slave trade with Africa and the Caribbean.

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